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Bertram, a Tragedy. By the Rev. C. J. Maturin. 4s ad
Ivan, a Tragedy. By W. Sotheby, Esq. 48
The eighth volume of the Theatrical Inquisitor. 158 64

An impartial View of the Stage, from the Days of Garrick and Rich, to the preseirt Period; of the Causes of its degenerated and declining State, and showing the Necessity of a Reform in the System, as the only means of giving Stability to the present Property of the two Winter Theatres. By Dramaticus. 28

Adelaide, a Tragedy, in Five Acts. By Richard Sheil, Esq. 3s 68

My Landlady's Gown, a Farce, in Two Acts, as performed at the Theatre-Royal, Haymarket. By W. c. Oulton.

Is bre Jealous ? in One Act. By S. Beasley, Esq. ls 6d.
The Pannel, a Farce; adapted by J. P. Kemble, Esq. 28
The Faro-Table, or the Guardians, a Comedy. By John Tobin, Esq. 39
Each for Himself, a Farce. fs 60'
Watch-word, or the Quinto Gate, a Melo-Drama, in Two Acts. 1s 6d

Caractacus, a new Tragedy; with precious Remarks on English Tragedy: incloding a blank-verse Gamut and Structure, Theatrical Committees, Managers, and Players. By William Monney. 45

The Slave, a Musical Drama, in Three Acts. By Tho Morton, Esq. 2s 6d

Old Plays ; being a Continuation of Dodsley's Collection : with Notes, Critical and Explanatory. 6 vol. 8vo. 41 48

Panthea, a Tragedy. By William Bennett, Esq. Barrister-at-law. 38
Manuely a Tragedy. By the Author of Bertram. 4s 6d

Laou-Seng-Urk, or an Heir in his Old Age; a Chinese Drama. Translated from the original Chinese by J. F. Davis, Esq. of Canton. To which is prefixed, a Brief View of the Chinese Drama, and of their Theatrical Exhibitions. 58 6d

Frightened to Death, a Musical Faree, in Two Acts. By W. C. Oulton. 28
The Theatrical Inquisitor and Monthly Mirror. No. 55.


A System of Geography, for the Use of Schools, on a new and perfectly easy Plan. By John Bigland. 12mo. 2s 6d On Classical Instruction. By J. Keyne. 12mo. 3s Dialogues for Young Persons, &c. 48

A Letter of Advice to his Grandchildren, Matthew, Gabriel, Anne, Mary, and Frances Hale. By Sir Matthew Hale. Foolscap 8vo. 48 6d

Geography, in Easy Dialogues. By a Lady. Is The History of England, ditto. 18 A Grammar of Natural and Experimental Philosophy, a New Edition ; to which are now added, Geology, Mineralogy, and Meteorology. By the Rev. David Blair. Es

An Essay on a more Efficient Method of Classical Instruction in its Early Stages ; together with a statement of its Practical Application, in which the general Principle of the New Mode of Application is Systematically applied, and other Improvements suggested. By R. Keynes of Blandford. 12mo. Śs.

A Practical Treatise on Day Schools, exhibiting their Defects, and suggesting Hints for their Improvement. By J. Haigh. 18mo. 38

The Young Britons Catechism of their Social Rights and Duties; for the Use of Schools. By the Rev. S. Barrow, Author of the Questions on the New Testament,

Itbe Young Christian's Library, of the Sermons for Schools, &c. 6d

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A Catechism of the Christian Religion, in Fifty-two Sections, designed as a Sunday Evening Exercise for Families, Seminaries, and the Bible Class of Sunday Schools. By the Rev. J. Sutcliffe. 18.no. 1s 6d

The History of England, in Easy Dialogues. Written by a Lady for the Use of her own Children. Is 6d

The French Student's Vade Mecum; in which are displayed the different Cases of Persons and Things, as required by the French Verbs and Adjectives, the different Prepositions which they govern, those required by the Substantives, and the different Moods which must follow the Conjunctions. By the Rev. P. C. Le Vasseur. 8s

Report from the Select Committee of the House of Commons, appointed to inquire into the Education of the Lower Orders in the Metropolis; with the first, second, third, and fourth Report of the Minutes of Evidence taken before the Conimittee. Ordered liy the House of Commons to be printel. To which are subjoined, an Addenda, and a digested Index. 8vo. 158

A Key to the Second Edition of Exercises in Latin Prosody and Versification, or Introduction to Scanning and Writing Latin Verse. By the Rev. C. Bradley. 2s 6d

