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с CONSTANCE, a mother passionately fond, (King John) Cade, John, a bold crafty rebel, (2 Henry VI) vii. 285. York. Clifford, bold and revengeful, (3 Henry VI) viii. Cæfar, Julius, (Richard III) 170. Prince. Catherine, Queen to Henry VIII. (Henry VIII) 2.81. Norf: --pitied by Anne Bullen, (ibid) 285. -her speech to the King before her divorce, (Henry VIII)

(ibid) 290.
--praised by the King, (ibid) 294
-recommends her daughter and servants to him, (ibid).

Cromwell, Thomas, (ibid) 328.
Cranmer's character by Gardiner, (ibid) 337.
-by Cromwell, (ibid) 348..
-by the King, (ibid) 349.

his speech over Princess Elizabeth (ibid) 354.
Coriolanus, brave, proud, a contemner of the populace, (Cam

riolanus) xi.
-chides his soldiers when repulsed, (ibid) 123;
his character, 126. Cominius.
-his entry into Rome after a victory, 137.
his actions summed up by Cominius, 145: Cominiu!.
-approved by the tribunes, he rails at the populace, 157
banislied, 182.
-applies to, and is kindly received by Aufidiùs, 193.
not to be diverted by his friends from invading Rome,

--yields to his mother's intreaties, 222.

lain by the envy and treachery of Aufidius, 2:30.
Cæfar, Juli., suspicious of Callius, (Julius Cæfar) X: 1146

Cæfar. refufcth the crown that was offered, 116. Casca. -addicted to superstition, and loved fiattery, 133. Casca.

Dein -dissuaded by Calphurnia from going to the senate, 138. his contempt of death, 139 Cajar. —frm against those who wrong him, (ibid) 146. Cafaro -affaflinated, (ibid) 148. - his ghost appears to Brutus, 182. Callius confers with Brutus against Cæfar, 103. his character, 114. Gæfar. -cfolves to kill himself, if Cæfar is made kiog, 1250


Caffius bis quarrel with Brutus, 171.

illomens Itagger him, though an Epicurean, 1866 -preiages he should die on his birth-day, 186. - kills himself, 190. - mourned and praised by Titinius, Messala: and Brutus,,

190. Casca's character, 117. Casca. Cleopatra, the power of her beauty over Antony, (Antony and Cleopatra) ix. 108. Ant. 141. Eng.

-her character of Antony when he had left ber, (Antony and Cleopatra) ix. 125., her failing down the Cydnus described, 140. [for the rest

zit. Antony -ber lamentation crer :he dead body of Antony, 220. resolve, to die, 228. -rified by Octavius, 232. affronted by her treasurer.Seleucus, 2.34. kills hartell with alpics, 24.1.

DOUGL AS 5, (1 Henry IV) vi. 182. Hotspur.

Duncan, King of Scotland, murdered, vid. Macbeth.

E EDWARD the black Prince, (Richard II) vi. 35. York.

Eleanor, wife of duke Humphrey, ambitious and given.. to ftiperstition, (2. Henry VI) yii. 242. -walks in procellion for penance, and is banifhed, (2 Hen.

ry VI) 271. Edward IV. amorous, brave, successful, (3 Henry VI) viii. bis two sons, (Richard III) viii. 164. 107. -murdered, 205. Edward Prince of Wales, fon to Henry VI. Richard III)

123. Elizabeth, Queen, prophetically described by Cranmer,

(Henry VIII) viii. 355 -complimented by the title of the Vestal Queen, (Midfum.

mer Night's Dream) i. 108. 06. Enobarbus, a brave Ruman. Captain, (Antony and Cleo

patra) ix. -dies with grief for deserting Antony, (ibid) 205.


FAVICONBRIDGE, boastful, brave and enterprizing

(King Jolu) v.

IN Fulvia's death and character, (Antony and Cleopatra) is.

113. Antony.

GLENDOWER, (1 Henry. IV) vi. 162.

- described by Hotspur, (ibid) 166. Gloucester, Humphry, Duke of, gives up his white saff,

(2 Henry VI) vii. 267. -lees his Duchess's procession for penance, (ibid) 271. -accused to the King by the Queen and others, (ibid) 274. -arrested for high treason, he defends himself, (ibid) 277. -murdered by strangling, (ibid) 291, War. Gardiner, bishop of Winchester, flattering and cruel (Hen

sy VIII) viii. 349. King.

