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Popish notions, and openly professed was published by the priest as about to Protestantism with others here : some “turn,” because he was at Calry church Protestant children in a neighbouring one Sunday, for the purpose of presenthouse taught him the alpbabet, he has ing a petition to a lady. I have known read since to me a chapter of the New several instances of Protestant clergyTestament, and he makes an attempt to men fearing to employ Reformers as write also, to which he was induced by schoolmasters or servants, for fear of inmy shewing bim that the letters are the juring a school in the opinion of the Pasame, only turned at tops and bottoms pist parents, or losing property by mafor convenience of writing without lift. lice. I have known several instances of ing the pen. His wife and six or seven persons deterred by fear from becoming cbildren are all Protestants now. He bas Protestants. In many instances the been often insulted by bis neighbours as reign of the priests is a reign of terror by a turncoat, and bis children by their for. secular power as well as spiritual. There mer playfellows, who often tbrow the is not the least question that their power pitcher off their beads at the well. among the lower classes is mainly sus

“ It is through their children that the tained by the belief, almost universally parents seel the name turncoat most prevailing, that they can visit offenders acutely. I knew an instance in which a with disease and deformity, and work woman of violent temper whose bushand, miracles of any kind. Often have I but not herself, bad recanted, on meeting known arguments aguinst Popery met her child crying because it had been called by such an answer as, “What minister turncoat, tore the coat off its back and could do what Father Tom did at Squire threw it behind the fire, and snatching such a one's, on a Friday in Lent, when up a Testament out of a box in the room there was no fish, viz. to turn a beefswore that she would drown herself unless steak, by a prayer, into two large trouts." the busband went back to mass, wbich There is no corner of the country or pabe did. A woman told one of the read. rish in wbich they will not tell you the ers that a certain man named H- name of some Protestant cured of epi. had got a fever by listening to him read- lepsy hy a priest, and relapsing on going ing, and that if he came again, she to Church. If the priest fails in any would "brain bim.”

notorious case, the patient wants faith " About tbree weeks ago a man and his or bas fallen into fire or water in a pawife near Hazelwood heard L

roxysm. Many persons had recanted reader, and invited him to return and privately in Sligo long before the recanread again ; tbe Carmelite-spy of the tations in Cavan, by the instrumentality village told the priest, and the woman of schools, and of the Hibernian Society. offending was obliged to ask, publicly in At present the priests have succeeded chapel, pardon for the crime.

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in preventing the people of this district “ A. woman named B. lately re- almost entirely from hearing Scripture canted in this parish; she was a widow readers. By Carmelites, and Trinitawith three children, who lived by a kind rians, and the Scapularian body, a comof buxter's shop in the country: all plete system of espionage is kept up. customers have since forsaken her, and It is not easy therefore to have evidence she is not acknowledged by any Popish now of a growing desire to know the acquaintance. It was necessary to em- truth. In those districts least closely ploy police to escort a woman from watched it shows itself in various ways, Dromabair to Sligo to read her recanta- and there is much discussion between tion, to protect her from the violence of lay Protestants and Papists through all her own relations, and in like manner parts of the country. I often lend books when sbe left the church, the mob was to Protestants to read for the purpose. dispersed by a magistrate at Calry church I think the discussions lately going on door : on tbat day the priest gave out have so circulated among Protestants a in cbapel that he understood she was knowledge of their own principles, that forced to church by police, thus taking they are acting through them on their Poadvantage of their own wrong. Those pish neigbbours; bence the tide of proswho have recanted are often booted along elytism to Popery by intermarriage, hithe road in the country, and one was therto so rapidly destructive to the Protesknocked down (without a word) in the tant religion over all the island, is now streets of Sligo in mid-day, and wbile the turning the opposite way." Judges were in town, last summer. Sligo Scripture Reader's Society.

