Obrazy na stronie


of, 149

July 11, 1879.

Nickel and zinc, separation of, 74 Ox, analysis of stag and roe horns | Petroleum or ether, crystals ex- Platinum alloy assays, improved
existence of an oxide of Nigon, and the horns of an, 23

tracted from cast-iron by method for making, 89
Oxalic acid, action of potassium means of, 251

incandescent radiation of, 83
m-tallurgyf, 105

permanganate upon, 18

“ Pharmaceutical and Medical series, preparation of metals of
Nicotin, new derivative of, 252 Oxidation, rapid, probable be- Chemistry, Introduction to

the, 175
Nilson, L. F., scandium, a new haviour of various metals, (review), 248

Playfair, D., rare minerals in py-
element, 184
&c., when subjected to, 217, Pharmacist, unfortunate, 116

rites flue-dust, 245
ytteroia, 184


Pharmacy, South London School Plumbic tetrethide, 130
Nitre, loss of in vitriol manusac- Oxidations and reductions, 41

of, ro, 218

Poincaré M., eff.cts of inhaling
ture, 170, 193, 205, 215, 216, Oxide, chromic, 106

“ Pharmacy, Year. Book of" (re. oil of turpentine, 251
226, 227, 232, 237, 249
magnetic, on iron surfaces, new view), 20

Poisons, Our Domestic " (re-
Nitric acid, determination of las method of producing a coat- Phenanthren, constitution of, 163 view), 121
ammonia, 34

ing of, 212
Phenanthren.quinon, 163

Polarised light by solutions of in-
as nitric oxide, 202

of nickel, Ni,O4, existence of Phenic acid, poisonous properties verted sugar, deviations of,
by means of indigo, 285
an, 53
of, 116

212, 234
in commercial lime-juice, 206 Oxides of cobalt and nickel, com- Phenols, sulph-etheric acids of Pollacci, E, new phenomena ob.
quantity of contained in the
plex, 81
the, 163

served in "plastering "wines
Nile before and after its rise, on salts, action of, 183

Phenyl-acetic acid, derivatives of,

and musts, 22
Oxy-ferrocyanide oi anmoniacal 171

Polyporic acid, contribution to a
nitrogen in guano, 268

copper, 277

Phenyl-cinnamic acid, synthesis knowledge of, 229
Nitrification, 223
Oxygen and the halogens, reci-

Poppy petal ash, analysis of, 27
influence of chloroform on, 26 procal displacements of, 196 Phenyi - glycol, hydrocarbon, Pontele, C., ripening of grapes
Nitriles, conversion of into free, apparatus for estimating, C16H12. from, 171

and other fruits. 240
imides, 34


Philips, S. E., uric acid group, 28 Potassa, caustic, products of the
Nitrogen, analysis of bodies con- Oxygenated water in the organ- Phipson, T. L., water analysis, action of upon sulpho-mesy
taining halogens or, 228
isms of plants, 149

telenate of potassium, 228
in manures, determination of Oxyheptic acid, homologues of, Philosophical and Literary So- Potassic bibromate, action of
the total, 196

ciety, Manchester, 8, 62, 113 with sulphuric acid upon
jodide, 257
Ozone and the electric effluve, Society of Glasgow. 102, 147,

cholic acid, 94
nitric, in guano, 268, 28I

researches on, 63

Phosphates in the different ele- Potassium cyanosulphite, 184
Nitrogenous constituents of pas- "Ozone in Relation to Health ments of the blood, 218

iodide, manufacture of, 118
ture grass, &c., 264

and Disease" (review), 133
studies on, 94

with sulphurous acid, reaction
nutrition of plants, 264
Ozonator, new form of, 157

with a carbonated gangue, pro- of iodine with, 19
organic substances, determina-

cess for enriching, 104

permanganate, action of upon
tion of, 41

Phosphatic minerals, treatment oxalic acid, 18
Nitrometer, Lunge's, for deter-

of, 264

preparation of cobalto-cyanide
mination of nitrous and bitric PALMER, J. A., poisoning by

mushrooms, 137.
Phosphide, hydrogen, combina-

of, and some of its deriva-
acids, 133
Papasogli, G., alkaline polysul- tions of with cuprous chloride,

tives, 33
Tennant's, 168
phides as reagents for cobalt, 162, 263

Poutet, M., test for olive oil, 136
Nitroso.guanidin, 239


Phosphorescence, observed case Poynting. J. H., estimation of
Nitrous acid, action of on non- Para-di-propyl-benzol, and cer. of, 184

small excesses of weight, 45
saturated hydrocarbons, 34 tain of its derivatives, 163 Phosphoric acid as ammonic- Pratt, J. W., and E. J. Mills,
preparation of, 42