HENRY V. whilft Prince, (Richard II) vi. 91. Boling:

-item, (1 Henry IV) 170. King Henry. Hotspur, vid. Percy Henry V. in armour, (ibid) Henry IV. described by Hotspur, (ibid) 185 Vero -his fon Prince Henry, (ibid) 192. ilem, (ibid) 202. Ver. Henry V. (2 Henry IV) 299. King Henry. item, (Henry V) vii. 10. Canterbury. Henry VI. neek, religious, unfortunate, (1 Henry VI), 130. Henry VIII. vid. Queen Catherine, Anne Bullen.

I Joe

OHN, King, diffembling, cruel, irresolute, unfortunate,

(King Joho) v Joan, the maid of Orleans, (1 Henry VI) vii, 14%. raiseth fiends, (ibid) 213. -taken prisoner, (ibid) 214.

condemned to be burned, (ibid) 221. James 1. King, prophetically described by Cranmer, (Hen

ry VIII) viii. 350. Julio Romano, his character, (Winter Tale) iii. 310. 3. Gent.

L. LEAR, King, choleric, fickle, mad, miserable, (King

Lear) v. Lepidus's character by Antony, (Julius Cæsar) s. 109, aby Pompey, (Antony and Cleopatra) ix. 130

M MORTIMER, (1 Henry IV.) vi. 193.

Margaret, Henry Vi's Queen, enraged with her own miferics, exults at others, (Richard III) viii. More, Sir Ihomas, (Henry VIII) vili. 320. Menenius Agrippa, his fable of the belly and limbs, (Com

riolanus) xi. 1:03: - his character by himself, (ibid) 132. Menenius. --his character of Coriolanus, (ibid) 169. Macbeth, his bravery in battle, (Macbeth) ix. 8. --hath his greatness foretold by Witches, 14. -the conflict of his mind when he first intended to kill the

King, 27 his temper described by his lady, 28. Macbeth, lady, resolves on inurdering the King, and encou.

rages Macbeth, 24 -lie Itaggers in his tefolution, and is confirmed again by his

wife, 28 -his foliloquy before he kills the King, and horror after,

32. - meditates Banquo's death, and employs murderers, 4$. -- Banquo's ghost appears to him, 55. Macbeth consults the witches again, cbeth) ir. 66 his character by Malcolm, 77 -distracted with horror, 05.

despairs on hearing the English advance against him, 06. -told of his lady's death, 95. -lain by Macduff, 101,

N NORTHUMBERLAND's grief for Hotspur, (1 Hen

ry IV.) vi. 241. Northumberland.

ORPHE vs's music, (Henry VIIT) viii. 299. Song,

-item, (Two Gentlemen of Verona) iv. 57 Pro. Octavius Cæsar, his interview with Brutus and Callius, (Juliùs

Cæfar) 1. 183. [for the rest, vid. Antony and Cleopatra).

P PERCY, Hary Hotspur, (1 Henry IV) vi. 110. King Henry.

-item, (ibid) 173. King Henry. item, (ibid) 198. Prince Henry. his death, (2. llenry IV) 221. Mortimer.

Percy, his character by Lady Percy, (ibid) 251.
Portia, a Roman lady of an heroic spirit, vid. Brutus.

RICHARD the second, his ill conduct, (Richard II) vi. 30.


-item, (ibid) 32. Gaunt..
Richard II. his ill conduct, (Richard II) vi. 37. Norih.

-item, (1 Henry IV) 172. King Henry.
Richard I. his character, (King John) v. 245. Baft.
Richard III. ambitious, brave, dissembling, cruel, unfortu-
nate, (3 Henry VI. and Richard UI) viii.

his birth prodigious, (3 Henry VI) 110. King Henry.

- his person and manners described by Queen Margaret, (Richard III) 138.

-described by his mother, the Duchess of York, (ibid) 212. Duchess.



SALISBURY's death and character, (1 Henry VI) rii,
Suffolk, proud, false, enterprizing, (2 Henry VI) vii.

-his death, (ibid) 30%.

149. Talbot.

TALBOT, when prisoner in France, (s Henry VI) vii.

148. Taltor.

-nain with his son, (ibid) 2009.
'Tirrel, James, (Richard III) viii. 202. Page.
Timon of Athens, beggared by flaiterers, (Timon) x. 226
Apemonius. 31. Flav.

item (ibid) 20 Senator.
-his last entertainment for the parasites, (ibid) ss.
-retires and snakes off humanity, 62.

-digging for roots, finds gold, 64.
Timon, vilited by Alcibiades, excites him to cruelty, (Ti-
mon) x. 65.

-pinched with hunger, his reflexions on the earth, 71.
compares himself with Apemantus, 75.
- he gives gold and encouragement to thieves, 81.
-visited by his honest fteward, 83.
by the poet and painter, 86.

by the senators, entreating him to command against Alcibiades, 90.

his death and epitaph, 19.

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