Popular Models and impressive Warnings for the Sons arw Daughters of Industry. By Mrs Grant. Part III. 12.o. 6s

A Concise System of Practical Arithmetie, adapted to the Use of Schools. B; A. Melrose, late Teacher in Edinburgh ; revised, improved, and greatly enlarged, by A. Ingram. 18mo, 23

A Key to the above. 18ino. 39

Manual of the System of the British and Foreign School Society of London, for teaching Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Needle-work, in tlre Elementary Schools. 8vo. 6s; or with the Needle-work, Tos 6d

The Land of Learning. By Mrs Helme. 12mo. 48

Theoretic Arithmetic, in Ihree Books ; containing the substance of all that has been written on the Subject. By Theo. of Smyrda, Nichomachus, Jamblichus, Boetius, &c. By T. Taylor. Svo. 148

Souter's New Arithmetical Tables, on a large card. 6d
An Atlas for the Use of Schools. By Miss Wilkinson. 2 Pasts. 8vo. 78 6d

The Book of Versions, or Guide to French Translation and Construction. By J. Cherpilloud. 12mo. 38 6d

The School of Improvement, two Juwenał Dramas for Youth of both Sexes. By W. F. Sullivan, A.M. 18mo. 286d

A Dictionary of Nouns, or Alvearium of Definitions. By the Rev. Ralph Sharp, D.D. 88 6d

The French Scholar's First Book ; comprising a copious Vocabulary, a Collection of Familiar Phrases, Reading Lessons, and a concise View of French Grammar,

de signed to introduce the Learner to the Compiler's Granımar. By Ph. Le Breton, A.M. 28

A New Grammar of the French Language. By Charles Peter Whitaker. 66 6 Fairy Tales, or Stories of Fable and fiction; selected by Benj. Tabart from the Works of Goose, Bench, Oberon, Mab, &c. &c. 4s 6d

Moral Culture attempted, in a Series of Lectures to Sunday Sehools in Birmingham. By James Luckcock. 4s

Robinson Crusoe, written by Himself; a new edition, revised and corrected, for the advancement of Nautical Education ; illustrated by Technical and Geographical Annotations, and embellished with Maps and Engravings. By the Hydrographer of the Naval Chronicle. 21 28 and il is

French and English Dialogues: written for the Use of the Countess of Sefton's children. By Miss Dickenson. 2s 6d

The First Step to the French Tongue, designed as ao Easy Introduction to, and consisting entirely of, the Verbs, with Practic Exercises. BF A. Picquot. ks 6d

Latin Exercises. By J. Whittaker. 12010. 38
Dictionary of French Homonymes. By 'T. Ilarmand, 12mo 3s



A Dictionary of Painters and Engravers.' By W. Bryan. 2 vol. 4to. 515s Royal 94 The Report from the Select Committee of the House of Commons, on the farl of Elgin's Collection of Sculptured Marbles ; with a copious Index. 8vo. 93 60

A Letter froin the Chevalier Antonio Canova, and Two Memoirs descriptive of the Sculptured Marbles collected by the Earl of Elgin. By the Chevalier E. Q. Visconti, 8vo.

Is 6d Letters on the Fine Arts, written from Paris in the year 1815. By Henry Milton, Esq. 8vo. 76 60

Of Statuary and Sculpture among the Ancients; with some Account of Specimeng preserved in England. By James Dallaway, F. A. S.; with thirty Engravings, and several Wood Cuts. · Iinperial 8vo. 21 88

An Inquiry into the Origin and Early History of Engraving upon Copper and in Wood, &c. By William Young Ottley, F. S. A. in 2 vol. 4lo. 8l 8s

The Apocrypha to Macklin's Bible, which completes the Magnificent Edition of the Sacred Scriptures, begun by the late Mr Macklin. 181 185

Footsteps to Drawing, according to the Rules of Perspective, explained in familiar Dialogues, and Illustrated by 20 Plates of progressive Lessons, calculated to combine a knowledge of Perspective with the Practice of Drawing, and to lead the Beginner imperceptibly to an acquaintance with the principal Rules of that useful Art. "By J. G. Wood, F. 8. A. Royal 4to, 215

Annals of the Fine Arts, a new Quarterly Magazine and Review. N. I. 55 A Treatise on Flower Painting. By George Brookshaw, Es. Part I. 5s 6d

Portraits of celebrated Painters. By John Corner. Part I. 4in. 105 od. Royal 410, 15s. India Proofs, 218 Part III. 410. 10s 6d-royal 4to. 185--India Proofs, al is