Paraffin, and what is got from it, phospho- molybdate, deter- action of oxides on salts, 183
Nælting, E., P. Monnet, and F.


mination of, 42

Prism, new compound, for direct
Reverdin, aniline and methy- Paraxylidin, 34

excretion of in Herbivora, 240 vision spectroscopes, 64.
lated toluydins, 149

Paris Academy of Sciences, 256 Phosphorus, crystallisation of, Procter, H. R., chemical joittings
researches in the laboratory of Parsons, H. B., oxidations and 115, 144

MM. P. Monnet and Co., at reductions, 41

elimination of in the Bessemer Proctor, B. S., smoke of an elec-
La Plaine, 229
Patent legislation, new, 117

converter, 219

tric lamp, 283
Nuclei, action of, 110
“Patentees' Manual"' (review),

manufacture of, 147

Provinces, gossip in the, 94
Nueesh, M., cases of phosphores-


Phosphuretted hydrogen, action Prunier, L., pyrogenous carbides
cence observed, 184

Paterno, E., and G. Magara, of on the animal organism, of American petroleum, 124
cumo-phenol-carbonic acid, 149 102

" Public Health Act, 1875, Notes
Pattinson, J., precipitation of “ Photographic Almanac" (re- of Statutes and Legal Deci-
manganese as dioxide, 201
view), 122

sions affecting the, from 1875
quality of the small coal used Phylloxera, lecture on the, 184
OBITUARY, J. M. Merrick,162

to 1878" (review), 52
on the Tyne, 30
note on, 64

Public health and hygiene, lec-
Peter le Neve Foster, 93 Pavy, F. W., volumetric estima- | Physical Society, 51, 71, 92, 112, tures on, 185
Thomas Wills, 217
tion of sugar by an ammoni- 132, 192, 214, 247, 27.4

schools, science-teaching in, 207
William George Valentin, 204 ated cupric test, 77

Physics, molecular, in high vacua, Purple of the ancients, 285
Occluded and nascent conditions, Pavy's method of determining 155

Purpurins, isomeric, chronology
action of substances in the 91 glucose, examination of, 197, Physics, Practical, Molecular,

of the, 255
Ogier, J., liquefaction of silicide 249

and Sound" (review), 52 Pyrites flue-dust, rare minerals
of hydrogen, 103

Pauly, C., and R. Otto, formation Picard, P., methods employed by
thermic formation of hydrogen and constitution of the di. Cl. Bernard in determining Pyrogenous carbides of American
silicide, 251

sulphoxides of benzol and reductive sugars in the blood, petroleum, 124
Oglialoro, A., characteristic re- toluol, 185


Pyrolignite of lime, crude, exam-
actions of picrotoxin, 264 Peckham, s. F., composition of Piccard, J., cantharic acid and a ination of, 264
studies on Teucrium fruticans, the ash of wheat-bran, 244 terpenoid hydrocarbon, 195 Pyroxene, artificial, 21)

determination of specific gravi- | Pickering, S. U., action of hydro- Pyruvic acid, 164
synthesis of phenyl-cinnamic

ties, 97

chlordc acid on manganese
acid, 149

Pellet, H., and M. Durin, influ- dioxide, 225
Oil of turpentine, effects of in- ence of various substances Picric acid, manufacture of, 150,
halipg, 251

upon crystallisable sugar, 264 171
olive, test for, 136

Penfield, s, L., new volumetric Picrotogin, characteristic reaction Quantitative spectrum analysis,
seed, new, 264
method of determining flu-

Oils, 34

orine, 179

Pigments, animal, extraction of, Quinamin, researches on, 173
essential, limited oxidation of Penta-brom-resorcin, 41
the, 279

