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example of Samuel, narrated for our instruc- veries of his imagination by the adoption of tion, will be serviceable for our imitation. such language. Who can say that Samuel, Did he set up a stone to record the gracious dedicated to God as he was from his birth, act of his deliverance? Let us go and do did not see Christ Jesus afar off with his likewise. How is this to be effected in the prophetic eye, and by that emblem, which he present day, since such a rude memorial of established on the plains in the vicinity of divine mercy would be inconsistent with the Mizpeh, intended to prefigure the light of notions of modern refinement ? It may be the Gentiles, and the glory of Israel? accomplished in two ways. Those who have Here, then, we have the line of conduct omitted to do so, may lay the foundation-stone we earnestly recommend for your adoption, of a domestic altar, and rear a structure in strongly enforced by the patriarch of old : their houses, on which may be placed the receive Him into your hearts, whom we preach morning and evening sacrifice of prayer and unto you as the author and finisher of your praise : this will be a dedication to God, a salvation. Let the idol-altar be thrown down, record of his mercies, the incense of which and the name of Jesus Christ be inscribed will ascend to heaven in grateful odours. thereon; may that natural, dead, indurated This will be a monument erected at less heart yield its place to the living stone, which expense than even the simple fragment of will impart new life and vigour to all its the rock which Samuel reared between Mizpeh energies and emotions, and gratefully record and Shen ; but still it will not be a sacrifice the achievements of divine grace to the glory

of God the Father. sacrifice of a little time, the sacrifice at first ° But, laying aside all imagery, let us deterof no little feeling, of our own reputation, mine to commemorate the loving-kindness of and the approbation of the world; a price the Lord, experienced during the past year, which

many have found so impossible to pay, by some work begun in the name of the Lord ; that they have abandoned the attempt in let us enter upon a new covenant, and dedidespair : but those who have had the courage cate ourselves afresh to the service of the to persevere have generally had reason to living God. Let us with the old year

cast off exclaim, that it hath procured for them in- the old leaven of malice and wickedness, the estimable blessings; that their dwelling has darling lust, the besetting and besotting sin; indeed been converted into the “house of and with the new year let us put on the new God, and gate of heaven.”

man, which, after God, is created in righteousBut the conduct of Samuel


be imitated ness and true holiness. Ask yourselves this in another point of view, by the reception of question, What shall I render to the Lord for Christ Jesus in our hearts; thus to erect a all the benefits he hath done unto me? and spiritual edifice in our souls, and to make let your resolution be that of the Psalmist, to our bodies the temple of the Holy Ghost. receive the cup of salvation, the sacramental Christ is indeed that living stone, which we cuip

wherewith commemorate the

greatest would see the tenant of every bosom testify- of all blessings-redemption from sin--and ing in a lively way of providential and re- call

upon the name of the Lord, in private in deeming mercies: a stone disallowed in

your closets, in public in the Church, and with deed of men, but chosen of God, and precious;" your families in the parlour. This is the a “ tried stone,” a sure foundation ;" but most acceptable offering which you can preto “some a stone of stumbling, and a rock sent unto the Lord; an honour due unto his of offence:" a stone, which the builders, in name, which he himself will condescend to their impiety and folly, rejected, which is now honour by some unequivocal token of divine become the head of the corner; yes, it is in-approbation; this will be the most effectual deed this Rock of Ages, which we desire to see method of evincing your gratitude for past set up in all hearts, at all times, and upon all mercies, and of securing their continuance for occasions, as the stable basis on which to erect the future. a structure of temporal or eternal blessed- This is the last point I would notice,-the ness; as the sure refuge and hiding-place well-grounded expectation of God's superinfrom the storm of adversity, or the gale of tending providence for the remainder of our prosperity. The apostle Peter evidently al- days. Moses, the renowned servant of the ludes to this structure ; for he transfers the Lord, made use of this argument to foster and name bestowed upon the head to the compo- encourage the faith of the Israelites in their nent members of the body. In speaking of covenant-keeping God,—“Thou shalt rememtrue believers, he addresses them as lively ber," said he, "the way which the Lord thy stones built up a spiritual house.” In apply- God hath led thee these forty years in the ing, therefore, to Christ the appellation of a wilderness." We employ the same persuasive stone, we have the full warranty of Scripture; mode of reasoning, and enjoin the pilgrim of and the preacher is not indulging in the re- the present day, whether of forty years' stand

