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Then, quick retiring, fades from human sight,
Nor hopes to aid the sun's resplendent light;
So the bright star, which led the wise men's feet
To seek heav'n's king in Bethlem's low retreat,
Dinm’d by a greater glory, ceas'd to shine,
Nor dar'd to inix its beains with LIGHT DIVINE.

Nov. 1804.



A CONNECTED Chronological An Attempt to adapt Sacred Ilis

View of the Prophecies rela- tory to the Capacities of Children, fing to the Christian Church, in by A. Burgh, M. A. late of UniverTwelve Sermons, preached in Lin- sity College, Oxford, 12mo. coln's-inn Chapel, from the year

The Influence of Christianity on 1800 to 1804, at the Lecture found the Military and Moral Character ed by the Right Rev. Wm. War- of a Soldier. A Sermon, preached burton, Lord Bishop of Gloucester before a Detachment of the Second By Robert Nares, A.M.F.R.S.F.A.S. West York Militia, at Whitburn. Archdeacon of Stafford, &c. in the County of Durhani, on Sun

An Address to Lord Teigomouth, day, Nov. 25, 1804, by the Rev. President of the British and For J. Symons, B. D. Receor. 8vo. reign Bible Society, occasioned by The Faith and Hope of the Righhis Address to the Clergy of the teous; a Sermon preached at Bath, Church of England, by a Country Dec. 2, 1804, on occasion of the Clergyman, 8vo.

Death of the Rev. Archibald MacA Second Serious Exhortation to laine, D. D. late Minister of the attend Public Worship on the Lord's English Church at the Hague, by Day, by the Rev. Rector the Rev. Dr. Gardiner, 1s. 8vo.

in the County of The Society of Friends, or the Middlesex and Diocese of Low People commonly called Quakers,

examined by John Bursted.


don, 12mo.



THE Right Reverend Charles Deanry of Windsor, vacantby

Manners Sutton, D. D. Lord the translation of the Bishop of Bishop of Norwich, is translated to Norwich to the see of Canterbury, the Archbishopric of Canterbury, The Hon, and Rev. Jacob Marand the Primacy of all England, sham, D.D. has been promoted to void by the death of Archbishop a canonry in the collegiate Church

of Windsor, vacated by the ProThe Hon, and Rev. Edward motion of the Hon. and Rev. Mr. Legge, LL. B. is preferred to the Legge to the Deanry thereot,


The Rev. J. Chapman, of Bath,

OXFORD. is presented to the donative of Im- Feb. 1. The Rev. Wm. Howley, ber, Wilts, void by the promotion B. D. and Canon of Christ Church, of the Rev. F. Skurray to the living was admitted Doctor in Divinity, of Lullington, Somersetshire. Grand Compounder.

The Rev.David Williams, Master Mr, Benedict Perring, of Wadof the Free School at Heytesbury, ham College, was admitted Bacheis presented by the Lord Chancellor lor of Arts. to the Living of Tilshead, Wiltshire. Wm. Soame Elwyn, Esq. B.C.S.

The Rev. Canon Hume, one of of Queen's College, was admitted the Residentiaries of the Cathedral Doctor in Civil Law, Grand Comof Sarum, is presented by the Bi- pounder, shop of Salisbury to the valuable 7. Mr. Maurice James, of Core living of Brixton Deverel, Wilts, pus Christi College; and the Rev, void by the death of the late Prem George Shụte, of St. John's Colcentor Hume.

lege, B. A. were admitted Masters The Rev. Wm. Greenwood, B.D. of Arts.--Messrs. Finney Belfield, late of St. John's College, Cam- and Charles Arnold, of Oriel Çolbridge, has been collated to the lege, and David Williams of WadRectory of Hellesdon, cum Dray- ham College, were admitted Bacheton, in Norfolk.

lors of Arts, The Rev. Thomas Bland is insti- 14, The Rev, Charles Barton, tuted to the Vicarage of Toftrees, B. D. of Corpus Christi College, in Norfolk, on the presentation of was admitted to the degree of D.D. the Marquis Townshend,

-Messrs. Michael Wyatt, of Oriel The Lord Chancellor has pre- College ; John Parsons, of Brasented the Rev. Edward Hesleden gen-nose College; and William to the Vicarage of Barrow, in the Thomas Beer, of Worcester ColCounty of Lincoln, void" by the lege; were admitted Bachelors of promotion of Mr. Illingsworth to Arts. the Rectory of Epworth,

22. Messrs. Win. Upjohn, and The Rev, S. T. Wylde, Vicar of John Buckworth, of St. Edmund Burrington, is presented by the Hall; John Parsons and Edward King to the Rectory of Ubleigh, Hoblyn, of University College; in the County of Somerset. Win. H. Thornbury, of Oriel.Col

The Rev. W. J. Baker, Fellow lege; Orfeur Wm. Kilvington, of of New College, Oxford, has been Christ Church; Frederick Gardiner instituted to the Rectory of Lash- and Barnard Elliott Percy, of Linborough, in Gloucestershire, on the coln College; Robert Holdsworth, presentation of Edmund Estcourt, of Merton College ; Justly Hill, of Esq. of Lincoln's-inn.

