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Chemical News,


1 July 11, 1879.
Atomic weights, &c., of elements 3-nj amin, M., new forms of ap- Bottomley, J. colorimetry, 276 Carbides, pyrogenous, of Ameri.
of compounds, relations be-

paratus, 160

Bouchardat, M., lecture on the can petroleum, 124
tween, 281
Benzene and naphthalen, certain phylloxera, 184

Carbolic acid, new reagent for,204
Attwood, G., gold nugget from compounds of, 183

Boudet, M., electric inscription Carbon, estimation of minute
South America, 161
Benzoic acid, new derivatives of, of words, 250

quantities of, 39
quantitative blowpipe assay of 74

Bouilland, M., reflection on the Carbonated gangue, process for
mercury, III

and salicylic acids, curves of communication by M. de enriching phosphates with a,
Aurin, 40, 164, 244

solubility of, 104

Lesseps on the contagion of 104
combinations of with mineral Benzol-green and malachite- the plague, 123

Carbonic acid and alumina, com-
acids, 25

green, contributions to the Bourbouze, M., siren with an pound of, 277.
formation of, 184, 263

history of, 229

electro-magnetic regulator, proportion of in the atmo.
transformation of into trime- Benzol, physiological action of, 250

sphere, 240
thyl para-rosanilin, 161


Bourgeois, L., production sulphide, effect of upon the
Anschütz, R., action of ethyl Benzylated cymen, 207

crystalline barium chromate, radicular system of the vine,
iodide upon silver maleate Bering, H., determination of 123

and fumarate, 42

solids in milk, 264

Bourgoin, E., bromo-citraconic Carbuncular and septicemic affec.
and G. Schultz, on phenanthren. Berkley, P. A., modern blast- acid, 196

tions, causes of death in, 136
quinon, 163

furnace, 133

curves of solubility of salicylic Carminaphtha, Laurent's, 101
Australia, chemistry in, 207 Bernhardi, B., report on the

and benzoic acids, 104

Carnelly, T., and C. Williams,
Australian Eucalypti, 169

Stassfurt Industry, 172

Bouvet, A., electro-chemical boiling points of certain
Automatic current-regulator, 9 Berthelot, M., alkaline amalgams,

action under pressure, 53

metals and metallic salts, 286
Ayrton, W.E., new theory of ter- and on the nascent state, 276 Boys, C. V., and Prof. Arago's

relations between the atomic
restrial magnetism, 112
formation of ethers of hydracids rotation, 192

weights, &c., of elements and
Azoic bodies, colouring-matters in the gaseous state, 63. Braithwaite, W. and J.," Retro- compounds, 281
belonging to the, 137
heat attending the mation of spect of Medicine" (review), Carr,

"Our Domestic
cyanogen, 244

Poisons" (review), 121
observations on M. Pasteur's Brazil, disease of the coffee plant | Carves, M., note on the phyl.
BACTERIA, examination of
paper on " Alcoholic Fer- observed in, 21

loxera, 64
water for, 135

mentation," 21

Bread and flour, alum in, 103 Casamajor, P., deviation of pola.
occurrence and life of, and in- reciprocal displacements of Bretefeld, Downes, and Schnetz- rised light by solutions of
fluence on yeast, 252

oxygen and the halogens, 196 ler, MM., occurrence and life inverted sugar, 212, 234
Baker, H., certain fluoriae com- reply to M. Pasteur, 63

of bacteria and influence on

Casein, 240
pounds of vanadium, 74
researches on ozone and the yeast, 252

Cast-iron, crystals extracted from
Bamle, Wagnerite of, 104

electric effluve, 63

Breuer, A., and T. Zincke, hydro- by means of ether or petro.
Banana, composition of, 83

specific heats and melting-heat carbon, C16H12, from phenyl- leum, 251
Barclay, A. E., precipitation of ot gallium, 228

glycol, 171

experiments to d=phosphorise,
metallic copper by poor cop- Bessemer converter, elimination Brimmer, C., composition of

per matt, 204
of phosphorus in the, 219

clover-hay rapidly dried or Catalytic phenomena due to vis-
Bardy, C., and L. Bordet, me- process for treating sulphides, exposed to rain, 240

cosity, 263
thylic alcohol in commercial 103

British Museum, electric light at Caustic potassa, pure, 162
methylens, 10€
Betram, J., excretion of phos. the, 101

