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VOLUMNIA, a mother of an heroic spirit, (Coriolanus)

-instructs Coriolanus to address the people, (ibid) 174.

-diverts him from destroying Rome, 122. Valeria's chastity praised by her husband, (ibid) 217.

W WINCHESTER, Cardinal Beaufort's character, (1 Hen

ry VI.) vii 173. Glucosier.

his death, (2 Henry VI) 302. Warwick, brave but inconstant, (2, 3 Henry VI) viii. Wolfey, Cardinal, his character by Norfolk, &c. (Henry VIII) viji. 251.

-his power over the King, (ibid) 281 Norfolk.
-upbraided by Queen Catherine, (ibid) 292.
-his reflexion's on his fall, (ibid) 319.

-his death related, and mixed character (ibid) 329. Grif. Catharine.

YORK, archbishop of, (2 Henry IV) vi. 225. Mortimer.

York, Duke of, enterprizing, valiant, unfortunate, (2, 3 Henry VI) viii.

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INDEX of Manners, Paffions, and their external



N. B. The names of the filfitious persons to whom these charaffers

are applied, are annexed in an alphabetica! Index ensuing. Vid. Section IH.

A ALLY, a perfidious one in Burgundy, (1 Henry VI) vii. Ambition, (Henry VIII) vili. 322. Wolley.

-covered with specious humility. (Julius Cæsar) 3. Ally, jealous of a successful friend, (Antony and Cleopatra)

ix 162. Ven. Ambitious woman in Eleanor, (2 Henry VI) vii. 242. Anger, in the Duke of Buckingham, (Henry VIII) vii. 24.

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Anger, its external effecs painted, (Henry VIII) viii. 314,

Amiction, (Tempest) i. 71. Arion.
Acoration, (ibid) 78. Proserpine.
Athe: Nical hardened villain, vid. Barnardine.
Avarice and cruelty, vid. Shylock, vol. i. Merchant of Venice.

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BISHOP, true to his sovereign, Carlife, (Richard II) vi.

----2 rchel, York, ( a Henry IV) vi.
Boasters, the bauphin, &c (Henry V) vii. 67.
Boafter, the bastard, (King John) v.

-described, (ibid) 260. Falconbridge.

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COURTIER, a bold plain-dealing, Gaunt, (Richard II)

-Kent, (King Lear) v.

-an accomplished one, vid. Buckingham, Henry VIIT.
Courtthip, Gloucester's to Lady Anne, (Richard III) viji.
125. (!o:"effer.

-honourable, injoined by a father, (Tempcft) i. 63. Trof.

-delcribed, (Midsummer Night's Dream) 90. Egein.
Court ihip, a beautiful scene betwixt Romeo and Juliet,

(Romeo and Juliet) ix. 279.
Counsellor, an honestone, vid. Gonzalo.
Child,, the duty it owes a father, (Midsummer Niglie's

Dream i. 20. The cus.
Country squire in Slender, (Merry Wives of Windfor) ii.
Chastity scandalized beautifully paicted in Hero, (Nuch

Ado about Nothing) iji. 05.
Chastity, wil. Valeria
Courage in old men, (11uch Ado about Nothing) ii. 8:.

Leord. Ant
Courage, (Taming of the Shrew) iv. 206. Per.

ditterent notions of it in a senator, and a general, (Ti-
mon) x 54. i Scr. ic.
Care, ia a merchant, (Merchant of Venice) i. 171. Sal. So!.
Confancy, (Antony and Cicopraira) ix. 238. Litapatra


A U G I TERs undutiful, in Gonerii and Regu, mis

Lear) v.
Daughter, dutiful, in Cordelia, (ibid.)


Despair, in the agonies of death, Cardinal Beaufort, 2 Heary VI) vii. 302.

-of pardon, (Winter Tale) iii. 263. Pau.

ENVY, (Henry VIII) viii. 314. Wolfey.

F FEAR, arising from an expected evil, (2 Henry IV) vi.

221. Northumberland. Father, an unnatural, in York, (Richard II) 93. Father's paflion on the ill conduct of a daughter, (Much Ado about Nothing) iii 69 80. Leon.

-fondness for his child, (Winter Tale) iii. 225. Leo. Pol. French quack's airs, in Doctor Caius, (Merry Wives of

Windsor) i.
I'ury, (Antony and Cleopatra) ix. 193. E110.

GRAVITY affected, to be thought wise, (Merchant of

Venice) i. 173. Gratiano.
Grief, (Richard II ) vi. 16. Duchess.

its nature to multiply afflictions, (ibid) 39. Busli:y. --beautifully described in Cordelia, (King Lear) v. 192. Gentleman.

at parting of lovers, Queen Margaret and Suffolk, (2 Henry VI.) vii. 297, -a mother's for her son murdered, (3 Henry VI.) viii. 106. Queen. -wrought to rage in Queen Margaret, (Richard III.) 1

138. -a father's, an old General, for his sons and daughter, (Titus Andronicus) xi. 47. : Titus. mma virtuous wife's, wrong’d by her husband, (Cymbeline)

X. 266. Imagen. ---a husband's on the murder of his wife and children,

(Macbeth) ix. 84. Macduff. La valiant father's for the death of a brave son, (ibid) 101. Siward,

H HOPE, (Richard !!) vi. 41. Queer.