New College; Charles Richards, The Rev. John Spring Casborne, and Richard Wm. Hutchins, of M. A. Chaplain to his Grace the Magdalen College; and Charles Duke of Grafton, is instituted to Strong, of Wadham College, were the Vicarage of Old Newton, in admitted Bachelors of Arts. Suffolk, on the presentation of The Master and Fellows of John Benjafield, Esq. and Mary Baliol College unanimously elected Ann his wife, and the Rev. H. the Hon. and Right Rev, the Lord Heigham and Elizabeth his wife.- Bishop of Durhan to be their l'iAnd the Rev. Temple Fiske Che- sitor, in the room of his Grace the vallier, M. A. late of Cajus Col- late Lord Arch. of Canterbury, lege, is licensed to the perpetual The Rev. Joseph Walls, A.M. of Curacy of Aspall, in Suffolk, on Magdalen College, Oxford, is inthe nomination of Mrs. M. Che- stituted by the Bishop of Lincoln vallier, widow.

to the Living of East Kirkby, in


Lincolnshire, on the presentation of Thomas Thornhill, Esq.

CAMBRIDGE. The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop Feb. 9. The subjects for the of Killaloe has appointed the Rev. Members' prizes for this, year are, Robert Savage, Rector of Hartord, Senior Bachelors, in Devonshire, to be one of his Quænain cominoda litcris humaLordship's domestic Chaplains. nioribus oriri possint ex veteruin

The Lord Chancellor has pre- Monumentis, nuper Ægypto petesented the Rev. Richard Birch to factis ? the Rectory of North Farıbridge, Middle Bachelors, Essex, void by the resignation of Quid de Origine et Antiquitate H. B. Dudley, Clerk, preferred in Puematum Homero vulgo ascriptoIreland.

rum pronunciari debeat? The Rev. J.J. Ellis, M. A. third The subjects appointed for Sir Master of Merchant Taylor's Wm. Browne's Medals for the preSchool, is unanimously elected se- sent year, are, cond; vice the Rev. T. Kidd; and

For the Odes, the the Rev. H. B. Wilson fourth In Obitum mæstissimum Ducis Master, unanimously elected third; D'Enghein. vice Ellis, by the Merchant Taylor's

Epigram, Company.

Quid noster Roscius egit?



N April last, in North America, widow and numerous offspring to

James Thomas, in the 130th lament his loss. year of his age. He lived tem- The Rev. Robert Rain, a faithperately, and to the last ten years ful and laborious Minister of the of his life could read without spec- Church of England. Ile was uptacles.

wards of 31 years at the episcopal At Brocket-hall, in the 35th year chapel of Hayfield, in Derbyshire, of his age, the Hon. Penniston the income of which is less than Lamb, eldest son of Viscount Mel- 50l. per annum. But he rests fronu bourne, and one of the Knights of his labours, and his works do follow the shire for the county of Hert- him. ford. He was a young man of con- At Ball Haye, Staffordshire, ageii siderable talents, and of a most 78, the Rev. John Dobson ; Preamiable character,

bendary of Salisbury, and vicar ox At Sutton in Ashfield, Derby- Deyerell Langbridge and Market shire, the Rev, Thomas Cursham, Lavington, Wilts. A. M. many years conductor of a In Portland-place, in this 55th seminary which he had' instituted in year, Sir Gregory Page Turner, that place. He was a man who Bart. He sat during tour parliablended the affections of a parent ments for the borough of Tluirsk, with the duties of a teacher, with and has spoken frequently in the peculiar piety and benevolence, al- house. He is succeeded by Sir ways bearing in mind the important Gregory Osborne, his eldest son, station of life which he filled ; and who is a minor. his school encreased in proportion Sir Gregory died immensely rich. fo his great merits. He has left a In addition to the 16,700 guinens


found in his secretaire, there has ship died in most excruciating since been discovered about the agony, after lingering five hours, saine sum in his iron coffers. The She was in her 70th year, and dismanner by which he obtained such tinguished and adored for every a quantity of gold was this: it was virtue that can dignity hunian a constant rule with Sir Gregory, nature. to get from his trades-people in At Northwold, in Norfolk, in the settling their bills, as many guineas 68th year of his age, the Rev. Wm.. as he could; for instance, if a Hintou, D.D. Rector of that place; butcher's or baker's bill amounted He had formerly been rector of St. to only ten pounds, he would tell Martin's, Biriningham; and resided them, that they must either give many years in that neighbourhood. him change for a twenty pound At an advanced age, at her house note, the difference to be all in in Baker-street, Baroness de Siarke, gold, or wait until it was conveni- sister to Sir Chaloner Ogle, Bart. ent for him to pay it.-By this and and the late Dean of Winchester, other means he collected the suins and aunt to Mrs. Grey, Mrs. Whitalready-mentioned. The will runs bread, and Mrs. Sheridan. as follows: “ I bequeath 500l. per At Boroughbridge, in the 75th annum in addition to the 7001. per year of his age, the Rev. James annum, settled on Lady Page Tur- Wilkinson, of that place, and of ner at the time of our marriage. I Broomhall, near Sheffield, and dubequeath 10,000l. to my second ring a period of 50 years vicar of son; and 10,000l. to each of my Sheffield. A gentleman not less two daughters." The bulk of his distinguished by urbanity of manlanded and funded property he has ners than by his superior attainsettled on his eldest son, Sir Gre- ments and singular acuteness of gory Page Turner. It runs thus : discernment; and in whose conduct 4510,0001, India Stock, 10,0001. and character were exemplified all South Sea Stock, 10,0001. Bank the qualities requisite for discharg. Stock, 70,0001. Old Navy 5 per ing the arduous and important ducents, making in the whole three ties of a magistrate and a minister hundred and ten thousand pounds, of religion. funded property."