On the Elgin Marbles. By J. Visconti. 198
The Same in French. 9s 6d
Select Views in London. 8vo. 31 13s 68

Twenty-four Etchings of Views in Edinburgh, accompanied with Descriptions. By an Amateur. 2 Parts. 81 2s

A Cataloglie Raisonné of the Pictures now exhibiting in Pall-Mall. 2s 6d

Britannia Depicta: being a Series of Views of the most interesting and Picturesque Objects in the several

Counties of Great Britain ; engraved from Drawings by J. Farington, Esq. R. A. Part VII. Containing 28 Views in Cumberland. 81155 -Proof Impressions, 6l 68

The Architectural Antiquities end Landscape Scenery of Hindoostan. By Thomas and William Daniell. Reduced from their Folio Edition of the same Work, and carefully copied under their Direction. Containing 150 Prints. 3 vol. Imperial 4to. 181 18s

A Descrịptive Catalogue of the Antique Statues, Paintings, and other Productions of the Fine Arts that existed in the Louvre at the time the Confederates obtained possession of Paris, in July 1815. 18mo. , 4s 68

Footsteps to Drawing, according to the Rules of Perspective, explaiced in familiar Dialogues, and illustrated by 20 Plates. By John George Wood, F. S. A. Leoturer on Perspective. Royal 4to.' 11 1s

Londina Illustrata. Nos. 23, 24, and 25. 8s and 20s 6d

Picturesque Delineations of the Southern Coast of England. Part VIII. Superial paper, 185. Royal paper, 125

The Elgin Marbles, from the Temple of Minerva at Athens, engraved' on sixty donble plates. Imperial 4to. 51 5s A Picturesque Voyage round Great Britain : containing a Series of Views illustrar


live of the Character and prominent . Features of the Coast. By Wm. Daniell, A.R.A. 10s 6d

Compositions in Outline from Hesiod's Theogony, Weeks and Days, and the Days. Engraved by J. Blake, from Designs by John Flaxman, R. A. Printed to correspond with the Outlines from Homer, &c.

The Costume of the Netherlands, Part I. containing ten coloured Eogravings, with Letter-press Descriptions in English and French. 158

Day-Light; a recent Discovery in the Art of Painting, with Hints on the Philosophy of the Fine Arts. By H. Richter. 48


Notes on the West Indies: including Observations relative to the Creoles and Slaves of the Western Colonies, and the Indians of South America ; interspersed with Remarks upon the Seasoning or Yellow Fever of Hot Climates: the Second Edition, with additional Letters from Martinique, Jamaica and St Domingo; and a Proposal for the Emancipation of the Slaves. By George Pinkard, M. D. &c. &c. 3 vol. 8vo. Il 68

A view of the Present Condition of the States of Barbary, or an Account of the Climate, Soil, Produce, Population, Manufacturers, and Naval and Military Strength of Morocco, Pai, Algiers, Tripoli, and Tunis. By W. Janson. 12mo. 58

An Account of Tunis, its Government, Manpers, Customs and Antiquities; especially of its Productions, Manufactures and Commerce. By Thomas Macgill. Bro. 78

Historical Memoirs of Barbary, and its Maritime Power, as connected with the Plunder of the Seas; including a Sketch of Algiers, Tripoli and Tunis. 18mo. Es 6d

Documents relative to the Kingdom of Hayti, with a Preface. By P. Sanders, Esq. Agent to the King of Hayti. 10s 6d. An Atlas. By Miss Wilkinson, in two Parts. 7s 6d

D'Anville's Geography of the Greeks and Romans, in the Times of Alexander and Augustus.; translated from the French by the Editor of the Military Chronicle. 51 half bound. Itinerary of the Morea. By Sir W. Gell, M.A. F.R.S. E.S.A.

A System of Geography, for the Use of Schools and private Students ; on a New and Easy Plan, in which the European Boundaries are stated as setuled by the Treaty of Paris and Congress of Vienna; with an Account of the Solar System, and a variety of Problems to be solved by the Terrestrial and Celestial Globes. By Thomas Ewing, Teacher of English, Geography, and History, in Edinburgh; author of " Principles of Elocution,” the “ English Learner," and a "New General Atlas.” Price, bound, with Nine Maps, 6s 6d--without Maps, 4s 6d

New General Atlas, to accompany the Geography. By Thomas Ewing. Quarto. Half-bound, il is

A complete set of Maps, composing a New General Atlas, ancient and modern, of imperial folio size. By Dr Playfair. .51 5s