Pentathionic acid, non-existence Pilter, T., preparation of artifi- Quin, C. W., large crystal grow-
Oino-chemical researches, 23

ing, 110
of, 263

cial animal charcoal, 252
Olive oil, test for, 136
Perkin, W. H, action of iso- treatment of phosphatic mine. Quinin and the allied alkaloids

decomposition-products of,92
Oudemans, A. C., researches on butyric anhydride on the aio-

substitutes for, 34
quinamin, 173

matic aldehyds, 39

Pinner, A., and F. Klein, butyl- Quinons, action of on organo-
Optics, spectroscopic, 253
coal-tar colours, 189

chloral-cyanhydrate, 34

zinc compounds, 261
Organic bodies containing haio- Peroxide, hydrogen, 144, 221

conversion of the nitriles into
gens or nitrogen, 228

magnetic, artificial preparation imides, 34
"Organic Chemistry, Manual of"

of, 239

Pinus Sabiana, heptane from, 182
(review), 275

Perry, N. W., improved method Pisani, F., Wagnerite of Bamle, RADIATION of incandescent
Organic chemistry, seven funda- for making platinum alloy

in Norway, 104

platinum, 83
mental types of, 37, 47, 59

assays, 89
Pittakall and eupitton, 188

Rain-fall, comparative observa-
ultramarines, 63
Petermann, Prof., Crispo, and Plague, contagion of the, 123

tions of according to Fautrat's
Organo-zinc compounds, action Mercier, Belgian phosphor-Plante's Researches on Electri. method, 93
of on quinors, 261
ites, 239

city," remarks on, 123

Ramsay, W., and J. J. Dobbie, on
Ostwald, W., volumetro-chemical | Petroleum, &c., action of high Plants, absorption of selenium the decomposition-products
studies, 277
temperatures on, 137
by, 243

of quinin and the allied alka.
Otto, R., and Ć. Pauly, formation American, pyrogenous carbides oxygenated water in the or-

loids, 92
and constitution of the di-

formula of the sesquioxides, 288

ganisms ot, 149
sulphoxides of benzol and gold in, 253

" Plastering" wines and musts,

volumes of liquids at their
toluol, 185
inflammability of, 253

boiling-points, 201

in, 245

QUADRANT electrometer, 113

of, 124





July 11, 1879.
Readman, J., manufacture of Salts, action of animal charcoal | Sewerage, 265

Spectrometric measurement of
phosphorus, 147

on, 135

Shoolbred, Mr., electric lighting, high temperatures, 22
Reagent for carbolic acid,new,204

of oxides on, 183


Spectroscopes, new compound
Reciprocal displacements of oxy- of the earthy metals, fluores- Siemens, C., new electric current prism for direct vision, 64
gen and the halogens, 196
cence of, 262

regulator, 92

Spectroscopic optics, 253
Red wines, variability of the of trimethyl-sulphine, 51 Silicates,determination of ferrous Spectroscopy, end-on illumination
colouring matter of, 163 Salubrine-cnosote, 253

oxide in, 135

in private, 145, 166, 188
Reiset, J., proportion of carbonic Samarskite, new spectral rays in Siliciuretted hydrogen, 35

Spectrum analysis, quantitative,
acid in the atmosphere, 243,

substances extracted from, Silkworm, preservation of the 124
Rémont, A., determination of the

115, 135

eggs of the, 116

influence of the colours of the
total nitrogen in manures, 196 Sanitary condition of air in public Silver and gold, separation of, on the development of ani.
Renoul, M., and M. Urbain, com- schools, 180


mals, 22
pound of alumina and car- Sarracenia purpurea, active prin- gold, &c., extraction of from of didymium nitrate, 286
bonic acid, 277
ciples of, 84

pyrites, 7

of erbium nitrate, 288
Reverdin, F., P. Monnet, and E. Scandium, a new element, 184 Siren, with an electro-magnetic of sodium, 243
Nælting, aniline and mcthy Schæfer, M., animated enemies regulator, 250

