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been accomplished, but that it was generated in a period of the grossest ignorance, it gave added power to the only learned and influential body, the clergy; and it was defended by all the learning and ingenuity of a learned period, instigated by interest to evade or disguise the truth.

Mr. Vaughan remarks, that the very virtues of the clergy assisted in extending the undue influence of this system, because there was a period when this influence was found to be useful ; and the justice of this remark may be conceded without abating one particle of the censure that system deserves. With more justice he traces to ancient Paganism, many of the superstitions and errors that defile modern Popery.

To this is partially due the union of secular and spiritual offices in the priesthood, which was certainly familiar to the barbarian nations; to this the adoption of many of the symbolical rites and ceremonies, incense, lights, and holy water ; to this the religious service paid to the image or the idol, which was equally venerated under a change of name by the Pagan and the Christian; to this the introduction of prayers for the dead, at first as a mark of respect, though subsequently the source of the most fatal

These and such like errors, Rome has adopted, sanctioned and consecrated, and thus the secularity of her character, and the anti-christian nature of her doctrines, having had their foundation laid deep in human nature, have been able, through the singular power she possesses of pliancy and yielding, to stand the attacks of time, and still more of inquiry and religious truth; the ingenuity displayed by Jerome and Gregory, in distinguishing between the worship of an image and an idol, has had many imitations in the Church of Rome; the use of words and language, has been to disguise not to declare sentiments, and Loyola will never want a successor, while Slevin and M Hale flourish in the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland.

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and commanding officer will attend, and Extract of a Letter from a Friend. the chaplain, Mr. Spring, will be the -" You will, I am sure, be happy to examiner. First class-Demostbenes on bear that since I wrote you last, sick- the Crown, half of the second bouk of ness, so awfully prevalent in this country, Homer, Terence, Cicero, and the three has not, for a day, interrupted my ope

first books of Euclid. Second classrations in the College. The Church Horace and Xenophon, and Algebra, as Establishment rises daily in importance ; far as equations. In divinity for the and, I trust, its usefulness is now more above, the Evidences of Christianity as than appearing. Every hour commends illustrated particularly in the fulfillment it more and more to the leading men of of Prophecy. Third class–Virgil, fourth the country. I am now on the eve of eclogue, tbird book of Cæsar, History, holding my first public examination of Geography, and Arithmetic: these, tomy boys ; amongst others, the resident' gether with Syriac and Sanscrit. Re

J. W.

member that I put Greek grammar into truth over ignorance the most debasing, the bands of these boys, and many of superstition the most inveterate, is of them the Latin ; and from this, learn to the most cheering kind. The pestilenestimate the ability and industry of In- tial breath of the Man of Sin,' bas even dian youths. I can weep at times with reached this distant land, and desolation interest over the whole establishment. is the consequence. We have even bere My dwelling house is about one mile to contend with the Seven headed Hyfrom the College : my principal boys dra, and victory must be ours, so saith sleep in my own house, so that I have the Lord.” them every morning and evening en

D. gaged in the best of all exercise. We are now able to employ some of them Extract of another from ditto. ás catechists, and trust that a blessing J- asks me if I have mined into from on High will go with them. the learning and Theology of the HinThroughout all India the great deside- doos ? I must reply, that I have not, ratum is to get well in formed, and though I bave bored with no ordinary above all, pious native catechists. Of pains for the bid treasures of the East 54 students now in this college, one-third Sanscrit contains all that is valuable in are destined to the Ministry. Let us pray any degree, I have had several works that the Spirit of God may anoint their translated to me by Pundits, into Marasouls. Mr. Bailey is now labouring tha, and must own I have felt much dis. manfully to fertilize this barren land appointed: the mixture of subjects, with the rich streams of eternal truth. without the least order, is perplexing The press is engaged-an anxious de- and tiresome-No doubt, there is much sire to hear and read in their own tongue to make a man stare : some of our much the wonderful works of God, is now boasted morals from Cicero, to those of progressing througbout the country.- our own day, are to be found in Sanscrit This is cheering, and intimates that God written perhaps only a few years after of a truth is with us.