" The priests in all the neighbouring Extracts from the Report presented to chapels bave denounced by name the the General Meeting of the Sligo ScripReformers and Bible readers. So close ture Reader's Society, on May 5, 1828 : a watch was kept up, that a man's name “The unrelenting system of persecution


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against those who have renounced the and without any visible means of supdoctrines of the Church of Rome, or port, took refuge in the parish of Drumwho have even shown a disposition to cliffe for some time, read the Holy Scriptures, is of itself quite They gave information against one a sufficient cause to prevent the frequen- of the offenders who was known, on cy of open conformity to the trutb, or of which he was apprehended and sent to pri-. å very strong desire being manifested to son, with the fairest prospects of convicexamine the grounds of commonly re- tion on his trial. A large reward was also ceived religious opinions.

offered for the discovery of the other “ This persecution, in many instances, accomplices. On the approach of the bas commenced in a public proclamation Assizes, G

and bis wife were priby the Romish Priest at the altar, and vately carried off by the party of the pribefore his congregation, of the offending soner, brought into the town of Sligo, individual's name; hence have followed compelled by tbreats, accompanied by a bootings on the higbways, every de- hribe of £12, to take an oath that they scription of malicious slander in private, would not prosecute, to which also they the withdrawing of custom in the way of were bound in something of a legal form, trade, and of employment from labourers by an article, or deed, drawn by a peror mechanics, insults on all hands, de- son evidently experienced as a clerk. In sertion of friends, and not unfrequently the mode of administering the oath caugross personal injury from secret or tion was used to avoid prosecution for nightly violence: tales are fabricated that offence, the book on which be was against them suitable to the taste and sworn being brown on a table, with an prejudices of an ignorant and most super- intimation that he might swear if he stitious population, every illness is as- wished it. The principal actor in this scribed to demoniacal possession, and part of the proceeding keeps a shop in every calamity incident to human nature


An individual to whom these to the blighting effects of the Priest's facts were known baving communicated curse.

them to the High Sheriff, be promptly “ In the present unfortunate state of took measures to have G 's retreat this country, it is apparent to all wbo are discovered, and to bring him into the acquainted with it, that efficient protec- town; the person who gave the infortion is not afforded to the injured, and mation, being suspeeted by the offending that the magistrates have it not in their party, was compelled to conceal himself power to defend them. Even wben the during the Assizes, even in the town of aggressors are known, bribery, the most Sligo, to avoid their fury. G-being unrestrained perjury, the corruption and brought forward, with his wife, they abstraction of witnesses, make it ex- both stated, in the Crown Office, the tremely difficult to prosecute to convic- above facts relative to the oath and the tion in a court of justice. Two occur- bribe, and sbe, on her knees and in rences out of many may be referred to, tears, entreated the gentlemen not to which can be substantiated on oath. make her perjure herself, or cause ber

“An elderly couple, named G-, in husband and berself to be murdered. The the Union of Killoran, conformed some gentleman who bad taken such laudable time since to the Church of Ireland, pains to bring on the prosecution, being and being persons of previous good cha- desirous to bring publicly before the racter, continued to conduct themselves Court this instance of the state of the in a quiet inoffensive manner. Their country, the violence hy which it is conhouse was, however, broken into at night vulsed, and the jesuitical arts by which by several persons, and they were beat- the people are enslaved or terrified, took en, without any reason alleged by their measures to have the case called oil, and persecutors, but that they had “cbang- recommended to the Crown Lawyers, if ed their note for blanket,” a pbrase in G persisted in his refusal to proseuse amongst the lower classes of Roman- cute, thut they should put such questions ists in their neighbourhood, intended to to him as would elicit all the leading convey the opinion that they were brib- facts of the case, which G- had shewn ed into conformity. The poor aged no unwillingness to mention. · Howcouple fled, as soon as an opportunity

ever, when G

was called forward offered, into the house of a neighbour, and stated his unwillingness to prosecute, the widow D, where, however, no further questions were put to bim, they were followed by their cruel assail- the case was dismissed, and G-was ants, and again severely beaten.


committed to gaol for contempt of force being at band sufficient to protect court, from which he was enlarged when them from a repetition of the outrage, the Judge left the country. they left their house and employments “ Thus ended a case sufficient of itself

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to shew the difficulties with which the Priest, he refused peremptorily. He reformation in Ireland has to struggle, sent a messenger for your Secretary, and to justify the general remarks pre- who was not aware of the unfavourrble ceding it in this report.

