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A wreck, (Tempest) i. 6. 14. Mir. Ari.

-item, Comedy of Errors) iv. 280. Ægeon.

-deseribed by a clown, Winter Tale) iii. 268. White hand, (ibid) 291. Fl. Wonder, proceeding from sudden joy, (ibid) 318. 3 Gent. &c White hand, (Troilus and Cressida) xi. 242. Tro.

IV. Descriptions of Times and Seasons.


YEAR, unfruitful and fickly, (Midsummer Night's Dream)

i. 104. Quern. Spring, (Love's Labour loft) iii. 212. Song, Winter, (As You like it) iv. 106. Duke Sen.

-item, (Love's Labour loft) iii. 213. Song: Day break, (1 Henry IV) vi 109 Glend.

-item, (1 Henry VI) vii. 158. Beda
-item, (Richard III) viii. 231. Stan.
item, (Midsummer Night's Dream) i. 137. Pucko
-item, (Much Ado about Nothing) iii. 97

-item, (Troilus and Creslia) xi. 320. Tro.

-item, (Romeo and Juliet) ix. 319. item, (Hamlet) xii 13. Hor. Morning, (Richard II) vi. 54. Richard. A loweriirg morning, (1 Henry IV) 195. King and Prince

Henry. -clear, (3 Henry VI) vii Richard. Morning, (Tempest) i. 74. Profpero. -item, (Midsummer Night's Dream) 137. Oberon. A pleasant morning, (Titus Andronicus) xi. 32. Tumora. amitem, (Romeo and Juliet) ix. 285. Fri. Sun-riling, (Titus Andronicus) vi. 32. Tit. -item, (Romeo and Juliet) ix. 256. Ben. Mon. Evening, a fair one, (Richard III) viii. 229. Richm. Twilight, (King John) v. 321. Melan. -item, (Macbeth) ix. 32. Nur. Night, in a camp, (Henry V) vii. Chorus. -stormy, (King Leas) v. 157. Midnigiit, (King John) v. 282. K. John. item, (2 Henry VI) vii. 255. Boling. -item, (ibid: 302. Capt. Night, (Midsummer Night's Dream) i. 130. Her. -item, (ibid) 165. Puck. -a beautiful description of a moon light, (Merchant of Ves

nice) ii. 253. 257. Lur. Por, tempestuous, (Julius Cæfar) 4. 119. Cafo.


I N D E X Night, tempestuous, (Macbeth) ix. 37.41. Len. Old. M. & Relea mitem, (ibid) 52. Nac. item, (Troilus and Crellida) xi. 365. Achil. -item, (Romeo and Juliet) ix. 307. Jul. Midnight, (Hamlet) xii. 106. Ham.



INDEX of fome Similies and Allufions.


AUTHORITY, compared to a farmer's dog, (King Lear)

V. 203. Lear.
Anger, to a high-mettled horse, (Henry VIII) viii. 254. Nor.

-to boiling water, (ibid) 254. idem.
Ambition, to the phadow of a dream, (Hamlet) xii. 61.


DOUBTFUL battle, to a swan swimming against a

stream, (3 Henry vi) viii. 22. Pork. to a cloudy morning, and a stormy sea, (ibid) 44. K. Hon. Beautiful maid, to a Siren, (Comedy of Errors) iv. 3116

S. Ant.





COUR A G E compared to a falcon, (Richard II) vi. 19.
to a captive set free, (ibid) 20. Mowbray.
Contention, to a horse broke loose, (2 Henry IV) vii. 219.
Consideration, to an angel, (Henry V) vii. 10. Cant.
Catharine, Queen, to a lily, (Henry VIII) viii. 304. Queen.
A crowd dispersed, to wild geese, (Midsummer Night's

Dream) i. 125. Puck.
Courtihip, the degrees of it compared to dances, (Much

Ado about Nothing) iii. 2 3. Beat.