the flood. The morals of Wedsur are “ You would like to know how my pure, and may very well stand a compa-, day is employed. I rise in the morning rison with the book of Ecclesiasticus. at half-past four- read a chapter in my I believe the work has been trapslated Hebrew Bible, and endeavour to think into some European language ; but I till half-past five-- prayer with my boys bave no means of receiving it as certill six-read Sanscrit with moonshine tainty, in this unlearned dog hole of an till eigbt-swallow breakfast, mount my island. J wishes to bear of the Burpoby, (as large as a rat) and com- man literature, and it is indeed a subject mence business in the Scientiæ Tem- worthy of enquiry; but as on this side of plum, at nine-return to my house at India, Palee is but little known, I conhall-past three, and resume my Sapscrit not give him certain information. The studies at four, and continue from six few works that I have seen here among till eight; as the bumour takes me, I the natives in that tongue, are all of a scribble a letter, write a Report, read a religious nature; but as is usual, mix. speech of my countryman, Burke, or ing up human and divine things in sad when I can get it, throw my eye over an

confusion. Whenever I have been able old newspaper whose marriage catalogue to procure a person capable of reading often rensinds me of evils, and produces Palee, he has told me that it bears a an oddish train of reflection-now I se. strong resemblance to its parent tbe cure an hour or so for prayer, and lecture Sanscrit, of which I am myself able to my boys upon the greatest and best of judge from the same words being comall subjects : after this shortly—lassus mon to Maratha, Sanscrit, and Palee, ad dormitum-Don't accuse me of ego- with but a trivial change of vowel tism-1 know to whom I speak. I do sounds. The cbief hooks in repute tell you, my friend, that I feel hourly through Burmah are translations in tbat I am a most unprofitable servant. Sanscrit. Munvo's laws have long been How much evil has mingled with my current in that empire. It is a curious apparently best works. With the sweet fact in the history of the Burmese, that cadence, the interminable copiousness, every man who knows a trade, can also and majestic sublimity of the grammati- read and write-The tradesman learns cal structure of Sanscrit, I am charmed with his trade how to write on all that out of measure.

regards it. By this means, knowledge, " The information that has lately to a certain degree is diffused among the reached me respecting the progress of people. Burmah bas its Dibdins - Bib

liomaniacs are to be found in the East. attention to their work, bas the sare I am informed that there is a vast col. effect of jogging their memories. Many lection of books in the library of the an intrusive native visitor bave I got rid Emperor, but on what subjects is un- of by asking him if he would wish me known ; it is consessed by themselves, to show my knowledge of the language, tbat they bave derived all their Science by performing this Mantur. I am told, and Arts from Hindoostan; and though that Sir J. Malcolm, whenever he wishes they do not accede to the superstitions to get rid of a long-winded native, be. and practices of the Brahmins, they yet gins to bum this to himself : the fellow yield them the superiority in learning. vanisbes like a ghost at cock-crowing. It is said that they are in possession of Natives have often said, that they had the most voluminous Herbal in the rather suffer deatb than be the men who world, this may some day or other re- first disclosed the Muntur to Europeans : pay search. The religion of the Bur. - for your edification I will write it in maps is Budbuism, I read over the the English for you, 'tis as follows: Om Budbu Pooran, translated into Mara- bhoorbhoowuhsweeh tutsuwitoorwuren. tha from Sunscrit.

Ward has given a gum bhurgo dewusgu d,hee muhi dheya very accurate digest of it.

yonuh pruchoduyat," « A translation would only be more tedious, not more explanatory. Every

FRANCE. book I read proves more and more that Extract of a Letter from Montpelier, with the whole people of the East, reli. South of France. -“ You liave heard, gion and literature are one. There is a probably, tbat Nismes is · Le Foyer de fact whicb will alone prove this--Every Protestantisme' in the south of France. book is itself an object of worship- the Here are 15000 nominal Protestants; reed and ink are often honoured in like but very few real Christiar ».

Here are manner. I have seen the Pundit who seven ministers, out of wbich there are teaches me, previous to bis opening the two whom all Christians must feel and book, mutter words to it as be held it acknowledge to be converted men; but up before bim, praying it to give bina from timidity or want of clearness in knowledge and understanding. The their doctrines, they do not preach in the daily arts of every Hindoo are laid down manner they ougbt, though still faithful with the most lengtby minuteness in the enough to make enemies of tbe opposite charter. No one act of a Hindoo's life is party. But God has not lest even this unconnected with his religion—the low. place without witnesses of his truth; for est caste think that in the degrading of. there are many in this dark place, espefices they perform, they are only expiat- cially amongst the lower classes of the ing sins done by their souls in a former manufacturing people, who live by faith body. Every hour of the day has its set in the Son of God. worship-some are so observant of what From the Alps to Bayonne, there is enjoined them, that they utter the may be at least twenty faithful Protesname of some God once or twice in tant ministers; and the Lord seems to every minute as they sit at their trades. bless the work in which they are indefaI know a stone-cutter, who works near tigably engaged ; but the opposition is where I live, who utters

