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(To Defdem

Oth. I kiss'd thee, ere I killed thee.-No way but

this, Killing myself, to die upon a kiss. [Dies.

Caf. This did I fear, but thought he had no For he was great of heart.

[weapon, Lod. Oh Spartan dog !

[To lago More fell than anguish, hunger, or the fea! Look on the tragic loading of this bed ; This is thy work. The object poisons fight,--Let it be hid. Gratiano, keep the house, And seize upon the fortunes of the Moor, For they succeed to you. To you, Lord Governor, Remains the censure of this hellish villain : The time, the place, the torture, oh ! inforce it. Myself will straight aboard; and to the State This heavy act with heavy heart relate.

[Exeunt. .









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N. B. The word in parenthesis denotes the Play wherein the pas.

Jage is to be found, the numeral, the volume ; the figure, the page; and the word in Italic characters, . the perfon who Jpeaks.

vol. v.


RTHUR, a hopeful young Prince, unfortunate,(King

John) Alcibiades, banished for intercecding for his friend, (Timon), X 36. -visits Timon with two misles, (ibid) 65.. -exhorted to crucity by him, and the women to last (ibid) 68.

-conquers Athens, (ibid) 36. Antony, Mark, his conference with Brutus after Cæsar was murdered, ( Julius Cæsar) i. 151.

-his reflections on it when alone, 155. Antony, Mark; speaks Cæsar's funeral oration, (Julius Cæ. far) 1. 159.

his eloquence praised by Casius, 185.

-his valour degenerates into fonduess for Cleopatra, (Antony and Cleopatra) ix. 105..

-Resolves to leave her, 114.

-his former bravery defcribed by Octavius Cæsar, 124. ---Pompey's with that he may live on in love and luxury, 130.

quarrels with Octavius, which ends in a marriage with Octavia, 133. -his genius inferior to Octavius's, 143. Sooth. Ant. - complains of Octavius's ill treatment to Odavia, 159,

Antony, beaten at Actium, and despairs after it, 181, 1828.

-sends to Octavius to treat, and is refused, 184.
-grows jealous of Cleopatra, 189.

-beats Cæsar by land, and-meets the Queen in rapture, 203

-his fleet revolting, he quarrels again with Cleopatrag. 2,07

-being told she is dead, he falls on his sword, (Antony and Cleopatra) ix. 216.

-carried to Cleopatra, he dies in her arms, 220. -Octavius and his generals lament and praise him, 222...

and Cleopatra, 229. Ajax, his character; (Troilus and Creslida) xi. 245. Sere.

B BLANCH, her beauty and virtue, (King John).V. 259. Cit.

Burgundy, Duke of, a false ally, (: Henry VI) vii. 186. Beauford, cardinal, vid. Winchester. Buckingham, duke of, treacherous, cruel, mercenary, (Rieb-.. ard III) viii.

-in Henry VIII's reign, rash, choleric, (Henry VIII) 254. -his character given by Henry VIII, (ibid) 2022

-condemned, (ibid) 274. Bullen, Anne, her beauty, (ibid) 273. King:

-item, (ibid) 288. Chamberlain... Litem, (ibid) 308. Suff.lk.

--item, (ibid) 326. 2 Gentleman.
Brutus, reserved and melancholic, (Julius Cæsar) X. 103.

-spirited up by Caffius against Cæfar, 104
-of great authority, with the people, 123. Casca.
-his self-debate upon Cæfar's death, (Julius Cæsar)

X. 124,

-opens himself freely to the confpirators, 130.
-declares for faviog Antony, 131.
-importuned by his wife Portia, 134
his fpeech to the people, to justify Cæsar's murder, 1576
-quarrels with Cassius, 171.
-relates the death of Portia, 178.
fees Cæsar's ghost, 182.

takes his last farewel of Cassius, 188. mommelolves to die, and kills himself, 196.

praised by Antony, 197.: Banquo, his character : [for the rest, vid. Macbeth,] (Mace.

beth) ix. 45. Marbetha


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