-item, (Richard III.) viii. 228. Richard. Hostets Quickly, (2 Henry IV ) vi. Highwayman, Gadshill, (1 Henry IV) vi. Horror, its outward effects, (Henry VIII.) viii. 310. Norfolk,

Horror raised in the characters of Aaron, Tamora, and Satur

ninus, (Titus Andronicus) xi.

US TICE S, Country, Shallow and Silence, (2 Henry IV.)

Inconstancy, (Two Gentlemen of Verona) iv. 8.9. Protheus.
Jealousy, in Ford, (Merry Wives of Windsor) ii.

--the rise and growth of it charactered in Leontes, (Winter's Tale) ii.

-item, (Troilus and Creslida) xi. 348.
in Porbumus, (Cymbeline) x. 223:

-the motives, growth, and fatal effects of it admira-
bly liewed in Othello, (Othello) xii.
Joy, excess producech ccars, (Much ado about Nothing) iii.

8. Leontes, Ingratitude, in Lucullus, Lucius, Sempronius, (Timon) x. 38.

KING, of rash ill conduct, Richard II. (Richard II.) vi.

wise and valiant, Henry IV. (1 and 2 Heory IV.) vi. -weak, choleric, miserable, Lear, (King Lear) v.

meek, religious, unfortunate in Henry VI. (1, 2, 3 Hen

ry VI.) vii, viii. amorous, brave, successful, in Edward IV. (3 Henry VI.) viii.

bold, crafty, cruel, dissembling, in Richard íll. (Ri

chard III.) viii.
brave, religious, fortunate, in Henry VIII. (ibid)

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LO OVE, expressed by a soldier, (Henry V.) vii. 106. King

virtuous, (3 Henry VI.) viii. 68. Warwick.
---protested by Richard III. (Richard III) 220.
-the first inotions exprefed by Henry VIII. vide Anne Bul-

len, by Miranda and Ferdinand, (Tempeft) i. 12. the crosses of it, (Midsummer's Night's Dream) 24. Lyo

jander. Herniione.
-appointment protested, (ibid) 95. Hermione.
its nature, (ibid) 97. Helena.
-charm to enkindle it, (ibid) 108. Oberon.
in the Queen of Fairies, beautifully imagined, (ibid) 123.

given over, (ibid) 147. Demetrius.

Love changed to aversion, (ibid) 117. Lyfar.der. commended and dispraised, (Two Gentlemen of Verona)

iv. 8. Valentini, Prothéils. --expels all other paflions, (Merchant of Venice) i. 220.

Portia. its original, (As you like it) iv. 105. Rosaline. its feveral offices, (ibia) ir 166. Sterga --all other pallons lot in it, (Twelfth Night) v. 9. Duke. at tiist fight, (ibid) 28. Olivia. in man and woman conpared, (ibid) 41. Duke, Viola. --- conccaied, beautifully painted, (ibid) 42. Viola. in a young brare general, (Troilu:s and Creifida) xi. 240.

Troilus. --coullancy in, protested, 362. 303 Troilus and Craffida.. --quirted by a soldier, 3:3. Patrocius. ---its qualities, (Romeo and Juliet) ix. 257. Romeo. wimpatient of delay, 297. triar, 205 Zuict. mitem, 307. Juliet. -impatient of absence, (Oihello) xii. 266. Dianca. Luft, (Merry Wives of Windsor) ii. 99:69g. --in a grave minister of faie, (Measure for Measure) 141. 143. Arigelo.

M ADNESS, real, in Lear, counterfeit in Edgar, (King

Lear) v.
Nielancholy, (Comecly of Errors) iv. 332. Abbess.

--several kinds of it, (As you like it; iv. 149. Jacques. Mother, lamenting her sons, Richard III.) viii. 158. Duch.

item, (ibid) 219. Queen. Murderer, in Exton, (Richard II.) vi. 101.


P E D ANTRY, in Sir Hugh Evans, (Merry Wives of Windfor) ii.

in Armado, Holophernes, Nathaniel, (Love's Labour's l.olt, iii. Princes young and valiant, Pricce Henry and Lancaster,

(1 and 2 Henry IV) vi. Prophetess, in Joan of Orleans, (1 Henry VI) vii. 140. Pride, (Troilus and Cresida) xi. 307. Uldis


RAGE, arising from stief, vide Northumberland, vi:

ariling in a father from the undutifulness of his chil. dreb, (King Lear) v.

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