chunge in his benlib, and after receiving “Another case is that of John B

a the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper at convert and an active reader of the Scrip, his hands, died as a Protestant, rejoicing tures, in the district called Geevah in in the hope of salvation through Christ. this county. A large party, broke into bis Here are cases putting the question of house by night, beat bim and his wife, sincerity beyond all doubt, and affording cut his bat into pieces, broke bis furni- ų rare instance of the first profession of ture, and so terrified his daughter of the true religion on a death bed. four or five years old, that she fell into “ Be it permitted to add here, as a fur. fits likely to continue during life, alleg, ther illustration of the arts used to preing as their reason his having induced vent enquiry among the ignorant Roman the sister of one of the party to go to Catholics, the fact related by a country. hell, meaning to become a Protestant. munin comfortable circumstances, to two Seven of the party were known to B- members of your Mitnaging Conimittee, and the magistrates were willing to bring viz, that baving made up his mind to them to justice, but as some of the as- renounce Popery, his wife, the relative sailants were relatives of bis own, and as of a Priest of that Church, brought the he could not live in the country if he Priest to him, who made him take an provoked them further by a prosecution, oath not to read the Bible, or bear it he was obliged to relinquish all inten- read, or attend to the instruction of any tion of it.

Protestant clergyman, or layman, for Two cases lately occurred which may twelve months. Wbat an awful responserve to show the sincerity of the con- sibility to shut up the wells of salvation verts, in refutation of the şlanderous as- under an unballowed bond, by an appeal sertions so loudly uttered to the contra- to heaven, and leave the sinner twelve ry. A man named R- -, of Ballina, months out of the reach of the word of became a convert in ihat town, with his God, whose soul migbt be required of whole family, who were consequently him the next moment." much slandered and otherwise persecuted. Co. Cavan- Fintona.-Extract of a In particular on Christmas-day, on their letter from Fintona, county of Cavan :return bome from attending divine wor- “ It has been intimated to me, that an ship at Church, they (the man, his wife account of our proceedings, from the and children) were violently pelted with time we commenced to this period, would stones, and made a narrow escape.- be useful. Qur Society originated among R- became dropsical, and it was im- the lower orders, and was to be carried mediately reported that he had a devil on by laymen. On the first day we esin him. Coming to Sligo in much dis- tablished a branch of the Reformation tress, be applied to one of the Secreta- Society, without any opposition: we ries of your Society, wbo, after some ,commenced by answering the two ob. time, fonnd means to bave him admit: jections to controversial meetings, viz. : ted into the lever hospital, where he re- that they were the cause of riot and conmained but a short time until he died a fusion, and ibat they were the means of sincere, steady, and zealous Protestant making people more firm in their own to the end. Your Secretary continued persuasion. In answer to the first, it to visit R--- until his death, and in bis was shewn that it had the contrary effect visits occasionally entered into conversa. in Fintona and its neighbourhood ; that tion with a man named Joseph Law. no place was more disturbed than it has rence, the only patient in the same room been, previous to the controversial ser. with R- Lawrence was by birth a mons and meetings thut took place. Frenchman, and a Roman Catholic by In answer to the second, it was stated, education, but bad been for some time that if the Apostles bąd refused to go at in the habit of reading the Scriptures, the command of our Saviour, there would especially St. John's gospel. He at not have been any Christian religion. If length professed bimself determined to Gregory had said, wben be saw and adbe a Protestant on his recovery and dis- mired the beauty of our countrymen, charge from the hospital, being fully "I will not send my monks, lest I make convinced of the errors of Popery. It them more firm in their own persuasion,' pleased God, however, to summon him he would not at the end of two years away by the illness under whicb be then have been able to tell the Patriarch of laboured, and thougb beset by his wife's Constantinople, that he had baptized the relations residing in Sligo, and strongly King of Kent and 10,000 of his Angelian urged to send for a Roman Catholic Saxons; and that if St. Patrick when be



came to this country did not preach would prove eminently useful in comChrist, what