you co

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ing, or only of a few years' growth, to see the The Devil's Festival, For which reason the sixth way along which he has been conducted safely general council absolutely forbad the observance of and successfully during the year which has it among Christians."* just expired, through scenes, perhaps, of more The original of our collect is not a prayer, but a than common difficulty and danger. Why benediction, which is found in Gregory's Sacramenshould ye doubt, O ye of little faith, of the tary, and runs thus : “ Almighty God, whose onlypower of Omnipotence to achieve what infi- begotten, that he might not break the law, which he nite mercy hath designed ? That you are

had come to fulfil, received, on this day, bodily ciralive unto this hour illustrates both these cumcision ; cleanse your minds from all incentives attributes of Deity; you owe it to God's

to vice by spiritual circumcision, and pour upon you power in sustaining you, to his mercy in

his blessing. Amen." sparing you, for had he designed your de

At whatever period of life, or on whatever occastruction, he could have accomplished it in sion, we view our blessed Saviour, there is one feature ten thousand ways. Whether with reference

in his character which is strikingly conspicuous

obedience to the whole law and will of God. “I seek to the past or to the future, to reason or to revelation, to your own or to others' experi- which hath sent me ;' thus accomplishing, to the very

not mine own will,' said he, but the will of the Father ence, you must indeed, unless you are dead letter, David's prophetic declaration : ‘Lo! I come; to every impulse of faith and feeling, by this

in the volume of the book it is written of me, that I time be convinced that “it is better to trust

should fulfil thy will, O my God! I am content to do in the Lord than to put any confidence in

it : yea, thy law is within my heart.' Though as man, man,” yea, even in princes.

sinless; and as God, omnipotent; he was nevertheless But while we endeavour to administer con

made obedient to the law, from the earliest to the solation, we must not omit the word of ex- latest period of his life ; complying with every religious hortation,—" If thou do at all forget the Lord ordinance, that, by fulfilling the law, he might fulfil thy God, and walk after other gods, and serve * all righteousness.' Accordingly, in his earliest days, them, and worship them, I testify against you we find him undergoing circumcision. • When eight this day, that ye shall surely perish.” With days were accomplished for the circumcising of the these sentiments, I dismiss you to your re- child, his name was called Jesus;' which occasion, as spective homes, to begin, if such should be the beginning of his holy fulfilment of the law, our the will of God, a new reckoning of time :

Church sees fit to commemorate; and, to proper medienter upon the work in the spirit of the fol- tations upon which, the prayer of this Collect is well lowing verses, with which I conclude :

fitted to lead us. Circumcision itself was instituted by

God, when he called Abraham from a strange country, " And is this life prolonged to me? Are days and seasons given ?

and appointed him the head of his Church--the father O let me then prepare to be

of the faithful. It was intended as a sign that a coveA fitter heir of heaven.

nant had been entered into between God and his Let me no more my soul beguile

chosen; and it was commanded to be continued, in With sin's deceitful toys;

order that his people, reminded by the outward sign, Let cheerful hope, increasing still,

might be continually impressed with a due sense of the Approach to heavenly joys.

inward grace thereby signified and conveyed. The On earth let my example shine;

only interruption to the continuance of this rite, till And when I leave this state,

its abolition by our Saviour, was during the forty May beaven receive this soul of mine, To bliss supremely great.”

years' sojourn in the wilderness. At length, when Joshua had conducted them over Jordan into the pro

mised land, the holy rite was renewed at Gilgal; as LITURGICAL HINTS.-No. VII.

was the Passover, which also had been disused during “Understandest thou what thou readest?"-Acts, viii. 30. their sojourn in the wilderness.”+ THE CIRCUMCISION of Christ, 1st January.

We pray in this collect for the “ true circumcision of “ This feast is celebrated by the Church to comme

the Spirit ;" for that inward and spiritual grace which morate the active obedience of Jesus Christ in “ful

the Jewish rite was designed to symbolise. “ He is filling all righteousness,' which is one branch of the

not a Jew," he shall not be accepted of God as the meritorious cause of our redemption. The observance

seed of believing Abraham, nor owned as having anof this feast is not of very great antiquity. The first

swered the intention of the law, " who is one outmention of it, under this title, is in Ivo Carnotensis, wardly.” To be owned as Abraham's children is to do

the works of Abraham. It is the heart that God looks who lived about the year 1090, a little before St. Bernard, which latter has also a sermon upon it. In

at; the circumcising of the heart that renders us ac

This is the “circumcision made Isidore, and other more early writers, it is mentioned ceptable to him.

