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had the good sense to abolish its infinitely although his life bad enough of romance less heart-breaking prison-equivalent ? in it to be interesting, it was not until “ I am, Mr. Punch,

about ten years ago that the singular suc“ Yours, respectfully,

cess of one of his Proverbes (Le Caprice) "A SUFFERER." gave a sudden lustre to his name.

Two or three more of his Proverbes were sub

scquently performed at the Français-IL The death of Alfred de Musset reminds

ne faut jurer de rien, Il faut qu'une porte us, as we look from Our Window, of soft

soit ouverte ou fermée, and his dramatic spring nights in Paris, when Madame Al

pieces, La Quenouille de Barberine, Les lan played his proverbes at the Français, Caprices de Marianne — with a success with exquisite grace ; and, more sadly, belonging rather to the poet than to the it adds another to the list of talent early

dramatist, as the failure of the drama, gone astray and lost. The following notice Andre del Sarto, a fine subject wasted, is from the London Leader, and touches

clearly proved. It was one thing to comwith the gentleness of friendship the

pose with a diamond pen a Proverbe, and frailties of genius:

another to construct a drama of sustained “In the midst of a dry heap of diplo- interest and passion. We incline to bematic and political news in the Times of lieve, that it will be for his minor poems last Tuesday, appeared the following short that Alfred de Musset will be remembered. paragraph :

In these, the passionate warmth of color, the 66 M. Alfred de Musset, one of the reckless elegance, the mocking grace, the youngest and most distinguished members almost feminine languor and inconstancy of the French Academy, died yesterday, of humor smiling through tears, are inafter a short illness."

finitely charming. The influence of Byron “ Two paces of the vilest earth are all

upon the young countryman of Voltaire is that remains even to a King when once the easily perceived, but enough remains of breath is out of his body; and two, or at individuality to give the poet a personal the most three, lines are all that can be rank. His election into the Academy was spared to a poor poet—a mere child of especially remarked at the time, as it was grace and genius, whose lamp of life is almost a single instance of pure literature shattered, and whose light in the dust lies being admitted by the disbanded senators dead-when the movements of a Grand who fill the benches of that august body, Duke and of the Crédit Mobilier have and conspire in choice language against columns at their service. Nevertheless, as the Order that is not of their making. No it is the fashion of Courts to go in mourn- doubt, his literary title to academic elecing for their great ones, we may be allowed tion was a sound one. A romanticist by in this place to offer, from beyond the sea, habit and association, he was always a the last tribute of respect to the memory rigid classicist in theory. But poor Alof a poet. Alfred de Musset was one of fred de Musset was not at home in the those children of a summer star,' who Palais Mazarin ; and, indeed, wherever he lose their way early in this busy world of appeared of late, it was as a ghostly harsh and cold realities; who drain the visitant from some débraillé world. His wine of life with fevered lips to the very way of life had become perplexed in the dregs, exhaust the bitter and the sweet of extreme; silent and shattered was that love, and awake from disenchantment to fragile lute despair. His last volume of minor poems

66. On whose harmonious strings was published in 1850, and in those few

The breath of heaven did wander, a bright pages there was nothing that bore a later

stream date than '39'42.

Once fed with many-voiced waves, a dream " To him, as to many other greater men,

Of youth which night and time have quenched

forever!'" the reward of fame came late. For many years he had been treated by the serious “ Peace be with him! As he wrote of a critics as a trifler; and although bis Contes brother poet of Italy, Leopardi-d'Espagne et d'Italie, his Spectacle dans un

""L'heure dernière vint, tant de fois appelée. Fauteuil, and bis exquisite lyrics were the Tu la vis arriver sans crainte et sans remord, delight of women and of young men ; Et tu goûtas enfin le charme de la mort.'"




In Most Departments of Literature,

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Persons ordering Books from this Catalogue will please designate them by the number.

Sent by mail, free of postage on receipt of catalogue price.


1 KNIGHT'S (C.) Popular History of Eng- 8. DICKENS' (Charles) Works, original

land, vol. 1, (from Invasion of Cæsar to editions. With all the illustrations by the End of the Reign of Edward III.) il- Phiz, Cruikshank, etc. lustrated with 8 steel engråvings and

David Copperfield. 40 plates, and many woodnumerous wood-cuts. 1 vol. 8vo. cloth,

cuts, $4.50. $2.50.

Dombey and Son. 40 plates, and many wood

cute, $4.50. 2 PUNCH; or, the London Charivari, in Bleak House. 40 plates, and many wood-cute, complete sets from its commencement.