Cazeneuve, P., determination of
Barium chromate, crystalline phoric acid in Herbivora, 240 Bromide of tetrallylammonium glucose in blood, 162
production of, 123
Beusch, M., physiological action and triallylamin, 263

Cellulose, &c., from vegetable
thermo-chemical researcheson, of benzol, 253

Bromo-citraconic acid, 196

matter, process for obtaining

Bichat, E., rotatory magnetic Brown, F. D., fractional distilla- tanning agents along with,124
Barth, L., dioxy-benzoic acid, 41 power of vapours, 195

tion, 262

fermentation of, 103
Basic constituent of the Dita Bile acids, reactions of, and their H.F., and Mr. Heron, history Chadburn, W. L Magic Lan-
bark, physiologically active,
detection in urine, 135
of starch, 284

tern Manual" (review), 32

pigments in urine reaction, 150 J. T., vapour-density deter- Charcoal, absorption of gases by,
Baubigny, H., existence of an Bindschedler and Busch, MM., a minations, 92, 117

oxide of nickel, Ni,O., 53

new fast green and malachite- Buchner, M., oino-chemical re- animal, action of on salts, 135
Baumann, E., sulph-etheric acids

searches, 23

artificial animal, 252
of the phenols, 163

Bjerknes, C. A., hydro-electricity Buisine, A., and E. Duvillier, Chemical agents used in printing
Bayley, T., complex oxides of and hydro-magnetism, 104

separation of ethyl-amins, 63 aniline-blacks, value of cer-
cobalt and nickel, 81
Black cerium aniline, 150
Bunsen's battery, improvement

tain, 239
“Pocket-Book for Chemists, Biacks, different aniline, 270

in, 116

analysis and wine-testing, 23
&c." (review), 21
Blaikie, J: A., salts of trimethyl- Butter, analysis of, 124

“Chemical Apparatus and Pure
wash-bottles with continuous sulphine, 51

Butyl-chloral cyan-hydrate, 34

Chemicals, Catalogue
jet, 227

Blast furnace, modern, 133 Busch and Bindschedler, MM., a (review), 52
Béchamp, A., history of beer. Bieaching-powder, analysis of, 80 new fast green and malachite Chemical balances, sensitiveness
yeast and of alcoholic fer- Blende, p:eparation of zinc from, green, 61

of, 150
mentation, 251

calculations, 113
influence of oxygen on alcoholic Blennard, A., action of trimethyl-

composition and the mechari.
fermentation as produced by

amin on the sulphide of car- CADMIUM, ele&rolytic deter- cal properties of steels, rela-
beer-yeast, 135

mination of, 105

tions between the, 228
Becker, G F., reduction of ana- Blood, determination of glucose i Cahours, A., and A. Etard, new of yeast, 136
lytical weighings to a vacuum, in, 162

derivative of nicotin, 252

dyramics, 261
of sugar in the, 218
and E. Demarcay, stanno-pro.

examination and properties of
Becquerel, E., observations on M. distribution of phosphates in pyls, and iso-stanno-propyls,

tea, 253
Piante's work,

the different elements of the, 277

Industry, German, Association
searches on Electricity," 123


iodides of the stanno-propyls, for Promoting the Interests
H., magnetic powers developed
Blue alizarin, 42

by influence in certain speci.

flame from common salt, 141 Cailletet, L., researches on the new, 107
mens of nickel and cobalt as indigo, 119, 129, 143

compressibility of gases, 64 investigation of Japanese lac-
compared with iron, 73 Blowpipe assay of mercury, quan-

Calcium chloride, decomposition quer, 113
magnetic rotatory power of titative, in

of by water, 184

jottings, 245
gases at ordinary pressure electric, 162

chloride of, 97, 122, 170

Society, 39, 67, 90, III, 130, 146,
and temperature, 195

Blyth, A. W., composition of sulphate, double salts of with 160, 182, 201, 223, 260, 283
Beer, detection of salicylic acid cows' milk in health and other salts, 171

Edinburgh University, 51, 72,
disease, 226

thermo-chemicalresearches on,
foreign bitter principle in, 264 "Manual of Practical Chemis- 196