The under the name of the octave of Christmas.

without hands," the “putting away of the body of the reason why it was not then observed as the feast of

sins of the flesh :" it consists in having our heart and the circumcision, was probably because it fell on the

all our members mortified from all worldly and carnal calends of January, which was celebrated among the

lusts; so that in all things we obey God's blessed will. heathens with so much disorder, and revellings, and

It is the having our spirit wrought upon by the Spirit other tokens of idolatry, that St. Chrysostom calls it • Wheatley. + James on the Collects.

of God, so as to be moulded into a conformity with his much stronger argument for dedicating the children of holy will.“ Till this new creation takes place, there believers to God by baptism in their infancy, than his may be circumcision or uncircumcision ; there may being baptised at thirty years old is an argument for be form and profession ; there may be partaking baptism being deferred until the children of Christian of sacraments, and attendance on ordinances; there parents are grown up. may be forms and feelings ; there may be knowledge

Tue EPIPHANY, 6th January. and talking; there may be fasting and penances; there may be decency of conduct; there may be bounty to “ The Church celebrates this feast to shew our gratithe poor : but there is no true religion. The heart is tude to God in manifesting (the word Epiphany, in not right in the sight of God: for it is not created Greek, signifying 'manifestation,') the gospel to the anew by his Spirit."*

Gentile world, and vouchsafing to them equal priviIn the Epistle (which, as well as the Gospel, was leges with the Jews, who had been all along his pecuchanged by Edward VI.) St. Paul aims at lowering liar people. The first instance of this divine favour the pride of the Jews, who gloried in their circumci- was in declaring the birth of Christ to the wise men of sion, and who fancied that in possessing that rite they the East. The ancient Church called this feast · Epimonopolised all excellence, by shewing that Abra- phaneia ;' and it was the common name for this and ham was justified, both before he was circumcised, and for Christmas-day. And, as that was the greater, this before the giving of the law. It was after Abraham's was the lesser Epiphany. This festival was observed justification by faith had rested upon him for several in the time of Nazianzen, whose sermon upon the years, that God, to confirm his faith, was pleased to holy lights' is upon this day. Epiphanius and Chryappoint a sealing ordinance; "he received the sign of sostom have likewise sermons upon it. St. Austin, in circumcision :” a sign of that original corruption which his time, speaks of it as universally celebrated by the we are all born with, and which is cut off by that spi- Catholic Church, and neglected by none but the schisritual circumcision of which the fleshly was an em- matical Donatists." * “ This feast is called in Latin blem. Now, the spiritual circumcision Abraham had Epiphaniæ, epiphanies, in the plural ; because, upon long ago received; for he had long “received this this day, we celebrate three glorious apparitions or testimony, that he pleased God.” It is impossible to manifestations, all which are said to have happened conceive any argument stronger than this to prove upon the same day, though not of the same year. The that the sign and the thing signified are separable first manifestation was of the star, mentioned in the things; for Abraham had the thing signified long be- gospel, the Gentiles' guide to Christ. The second fore he had the sign. But Abraham was justified also Epiphany was of the glorious Trinity at the baptism before the giving of the law. The promise that he of Christ, mentioned in the second lesson at morning should be the heir of the world was not to Abraham, prayer, Luke, iii. 22. The third was of Christ's glory or to his seed, through the law; but through the right- or divinity, by the miracle of turning water into wine, eousness of faith.” The law was not yet given; and

mentioned in the second lesson at evening prayer, yet Abraham was justified when he believed God; John, ii.” + and in the fulness of his faith went forth, “not know- The Collect is taken from Gregory's Sacramening whither he went.” How plainly does this again tary, and is therefore as old as A.D. 590. It will be teach us, that “uncircumcision is nothing, and circum- seen that our own is very nearly an exact translation cision is nothing, but the keeping of the command- of the original Latin form. "O God, who, by the ments of God!"

