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Old man, vigorous, from temperance in youth, (As You Like

it) iv. 111. Adam. Old man in the extremity of decay, (ibid) iv. 123. Jaques. Old men subject to ingratitude, (simon) x. 38. Timon.


3 T-MESSENGER, (a Henry IV) vi. 220. Trav.

-see the same described, (King Lear) v. 145. Kent. Pedants, in Armado, Holofernes, Nathaniel, (Love's La

bour's lost) ii.


U ARREL SOM E person, (Romeo and Juliet) ix. 300.

SOLDIER young, brave and unpolished, (Troilus and

Crellida) xi. 334. Ulys.
Soldiers in armour, (1 Henry IV) vi. 185. Ver.
Serving-man, (King Lear) v. 168. Edgar.
Sea-faring persons in distress, (Tempest) i. 12. Pro.
Savage man, vid. Caliban.
Swimmer, (Julius Cæsar) x. 111. Caf.

-item, (Tempest) i. 30. Fran.
Soldier, (As You like it) iv. 122. Jaques.
School-boy, (ibid)
Shepherd, (ibid) 125.

T Twins, their likeness described in the two Antipholis's

and Dromio's, (Comedy of Errors) iv. Talkative coxcombs, (Merchant of Venice) i. 234. Lor. Trojans, (Trolius and Crellida) xi. 262. Æn.


VILLA I N's look, (King John) v. 296. Pemb. 301. King


WITCH, vid. Sycorax.

Woman of a satirical wit, (Much Ado about Nothing)

iii. 29. Bene.

-item, (ibid) 47. Hero. Wife, a good one, (Merchant of Venice) i. 234. Jes. Woman's man, (Love's Labour loft) üi. 189. Biron.



Witches and their charms, (Macber b) ix.
Woman, a lewd one, (Troilus and Creslida) xi. 332. Ulyf.

Y YOUNG gentleman, an accomplished, (Two Gentlemen of Verona) iv. 31. Val.

-item (Cymbeline) 3. 204. i Gent. Youth, a pert pretender, (Mercbant of Venice) i. 235. Por. Younger brother, kept without education, (As You like it)

iv. 85. Orla. Youth, a beautiful one described, (ibid) 147. Phe. Young lady playing on the lute, and singing (Titus Andro

nicus) xi. 43. Mar, Youth, a pert one, (Cymbeline) x. 272. Pif.

two of royal birth (ibid) 294. Bel.

III. Deferiptions of Things,

AN army disbanded, (2 Henry IV). vi. 294. Haft.

Lembarking, (Henry V) vii. 46. Chorus.

-English, new raised, (Kin hn) v. 247 Chat,
Angling, (Much Ado about Nothing) iii. 46. Urf.
Ambitious love, (All's well, &c.) ii. 214. Hel.
Art and nature, vid. Nature.
Angling, Cleopatra's (Antony and Cleopatra) ix. 145.

BEAUTY, vid. Bullen Anne.

-item, (Tempest) i. 47. Fer.
-neglected, (Two Gentlemen of Verona) iv. 63. Jul.
-described by Romeo, (Romeo and Juliet) ix. 273.

С CHALLENGE, the ceremonial of one (Richard II) vi. 8.

Combat in the lifts, its ceremony, (ibid) 17.
Coronation, the ceremonies of one, (Henry VIII) viii. 327.

DENIAL of favours, (Timon) . 38. Flav.

Diamond ring, (Titus Andronicus) xi. 39. Mar,
Death, (Cymbeline) x. 314. Poft.
Dreams, (Romco and Juliet) ix. 208. Mer.

ENTRY of King. Richard and Bolingbroke into Londong

(Richard II) vi. 87. York.
Earthquake, (1 Henry IV) 162. Hoifpur.
Entry of Coriolanus into Rome after victory, (Coriolanus)
xi. 137. Bru.

-Pompey's (Julius Cæsar) x. 106. Mur.
Earth, and its products, (Romeo and Juliet) ix. 285. Friar.

FASHIONS, of Italy, &c. (Richard II) vi. 30. York.
Face of a person near death, (Henry VIII) viii. 333. Pat.

-ill-favoured, (Tempest) i. 4. Gonz.
Friend thip betwixt two young ladies, (Midsummer Night's

Dream) i. 116. Hel.
Friend, (Merchant of Venice) ii. 226. 129. B.f. Por.
Fortune, and her votaries, (Timon) x. 11. Poet.
Family, ruined by profuseness, (ibid) 49.

GRATITUD E in an old fervant, (As You like it) iv.