$4.50. 30 vols. in 15 green cloth gilt, $45.

Oliver Twist, 24 plates, and many wood-cuts, 3 PICTURES of Life and Character from the Collection of Mr. Punch. By John

9 THACKERAY (W. M.) the Newcomes. Leech. Handsome folio vol. containing

Illustrated by R. Doyle. 2 vols. 8vo. upward of 600 wood engravings, 2nd

cloth, $6.50. series $3.

10 The History of Pendennis. Illus4 THE FOREIGN Tour of Messrs. Brown,

trated by the Author. 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, Jones, & Robinson. Being the History

$6. of what they Saw and Did in Belgium, 11 The Same, small edition, $1.75. Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. By 12 Vanity Fair. Illustrated by the AuRichard Doyle. 1 vol. 4to. $5.

thor. 1 vol. 8vo. cloth, $4.50. 5 MANNERS and Customs of ye Eng- 13 The same, small edition, $1.50. lyshe, drawn from ye quick. By Richard

14 Doyle. To which be added some Ex

Miscellaneous Writings. 3 vols. tracts from Mr. Pips hys Diarie, con

post 8vo. cloth, $4.50. tributed by Percival Leigh. 1 vol.

15 JERROLD'S (Douglas) Works, complete. oblong 4to. half bound, $3.50.

8 vols. cloth, $7. 6 HANDLEY Cross ; or, Mr. Jorrucks

16 ABOUT (E.) Tolla, a Tale of Modern Hunt, by the Author of Sponge's Sport

Rome. 1 vol. 12mo. cloth, 88 cts. ing Tour, etc. With colored illustrations 17 RECOLLECTIONS of Russia during by John Leech. 1 vol. 8vo. cloth, $4. Thirty-three Years Residence. 12mo. 7 SPONGE'S Sporting Tour. By the Au

cloth, 88 cts. thor of Handley Cross, etc. With color- 18 JOKAI, (M.) Hungarian Sketches in ed illustrations, by John Leech. 1 vol. Peace and War. 1 vol. 12mo. cloth. 8vo. cloth, $3.25.

88 cts.

19 HETTNER (H.) Athens and the Pelo

ponnese. 1 vol. 12mo. cloth, 88 cts. 20 DAVY (John) The West Indies, before

and since Emancipation. 1 vol. 8vo.

cloth, $2. 21 DE CRESSY, a Tale. 1 vol. cloth, $1.50. 22 DOROTHY. By Author of De Cressy.

$1.50. 23 COMPENSATION, a Story of Real Life

Thirty Years Ago. 2 vols. $2.50. 24 THE ENIGMA. By an Old Chronicler.

1 vol. $2.25. 25 CHALMERS' (Thomas) Posthumous

Works. 9 vols. large, 8vo. $16. 26 Select Works. 8 vols. small 8vo. $10. 27 WANDERINGS in Corsica. Its History

and Its Heroes. By Ferdinand Gregorovius. With colored map of Corsica. 2

'vols. 12mo. cloth, neat, $1.75. 28 THE FORMATION and Progress of the

Tiers Etat. By Augustin Thierry, Author of History of “Norman Conquest," etc., etc. Translated from the French.

2 vols. 8vo. cloth, $1.75. 29 THE CLOISTER Life of the Emperor

Charles the Fifth. By William Sterling,
M.P. Third edition. With additions.

Post 8vo. cloth, $2. 30 SURREY (Earl of) Poetical Works, Mi

nor Contemporaneous Poets, and Sackville, Lord Buckburst. With Biography and Notes. 1 vol. 75 cts. ; or half cali,

extra, $1.25. 31 WYAT'S (Sir Thomas) Poetical Works.

With Biography and Notes. 1 vol. 75

cts.; or half calf, extra, $1.25. 32 SHAKESPEARE'S Poems. With Bio

graphy and Notes. Complete in 1 vol.

cloth, 75 cts. ; or half calf, extra, $1.25. 33 BUTLER’S (Samuel) Poetical Works,

With Biography and Notes. Complete in 3 vols. cloth, $2.25; or half calf, extra,

$3.75. 34 WALLER'S Poetical Works. With Bio

graphy and Notes. 1 vol. 75 cts. ; or

half calf, extra, $1.25 35 OLDHAM'S Poetical Works. With Bio

graphy and Notes. Complete in 1 vol.75

cts.; or half calf, extra, $1.25. 36 DRYDEN:S (John) Poetical Works. With

Biography and Notes. Complete in 3

vols. $2.25; or half calf, extra, $3.75. 37 THOMPSON'S Poetical Works. With

Biography and Notes. Complete in 2

vols. $1.50 ; or half calf, extra, $2.50. 38 COWPER’S (William) Poetical Works.