leading of a star, didst, on this day, manifest thy onlyThe Gospel relates the history of Christ's circum- begotten to the Gentiles; mercifully grant, that we, cision. It is impossible to read of our blessed Savi- which know thee now by faithi, may hereafter arrive our's submitting to this ordinance, without wondering at the contemplation of the glory of thy majesty : at his condescension at thus becoming "obedient to the through the same.” law for man.” He needed not this rite for himself; “ The Epistle for the day (which was changed by it could convey to him no privilege, nor be the Edward VI. instead of a passage out of Isaiah) desymbol of any spiritual grace that was to be wrought clares to us the great mystery of godliness,' how in him. " For us men and our salvation" did • God manifest in the flesh,' who was first preached to submit to this ordinance. In this act of submission, the Jews only, was afterwards manifested to the GenChrist owned himself of the seed of Abraham, and of tiles also, and thereby preached and believed on in that nation, of whom, as concerning the flesh, Christ the world. God now makes no distinction between came, who was to take on him the seed of Abra- Jew and Gentile, for they are all one in Christ Jesus, ham. He also, by being circumcised, set his hand to He came first, indeed, to the lost sheep of the house the whole law; for that law, to which we were debtors, of Israel,' whom he gathered into his fold, and made having nothing to pay, Christ hereby made himself them his own peculiar; but he had other sheep (he answerable, and undertook its payment as our surety. tells us) that belonged not to this fold, meaning the But, by this act, submitted to in his infancy, Christ Gentiles; them, also, he brought in, that there might put his sanction and honour upon the practice of dedi. be one fold, and one flock, under the great Shepherd cating the infant seed of the Church of God by that and Bishop of our souls. Hence he is said to be “a ordinance which is the instituted seal of the covenant. light to lighten the Gentiles, as well as the glory of Such was circumcision ; such is baptism. Christ's his people Israel.'" being circumcised when he was eight days old, is a How much are we interested in the revelation of

• Cooper's Practical Sermons, vol. vii. Serm. 4.

# Dr. Nichols.

Bishop Sparrow,

I Dr. Hole.

So they

Christ to the Gentiles! We are a part of the nations, a choice must be made between God and this world, which, in times past, were foreigners and strangers, for they cannot be served together. These suggestions and lived in gross idolatry; but we are now, at all of conscience, these glimpses of Scripture truth, are as events nationally, called out of darkness into the mar- the rising of the star to the wise men. They saw, and vellous light of the Gospel. Let us see to it, that we obeyed. And do not you exclude the heavenly light. are so personally ; let us “ take heed that the light Do not quench the flame of the Holy Spirit kindled that is in" the midst of " us be not darkness;" for if within you. Be thankful that you need not go, as the so, encircled with so much light, “how great must be wise men were forced to go, from place to place, seekthat darkness !"

ing information. Christ has by his Scriptures, and by The Gospel gives the history of the visit paid by the appointed ministry of his Church, brought salvathe wise men from the East to the infant Saviour. In tion to your very doors. These men also 'opened their country, which was to the east of Judea, an ex- their treasures and presented gifts,' the best they had. traordinary star had been seen. This star they took Shew a like proof of the sincerity of your faith. If to be an indication of an extraordinary person born you are 'rich in this world's good,' use your wealth in in the land of Judea, over which this star was seen to your Lord's service. But whether your circumstances hover, in the nature of a comet, or rather, a meteor, enable you or not to give this testimony of devotion to in the lower regions of the air. The phenomenon your Saviour, there is one offering which all can make, was so uncommon, that they concluded it to signify and all are required to make : ‘Present your bodies a something equally uncommon. Probably “ they were living sacrifice, hely, acceptable unto God, which is made to understand, by some convincing intimation, your reasonable service.'"* that this was the fulfilment of an ancient prophecy, which had declared that 'a star should come out of

The Cabinet. Jacob, and a sceptre rise out of Israel.' journeyed from their own country to Jerusalem ; and,

The DESTROYER of Death.--By the coming of the on coming thither, inquired, Where is he that is