Squibb, E. R., * Proposed Legis.
lated toluydins, 149,

of cultivated plants and their Skraup, Z. K., cinchonin and cin- lation on the Adulteration of
researches in the laboratory of destruction, 23

chonidin, 34

Food and Medicine" (review),
MM. P. Monnet and Co., at Schaffner, M., and W. Helbig, Smith, A. P., arsenical wall 249
La Plaine, 229
extraction of sulphur from

papers, 161

Spinners, complementary, 218
Reynier's report on electric light alkali waste, &c., 172

blue flame from common salt, Spitzer, F. V., camphor chlorides,
regulator, 206
Schering, E., manuiacture of po- 141

Riban, J. combinations of hydro- tassium iodide, 118

E. J., electrolytic determination camphen derived from camphor,
gen phosphide with cuprous Schaumann, W., paraxylidin, 34 of cadmium, 185

chloride, 162, 263

Schift, H , analysis of organic crystals extracted from cast- W., and J. F. Moulton, sensi-
transformation of starch into bodies containing halogens or iron by means of ether and tiveness of electric discharges
glucose by cold water, 104
nitrogen, 223

petroleum, 251

in vacuum tubes, 274
saccharification of starch, 150 preservation of drinking-water, Daubréelite, 105

Stædel, W., and M. Kleinschmidt,
Richet, C., certain conditions of 34

remarkable specimen of iron isoindol, 74
lactic fermentation, 218
synthesis of meta-nitro-cinna- silicide, 9.

halogen substitution products
Richter, O., seven fundamental mic acid, 84

and L. De Boisbaudran, spec- of ethan, 105
types of organic chemistry, Schizomycetic fermentation, 163 trum of didymium nitrate, and ethylen, 74
37, 47, 59
Schmidt, H., and G. Schultz,


uvic acid, 74
Rodewald, H., and B. Tollens, diphenyl bases, 74

Widmannstätten's figures on Stag, roe, and ox horns, analysis
reductive action of milk-sugar Schneizler, Bretefe'd, and

artificial iron, 268

of, 23
upon alkaline solution of Downes, MM., occurrence R. Angus, absorption of gases Stahlschmidt, C., contribution to
copper, 195
and life of bacteria, and
by charcoal, 77

a knowledge of polyporic
Rodwell, G. F., and H. M. Elder,

influence on yeast, 252
detection of fire-damp, 267

acid, 229
effect of heat on the di-iodide Schoene, E., experimental re- W., certain compounds

of Stanno-propyis and iso-stanno.
of mercury, 56
searches on hydrogen pero

naphthalene and benzene, 183 propyls, 277
Rood, Dr., quantitative analysis oxide, 105, 164

explosions in flour-mills and iodides of the,, 218
of white light, 253
Schools, public, sanitary condition coal-mines, 223, 249

Starch and glycogen, action of
Rosanilin group, certain colour- of air in, 180

extinguishing fires in tar dis- diastase, &c., on, 64
ing matters of the, 195
Schorlemmer, C., and R. S. Dale, tilleries, 196

detection of in milk, 172
Rosanilins, remarks on memoir aurin, 40, 164, 244

insurance of tar distilleries, 196 formula of, 264
by E, and 0. Fischer on the combinations of aurin with

isomeric dinaphthyls, 112

history of, 284
constitution of the, 104

mineral acids, 25

manufacture of picric acid, 171 in filter-papers, 253.
Roscoe, H, E., and C. Schorlem- transformation of aurin into new method of determining modification of the physical
mer, " Treatise on Chemis- trimethyl pararosanilin, 161

vapour-densities, 66, 123

properties of, 163
try” (review), 20

and H. E. Ro coe,

Treatise on ready method for preparing di- saccharification of, 150
new chemical industry, 107

Chemistry” (review), 20

phenyl, 268

tenacity of, 97, 115, 122, 134
Rosenstiehl, A., absorption spec- Schræder, H., contributions to testing of coal-tar products, 173