Suddenly, Sir Richard Pearson. duce of' his landed property is Lieutenant-Governor of Greenabout 24,0001. per annum. The wich Hospital, who distinguished present Sir Gregory will be of age himself during the American war, in September, 1806. Lady Page by his gallant action of seven hours, Turner is left sole guardian to the in his Majesty's ship the Serapis, four children,

against Paul Jones, in the Bon Lady Blount, widow of Sir Wal- Homme Richard, superior in men ter Blount, Bart. of Mawley-hall, and guns, Salop. Her Ladyship was unfortu- At Kensington, aged 36, the nately burnt to death, at Busford, Rev, Archer Thomson, A. M. alin Staffordshire, As she was sitting ternate morning preacher at Quein the dining parlour, a spark from bec Chapel, Portman-square; afthe fire caught her muslin dress, ternoon preacher at St. George, and she was almost inmediately Hanover - square; enveloped in the flames. Before preacher at the Magdalen, the servants could assist her, one of At Bedminster near Bristol, the curtains of the window, with George Lukins, late of Yatton, in which she endeavoured to extin- the county of Somerset. This man Luish the fames, was on fire, and was rendered remarkable by his endangered the house, Her Lady- pretending to be possessed with

The net pro

and evening

seren devils, from which he could overcome the sulphureous exhalaonly be delivered by the prayers of lations which pervaded the chamseven clergvines, but as only one ber, and have preserved the deli-' minister of the established church cate nerves of the ladies who ascould be found to assist in this sembled on the terrible occasion." pious traud, six methodist preachers This no doubt, was meant as riengaged with Mr. Joseph Easter- dicule; but in a subsequent paper, brook, vicar of Temple parish, in appeared the following extraordithe city of Bristol, in exorcising the nary letter and introductory obserdemons. This was accordingly vations, which shall here be

prea done in the vestry room of Temple served as a curiosity. Church, in July 1788, amidst a “ A love for orthography, and a croud of pious sectaries, and the wisia that no lady's reputation should inan after exhibiting a number of sutter from misrepresentation, ine strange contortions, and uttering duces us, to lay the following elemany howlings declared himself gant morceau, which we have refree from his spiritual enemies. ceived by the post, before our An account of this supernatural readers :event was quickly circulated al} To the printer of the Mirer over the kingdom in the newspapers Sir-I have a recded yure ackount and pamphlets. But Mr. Norman, of pure dear George Lukius deth a surgeon of Yatton, published a and begs you wil counterdic in plain narrative in which he proved, yure next paper that we drinkt that George was a notorious im- lickers or snuf because thot we be postor. Since that time be sunk pure we have a karickter to lose, into obscurity, yet found many also that their was blew kandels friends who still placed a confidence witch is not true as they burnd in his marvellous story. The editor like other peples. you might hare a of the Mirror or Bristol Journal, said that he is sixte one years in the account of the death of hold and that heave a suffird much Lukins, says that “ lle lived läs- pursecushon from wickid peple who terly with the fanyous fortune-telling skott at the delivarance heave & woman at Bedminster, now-den had, but the hole wurld his now ceased, into whose money getting turned lintidil

. that their was abotrade he appears to have been ini- minashin sinill of brimstun in the tiated. It would no doubt, be mat- rume all the raybors noes thof you ter of surprize, if such a man could thinks propur to laff at it. also that die in such a house, surrounded by their was grate noyses and he did spells and incantations without barkt like a dog, and that we exsometbing preternatural, attending picted every ininit to see the henehis departure. The good people my of mankind cum to fitch him who saw him growl (not breathe) away but he wasnt a suffird to his last, assert that he barked like hav power over hiin for the devils a dog most velemently, and that was a laid but he his happy amongst the howlings and lamentations (we angles. presume exultations) of the seven Bedminster.

Sarah B. demons who were exorcised in the At Navestock, of an inflammavestry room of Temple parish some tion, a few days after the birth of years since and laid in the Red a surviving son, when she had just Sea, were so terrible, that the people completed her 21st year, the Right could scarcely bear the noise. All Hon. Lady Maria, wife of Nathathe candles hurned blue, and no- niel Micklethwaite, Esq. and only thing but a plentiful supply of gin daughter of the Countess of Wale and Scotch snuff could possibly have degrave.


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