Redeemer, that dominion of death is destroyed which born King of the Jews ? for we have seen his star in

kept the living in terror, and seemed to threaten to

hold the dead in eternal bondage. Anxiously had nathe East, and are come to worship him.' They left ture looked into the tomb. With a heart overcharged their homes, their country; they were not deterred by with emotions, she endeavoured to look beyond it. a wearisome journey; they made diligent inquiry from But all she could with certainty discover was moulderthose who were most able to furnish them with infor

ing relics of what man had been. Amidst these she mation; in short, they did not desist from their search

stood, listening in anxious awe, if from unseen forms

any sound might be heard of departed beings still in till they had reached the place where the young child

existence. But there seemed none to answer, neither was.' This strongly represents unto us the manner in any that regarded. Hope whispered to her, Listen which the light of divine truth often breaks upon the more intensely, for that the spirits which had animated mind, and leads onward to the way of salvation. Men in

these relics yet did live. Again she paused ; again

she called ; again she hearkened: but all was solemn this Christian country are bred up in the knowledge that

stillness. She turned from the tomb, clinging to the an offer of eternal happiness has been proclaimed, in consideration, that no voice had been heard unfavourwhich they have a near interest. Their carly education; able to her wishes. She looked back upon it, yet the creeds and catechisms which they learn in their longing after immortality ; but it was “a land of darkinfancy; the truths explained in the services of the ness as darkness itself, and where the light was as

darkness." But before the power of Immanuel this Church; the word of God, which is within their reach;

kingdom fell. He “overcame the sharpness of death, all these are as a star before them to lead them in the

and opened the kingdom of heaven to all believers." way in which they should go. Some, I grieve to say, Through his most blessed Gospel, we have the comtake little heed of the light which shines for their use. fortable assurance from him who holds the keys of life It may be, they think, very necessary for others; it

and death, that when the waves of this troublesome

world have subsided, we shall find a haven where there might be, perhaps, very beneficial to themselves : but

shall be no more storms, nor fears, nor death, and the they have other more pressing concerns, which engross tears shall be wiped from all faces. “ Forasmuch as their thoughts, and occupy their time. The family, the children were partakers of Aesh and blood, he also the farm, the merchandise, the profession, cares of the himself likewise took part of the same ; that through world, and pleasures of the world; they cannot turn

death he miglit destroy him that had the power of death, aside from these to follow a star which is to lead them

that is, the devil; and deliver them who through fear

of death were all their life-time subject to bondage." they know not whither. They must keep in the com

-Bishop Dehon. mon track. They must be content with what they

Test of A MINISTRY.-He is a poor minister, he is know already, or can pick up, as it were, by accident, good for nothing, who never makes you feel that you as they go along. Examine your own hearts, and see need Christ; and think what you will of him, he is a how this is with yourselves. Perhaps there may be good minister, and a faithful one, who disturbs your some among you who feel that you have not listened to

consciences, and forces you to feel that you must find the summons which God has sent with the attention it

Christ, or perish.-Rev. Charles Bradley. demands; that there is more in religion than you have

Humility.-Unless we come to the Gospel with that yet found, more in the requirements of the Gospel than

meekness, gentleness, docility, and guileless simplicity,

which constitute the character of a child, and render you have answered, more in its promises than you have

him so lovely and captivating, we cannot enter into realised and made your own. Perhaps conscience tells the kingdom of heaven; we cannot either assent to you that earthly things have occupied you too much, the evidence, believe the doctrines, or obey the preand kept out of sight the acknowledged truth, which

cepts of the Christian religion.-Bp. Porteus. nevertheless from time to time emerges into view, that

• Bishop Sumner's Sermons on the Festivals.



A noble army, men and boys,

The matron and the maid, ADDRESS TO THE NEW YEAR.*

Around their Saviour's throne rejoice, AND art thou come, fair spirit, from above,

In robes of light array'd. Commission'd to fill up a further space

They climb'd the dizzy steep of heaven, Between me and the boundless ocean

Through peril, toil, and pain: Of eternity—to give a longer day

Oh! God, to us may grace be given, To work, before the last long night sets in,

To follow in their train. That ends my labours, and I sink to rest ?

