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Henry VI's. on Duke Humphry's disgrace, (a Henry VI).

i. 280. Suffolk, and Queen Margaret, parting, (ibid) 297. Edward IV's on the murder of Clarence, (Richard III) viii.

156. Duke of Buckingham's after condemnation, (Henry VIII

276 Cucen Catharine's before her divorce, (ilvid) 290. Cardinal Wolley's to Cromwel, (ibid) 321. Queen Catharine's, recommending her daughter to the King,

(10) 334. Hekid's on her husband's flying from her to the war, (All's

well &c ) ji 265. Hurmione's defence when imreached of adultery, (Winter's.

Tale) ini. 239. Mark Antony's on Cæsar's murder, (Julius Cælar) x 155..

his funeral oration over the body, (ibid) 159,

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ING Henry IV.op vant of Necp, (2 Henry IV) vi 268.

Prince Henry, on the troubles attending greatnefs, ibidt 304 Hinry V. on the mistries of kings, (Henry V) vii. 81. On new-nade honour, by the Bafiard, (king Jolin) v.

240. On idf-interest, by the same, (ibid) 204. Dübe of York's on the surrender of Anjou to the French, (a Henry VI) rii

240. on his design to seize the throne for hinifell, (ibid) 284, Young Clitord on the death of his father, (ibid) 338. Fing Henry's on the happiness of low life, i3 Henry VI)

after he lost the battle, on his Queen going to France, (ibid) 5ti Gloucestu's on his deformity and ambition, (ibid) 08. Harwick's dying speech, (3 Henry VI) viii. 98. Kirbard III's on his deformity, (Richard Ili, 118. Tirrel's on the murder of King Edward's two coas (ibid)

205. Riclniond's the night before the battle, (ibid) 231. Richard !!!. in deipair, (ibid) 235. Cardinal Wuisey's on the viciftiudes of life, (Henry VIII)

VIll. 4+

Prospero's to the spirits, (Tempest) i. 72.
Angelo's on temptation to lust by a virtuous beauty, (Mca-

Ture for Measure) ii. 141
Jacinimo's looking on Imogen asleep, (Cymbeline,) x. 2 33.
Posthunius's against women, (ibid) 250.
Romeo's over Juliet in the vault, (Romeo and Juliet) ix.

348. The King's despairing of pardon for incest and murder,

(Hamlet) xii. 102. N. B. The speeches in Julius Cæfar, Antony and Cleopatra,

Macbeth, Hanlet, and Othello, are chiefly placed under ibe titles of iboje playsa

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INDEX of Deferiptions, or Images.

I. Defcriptions of Places.

BANK, flowery, (Midsummer Night's Dream) i 111. 06.

Dove r Cliff. (King Lear) v. 197. Edgar.

ENGLAND celebrated, (Richard !!) vi 30. Gannt,

difpraised by the Constable of France, (Henry V) vii. 58. Conitable.

-described in its ftuation, (King John) v. 246. Auft. -only conquered by intestine divifions, fibid) 328. Baft. -its interest in relation to France, (3 Henry VI) viii. 74. Halt. its situation, (Cymbeline) x. 253. Queen.


ELD after a battle, (Henry V) vii. 100. Mount.


OUCESTER S H I R F., (Richard II) vi. 44. Northumberlarid.

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NCHANTED ille, Tempest) i. 52. Calo

K KENT, (2 Henry vi.) vii. 320. Say.


LOMBARDY, (Taming of the Shrew) iv. 192. Lucentio.


NILE, its flow described, (Antony and Cleopatra) ix. 150.


PIs a, (Taming of the Shrew) iv, 192. Luc.


SEVERN, (: Henry IV.) vi. 125. Hutspur.

Salique land, (Henry V) vii. 14 Canterjury.


TRENT, at Burton, (1 Henry IV) vi. 105. Hotspur.

Tower of London, (Richard III) viii. 169.

VALE, a dark and melancholy one, (Titus Andronicus).

xi. 34. Tumora.

II. Descriptions of Persons.

A APOTHECARY, his poverty apd (hop described, (Romeo

and Juliet) ix 342 Romco.

B B E A UTIFUL maid, (Taming of the Shrew) iv. 258. Pet.

A bishop in arms, (2 Henry IV) vi. 284. Weji morland. Bedlam beggars, (King Lear) v. 143 Edgar, Beautiful periva petitioning, (Two Gentlemen of Verona?

iv. 5o. Pro. A bailiff, (Comedy of Errors) iv. 318. S. Dro.