Newcastle, 30, 132, 168
formation of mannite in, 136

try" (review), 215

Cameron, C. A., absorption of Russian, 104
Beer-yeast, composition of, 104, Boiler feed-waters, analysis of, 5 selenium by plants, 243

works, filter-presses for, 128
incrustation, composition of, 236 Campbell, Mr., and Dr. Mills, re- measuring the volume of the
history of, and of alcoholic fer- Boiteau, M., effects of carbonic searches on dyeing, 161

gases and the acid vapours
mentation, 251

sulphide upon the radicular Camphen derived from camphor, given off by the chimneys of ,
Beilstein, F., separation of zinc system of the vine, 251


and nickel, 74

Borax, danger in the use of for Camphic acid, transformation of Chemistry, cultivation of, 48 57
and A. Kurbatow, behaviour of the preservation of food, 9,54 into camphor, 251

"Chemistry, Dictionary of (re-
certain nitro-compounds with Bordet, L., and C. Bardy, me. Camphor chlorides, 84

view), 203
sulphuretted hydrogen, 185 thylic alcohol in commercial new acid derived from, 9

Chemistry in Australia, 207
chloranilins, 163

methylens, 103

terphenes, and allied com- Institute of, 115, 122, 134, 138
Böttinger, C., acetylen urea, 84
Belgian phosphorites, 239

pounds, 284

"Chemistry, Introduction to
Bell, A., mineralising flannel, 241 dissociation of sal-ammoniac, Cane-sugar, specific rotation of, Pharmaceutical and Medical"
J. C., ashes of wheat-bran, 276 171


(review), 248
Belucci, G., oxygenated water in mono-sulpho-lactic acid, 41 Cantharic acid and a terpenoid Chemistry, Manual of Organic"
the organisms of plants, 149 pyruvic acid, 164

green, 61


bon, 33

of, 172

in, 136


123, 135

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hydrocarbon, 195

(review), 275
Benedikt, R., penta-brom-resor- thio-glycolic and thio-diglycolis | Caoutchouc goods, examination " Chemistry, Manual of Practi.
cin, 41
ethers 163

cal" (review), 215

of, 99

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heat on, 55


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CHEMICA, News, }


'Chemistry of Common Life" Coleman, J. J., liquefaction of Deacon, Gaskell, and Co., chlo. Diehl, T., 2nd V. Merz, naphtho-
(review), 203
gases, 87
ride of calcium, 122

picric acid and some deriva-
Chemistry, seven fundamental Colin, M., causes of death in car. De Boisbaudran, L.,and L.Smith, tives, 42
types of organic, 37, 47,59

buncular and septicemic af- spectrum of didymium ni- Dieulafait, L., lithia in rocks and
“Chemistry, Treatise on (re- fections, 136

trate, 286

sea-water, 184
view), 20

College, another agricultural, 173 certain points of crystallo- Digullic acid, preparation of, 22
“ Chemists, Pocket-book for" (re- Colloids, fracture of, 132

genesis, 184

Di-iodide of mercury, effect of
view), 21
Colorimetry, 276

hemihedral forms of alum, 123
Chevreul, E., on complementary Colouring matters, new class of, new spectral rays in substances Di-isobutyl, derivatives of, 40
spinners, 216

extracted from samarskite,135 Dinaphthyls, isomeric, 112
Chloral hydrate, dissociation of, "Colourist, Textile" (review),148 resistance to a change of con- Dioxide, precipitation of man

Colours, dark water, arsenic in, dition of crystalline surfaces ganese as, 201
Chloranilins, 163


in presence of the mother-

Diphenyl bases, 74
Chloride, cuprous, combinations classification of, 73

liquor, 123

Diphenyl-methyl-acetic acid, 171
of hydrogen with, 162
coal-tar, 189, 218

spectrum of erbium nitrate, 288 Diphenyl, ready method for pre-
compounds of hydrogen phos- poisonous, 253

De Clermont, P., action of am-

paring, 268
phide with, 263

derived from coal, progress moniacal salts upon certain Dissociation, laws of, 250
Chlorides, camphor, 81

effected in the preparation of, metallic sulphides, 251 Distillation, fractional, theory of,
Chlorine, action of upon iodine, 127

and J. Frommel, formation of 260, 262
“Common Life, Chemistry of" aurin, 184, 263

Disulphoxides of benzol and toluol
Chloroform, influence of on pitri. (review), 203

De Cyon, E., innocuity of borax constitution and formation
fication, 26, 41, 53
Conversazione at the Royal employed in the preservation

of, 185
Chloro-stannates of the

Society, 191

of food, 54

Dioxy-benzoic acid, 41
earths, 228

Cooking vessels, enamelled iron, De Forcrand, M., formation of Dixon, W. A., extraction of gold,
Chloro-stannic acid, 262
Cookson, Mr., on Rosan's process organic ultramarines, 63

silver, &c , from pyrites, 7
Chromates and free chromic acid, for desilvering lead, 130