With Biography and Notes. Complete in

3 vols. $2.25; or half calf, extra, $3,75. 39 SONGS from the Dramatists. Commenc

ing with Nicholas Udall, in 1505, and ending with Sheridan. With Biographies and

Notes. 1 vol. 75 cts. ; or half calf, extra,

$1,25. 40 BEN JONSON'S Poetical Works. With

Biography and Notes. 1 vol. 75 cts. ;

or half calf, extra, $1.25. 41 EARLY Ballads, Illustrative of History,

Traditions, and Customs. 1 vol. cloth,

75 cts. ; or half calf, extra, $1.25. 42 POEMS. By James Ballantyne. Small

8vo. $1.25. 43 SAPPHO. A Tragedy. By Frank Grill

parzer. Small 8vo. 75 cts. 44 NIGHT and the Soul: a Dramatic Poem

By J. Stanyan Bigg. Post 8vo. cloth,

$1.50. 45 THE LAY of the Stork : a Poem. By

Miss Louisa Stewart Costello. Fscap

4to. gilt, $1.50. 46 LORENZO Benoni; or, Passages in the

Life of an Italian. Crown 8vo. cloth

gilt, $1. 47 DOCTOR Antonio: a Tale. 12mo. $1. 47*THE SAME, cheap edition, 75 cts. 48 HISTORY of the Council of Trent. By

L. F. Bungener. With the Author's last
Corrections and Additions communicated

to the Translator. Crown 8vo. $1.25. 49 FRANCE before the Revolution ; or,

Priests, Infidels. and Huguenots, in the
Reign of Louis XV. By L. F. Bungener.
In 2 vols. small 8vo. with frontispieces,

$1.75. 50 VOLTAIRE and his Times. By L. F.

Bungener. In 1 vol. uniform with

“ France before the Revolution." $1.25. 51 THE SCHOOL of Doubt and the School

of Faith. By the Count Agenor de

Gasparin. Crown 8vo. $1. 52 THE CONCESSIONS of the Apostle

Paul, and the Claims of the Truth. By the Count Agenor de Gasparin. Crown

8vo. 63 cts. 53 SABBATH Thoughts and Sacred Cum

munings. By Grace Aguilar. 12mo.

cloth, red edges, $1. 54 HISTORY of the Jewish Nation after the

destruction of Jerusalem, under Titus. By the Rev. Dr. Edersheim, of Old Aberdeen. In 1 vol. post 8vo. cloth, with

maps, $1.50. 55 MATHER’S (Increase) Remarkable Providences of the Earlier

Days of American Colonization. With Introductory Preface by George Offor. Portrait ; beautifully printed on the finest paper, with

wide margin, $1.25. 56 AN ANALYTICAL Concordance to the

Holy Scriptures; or, the Bible presented under Distinct and Classified Heads or Topics. By the Rev. Professor Eadie, 1).D., LL.D. 1 large vol. 8vo. 800 pp. $3.

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57 THE COMIC History of England. By

Gilbert Abbott a' Beckett. With 10 colored etchings and 120 wood-cuts. By

John Leech. 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, $4.50. 58 THE COMIC History of Rome. By Gil

bert Abbott a' Beckett. With colored illustrations and wood-cuts. By John

Leech. 1 vol. 8vo. cloth, $2.50. 59 INGOLDSBY Legends. By Thomas In

goldsby, Esq., of Tappington Everard. With Memoir of the Rev. Richard Barham. New edition with ali the original illustrations by Cruikshank, Leech, etc. 3 vols.

8vo. cloth, $5.50. 60 ANECDOTES of Dogs.

By Edward Jesse, Author of “Gleanings in Natural History,” etc. 1 vol., small 4to. beau

tiful steel engravings and wood-cuts, $4. 61 THE BOOK of Archery ; being the com

plete History and Practice of the Art, Ancient and Modern, interspersed with numerous interesting anecdotes, and an account of the existing Toxophilite Societies. By Geo. Agar Hansard. 8vo.

cloth, illustrated, $3.50. 62 RAILROAD Book of England, Histor

ical, Topographical, and Picturesque, descriptive of the Cities, Towns, Countryseats, and other subjects of local interest, with a brief Sketch of the Lines in Scotland and Wales. By Edward Churton. 8vo. illustrated with maps, wood-cuts,

etc. $3.50. 63 LINDLEY (Dr.), on the Vegetable King

dom; or, the Structure, Classification, and Uses of Plants, new edition, large

8vo. full of illustrations, $8. 64 ART and Nature under an Italian Sky.