Stassfurt industry, report on, 172
tra of alizarin, &c., 289

the voluminar and steric laws,

Smetham, A., composition of a Static electricity, novel pheno-
remarks on memoir by E. and 171

boiler incrustation, 236

menon of, 21
O. Fischer on the constitution Schulerud, M., dichromates, 136 Smyth, Piazzi, end-on illumina- Ste-Claire Deville, Des Cloiseau
of the rosanilips, 104
Schultz, G., and R. Anschütz, on

tion in private spectroscopy, and Daubrée, MM.. native
Rotatory magnetic

phenanthren quinon, 163
r45, 166, 188

iron of Greenland and the
vapours, 195
Schunck, E., indigo-blue, 112, 129,
Society, Chemical, 39, 67, 90, III,

dolerite which it contains, 9
Royal Agricultural College, 143

130, 146, 160, 182, 201, 223, 260, St. Dunstan's Well, analysis of
Cirencester, 105, 127
indigo-purpurin and indirubin, 283

water of, 259
Commission for enquiring into 262

of Arts, 54, 185

Steel and wrought-iron, process
presence of fire-damp in purple of the ancients, 285

Royal, 277.

for making, 35
mines, &c., 74

Schützenberger, P., and A. Des- Philosophical of Glasgow, 102, manganese, 118
Institution of Great Britain, 34, trem, alcoholic fermentation, 147

mild, working of, 18
64, 173


Physical, 51, 71, 92, 112, 132 temper of, 200
Society, 277
composition of beer yeast, 104,

192, 214, 247, 274

welding, 97
conversazionc, 191

Russian Chemical, 104

Steels, relations between the che.
Rozan's process for desilvering recent paper by M. R. Aron- Soda-lyes, estimation of cyano mical composition and me-
lead, 30
heim, 228
gen, 25

chanical properties of, 228
Rucker, Marshall, Green. Miall, Schultz, G., constitution of phen- Soda process, Leblanc, 148 Stenhouse, J., and C. E. Groves,
and Thorpe, Profs., "Coal" anthren, 163

Sodium, spectrum of, 243

gardenin, 283
(review), 20

and H.Schmidt, diphenyl bases, Soil, temperature of in a loose history of the naphthalin series,
Russian Chemical Society, 104


and a compact condition, 240 94
scientific news, 23, 150, 228
" Science Index” (review), 148
Soils, cohesive power of various

Steric and voluminar laws, con-
Science in the streets, 124

kinds of, 93

tributions to the, 171
teaching in public schools, 207 Solids, determination of in milk, Stock, W. F. K., analysis of
SABIANA pinus, heptane from, Sciences, Paris Academy of, 236 264

boiler feed-waters, 5
Scientific News, Russian, 23, 150, Soret, J. L., absorption spectrum apparatus for production of
Saccharine juices, purification of 228

of didymium, 135

ferrous salts for titration, 46
with hydrate of alumina, 240 Sea-water, action of on thin iron fluorescence of the salts of the Stöckenius, 0., derivatives of
matters, analysis of crude

and steel plates, 35
earthy metals, 262

phenyl-acetic acid, 171
sugars and, 53

diffusion of lithia and its pre- transparence of the media of the Stokes, the law of, 283
Sachsse, R., formula of starch,264 sence in, 263

eye for the ultra-violet rays, Stromeyer, A., examination of
Saffron, means of detecting the Seeds, spurious, 150


crude pyrolignite of lime, 264
adulteration of, 35

Seidler, P., and Č. Liebermann, South London School of Phar- Strontium, &c., thermo-chemical
Sal-ammoniac, dissociation of, chrysarobin, and alleged macy, 10, 218

researches on, 196

chrysophanic acid in Goa- Specific gravities, determination Strychnine researches on, 149
Salicylic acid as a disinfectant, 33 powder, 42

of, 97

Strype, W. G, "Improvenients
detection of in beer, 136 Selenium, absorption of by plants,

rotation of cane-sugar, 84

in Sulphuric Acid Manufac-
and benzoic acids, curves of 243

Spectra absorption, 74

ture" (review), 288
solubility of, 104.

Sell, W. J., volumetric deter- photographic, records of ab- Succinic fermentation, 149
Saliva, &c., effect of alcohol on, mination of chromium, 131

sorption, 132, 135

Sugar, crystallisable, influence of

Senlecq, M., telectroscope, 84 production of coloured by light, various substances on, 264
Salt, blue flame from common,141 Septicemic and carbuncular 282

determination of in the blood,
Salts, action of acids on without affections, causes of death in, Spectral rays, displacement of 218
the intervention of a solvent, 136

due to the rotatory movement inverted, deviation of polarised
Sesquioxides, formula of the, 288 of the sun, 83

light by solutions of, 212, 234
. of ammoniacal upon certain Seubert, C., atomic weight of in substances extracted from volumetric estimation of by an
metallic sulphides, 251
iridium, 74
Samarskite, 115, 135

ammoniated cupric test, 77

power of




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for the,

July 11, 1879.

