The New British Theatre: A Selection of Original Dramas, Not Yet Acted, Tom 4

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proprietors, 1815

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Strona 244 - Doubt thou the stars are fire ; Doubt that the sun doth move ; Doubt truth to be a liar ; But never doubt I love.
Strona 239 - Sigh, no more, ladies, sigh no more, Men were deceivers ever ; One foot in sea, and one on shore ; To one thing constant never : Then sigh not so, But let them go, And be you blithe and bonny ; Converting all your sounds of woe Into Hey nonny, nonny.
Strona 345 - Death is the worst; a fate which all must try; And for our country, 'tis a bliss to die. The gallant man, though slain in fight he be, Yet leaves his nation safe, his children free; Entails a debt on all the grateful state; His own brave friends shall glory in his fate; His wife live honour'd, all his race succeed, And late posterity enjoy the deed!
Strona 75 - Henry's cause her favour must be shown : And Emma, of mankind, must love but him alone. While these in public to the castle came, And by their grandeur justified their flame ; More secret ways the careful Henry takes ; His squires, his arms, and equipage forsakes : In borrow'd name and false attire array'd, Oft he finds means to see the beauteous maid.
Strona 62 - IN Cupid's school whoe'er would take degree, Must learn his rudiments, by reading me. Seamen with sailing arts their vessels move ; Art guides the chariot, art instructs to love.
Strona 346 - Black fate hangs o'er thee from th' avenging gods, Imperial Troy from her foundations nods ; Whelm'd in thy country's ruins shalt thou fall, And one devouring vengeance swallow all." When Paris thus : " My brother and my friend, Thy warm impatience makes thy tongue offend. In other battles I deserved thy...
Strona 345 - Dian had despatch'd her dart, And shot the shining mischief to the heart: Then many a hero had not press'd the shore, Nor Troy's glad fields been fatten'd with our gore: Long, long shall Greece...
Strona 347 - O Hector! late thy parents' pride and joy, The boast of nations! the defence of Troy! To whom her safety and her fame she owed Her chief, her hero, and almost her god!
Strona 115 - Mr. Belville, Madam, a particular friend of mine, whom I have brought. (aside) He seems perfectly petrified, struck dumb by her beauty : I have felt it myself. She's a lovely rogue, that's certain. This amour will do me infinite credit, egad. He surveys her very attentively though : faith, I dont altogether like that. Ara. Mr. Witling, I am glad to see you. I began to think you had deserted us. Wit. O not for the world, Ma'am ; but really I have so many Ara. OI understand you ; the ladies—— Wit....
Strona 209 - ... clasps the needy sufferer. [Enter COMUS.] Comus. My master and mistress, madam, await you. Melp. 'Tis well, and here is thy reward. (Offers a purse.) Comus. Your pardon, madam, my reward is here, the approbation of my own heart. Melp. Why thou art right and I commend thee, would all could act so wisely : this perishable drop, the miser's God, thou look'st upon with scorn, thy treasures. friend, are here. ( Laying her hand on hii> heart.) Aye, that is real wealth, for it doth mock the power of...

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