would have been the con. bating these champions, if stationed at sequence ? The greates number of these some central town in a popish neighpersons would have been idolaters. In bourhood like Newcastle.' A case of answer to the objection, what good have this kind happened at Cbarleville some you done? It was shewn that in the days ago, when two persons intended for town of Eintoną and its neighbourhood, tbe Roman Catholic priesthood attacked there was a number of individuals who the Ladies Sunday school, and called were Deists, ibat went, to use their own for a Greek Testament, wbich, when language, to bear - and C one of them bad got to point out our misimpressed with the idea that I - translations, he could not translate it him. mad, and C- a fool, they came away

self. H bas conducted bimself with impressed with the

the same idea, and went much prudence ip Newcastle, and good to one of their own houses, when they temper in discussions ; and no disagreedetermined upon attempting a similar able event, even of the most trivial nacontroversy ; they soon found that they ture, has arisen from them. In the last could not carry it on without reading. discussion wbich touk place, the press Read they did, and mark the glorious con was so great, that the sash of the winsequence-eight out of nine individuals dew was taken out; a gentleman was in renounced Tom Paine, and other Deisti- the chair, and the most perfect order and cal books they were in the bạbit of read. regularity was kept : the speeches reguling. I have been led to understand, tbatlarly minuted to 20 minutes eacb; many the owner of Tom Paine could not rest shop-keepers and respectable persons in bis bed, but got up in the middle of were present. It may be said that conthe nigbt, cut it in pieces, and burned it troversy produces bad feeling, and should in ihe grate of his bed-room, lest it should be in a degree suppressed ; but it would do harm before morning.

be, in my opinion, imprudent in the exNewcastle.Extract of a letter from treme to damp the intense interest and another correspondent :- I employed anxiety for hearing discussions wbich ex-,

at first in reading from bouse to ists in some places; and I am inclined bouse ; but when bis efforts pronuised to think it would be better to encourage some fruit, several well educated and discussion, when conducted properly. If respectable Roman Catholics challenged H- is seen entering any house with him to discussion, according to a previous some well known popish advocates, the combination and full preparation amongst shoemaker throws down bis last, tbe themselves. He accepted their inyitations shop-keeper deserts bis counter, and with my permission, and in the several there is a general rush to the scene of discussions since beld, has invariably discussion, though many are far outside silenced his opponents, both on the Popish the spbere of hearing. Indeed there is and Socinian questions. The conse- not, I venture to affirm, a more anxious quence bas been, that the most powerful feeling of inquiry existing in any part of sensation of inquiry þas been produced this country than in Newcastle, which is in Newcastle, which contains about 3800 such an immense field for exertion; and Roman Catholic inbabitants, and 150 without such a person as Hickey, it Protestants. Had be refused their invi. would probably subside." tations or been defeated, even the very Arianism ; Knowehead, near Muff, Co. lowest order þad refused to listen to him; Donegal.- On the evening of Sunday, for in a large town wbere, there are so June the 15th, atter the usual services of many well-educațed Roman Catholics, the day were finished, a petition against there exists, I believe, invariably a po- Arianism, to be presented at the ensuing pular prejudice against persons who do meeting of the Synod, drawn up by the pot know the languages, to use their own Session and Congregation of Knowe. expression.

head, was read belore a very large as. “ This of course is not so much the sembly, and the minds of the people case,, when there are few or none among taken upon this most important question. the Roman Catholic population ,well After the reading of the petition, the Rev. educated. It frequently happens that Richard Dill, senjor, pastor of the cona persons intended for the Roman Catholic gregation, requested all who opposed or priesthood and others disturb Sunday were even averse to the petition to hold Scbools, &c. and do much mischief, up their bands. A solemn pause ensued, while there are none of their own rank all was breathless silence, whilst the eye equal to oppose them, in this almost ex. of every individual in the house was in clusively popish country. I humbly sug- an instant turned to all quarters, to see if gest to the Reformation Society that a there were any who seemed to countefew persons of His attainments nance the man of sin by their disapproVOL. VII.