By M. J. M. D. Second edition, crown

8vo. cloth, extra, with frontispiece, $1.25 65 BENTLEY'S Standard Novels, in very

neat 12mo. volumes, with engravings,
new editions, bound in blue cloth, gilt,
88 cts. each.
1. The Prairie Bird. By Hon. C. A. Murray.
2. Ellen Wareham. By Lady Dacre.
3. Emma. By Miss Austen.
4. Marriage. By Miss Ferrier.
5. Sense and Sensibility. By Miss Austen.
6. Rookwood. By Harrison Ainsworth.
7. Self-Control. By Mrs. Brunton.
8. Northanger Abbey. By Miss Austen.
9. The Countess of Nithisdale. By Lady Dacre.
10. Inheritance. By Miss Ferrier.
11. Eugene Aram. By Bulwer,
12. Paul Clifford. By Bulwer.
13. Last Days of Pompeii. By Bulwer.
14. Mansfield Park. By Miss Austen.
15. Destiny. By Miss Ferrier.
16. Discipline. By Mrs. Brunton.
17. Pride and Prejudice. By Miss Austen.

18. The Leycesters.
19. Th , d deus of Warsaw. By Miss Porter.

20. Scottish Chiefs. Vol. I. By Miss Porter. 21. Scottish Chiefs. Vol. II. By Miss Porter.

22. Woman's Life. By Emilie Carlen. 66 YEAST : a Problem. By Charles Kings

ley, jr., Rector of Eversley: Reprinted with additions from Fraser's Magazine,

12mo. cloth, $1.37. 67 THE SAINT'S Tragedy. By Charles

Kingsley, jr., Rector of Eversley. Second and cheaper edition, 18mo. sewed,

63 cts. 68 TWENTY-FIVE Village Sermons. By

Charles Kingsley, jr., Rector of Eversley.
Second and cheaper edition. 12mo. cloth,

75 cts. 69 SERMONS on National Subjects. By

Charles Kingsley, jr., Rector of Evers

ley. 12mo. cloth, $1.37. 70 GOETHE’S, Opinions on the World, Man

kind, Literature, Science, and Art. Translated by Otto Wenckstern, fscap

8vo. 75 cts. 71 ANCIENT and Modern Fish Tattle. By

the Rev. C. David Badham, M.D., Fellow of the College of Physicians. Reprinted, with additions. from Fraser's Magazine, post 8vo. with copious index,

$2.50. 72 A DICTIONARY of Materia Medica and

Practical Pharmacy ; including a translation of the formulæ of the London Pharmacopoeia. By William Thomas

Brande. I vol. 8vo. cloth, $1.75. 73 THE CYCLOPÆDIA of Geograpby.

Conducted by Charles Knight. 4 vols.

4to. $9. 74 THE CYCLOPÆDIA of Natural Histo

ry. Conducted by Charles Knight. 4

vols. 4to. cloth, $9. 75 THE CYCLOPÆDIA of Biography, 4

vols. $9. 76 POPULAR British Conchology, con

taining a Familiar History of the Molluses and Shells inhabiting the British Isles. By G. B. Sowerby, F.L.S. With

20 plates, colored, $2.50. 77 POPULAR British Zoöphytes. By the

Rev. Dr. Landsborough. With 20 plates

by Fitch, colored, $2.50. 78 POPULAR British Sea-weeds, compris

ing all the Marine Plants. By the Rev. David Landsborough. Second edition,

with 22 plates by Fitch,colored, $2.50. 79 POPULAR History of Mollusca ; or,

Shells and their Animal Inhabitants. By
Mary Roberts. With '18 plates by Wing,

colored, $2.50. 80 POPULAR History of Birds. With 20

colored plates. By Adam White, F.L.S.

Royal 16mo. $2.50. 81 POPULAR British Entomology, con

taining a Familiar and Technical Descrip

tion of the Insects most common to the scription of the Botanical and CommerBritish Isles. By Maria E. Catlow. Sec- cial Characters of the principal Articles ond edition, in 12 chapters, each being of Vegetable Origin used for Food, the Entomological lesson for the month. Clothing, Tanning, Dyeing, Building, with 16 colored plates, royal 16mo. Medicine, Perfumery, etc. By Thomas $2.50.