Sugars, crude, and saccharine | Temperature, method of calula- | Tolidins, three isomeric, 42 Villari, E. thermic and galvano-
matters, analysis of, 53

ting the curve of in a rod Toluydins,aniline and methylated, metric laws of the electric
in the blood, reductive method along which heat is being 149

spark produced in gases, 195
employed by C. C. Bernard conducted, 71

Tomlinson, C., action of nuclei, Villiers, A., analysis of an Ethio-
in determining, 218
Tennant's micrometer, 168

&c, 110, 141

pian honey, 104
Sugared ultramarine, 149

Terne, B., contribution to the fat Tönnies, P., action of nitrous Vine, effects of carbonic sulphide
Sulph-etheric acids of the phe. industry, 135

acid upon non-saturated hy. on the radicular system of the
nols, 163
utilisation of animal refuse, 150 drocarbons, 34

Sulph.hydrate, zinc, 185
Terpenes, camphor, and allied Trade cattle foods, 94

Violle, J., radiation of incandes-
Sulphates, action of dry gaseous compounds, 284

Tribe, A., and J. H. Gladstone, cent platinum, 83
hydrochloric acid upon, 74 compounds of the with hydro- action of substances in the specific heat and melting tem-
researches on, 228

chloric acid, 256
nascent and occluded condi-

perature of palladium, 22
Sulphides, Bessemer process for Terpinoid hydrocarbon and a tions, 91

Viscosity, certain catalytic phe-
treating, 103

cantharic acid, 195
Tri-tungstates, 239

nomena due to, 263
Sulphites and hyposulphites, de- Terpin and terpinol, 160

Triphenyl-methan, 42

Vitriol manufacture, loss of nitre
'tection of, 135

Tetra-nitroxy-sulpho-benzide, 43 Trimethyl - pararosanilin, trans- in, 170, 193, 205, 215, 215, 226,
Sulpho-cyanic acid and its salts, Tetrallylammonium and triallyl- formation of aurin inio, 161 227, 232, 237, 249
action of mono-chlor-acetic amin, browide of, 263

Trimethyl-sulphine, salts of, 51 Voltaic element, new, with a con-
acid upon, 206
Tetrethide, plumbic, 130

Trimethylamin, action of on the stant current, 73
Sulpho - selen-oxy-tetra-chloride, Teiric acid and its homologues, sulphide of carbon, 233 Volumetric estimation of sil.


Troost, L., hydrochloric acid with phuric acid, tannin, &c., 156
Sulphur, extraction of from alkali
Tetrachloride, lead, 161

ammonia, 162

method, new, of determining
waste, &c., 172
Teucrium fruticans, studies on, Tropæolin as an alkalimetric in.

fluorine, 179
gases, prevention of escape of,


dicator, 163

Volumetro-chemical studies, 277

" Textile Colourist" (review), 148 Truch t, P., letter to M. Dumas Voluminar and steric laws, con-
Sulphuric acid, action of hydro- | Terrestrial magnetism,

concerning the apparatus of tributions to the, 171
chloric acid
upon certain
theory of, 112

Lavoisier, 239

Von Kleuze, D., and W. Engling,
double salts of, 84

Thaer, A., manure experiments | Turpenoine, effects of inhaling Alpine dairy farming, 234
action of on the hydrocarbons on the trial field of the Uni.

oil of, 251

Von Miller, W, angelicic acid of
of the formula C20H18, 284 versity of Giessen, 94

Tweedie, G. R., new method of different origins, 34
action upon of cholic acid

Thermic and galvanometric laws producing a coating of mag- Von Soumaruga, E., molecular
with potassic bichromate, 94 of the electric spark produced netic oxide on iron surfaces, magnitude of indigo, 229
manufacture of, 241
in gases, 195