Memoirs of the Marchiones de Larochejacquelein, with a Map of the Theatre of War in La Vendée. Translated from the French. 8vo. 12s

Memoirs of the Principal Events in the Campaigns of North Holland and Egypt; together with a brief Description of the Islands of Crete, Rhodes, Syracuse, Minorca, and the Voyage in the Mediterranean. By Major Francis Maule. '12mo. $s

Annals of the Reign of King George III. from its commencement to the General Peace in the Year:1815. By JobAikin, M. D. 2 vol. 8vo. 11 5s

A Narrative of the Escape from France of the Count de Lavalette. By M. Dupin, Counsel to Messrs Wilson, Bruce, and Hutchinson. 18

History of the Destruction of Jerusalem. By J. Wilkins. Royal 8vo. Il

The History of the Inquisition, as it has subsisted in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Venice, Sicily, Sardinia, Milan, Poland, Flanders, &c. &c.; with a description of its Secret Prisons, Modes of Torture, Style of Accusation, Trial, &c.; abridged from Limborch. 8vo. 13s

An Inquiry into the Literary and Political Character of James I. by the Author of Curiosities of Literature, &c. Crown 8vo. 8s 6d

Campaigns of North Holland and Egypt. By J. Maule. Crown 8vo. 8s.

A Historical Account, interspersed with Biographical Anecdotes, of the House of Saxony. By F. Shoberl. 7s 6d

Annual Register, or a View of the History, Politics, and Literature, for the Year 1815. 8vo. 16s

A History of the Wars of the French Revolution. By J. Baines. Vol. I. 4to. il 1s

A History of Hanover. By J. Reid. Royal 4to. 31 13s 6d
Lectures on the Philosophy of Modern History, delivered in the University of
Dublin. By George Miller, D.D. 2 vol. 8vo. Il 4s

The Edinburgh Annual Register for 181 4. Vol. VII. 11 1s
History of the Buccaniers of America. By W. Burney. Royal 4to. Il 118°6d

Memoirs of the Ionian Islands considered in a Commercial, Political and Military point of View: in which their advantages of Position are described, as well as their relations with the Greek Continent; including the Life and Character of Ali Pacha, the present Ruler of Greece : Together with a comparative Display of the Ancient and Modern Geography of Epirus, Thessaly, the Morea, part of Macedonia, &c. &c. By General Guillaume de Vaudoncourt. Translated by W. Walton, Esq. 158

A Historical Survey of the Customs, Habits, and present State of the Gypsies. By Jolin Hoyland, Author of an Epitome of the History of the World, &c. Svo. 78

Letters from St Helena. By William Warden. 10s 6d

Annals of Glasgow ; comprising an Account of the Public Buildings, Charities, and the Rise and Progress of the City. By James Cleland. 2 vol. 8vo. 11 1s

The Joquisition Unmasked. By D. Antonio Puigblanch. Translated from the Author's Enlarged Copy, by Williain Walton, Esq. 2 vol. 8vo. 111 10s

The History of Ceylon, from the earliest Period to the Year 1816. By Philalethes, A. M. Oxon. 4to. 21 12s 6d

Private Memoirs; forming, with the works of Messrs Hue and Clery's Journal, a complete History of the Captivity of the Royal Family of France in the Tower of the Temple; translated from the French, 1 vol. foolscap 8vo, with Frontispiece. 58

History of the University of Edinburgh; chiefly compiled from Original Papers and Records, never before published. By Alexander Bower, author of the Life of Luther. 9 vol. 8vo. 11 48

Aspin's Universal History. Part VII.

An Historical Account of the Battle of Waterloo : written from the first authority, by W. Mudford, Esq., and accompanied by a series of twenty-seven splendidly coloured Engravings, Plans, &c. from drawings taken on the spot. By James Rouse, Esq. Third Part. il ils 6d

A History of the Jesuits ; to which is prefixed, a Reply to Mr Dallas's Defence of the Order. 2 vol. 11 48

A History of Muhammedanism : comprising the Life of the Arabian Prophet, and succinct Accounts of the Empires founded by the Muhammedan Arms. By Charles Mills, Esq. 8vo. 128

History of Brazil, Vol. II. By Robert Southey, Esq.

The History of the Wars, from the French Revolution to the Battle of Waterloo, in 1815. Part I. 28

Illustrations of Literary History: consisting of Authentic Memoirs and Original Letters of eminent Persons, and intended as a Sequel to the Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century. By Jolin Nichols, F.S.A. 2 vol. 8vo. 21 14s

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