C. Archer. With 20 colored plates, royal 82 POPULAR British Ornithology, con

16mo. $2.50. taining a Familiar and Technical Descrip

92 POPULAR Geography of Plants ; or, a tion of the Birds of the British Isles.

Botanical Excursion round the World. By P. H. Gosse. Second edition, in 12

By E. M. C. Edited by Professor Dauchapters, each being the ornithological

beny. With 20 tinted landscapes in lesson for the month, with 20 colored

chromolithography, royal 16mo. $2.50. plates, royal 16mo. $2.50.

93 POPULAR History of the Palms, with 83 POPULAR Mineralogy, comprising a Fa- 20 tinted landscapes in chromo-lithogramiliar Account of Minerals and their

phy. By Dr. Berthold Seemann, F.L.S. Uses. By Henry Sowerby. With 20 Royal 16mo. $2.50.

colored plates, royal 16mo. $2.50. 84 POPULAR Field Botany, containing a

94 FARMERS and Gardeners' Guide to the Familiar and Technical Description of

Analysis of Soils and Manures, and to the Plants most common to the British

the Practical Application of AgricultuIsles, adapted to the Study of either the

ral Chemistry. By John Martindale. Artificial or Natural System. By Agnes

12mo. cloth, illustrated, $1. Catlow. Third edition, in 12 chapters, 95 DAIRY Farming, the Rearing and each being a botanical lesson for the Feeding of Dairy Stock, and the Manmonth, with 20 colored plates, royal agement of their Produce. By Ruricola. 16mo. $2.50.

Crown 8vo. $1.25. 85 POPULAR Physical Geology. By J.

96 SPOONER’S (W. C.) Veterinary Art. Beete Jukes, F.G.S., President of the

51 engravings on steel and wood. Crown Geological Society of Dublin. With 20

8vo. cloth, 75 cte. landscape views of geological scenery in

97 BRITISH Manufactures. By George double-tinted lithography, royal 16mo.

Dodd. 6 vols. in 3, 18mo, cloth, $2. $2.50.

98 THE STEAM Engine; a popular account 86 POPULAR Scripture Zoology, contain

of its Construction, Action, and History, ing a Familiar History of the Animals

and a Description of its various Forms. mentioned in the Bible. By Maria E.

With a Sketch of the Laws of Heat and Catlow. With 16 colored plates, royal

Pneumatics, and a Critique on M. Ara16mo. $2.50.

go's “ Eloge of Watt.” By Hugo Reid. 87 POPULAR History of Mammalia, con

Third edition, illustrated with 40 engrataining a Familiar Account of their

vings, $1. Classification and Habits. By Adam

99 SYSTEM of Short Hand by Odell ; by White, F.L.S., of the British Museum.

which the nature of taking down SerWith 16 colored plates of Quadrupeds,

mons, Lectures, Trials, Speeches, etc., by B. Waterhouse Hawkins, F.L.S., may be be acquired in a few hours withRoyal 16mo., $2.50.

out the Aid of a Master. 18mo. swd.

25 cts. 88 A POPULAR History of British Mosses,

comprising a General Account of their 100 VOICES from the Woodlands. DescripStructure, Fructification, Arrangement,

tive of Forest Trees, Ferns, Mosses, and and General Distribution. By R. M.

Lichens. By Mary Roberts. With 20 Stark, Esq. With 20 colored plates,

colored plates by Fitch. Royal 16mo. royal 16mo. $2.50.

$2.50. 89 POPULAR History of British Ferns, 101 DROPS of Water; their Marvelous and and the Allied Plants, comprising the

Beautiful Inbabitants Displayed by the Club Mosses, Pepperworts, and Horse- Microscope. By Agnes Catlow. With tails. By Thomas Moore, F.L.S., Cura

4 colored plates, square 12mo. $1.75. tor of the Botanic Garden, Chelsea. Sec- 102 THE SEA-SIDE Lesson Book on the ond edition, with 22 colored plates by Common Things of the Sea-coast. By Fitch. Royal 16mo. $2.50.

H. G. Adams. With Illustrations, cloth, 90 POPULAR Garden Botany, containing a

50 cts. Familiar and Technical Description of 103 POPULAR British Conchology; conHardy and Frame Plants, suitable for taining a Familiar History of the Molcultivation in the Garden. By Agnes luses and Shells inhabiting the British Catlow. With 20 colored plates by W. Isles. By G. B. Sowerby, F.L.S. With Fitch. Royal 16mo. $2.50.

20 plates, colored, $2.50. ! 91 POPULAR Economic Botany ; or, De- | 104 A FAMILIAR History of Birds ; their

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