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The fresh green Moss (Miss Browne), xlviii. 255.

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The New Creation (rev. T. Grinfield), xlix. 271.

The Rivulet, lvii. 400.

Time misimproved (bishop Middleton), xliv. 192.

We walk by Faith (G. B.) liii. 335.

Where is it Mothers learn their Love? (rev. S. C. Wilks),

xxxiv. 32.

Whitsunday (Spirit of thc Island), 11. 304.

Recollections of a Country Pastor :-

No. VII. The Rector's Return, xxxvii. 66.

VIII. Blind Grace Bennett, xlix. 260.

IX. The Ostler at the Crown, liv. 347.

Red Sea, description of (Crichton), lvii. 391.
Registration Act, Address on, xlviii. 243,
Religion in France (rev. J. Davies), liii. 332.
REVIEWS AND Notices of New Books, with Extracts :-

Abercrombie on the Culture of the Mind, Feb..
Abercrombie on the Harmony of Christian Faith and Charac-

ter, Feb.

Alston's Specimens of Type-Printing for the Blind, May.

Anderson's (rev. R.) Discourse on the Beatitudes, Feb.

Antrobus on Education, May.

Ayre's Mystery of Godliness, June.

Biddulph's Christian Patriotism, Jan.

Blunt's Sermons at Chelsea, May.

Chandler's Hymns of the Primitive Church, June.

Christian Keepsake, Jan.

Christison's Biographical Sketch of the late Professor Turner,

M.D., June.

Clarkson's Historical Rescarches, Jan.

Corrie's Sermon on the Church of Rome, Feb.

Crowdy's two Sermons, March.

Cumming on the Church of Scotland, May.

Dale's Sermon on the Death of Professor Turner, M.D., June.

D'Arblay's Sermon, Feb.

Dealtry's Sermon on the Death of the Rev. C. Simeon, Feb.

Dissenters Recalled to their Duties and their Interests, March.

Dodd's View of the Evidence afforded by St. Peter's Life and

Ministry to the Truth of the Christian Revelation, June,

Duncan's Sacred Philosophy of the Seasons, April.

Ecclesiastical Legislation, by Clericus Anglicanus, Jan.

Elucidations of Scripture (1st and 20 series), March.

Gilderdale's Essay, March.

Griffith on Confirmation, April.

Hare's Sermons, May.

Hawk's History of the Church in Virginia, April.

Healy on the Established Church, Feb.

Jones's Book of the Young, June.

Kidd's Reflections on Unitarianism, June.

Lathbury's History of Episcopacy, April.

M'Caul's Translation of Kimchi's Commentary upon the

Prophecies of Zechariah, June.

Melvill's Sermons at Cambridge, 1837, May.

Moore's Dream of Life, May.

Muston's Sermons, Feb.

My Travels, March.

Newland on the Scripture Lessons for the Irish Schools, March.

O'Croly's Address to the Roman Catholics, Feb.

Pearson on the Duties of Children, March.

Pinder's Candidate for the Ministry, May.

Remarks on the System of Lay Teaching, by a Clergyman, Jan.

Ross's Lectures on the History of Moses, May.

Sacred Poetry, by a Layman, Jan.

Shuttleworth on the Voluntary Principle, Feb.

Solace of Song, Feb.

Syria, the Holy Land, &c., Feb.

Thurlow's Sermon, Feb.

Village Memorials, March.

Walford's Manner of Prayer, May.

Watkins on the Established Church, Varch,

White's Selborne, edited by Bennett, Jan.

White's (rev. H.) Meditations and Addresses, May.

Richmond's (rev. L.) Rules for the Redemption of Time, &c.

xlvii. 228.

Sabbath among Watermen (rev. J. Davies), xlvii. 227.

Sacrifices, Legal, Inefficacy of (rev. T. White), xliii. 166.

Scriptures, Hints on Searching (by the rev.C. W. Lloyd), xxxiii. 4.

SERMONS by the following Divines :-

Abdy, rev. J. C., M.A, (St. John's, Southwark), Attachment to

the Church, liv, 344.

Blunt, rev. Henry, M.A., (Streatham), the Gains of Death,

liii. 328.

Champneys, rev. W. Wolden, M.A. (Oxford), God Just and

Merciful through Christ, lvii. 392.

• The words February, March, &c., refer to the Monthly Sup-
plements, which follow No. 57.


Davies, rev. J., B.D. (Chichester), the Importance of a Timely

Attention to Eternal Things, xxxviii. 88.

Geneste, rev. Maximilian, M.A. (West Cowes), the Wedding

Garment, XXXV. 41.
Hall, rev. John (Bristol), Reconciliation with God, xliii. 169.
Hancock, rev. W., M.A. (Kilburn), Jesus Ascended and Ex-

alted, 1. 280.

Jacob, rev. Philip, M.A. (prebendary of Winchester), the Con-

version of St. Paul, xlv. 200.