De Lesseps, M , contagion of the Dobbie, J. J., and W. Ramsay,
detection of, 135
Copper matt, poor, precipitation plague, 123

decompozition-products of
Chrome compounds, inactivity of of metallic copper by, 204

De Lome, M. Dupuy, explosion quinine and the allied alka-
in comparison with vanadium sulphide formed in the moist of deflagrating matters, 33

loids, 92
in forming aniline-black by way, composition of, 185 De Meaux, H., electro-dynamic


Dolter, M., determination
of aniline-salts in Cows of different breeds, com po-

phenomena, and in particular ferrous oxides in silicates,135
presence of chlorate, 53
sition of the milk of, 240

on induction, 83

" Domestic Poisons ” (review
manganese, iron, cobalt, &c., | Cox, J., manufacture of sulphuric De Méring, J., and F. Musculus, 121
amalgams of, 84
acid, 249

action of diastase, saliva, &c., Dotto-Scribani, F., determination
Chromic acid, free,and chromates, Crafts, Ador, and Friedel, MM.,

on starch and glicogen, 64

of nitric acid contained in
detection of, 135

certain derivatives of durol,

De Montgolfier, J., transforma. commercial lime-juice, 206
oxide, 106


tion of camphic acid into effective quantity of tartaric
Chromium, volumetric determi. Crispo, Petermann, and Mercier, camphor, 251

acid contained in dregs o
nation of, 131, 276

MM., Belgian phosphorites,
De Poncy, 0. C., and E. Livon,

wine, 207
Church, A. H., “Chemistry of 239

localisation of arsenic in the Downes, Brerefeld, and Schnetzler,
Common Life(review), 203 Crood, A., spectrometric measure-

brain, 289

MM., occurrence a d life of
and the Royal Agricultural ment of high temperatures, 22

Des Cloizeau, Daubrée, and Ste.. bacteria and influence
College, 124
Crookes, W., molecular physics

Claire Deville, MM., native yeast, 252
Chrysanissic acid, new method of in high vacua, 155

iron of Greenland, 9

Drechsel, E., precipitation of
preparing, 171

Crystalline barium chromate, Dehydrating agents, action of lime by alkaline carbonates
Chrysarobin and alleged chryso. production of, 123

on anhydrous acids, 54

phanic acid in goa powder, 42 surfaces, resistance to a change

Delaurier, M., reduction of the Ducretet, E., new electric lamp,
Chrysazin and anthrarufin from of condition of in presence of

cost of the electric light, 253 53
anthracen, synthesis of, 42

the mother-liquor, 123

Delory, M., aniline-black upon Du Moncel, Th., induced currents
Cinchonidin and cinchonin, 34 Crystallogenesis, certain points

wool and other textiles, 137

resulting from the move-
Cinchonin, 277

of, 184

Demarcay, E., homologues of ments of a coil across an
Cinchotenicin, 171
Crystal-growing, large, 110

oxyheptic acid, 104

electro-magnetic system, 123
Clarke, F. W., cultivation of che-
Crystals, preparation of single

tetric acid and its homologues, origin of sound in the tele-
mistry, 48,57
regular, 79

phone, 277
Clark, J., action of phosphuretted Cumenge, E., and E. Fuchs, the and A. Cahours, stanno-propyls

report presented by on M. E.
hydrogen the animal
state in which precious metals

and iso-stanno-propyls, 277 Regnier's electric light regu.
organism, 102

are found, 162

Demole, E., transformation of lator, 206
Clausnizer, F., formation of sul-
Cumo-phenol-carbonic acid, 149

dibormethylen into a keton Dunnachir, W. J., “Report on
pho-selen-oxy-tetra-chloride, Cuprous chloride, combinations

with four atoms of carbon by the air of Glasgow "(review),
of hydrogen phosphide with,

means of hypobromous acid, 241
Clements, H., “Manual of Or.