very violent from Socinians and Neoloevery time he strikes the stone. A Hip- gists. Here (at Montpelier) we have doo thinks that Fate acts on him only an extraordinary man, wbo preaches when he has neglected to destroy its in- with great power, evangelical doctrines; fluence by prayer, and by it alone he and who practices up to the faith be prohopes to obtain any thing he wishes; fesses. Mr. L-would be looked up this prayer is indeed " vain repetition, to with respect and admiration in any for it in general consists of one word country, but here be, indeed, is truly often reiterated. The most efficacious admirable. He undergoes a continual of all those invocations or Munturs, is persecution from the two other Protesthat called the Gogntree. Dubois has tant ministers, and from all his consisgiven it in his else accurate account incor- tory, wbo do all they can to render the rectly, and bas even omitted the two place disagreeable, with a view of oblig. first words--This is considered so sacred, ing bim to retire. I trust the Lord will that by their own law, it is death to ut- give bim patient endurance so as to enater it in the bearing of a woman or one tle him to continue here, where he is of another caste. Captain Molesworth the instrument of so much good to Ro. finds that a threat to repeat this to one manists and Protestants. of bis Pundits, when they are not paying There is a Methodist Missionary


Preacher doing a great deal of good in be able to present the public with the this part of the country. His work has engraving of the characters found on the proved to be a blessing here ; and has stone in the Euphrates, about which had a great effect amongst the infidels they have received an interesting letter and bigots. He lives at Congenies, but from a most valuable correspondent. spends all bis time preaching from church If the writing should prove to be the to church, and from bouse to bouse. If Ten Commandments, it will settle an field preaching were allowed, he would important point as to their division, in do a vast deal of good amongst the Ros the Roman Catholic controversy. We man Catholics."

insert the following letter concerning


Copy of u Letter received by Miss Friend of Israel Society.The cor- Nevill, on the subject of the stone found respondence for this montb was so large, in the River Eupbrates, dated, Watbwe can only give an abstract of the ge- monston, September 26, 1828. neralintelligence received. In England, Lady W-r-m, presents her comthe prospect of usefulness among thé pliments to Miss Nevill, she has the Jews is most cheering. Numbers are pleasure of informing ber, that she has likely to settle in Ireland, if their peti. received from Dr, Wilkins (the India tion to Parliament is successful, and Company's Librarian) a copy of the un. their disabilities to purchase land, &c. known characters on the tables, supposed taken off. Nearly all the Jews in the to be the Ten Commandments, lately manufacturing towns are holding meet- found in the River Euphrates." These ings for that purpose. Several copies of are Dr. Wilkin's own expressions; and tbe Rabbinica! Extracts have been sent he adds :- As many strange reports to England for distribution among the have gone abroad respecting a stono Jews.

tablet, with ten columns of undecypherMr. Aaron bas forwarded a copy of Rab- ed characters, now under my charge in bi Horte Symon's Arguments of Faith, to this library, I conclude it to be the idenbe replied to by the Friends of Israel. tical object of Miss Nevill's research. It is therelore supposed he was not satis- Upon this presumption, I have, with the fied with the answer that appeared in that chairman's leave, the satisfaction to send work, in the Jewish Expositor. Letters you berewith a roll, containing an imhave been received from Her Serene High pression from a copper-plate of the whole ness the Princess de Reuss, containing inscription, as it appears on the stone; the warmest approval of the plans of and on a separate sheet, a representation the Friends of Israel ; and that her wish of every variety of simple and compound was to act according to their views; characters, from the most simple to the and soliciting them to send over the best most complex, to the amount of 237, accounts of the details of the Model found in the whole inscription. I have Schools in Ireland. Her request was added a memorandum, showing when the immediately complied with ; and the stone was found, and how, and by whom next letter will probably give an account it was obtained. As from certain superof the opening of the School, which was ficial appearances, there are good grounds to take place as soon as Mr. Wermelkush to conclude that the writing runs from arrived at Firch-tugel.

left to right like the English, and not Letters have been received from the from the right to the left like the HeRev. Mr. Leonhardi, concerning the brew, I have thought it of sufficient opening of a School at Dresden, that importance to be mentioned, for Miss will be under bis immediate superinten- Neville's information. dence; and with the concurrence of the “ Lady W-r-m will forward the constituted authorities of the place. roll to Dublin by her grand-daughter, Twenty-five children are to be educated who is going over about the 20th of at the expense of £15 a-year, without next montb." any other being incurred. The difficul. The Friends of Israel take this opporties which impeded its opening last year, tunity of oxpressing their thanks for the are now bappily removed.

munificent donation of £20 from the The Rev. Mr. N. J. Mayers writes Earl of Roden, in aid of the Hebrew that he will in a few weeks forward the Church at Berlin. correspondence he has bad with a young The Scriptural Views of the Friends Rabbi of the highest talents and attain- of Israel have been published, together ents.

with a summary of their proceedings, Next month the Friends of Israel will which may be bad at Unville.