Lane, rev. Charlton, M.A. (Kennington), the True God of the

Bibic, lii. 312.

Le Bas, rev. Charles Webb, M.A. (East India Coll., Herts), the

Scriptures unsealed, xxxiv. 24.
Lee, rev. Samuel, D.D. (Cambridge), the Mercies of God an

Argument for Self-consecration, xxxix. 104.

Mackenzie, rev. W. B. (Bristol), Insincerity in Religion, xlix.


Marriott, rev. Harvey (Claverton), the Right View of Christ's

Resurrection, xliv. 185.

Minchin, rev. C. H., M.A. (Dublin), the Value of the Liturgy,

Xxxvii. 72.
Myers, rev. Thomas, M.A. (Camberwell), the Jew the Channel

of Salvation, xlviii. 248.


Noel, hon. and rev. Gerard T. (prebendary of Winchester), the

Message of Reconciliation, xli. 136.

Pearson, the very rev. Hugh, D. D. (dcan of Salisbury), Earnest

Pursuit of a Joyful Resurrection, lv. 360.
Plumptre, rev. H. S., M.A. (Lambeth), God's Past Mercies the

Encouragement to Future Trust, xxxiii. 9.
Poole, rev. George Ayliffe, B.A. (St. John's, Edinburgh), the

End of Christ's Death, xlii. 152.

Porter, rev. Charles, B.D. (Stamford Baron), the Working of

Divine Grace in the Soul, xlvii. 233.

Preston, rev. M. M., M.A. (Cheshunt), Christ the Believer's

Advocate with the Father, xxxvi. 56.
Short, rev. Thomas Vowler, M.A. (St. George's, Bloomsbury),

Christian Liberality, xlvi. 216.
Smith, rev. C. A. J. (Plymouth), Baptismal Blessing and

Obligation, lvi. 376.

Stainforth, rev. Francis John (Camberwell), the Expediency of

Christ's Departure, li. 296.

Sumner, right rev. John Bird, D.D. (lord bishop of Chester),

the Family of Lazarus, xl. 120.
Thoughts on Historical Passages of the Old and New Testament:

No. I. Abraham at Gerar (by the rev. John Menzies, B.D.,
Farnham), li. 293.

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wherever we find the “reasonable soul and THE VISIBLE CHURCH OF A NATION THE

flesh” united, there, we pronounce, is a true CHURCH OF THE SCRIPTURES.

man : and, just similarly, where we find the BY THE Rev. ROBERT Eden, M.A., CAMBERWELL.

truth taught in God's Scriptures (which is the In deciding between the claims of disputing substance) professed by a body of men this parties, that which would seem to give us the is the form), there we are entitled to say is most assistance in coming to a decision is a true Church. This holds good where a often the very thing which embarrasses our Church is either planted, or continued, or judgment. We are so well read in the argu- restored. If it be national, it is a company of ments of all the disputants, each of whom has people professing the truth of God in a whole some degree of truth on his side, and always land : such were the Churches of Judea, Samuch plausibility, that the mind becomes maria, and Galilee, with those of Asia. If it pre-occupied, and feels the greatest difficulty be parochial, it is a company of persons proin giving its final sentence. We have all fessing apostolic truth in a town, or in such felt this upon different occasions, and have a district as, for purposes of convenience, we secretly wished that it had been possible for form into a parish : of this description seem us never to have heard of the reasons for or to have been the believing companies at Lystra, against any one opinion, but to have come Iconium, and Antioch, cities where the apostle fresh, as it were from some other planet, to is said (Acts, xiv. 23) to have ordained elders the consideration of the subject before us, in every Church. If it be domestic, it is a society and, without any force being employed from of persons professing the truth of God in a without, to have derived our own unbidden family : such was the Church in Philemon's impression. In no instance would it be more house, in the households of Narcissus and safe to trust to this first impression, than in Aristobulus (Rom. xvi. 10, 11), and in that reading the Bible, with a view to ascertain of Aquila and Priscilla (1 Cor. xvi. 19). In the scriptural idea of a Church. Any person each of these instances we have a collection who in this way should begin at the books of of persons, of whom nothing more appears Moses, and carry his reading down to the than that they professed the truth of Christ ; end of the Revelation, would, in my opinion, they gave out to themselves, and before the leave off fully satisfied that the Church which world, that they believed all the articles of God designed to be upon the earth was one of the Christian faith ; that they were subjects the most large and comprehensive nature. God of Christ's empire, and looking for salvation has deposited his truth with mankind; and through him. Whatever they may have been wherever men are united together in the pro- in their individual and component members fession of that truth according to the Scrip- — whether they all consisted of genuine distures, there is a true, visible Church. It is with ciples, or whether some were unsound in the religious body as with the natural body creed or practice- of this we know nothing; in this respect. Wherever we find the true all we know is, that the professing adherents substance and form of a man, that is to say, to Christ, in each nation, parish, and family,



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