Von Waldner, A., “Unity of Mat-
tannin, &c., volumetric esti- formation of hydrogen silicide,

ter" (review), 32
mation of, 156

Vulpius, Dr., detection of starch
"Sulphuric Acid and Alkali Ma-
Thermo-chemical researches on ULLIK, F., gelatinous silicic

in milk, 172
nufacture " (review), 287

magnesium, calcium, stron- acid and an inorganic mem-
“Sulphuric Acid, Manufacture

tium, and barium, 196

brane, 195
Improvements in " (review), Thioglycolic and thiodiglycolic Ultramarine, sugared, 149 WAGNERITE of Bamle in

etners, 163

Ultramarines, formation of or- Norway, 104
“Sulphuric Acid, Treatise on the Thollon, A., new compound prism ganic, 63

Wallace, w., selenmachon, 84
Manufacture of” (review), for direct vision spectro- Ultra-violet rays, transparence of Wall-papers, arsenical, 161
scopes, 64

the media of the


Warden, c.' J. H., analysis of
Sulphurous acid, reactions of
L., displacement of spectral 252

poppy petal ash, 27
iodine and potassium iodide

rays due
to the rotatory
University of London, 10

Warington, R., determination of
with, 19

movement of the sun, 83

Urbain and Renoul, MM, com. nitric acid as nitric oxide, 202
Sulphuretted hydrogen, behaviour | Thomas, J. W., analysis of com- pound of alumina and car- determination of nitric acid by
of certain nitro-compounds bustible gases, 111

bonic acid, 277

means of indigo, 285
with, 185
composition of the gas which Urea, acetylen, 84

influence of chloroform on ni-
Sun, displacement of spectral issued from one of the shafts new organised ferment of, 263 trification, 41
rays due to the rotatory of the Abercarn Colliery, 27. Uric acid, formula of, 42

nitrification, 223
movement of the, 83
S. G., and P.i. Gilchrist, eli-

group, 28

Wash-bottle, new form of, 19,190,
Supersaturated solutions, 16, 110, mination of phosphorus in derivatives of the alloxanic 227
the Bessemer converter, 219 series, 64

Washing mixtures, 289
Thomsen, J.. composition of cop- Urine, reactions of bile acids and Wassermann, M., certain deriva-
TANNING agents along with per sulphide formed in the their detection in, 135

tives of methyl-eugenol, 289
cellulose, &c., process for ob- moist way, 185

reaction of bile pigments in, 150 Water analysis, 62, 67, 103
taining from vegetable mat- monohydrated sulphate of soda

Uyic acid, 74

and alcohol, limit of separation
ter, 124
and dihydrated carbonate of

by distillation, 251
materials, certain, 195
soda, 184

colours, arsenic in dark, 263
revolution in, 33
thermo-chemical researches on VACUA, molecular physics in

moist, for students, 74
Tappeiner, H., action of potascic magnesium, calcium, stron- high, 155

composition of the Metropolitan,
bibromate with sulphuric acid tium, and barium, 196

Vacuum, reduction of analytical 24, 72, 150, 174, 240
upon cholic acid, 94
zinc sulphydrate, 105

weighings to a, 106

contaminated, is it injurious for
Tar, distillation of, 10

Thomson, E., and E. J. Houston, tubes, sensitiveness of eiectric domestic purposes ? 28
distilleries, extinguishing fires transmission of power by

discharges in, 274

decomposition of calcium chlo-
in, 190

means of electricity, 55 Valentin, William George, (Obi- ride by, 184
insurance of, 196
J. S., paraffin and what is got tuary), 204

examination for bacteria, 135
Tarry matters in ammonia, 173

from it, 72

Valentin, W., retiring from Labo- of St. Dunstan's Well, analysis
Tartar emetic in dyeing, 252 W., tenacity of starch, 122

ratory at South Kensington, of, 259
Tartaric acid, determination of Thörner, W., and T. Zincke, di- 196

preservation of drinking, 34
in lees and argol, 182

phenyl-methyl-acetic acid, 171 Vanadium, certain fluorine com- sostening of magnesia-hard, 258
effective quantity of in dregs of Thorpe, T. E., Rucker, Marshall, pounds of, 74