ISSIMULATION, to a snake, (2 Henry VI) vii. 2818
2. Marg.


ENGLAND, to an eagle, Scotland, to a weazel, (Henry

vii. 18. Ely. Queen Elizabeth, to the maiden pheniz, (Henry Vill) viik

355. Craniner.

F FATHER (good) of a dad son, to the clear spring of a

muddy ftream, (Richard II) vi. 93. Bcling. Favourites, to a new-trimmed vessel, and their enviers, to

ravenous fishes, (Henry VIII) viji. 261. W011. to honey-fuckles excluding the fun, (Much Ado about

Nothing) iii. 45. Hero.

G GARDEN, compared to government, in disorder, (Ri

chard II) vi. 70. Government, to bees, (Henry V) vii. 19. Cant. Glory, to a circle in the water, ( 1 Henry VI) vii. 142 Pucel. General, an old, to a winter lion, (z. Henry VI) vii. 341. Yorko

H HENRY, Prince, comparing himself to the fun in clouds

(1 Henry IV) vi. 120. P. Henry. to rich ore in a dark foil, (ibid) Henry, Prince, compared to Mars, (Henry V. Prologue) vii. 7.

to a strawberry growing among weeds, (Henry V) vii. Ilo

Elg. Heart, a penitent one, to a ripe mulberry, (Coriolanus) zi.

176. Vol.

1 I NSURRECTION, to a storm, (2 Henry IV) vi. 267.

P. Henry. to bees, (2 Henry VI) vii. 291. Wor. King James I. to a cedar, (Henry VIII) viii. 355. Eranmer.

K KING Richard, compared to a falling star and the setting

'sun, (Richard 11) vi. 5o. Salif. King's return to his country, compared to a mother's meet

ing her child, (ibid) 53. K. Rich.

LOVE, compared to a canker in a bud, (Two Gentlemen

of Verona) iv. 9. Pro. Val. --to April weather, (ibid) 21. Pro. to a waxen image, (ibid) 36. idem. Lover, to a camelion, (ibid) 26. Speed. Love, compared to a figure on ice, (ibid) 55. Duke. Lover successful, to a conqueror, (Merchant of Venice) ii.

221. Bal. -bis thoughts, to the inarticulate joys of a crowd, (ibid)

222. idem.

M. MIND, in doubt, compared to the tide, (2 Henry IV) vi.

154 North. Maids, to flies, (Henry V) vii. 122. Burg.

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OPPORTUNITY, to the tide, (Julius Cæsar) 1. 180.


P PROMIS E S, to the garden of Adonis, (1 Henry VI) vii.

152 Dau.

R. REBELS, returning to allegiance, compared to a flood,

(King John) v. 322. Sal. Realon returning, to the morning, (Tempest) i. 74. Pro.


riQng in a cloudy fky, to K. Richard in discontent, (Richard II) vi. 62. Boling. Sun rising after a dark night, to the restoration of a lawful

King, (ibid) 54. K. Rich.
Spies, to limed twigs, (2 Henry VI) vii. 248. Suf.
Soldiers, to bees, (Titus Andronicus) xi. 77. Goth.

T TREAS O N, compared to a fox, (1 Henry IV) vi. 2co. Tears, to dew on a lily, (Titus Andronicus) xi. 47. Tit.


W WORCEST E'R, Earl of, in rebellion, compared to a

meteor, (1 Henry IV) vi. 195. K Hen. Warwick’s death, to the fall of a cedar, (3 Henry VI) viii.

98. War. Wolfey, Cardinal, to a falling angel, (Henry VHI) 320. WO! Wanderer, to a drop of water in the ocean, (Comedy of Erd

rors) iv, 284. Ant. World, compared to a stage, (As You like it) iv. 122. Jagueso Widow, to a turtle, (Winter's Tale) iii. 327. Pau.

Y Duke of York fighting, to a lion among a herd of ncat

(3 Henry VI) viii. 29. Rich.

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