Dupré, A., and H. Wilson, esti-
ganic Chemistry” (review), Current, new voltaic element Desains, P., refraction of dark masion of minute quantities
with a constant, 73
heat, 262

of carbon, 39
Clevé, P. T., chloro-stannates of Current-regulator, automatic, 9

Descamps, A., preparation of Du Puy, C. M., direct process for
the rare earths, 228

Cyanogen, action of on amido. the cobalto-cyanide of potas- making wrought iron and
Clover-hay rapidly dried or ex- benzoic acid, 171

sium and some of its deriva.

steel, 35
posed to rain, composition of, upon albumen, 206

tives, 33

Durin, M., and H. Pellet, influ
estimation of in soda-lyes, 25

Deshayes, V., relations between ences of various substances
"Coal" (review), 20
heat attending the formation of,

the chemical composition and on crystallisable sugar, 264
Coal, constitution of, 162

the mechanical properties of Durol, certain derivatives of, 251

formation of, 262
Cyanosulphite, potassium, 184

steels, 228

Dutor, E., novel phenomenon of
Coal-mines and four-mills, ex- Cymen, benzylated, 207

Destrem, A., and P. Schützen- static electricity, 22
plosions in, 222, 238, 249

berger, alcoholic fermenta- Duvillier, E., isomer of angelic
Coal, small, used on the Tyne, | D'ABBADIE, M., microphone

tion, 162

acid, 251, 289
quality of the, 30

in subterranean research, 53

composition of beer-yeast, 104, and A. Buisine, separation of
Coal-tar colours, 189, 218
quantity of nitric acid contained 123

ethylamins, 63
distillation of, 172

in the water of the Nile Detonating agents, history of, 165, Dyeing, researches on, 161, 169
products, testing, 173

before and after its rise, 277

177, 187, 198, 209

Dynamics, chemical, 261
Cobalt, alkaline, poly-sulphides as Dale, R. S., and C. Schörlemmer,

Dewar, J., formation of hyd:o-
reagents for, 149
aurin, 40, 164, 244

cyanic acid in the electric arc,
and nickel, complex oxides of, combination of aurin with


EARTH, relation between the

mineral acids, 25

Dextro-rotatory amylic alcohol, temperature of and depth be-
chrome, manganese, iron, &c., transformation of aurin into 149

low the surface, 252
amalgams of, 84

trimethyl-para-rosanilin, 161 Diaphragm, telephones without, Ebell, P., glasses melted with
new test for, 66
D'Arsonval, M., determination of 162

alkali alone, 137
Cobalto-cyanide of potassium and sugar in the blood, 218

Diazo compounds, colouring Eder, J. M., properties and che-
some of its derivatives, pre- Dastre, M., amylaceous and amy-

matters derived from, 90

mical examination of tea, 253
paration of, 33
loid granules of eggs, 218

of the fatty series, 42

Edger, A. J. M., alum in four
Cærulignon, certain derivatives Daubrée, Des Cloizeau, and Ste.. Dibbits, H. C., decomposition of and bread, 103
of, 42
Claire Deville, native iron of

calcium chloride by water, Edinburgh University Chemical
Coffee-plant, in Brazil, disease of, Greenland, 9


Society, 51, 72, 102
Daubréelite, 105

Dibromethylen, transformation of Edison, T, ink for blind, 164
Coil, induced currents resulting Davis, G. E., crystallisation of into a keton with four atoms Eggs, amylaceous and amyloid
from the movements across phosphorus, 115

of carbon by means of hypo-

granules of, 218
an electro-magnetic system, peroxide of hydrogen, 221

bromous acid, 73

Elder, H. M., and G. F., effect of
ile vitriol manufacture, 205,216

Dichlor-azo-phenol, so-called, 171 heat on the di-jodide of iner.
Coke-burning, ammonia soda and Day, H., “Ozone in Relation to Dichromates, 136

cury, 55
the production of ammonia in, Health and Disease"(review), | Didymium nirate, spectrum of, Electric arc ‘ormation of hydro

cyanic al

u the, 252



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1 July 11, 1879.
Electric blowpipe, 162

Ethyl-green and malachite-green, Fremy, E., formation of coal, 262 Gold and silver, separation of, 135
current regulator, 92


French production of wine, 85 in petroleum, 253
discharges in attenuated gases, Ethyl-iodide, action of upon sil- Friedel, Crafts, and Ador, MM., silver, &c., extraction of from

ver maleate and fumarate, 42 certain derivatives of durol, pyrites, 7
in vacuum tubes, sensitive- Ethylamin, formation of, 195


nugget from South America, 161
ness of, 274

Etti, C., Malabar gum kino, and Friederici, T., new method of Goldschmidt, A., three isomeric
and ozone, researches on, 115 a new compound, kinoin, 163 preparing chrysanissic acid, toluydins, 42
effluve and ozone, researches Eucalypti, Australian, 169