109. Adam.
Gentle temper, (Hamlet) xii. 154. Queen.

HORSE, Richard's rode by Bolingbroke, (Richard Ily
Hounds, and hunting described, (Midsummer Night's Dream)

i. 145. Thes Hip.
House-keeping, riotous, (Timon) 1. 36. Flav.
Hounds, hortes, hunting, (Titus Andronicus) xi. 32.
Hurricane, (Troilus and Cressida) xi. 353. Tro.
Horror in one buried alive, (Romeo and Juliet) ix. 334. Jul,

INSURRECTION of the populace, (Richard II) vi. 56.

Interview of the kings of England and France, (Henry VIII)
Jests and jester, (Love's Labour loft) iii. 210. Risa.
Invention, a dull one, (Othello) xii. 214. lago.
Jealousy described, (ibid) 246. id. and Oih.

KING's evil, and its cure, (Macbeth) ix. 80. Mal.

Kingdom, oppresed by an ufurper, (ibid) 77. 81. Mas

vi. 99

viii. 240.


LOVE, humorously described, (Love's Labour los) iii.

140. Biron,
-improves all our faculties, (ibid) 167. idem.

fantastical, (ibid) 206. idem. Lioness, (As You like it) iv. 159. Oli. Life, a pleasant one described, (Taming of the Shrew) iv.

187. Lord.
-in a wild solitude, (Timon) 1. 73. Apem.

MAS QU E, rural, (Tempest) i. 62.

Moon, (Midsummer Night's Dream) 89. Thef. Hip.

-item, (ibid) 96. Lyf. Masquerade, a scene of one, (Much Ado about Nothing) iiii


Moon, (As You like it) iv. 125. Orla.
Music, (Twelfth Night) v. 7. Duke.
Martlet's nests, (Macbeth) ix. 2.5, Bar.
Madness for grief and love, in Optietia, (Hamlet) xii. 126.


NATUR E, fate of, (Tempest) 1. 3.1. Gon.

Nature and art, (Winter Tale) iii. 281. Pol. Per.

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O A K, large, old, (As You like it) iv. 159:01.

PARTING of lovers, (Romeo and Juliet) ix. 319

Popularity (Richard II) vi. 28. King Richard.
Pride, (ibid) 21. idem.
Peace, (ibid)

-after civil War, (1 Henry IV) 107. King Henry. Prodigies, (Richard II 50. Cap.

-item, (i Henry IV) 162. Glend.
-item, (2 Henry IV) 303. Cl. and Gl.

-item, (Julius Cæsar) x. 119. Casca. Peace, (Richard III) viii, 118. Rich.

-betwixt York and Lancaster, (ibid) 242. Richm. Play, a bad one described, (Midsummer Night's Dream) 1.

155. Philoft.

Picture of a beautiful woman, (Merchant of Venice) i. 2200

Baf. Pictures of Adonis, Venus, lo, Daphne and Apollo, (Ta.

ming of the Shrew) iv. 188. Poetry, (Timon) x. 8. Poei. Prodigies, (Julius Cæsar) x. 138. Calph.

-item, (Hamlet) xii. Horat. Puison, (ibid) 141. Leur.


RUMOUR, (2 Henry IV) vi. 218. War.

item, (ibid) 271. Roses, red and white, the badges of two parties, (1 Henry

VI) vii. 165.

SONG (Welsh) (i Henry IV) 169. Mor, and Gl.

Sleep, (2 Henry }V) 268. King Henry.
Signs of change in government (Richard II) viii. 163. 3 Cit.
Sleep, (Midsummer Night's Dream) i. 137 0h.
A stream beautifully described, (Two Gentlemen of Verona

iv. 41. Jul.
Sleep, found, (Measure for Measure) ii. 175. Claud.
Stag, in the chase, (As You like it, iv. 107. Lord.
Snake (ibid) 159. Oli.
Sound seep, (Julius Cæfar) X. 133. Brut.
Storm at sea, (Othello) xii. 209.

T TIME, the seeming inequality of its motion, (As You like

it) iv. 135. Refa.

VISION, of good spirits, (Henry VIII) viii. 332.

Virginity, (All's well, &c.) ii. 215. Par. A victory long disputed (Macbeth) ix. 8. A victory and pursuit of the conquered, (Cymbeline) x. 311.



the prognostics of it, (Richard II) vi. 50. Captain,

-preparations for, (Henry V) vii. 24. Chorus.
-ill effects of, (ibid) 113. Burg.
-item,( Henry VI) vii 338. . C .

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