Good Angel/Bad Angel

Przednia okładka
AuthorHouse, 2003 - 264

Have you wondered about unusual experiences you've had and thought they may have been a communication from a loved one or friend who crossed over? If so this is a story for you. It can be in your dreams, sudden thoughts, voices in your head, wispy images, feathery touches, items in your home moved, and answers to a mentally asked question or utterance.

This is a true story of an ordinary man's extraordinary and supernatural experiences. It clearly shows our loved ones are our guardian angels, and they want us to know they are alright and the spiritual realm is "heavenly." With us always, they try to guide our thoughts and actions in a positive manner. There is also God and His angel messengers waiting to speak to us and silently guide us on the path God has for His children.

The Bible says, "Ask and you shall receive." In truth, that's all that needs to be done; but you have to ask, believe, have faith and listen. The problem is, many pray but do not truly listen... and as well, do not ask for all that is available.

Follow the guide within and learn to communicate with your angels.

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