BISHOP HEBER. Thankful I receive thee-I've much to doA host to conquer strongly lodged within

Miscellaneous. A large arrear of debt to cancel off

TEMPER.—Good temper is like a sunny day; it And talents to lay out at usury;

sheds a brightness over every thing. It is the sweet. Oh, be thy latest minute with the task!

ener of toil, and the soother of disquietude. Every day And may the gracious hand that gave me thee,

brings its burden. The husband goes forth in the Lend its strong help to further the attempt,

morning to his professional duties; he cannot foresee

what trial he may encounter, what failure of hopes, of Or all is vain: I know, full well, my strength

friendships, or of prospects, may meet him before he Is a reed that bends before the breeze,

returns to his home; but if he can anticipate there the And shrivels into dryness at the blast.

beaming and hopeful smile, and the soothing attention,

he feels that his cross, whatever it might be, will be Fair spirit, thou wilt see strange things, that pass lightened, and that his domestic happiness is still seIn mazy circles on this nether sphere:

It is the interest, therefore, as well as the duty Oh, be it mine to fill thy true account

of a woman, to cultivate good temper, and to have ever With actions, that, when weigh'd in th' balance,

ready some word or look of cheerfulness, of encourage

ment, or, at least, of sympathy. A really feeling heart May not be found wanting, but well approv'd:

will dictate the conduct which will be most acceptable, O may the fair relation stand the test

will teach the delicacy which times a kindness, as well Of conscience, in the solemn hour that seals

as renders it, and forbears all officious attentions, Me up for judgment irrevocable

whilst it ever evinces a readiness to oblige. It need May that account record a spirit meek,

scarcely be said, that this temper is of more value than

many more brilliant endowments; that it is amongst An humble heart, that pour'd its orisons

the first recommendations to a woman in every doAt morning's light and evening's setting ray, mestic relation; and that especially in that tie which, In Sion's courts, where God delights to dwell- though the nearest on earth, is not one of kindred, it My chief delight to seek and meet him there. is assuredly the most effectual cement of affection. It And grant, O thou! supreme in love and light, is not, indeed, so much a means of attracting or exThat at thy altar I may still be found

citing love, as it is of sccuring it. In fact, it is scarcely

known, until familiarity draws aside the veil of social The humblest guest, with wedding garments on ;

restraint; and the character, with its real faults and And there, beneath thy cross, to take my stand, virtues, is unfolded in the privacy of home.- Female Till the bright angel Death shall summon hence. Improvement, by Mrs. Sundford.

Superstition.—On the road to Magagong (Bom

bay) there is a place where the natives who have lost MARTYRDOM.

caste may be observed undergoing various degrees of The Son of God is gone to war,


Among the most remarkable is that of a A kingly crown to gain ;

man who had eaten pork, which is strictly prohibited His blood-red banner streams afar :

among the Gentoos. This man, when I saw him, had

held a flower-pot filled with earth, and had then a Who follows in his train ?

flower in it, for fifteen years; and I was informed on Who best can drink his cup of woe,

the spot, he had to hold it for six years more. This Triumphant over pain ;

poor creature was dreadfully emaciated, and, as may Who boldest bears his cross below,

naturally be supposed, the arm and hand which conHe follows in his train.

tained the pot were withered, and the nails, which were

seven or eight inches long, curled in every direction. The martyr first, whose eagle-eye

Another man, who had just completed twenty years' Could pierce beyond the grave;

penance of subsisting on a pint of rice-water a-day, I Who saw his Master in the sky,

have since heard, died in consequence of the change

of diet after his liberation.- Narrative of a Traveller. And called on him to save. Like Him, with pardon on his tongue,

We beg to inform our correspondents generally, that our In midst of mortal pain,

Numbers are usually in type a month before they are pub

lished : it is, therefore, impossible to insert articles written with He pray'd for them that did the wrong:

special reference to particular seasons, unless they are forwarded Who follows in his train?

to us at least five or six weeks before the arrival of the time to

which they are adapted. Some of our clerical friends will hence A glorious band, the chosen few,

see the reason why their pieces on Advent and Christmas could

not appear. On whom the Spirit came,

A Clergyman, in the neighbourhood of London, has forwarded Twelve valiant saints, the truth they knew, to us the packet from Herefordshire, which had been unaccount

ably directed to him, as connected with this work. And braved the cross and shame : They met the tyrant's brandish'd steel,

LONDON :-Published by JAMES BURNS, 17 Portman Street, The lion's gory mane ;

Portman Square; W. EDWARDS, 12 Ave-Maria Lane, St.

Paul's; and to be procured, by order, of all Booksellers in They bow'd their necks the death to feel :

Town and Country. Who follows in their train ? • From Sacred Poetry, by a Layman.



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