Goldschmiedi, G., idrialn, 42
on, 63

Eupitton and pittakall, 188 Frommel, I., and J. de Clermont, Goldstein, E. H., electric dis.
fishes, researches on, 115

Ewald, H., certain derivatives of formation et aurin, 184, 263 charge in attenuated gas: 5,
harmonium, Varley's, 169

cærulignon, 42

Fruits, ripening of grapes and 231
inscription of words, 250 Eye, transparence of the media

other, 240

Gorgen, A., artificial preparation
lamp, new, 53

of the for the ultra-violet Fuchs, E., and E. Cumenge, the of magnetic peroxide, 239
smoke of an, 283

rays, 252

state in which the precious Gossip in the Provinces, 94
light, 250

metals are found, 162

Gower, M., new Bell's telephone,
at the British Museum, 101

Fumarate and silver maleate, 83
by incandescence, divisibility

FASSBENDER, R., double action of ethyl iodine upon, 42 Graebe, C., alizarin-blue, 42
of, 214

salts of calcium sulphate Furíurol, occurrence of in com. and C. Liebermann, artificial
experiments with the, 246
with other salts, 171

mercial glacial acetic acid, alizarir., 229
improved method of produ- Fat industry, contribution to the, 163

Graham, A. McDonald, testing of
cing and regulating, 8


Fürstenau, C., sugared ultra. gas-waters, 134
reduction of the cost of the, in milk, source of error in the marine, 149

Graham Lecture, the, 61
determination of, 23

Grain and other food-plants, de-
regulator, report on, 206
physical properties of, 265

termination of iron in, 136
lighting, 72, 273
Ferrocyanides, a law peculiar to

Grapes and other fruits, ripening
apparatus at the Royal Albert

the metallic, 277
GABRIEL, S., and A. Michael,

of, 240
Hall, 200

Ferrous oxide, determination of action of dehydrating agents Grass pasture, nitrogenous con-
spark produced in gases, ther-

in silicates, 135
on anhydrous acids, 54

stituents of, 264
mic and galvanometric laws salts, apparatus for the pro- Gal, H., and A. Etard, researches Grätzell, A., eupitton and pitta-
of the, 195
duction of for titration, 46
on strychnine, 149

kall, 188
"Electric Lighting, Useful In- Feser, Prof., salicylic acid as a Galbraith, W., chemical reactions Gravi-volumeter, the, 213
formation on Practical" (re- disinfectant, 33

of the Hollway process, 238 Greek tanning materials, 195
view), 52
Filetti, M., cinchonin, 277

volumetric determination of Greene, W. H., formation of
Electricity, transmission of power Filsinger, M., chloride of lime, chromium, 276

hexamethyl - benzin by the
by means of, 55


Gallium, specific heats and melt. decomposition of aceton, 9
Electro-chemical action under Filter-paper, starch in, 253

ing heats of, 228

Gieen, malachite, new fast, 61
pressure, 53

Filter-presses for chemical works, Galvanometric and thermic laws Greenland, native iron, 9
Electro-dynamic phenomena, 83


of the electric spark produced Grenfell, J. J., supersaturated
Electro-magnetic regulator, Siren Finkener, R., determination of in gases, 195

solucions, 16, 141
with an, 250
phosphoric acid as ammonic Gardenin, 2-3

Grete, E. A., determination of
Electro-magne:ic system, induced phospho-molybdate, 42

Garrick, A. R., pure caustic po- nitric acid as ammonia, 34
currents resulting from the Fire-damp, aetection of, 267

tassa, 162

of nitrogenous organic sub-
movements of a coil across in the atmospheres of mines, Gas, composition of which issued

stances, 41
an, 123


from one of the shafts of the Griess, P., action of cyancgen
Electrolyric determination of Fires, extinguishing in tar dis. Abercarn Colliery, 27

upon amido-benzoic acid, 171
cadmium, 185

tilleries, &c., 190
waters, testing, 134

new derivatives of benzoic acid,
Electrometer, quadrant, 113 Fischer, E. and O., certain Gases, absorption of by charcoal, 74
Eliosoff, M., determinatior ofiron colouring matters of the ros. 77