COMMONS of England, (Richard II) vi. 43. Bagot:

-their inconstancy, (2 Henry IV, 238 Yurk.
Courtics, an unsuccessful one, (Ilenry vill) viji 288. Old L.
Cucats, several forts, (Comedy of Errors) iv 286. Ant.
Cor stables and watchmen, (Much Ado about Nothing) ili..

54. 63

Coucier, humorously described, (As You Like it) iv. 140.

Candidate for an office, (Coriolanus) xi. 145. Coriolanus.


DEFORMID perfon, (King John v. 207. Confiance."

A dying person by poison, in King John, (ibid) 326.
A dying person of old age, in prisoner, in Mortimer, (Henry

VI) vii.
oby strangling in Duke Humphrey, (2 Henry VI) vii.
293. Warwick

-in agonies of despair, in Cardinal Beauford, (ibid) 301
Drunken men, (Tempest) i. 67. Arion.-
Dying of grief, (All's well, &c.) ií. 287. I Lord.
Debtor, (Timon) x. 31. Son.
Duellist, (Romeo and Juliet) ix 289. Mercutio.
Death, in a beautiful face, (ibid) 336. Cap.

-item, (Cymbeline) x. 296. Arv.
-item, (Romeo and Juliet) ix. 343. Romeo.

ENGLISH MEN in preference to the French, (Henry V)

vii. 66. King Heriry.
described by the French, (i Henry VI) 138.

-ridiculed for following French fashions, (Henry VIII)
viii. 266.
Englishmen ridiculed for hard drinking, (Othello) xii. 225,


A Foppish courtier, (1 Henry IV) vi. 122 Hotspur.

Flatterers of great men, (King lear) v, 138 Kent.
Fairies, (Midsummer Night's Dream) i. :02.
--item, mub the Queen of, (Romeo and Juliet) ix. 269..

Fairy-masquerade (Merry Wives of Windsor) ii. 97.
Fortune-ieller, (Comedy of Errors) iv. 337. E. Ant.

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GENERAL, leading a victorious army, (Coriolanus) ix.

145. Comiinius,

HYPOCRITE, Richard Ill. viii. 542. Glo.

--item, ibid) 184. Gly. Buck.
item, (Romco and Juliet) ix, 310. Jula

IRISHMAN, (Richard II) vi. 34. King Richurd,

A justice, (As You like it) iv. 122. Jaques.
A jelter, (Twelfth Night) v. 51. Vio.

Old man, vi

it) iv. 11 Old man in Old men fu


ING, a good one described, (Macbeth) ix. 80.

Knights of the garter, (1 Henry VI.) vii. 191. Talb.
Kentifhmen, (3 Henry VI.) viii. 18. York.
King, a good, (ibid) 92 King Henry.

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-fee Pedants, in

bour's lo

ARE Merce



LOVE R, banished, (Romeo and Juliet) ix. 313. Romeo.

Lovers, humorously described, (ibid) 277. Mercutio.
Lovers parting, (Cymbeline) x. 212.
Lovers described, (As You like it) iv. 113. 122. Sil. and Glo.

item, Two (Gentlemen of Verona) iv. 22. Speed.
-item, ibid. 34. Vol.
-constant, (ibid, 42. Iul.
- banished, (ibid) 48. Val

in folitude, (ibid) 70. idem.
Lover described, (As You like it) iv. 136. Raja.
Lovers parting, (Troilus and Cresida) xi. 325.

Soldiers is ServingSea-faring Savage m Swimmer

-ite Soldier, School-b Shepher

MESSENGER, with ill news, 2 (Henry IV) vi. 221.

--item, (King John) v. 266. Cunft.

--with good news, (2 Henry IV) vi 301. King Henry, A mad-man, King Lear) v. 194 Cora. A iniserable motner in Constance, (King John) v. 285.

-Edward IV's widow, Richard ;11) viij. 204. Queen. Mermaid, (Midsummer Nighi's Dreain) i. 108. Oberon. Melancholy man, (Hamlet) xii 63. Humlet.


and Talkatí Trojan




NEW ST E LIERS, (King John) v. 309. Hub.

A nun, (Midsummer Nighi's Dream) i. 21. The.


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D man oppressed with cares, (Comedy of Errors) iv. 346.

Æ coil.




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