Watson, W. H., effect of alcohol
wine, 207

Green, and Miall, “Coal" inactivity of chrome compounds on salıva, &c., 226
preparation of chemically pure, (review), 20

in comparison with in form- Watts, H., "Dictionary of Che-

contribution to the theory of ing aniline-blacks by means mistry " (review), 203
Tatlock, R. R., magnetic ironsand fractional distillation, 260

of aniline salts in presence of

Wax adulteration, 172
from the Kyles of Bute, 102 heptane from Pinus sabiana, 182 chlorates, 53

of Ficus gummiflua, 194
nitric nitrogen in guano, 268 Tidy, c. M., composition and Van Dijk, P., relation between Weight, estimation, of small
Tattersall, T., new test for cobalt, quality of the Metropolitan the temperature of the earth excesses, 45
water, 24, 72, 150, 174, 240

and the depth below the sur. Wein, E., J. Nessler, A. Mayer,
Taylor, J. T., “British Journal water analysis, 67

face, 252

and R. Henrichs, trade cattle
Photographic Almanac" (re- Tilden, W. A., and Dr. Arm- Van Hamel-Roos, P. F., ena- foods, 94
view), 122

strong, action of sulphuric melled iron cooking-vessels, Wheat bran, compusition of the
Tcherniak, J., and E. Grimaux, acid on the hydrocarbons of 236

ash, 244, 276
malonic acid, 263

the formula C1H0, 284 Van Tieghem, P., fermentation | Whewell, G., analysis of bleaching
Tea, properties and chemical ex-
compounds of the terpenes with of cellulose, 103

powder, 80
amination of, 253

hydrochloric acid, 256

Vapour-densities, new method of tenacity of starch, 97, 134
Technological examinations, 207 terpin and terpinol, 160

determining, 54, 66, 92, 110, White light,quantitative analysis,
Telectroscope, 84
Tin-phenyl compounds, synthesis 117, 123

Telemachon, 84

of, 94

Vapours, rotatory magnetic Wilde, H., improved method of
Telephone and microphone, use Titration, apparatus for the pro- power of, 195

producing and regulating the
of in scientific researches, 53 duction of ferrous salts for, 46 Veratrum family, alkaloids of the, electric light, 8
circuits, induction disturbances Tollens, B., specific rotation of 224

Wildt, E., new oil seed, 264
in, 288

cane-sugar, 84

Verbeck, A., sensitiveness of che. Williams, C., and T. Carnelly
new Bell's, 83
and H. Rodewald, reductive mical balances, 150

boiling-points of certain
origin of sound in the, 277

action of milk-sugar upon Veseley, W., analysis of stag and metals and metallic salts, ..
Telephones without diaphragm, alkaline solution of copper roe horrs and the horns of an 286

G., substitute for litmus, 98

ox, 23







Williams, G., vapour-densities, Witt, O. N., colouring matters Wool and other textiles, action of Yung, E., influence of different

derived from diazo
aniline-black upon, 137

colours of the spectrum on
W.C., derivaties of di-isobutyl, pounds, 90

washing with ether and alcohol, the development of animals,22
new class or colouring matters, 163

Ytterbia, 184
Wilson, Mr., divisibility of the

Wright, C. R. A., and A. P. Luff,
electric light by incandes. Witz, G., inactivity of the chrome alkaloids of the Veratrum
cence, 214
compounds in comparison

family, 224
H., and 1. Dupré, estimation of with vanadium in forming chemical dynamics, 261

minut: quantities of carbon, aniline-black by means of Wrought-iron and steel, direct ZINC and nickel, separation of,

aniline salts in presence of process for making, 35
W.J., the harmonograph, 247 chlorates, 53

Wurtz, A., bases derived from from blende, preparation of, 124
Wills, Thomas (Obituary), 217

value certain chemical aldol ammonia, 251, 283 sulph-hydrate, 185
testing and chemical analysis, agents in printing aniline-

Zincke, T., and a. Breuer, hydro-
blacks, 239

carbon, CigH12, from phenyl-
Wines and musts,“ plastering,"22 | Wolff, J., different aniline-blacks,

glycol, 171
foreign colouring matters in

"YEAR-BOOK of Pharmacy"

W. 'Thörner, diphenyl-
red, 240
Wollny, E., temperature of the (review),20

methyl-acetic acid, 171
simple method of detecting soil in a compact and a lcose Yeast, chemical composition of, Zorn, W., diazo-compounds of the
magenta in, 85
condition, 240

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fatty series, 42


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