2 E


County Longford Bible Association. lowing Proclamation of Indulgences has On Thursday the 9th of Oct. the Annual been posted on the Mass-house gate of Meeting of the county of Longsord Bi- Navan for some time past, of which we ble Association, was held in the Court- subjoin a copy : house of this town. The attendance

" INDULGENCES. was numerous and respectable. Upon “1. A Plenary Indulgence is obtainthe chair being taken by the Rev. Dr. ed on entering the Society of the ChrisCrawford, Vicar-General of the Diocese, tian Doctrine, by going to Confession and the Report was read hy the Rev. R. Communion. A Plenary Indulgence at Flood, one of the Secretaries, by which the bour of death. A Plenary Indulit appeared, that the number of copies of gence one day in the month, by worthily the Scriptures circulated last year, con- receiving the sacraments. An Indulsiderably exceeded that of the preceding. gence of seven years every time this cha. Resolutions were moved and seconded ritable work of instruction is performed. by the following clergymen :- The Rev. - Pius VI. August 10, 1788. Messrs. Goslin-W. C. Armstrong – “ 2. An Indulgence of 100 days is Wm. Digby-- Alexander Hudson-J. granted, not only to parents, masters, and Handcock - B. Cronyn-Robert Jessop inistresses of families or schools, wbo -J. Trench-Richard St. George-R. give catechistical instructions, but also Sbaw-W. B. M'Cartney, and A. to those who receive it.- Paul V. OctoKingston, Esq. The addresses of the ber 6, 1607. several speakers were listened to with “3. An Indulgence of seven years deep attention, and the meeting did not and seven quarantines is obtained by the break up till four o'clock.

faithful, as often as they piously say the The following awful circumstance was Acts of Faith, Hope, and Charity. By mentioned by the Rev. R, St. George, doing so for a month they obtain a Pleto have taken place during the last year nary Indulgence on whatever day they in his neighbourhood—the truth of which, worthily receive the sacraments. This be states, could be verified on oalh. Indulgence in both cases is applicable to

On the 11th of July, 1827, a Ro. the suffering souls in Purgatory.—Beneman Catholic told a Protestant, that if dict XIV. December 11, 1754. there would be any display of political 4. A Plenary Indulgence is obtainfeeling, as was usual, on the following ed by the faithful every month, provided day, that blood would be spilled by the they approach the sacraments, and pray Roman Catholics. The Protestant ob- for the good of the church, by saying served, that murder was forbid by the every day, in honor of the most blessed word of God; To hell with you and Trinity, · Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of the Word of God!! replied the Roman Hosts, the earth is full of thy glory. Catholic.

Glory be to the Father, glory be to the A few days after, the neighbourhood Son, glory be to the Holy Ghost. On was visited by a dreadful storm of thun. each day they gain 100 days' Indulgence. der and lightening, that caused the most --Clement XIV. hardened to tremble, Several accidents “ 5. An Indulgence of 300 days, occurred during the storm ; but the most which is applicable to the souls in Purawful event was the blasting by the gatory, is obtained by those who say lightening of the wretched man, who with devotion and contrition, 'Jesus, bad a few days before used the unchari- Mary, and Joseph, assist me in my last table and blasphemous expression of,

agony: 0 Jesus, Mary, and Josepb, “ To hell with you and the word of may I breathe forth my soul to you in God.”

peace.' South Mayo Bible Society.The Rev. “N.B.--These two (Numbers 4 and George V. Hart presided at the Annual 5) can be easily obtained by persons of Meeting of the South Mayo Bible So. every rank and situation in life. ciety, at Castlebar, on Friday, 10th of s 6--A Plenary Indulgence is gained October. The Rev. Messrs. Hardgrove by those, who, when dying, invoke with

Smyth-Seymour-Crofton-Jones- contrition the holy name of Jesus, even Henry--Singer, and Duncan, addressed in their minds, and devoutly submit to the cbair.

their death, delivering their souls into the Popish March of Intellect.-The fol- hands of their Creator,--Benedict XIV.

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