bation of the petition. But neither has been the result of human passion, voice nor hand was raised against it. and that conviction, conscientious imMr. Dill then proceeded to reverse the pulse, or religious considerations bave in question, let those wbo approve of this no way sanctioned or contributed to the petition bold up their rigbt bands, Quick lamentable change brought about or rather as the ligbtning's flash along the sky, externally effected, in my creed- and many bundred hands were raised towards wbich some people have wrongly ascribed heaven, the eyes of every member of to the influence of exalted motives. It the congregation brightened up with de- 'will, I trust, be further borne in mind, light, and a silent prayer seemed to burst that thus and merely thus disposed I, in from each lip for the triumph of Evan- the name of Sacred Ibings renounced all gelical religion.

things Sacred and of God. This testiThe Session & Congregation of Knowe- mony of my conduct I. afford the public, head, feel it their bounden duty to come and I hope it will by Catholics be reforward in this public manner and avow ceived as forcible; to me it appears their principles, and also to exhort and strong, because it is made in favour of entreat the other Sessions and Congrega- truth, and springs from the centre of my tions in communion with tbem, to main- soul. Sincerely contrite for my offence tain, by an equally decisive step, the faith against religion and reason, I return to of their fathers for the defence of which the communion of that Church, a parthey cheerfully met the flames of mar- ticle of whose doctrine I bare not for a tyrdom.

moment doubted—10 tbat Church whose The Presbyterian Session and Con- unworthy Minister I am, and whose God gregation of Donoughmore, (county unfolds the arms of commiseration to all Donegal) bave publicly notified their in- who repent of sin and error. tention of presenting a memorial to the

" MichaeL MURPHY, Clk. General Synod of Ulster, praying that “A most eloquent sermon, appropriate they may separate themselves, with all to the occasion, was preached by tbe Rev. expedient promptitude and decision, from Mr. Dowling, of Jobn-street Cbapel.” ministerial fellowship with the Arian Concerning this wretched man who bas members of their body. It is devoutly made himself so notorious, we are auto be wisbed, ibat the example of this thorised by a correspondent, on whom bighly respectable congregation would we can rely, to state, that during the be followed by the Presbyterian popula- fourteen months Mr. Micbael Murpby tion throughout Ulster.

continued a Protestant, be repeatedly Rev. Michael Murphy.-Extract from 'expressed bis abhorrence of the docthe Evening Post of Tuesday, June 17. trines and practices of the Church of “Mr. Murphy, who had some time ago Rome; tbat no later than the 121b ult., conformed to the Protestant religion, at tbree days before be appeared in Jobn'sChrist's Church Catbedral, on June 15 street Chapel, be declared in the premade a public profession of the Catholic sence of two witnesses, that he was no faith in Jobn's-street Chapel, and in Papist, and that let him declare wbat he presence of a numerous and respectable would publicly, he was, and ever would congregation, was received into that com- remain a Protestant in his heart. We munion. The Rev. Mr. Spratt, of desire not to jncrease the future sufferFrench-street Chapel, introduced the ings of this enthralled man, by entering penitent into the sanctuary. After the into a detail of bis conduct and disapprescribed form bad been gone througb, pointed prospects while a prosessing Prothe following declaration was, at the so- testant. We cannot, however, avoid licitation of Mr. Murphy, read aloud by observing, that whoever drew up for the the Rev. Dr. Yore :

passive dementated Murphy, the fore“The fact of my recantation from the going detestable declaration, bas evinced faith of the Roman Catholic Church, å ferocious intolerance, wortby of a which lately occurred, having been widely Spanish inquisitor, or of the autbor of circulated, and scandal consequent on the the doleful fall of Andrew Sall, wben same proceeding having become pro- in the bitterness of his bigotry be makes portionably heigbtened, I deem it a duty bis victim say, that when he became I owe to the Catholic body, of all classes a Protestant, “ he renounced all things and denominations, to inform them that sacred and of God.'» I, on cool and serious deliberation, I!, bowever, it be indeed true, that beartily regret the irreligious deed I Michael Murphy was instigated by committed, and wish in the face of the every base, and had no exalted motive's nation to retrace my steps. I beg my in his renunciation of Ronanism, the Catholic brethren will know and believe Protestant Church making no pretenthat my abjuration of Catholic doctrine sions to infallibility, however it may

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