Grimaux, E., synthesi Cric
in grain and other food

anilin group, 195
analysis of combustible, un

derivatives of the oxatic
plants, 136
triphenyl-methan, 42
compressibility of, 6.4

series, 64
Elements, dissociation of the, F., sewerage, 265

compressibility of at high pres- and J. Tcherniak, mal acid,
Fisher, W. W., lead tetrachloride, sures, 115

and compounds, relations be- 161

electric discharges in attenu- Grimshaw, H., intensity of moon.
tween the atomic weights,&c., Fittig, R., non-saturated acids, ated, 231

light, 62
of, 281

liquefaction of, 87

Gros, E., classification of colours
nature of the, 1, 11

Fitzgerald, J. V. V., “Statutes prevention of escape of sulphur, and the means of reproducing
Enamelled iron cooking-vessels, and Legal Decisions affecting


colorec appearances by three

the Public Health Act, 1875, Gatehouse, J. W., the new arsenic special photographic proois,
End-on illumination in private from 1875 to 1878 ” (review), test, 41

spectroscopy, 145, 166, 188


Gaudin, A., application of his Grosheintz, H., bromide of te-
Engel and Moitesser, dissociation Flannel, mineralising, 241

atomic theory to certain trallylammonium and tri-
of chloral hydrate, 104
Flour and bread, alum in, 103

minerals, 83

allylamin, 263
dissociation of ammonium Flour-mills and coal-mines, ex-

Gelatinous slicic acid and an in- Grosjean, B.), determination of
sulphide, 289
plosions in, 191, 222, 238, 249 organic membrane, 195

tataric acid in lecs and argol,
laws of dissociation, 250 Fleck, H., presence of arsenic in German chemical industry, asso-

Enemies of cultivated plants and dark water-colours, 263

ciation for promoting the nitric nitrogen in manure, 28:
their destruction, 23
Fluorescence of the salts of the interests of, 172

Grossmann, J., softening of mag-
Erbium nitrate, spectrum of, 288 carthy metals, 262

Gerresheim, H., contribution to a nesia-hard water, 258
Erdmann, J., variability of the Fluorine compounds of vanadium, knowledge of ammoniacal Groves, C. E, and J. Stenhouse,
colouring matter of red wines, certain, 74

mercury compounds, 229

gardenin, 283

new volumetric method of de. Girard, A., report presented on history of the paphthalia
Erlenmeyer, E., studies on phos- termining, 179

M. Kuhlmann's methods for

series, 94
phates, 94

" Food and Medicine, Proposed measuring the volume of the Institute of Chemistry, 115, 134
Essential oils, limited oxidation Legislation on the Adultera- gases and acid vapours given Gruner, L., artificial pyroxene, 21
of the, 279
tion of " (review), 249

off by the chimneys of che- dophosphorising cast-iron, 105
Etard, A., and A. Cahours, a new Food, danger in the use of borax mical works, 206

Guano, nitric nitrogen in, 268
derivative of nicotin, 252

for the preservation of, 9, 54 Gladstone, J. I., and A. Tribe, Guignet, E., constitution of cca!,
oxidation of certain aromatic influence of on the quality and action of substances in the 162
derivatives, 22

quantity of the fat of milk, 240 nascent and occluded condi- Guthrie, F., “Practical Physics,
potassium cyanosulphite, 184 Food-plants, determination of tions, 91

Molecular Physics, and
researches on sulphates, 228
iron in grain and other, 136 Glasgow Philosophical Society, Sound"

(review), 52
and H. Gal, researches Foods, trade cattle, 94

102, 147

and C. V. Boys, Arago's rota-
strychnine, 149

Foster, Peter le Neve (obituary), "Gla gow, Report on the Air oftion, 192
Ethan and ethylen, certain sub- 93

(review), 248

fracture of colloids, 132
stitution-products of, 74 Foye, M. H., new form of wash- Glasses melted with alkali alone, Guyard, A , certain catalytic pre-
halogen, substitution-products bottle, 19


nomena due to viscosity, 203
Fractional distillation, theory of, Glacial acetic acid, occurrence of

Laurent's carminaphtha, 104
Ether and alcohol, washing wool 260, 262

furfurol in commercial, 163. law peculiar to the metallic
with, 163

Frank, Dr., ammonia soda and Glucose, determination of in ferrocyanides, 277
or petroleum, crystals extracted the production of ammonia in bood, 162

oxy-ferrocyanide of ammoniacal
from cast-iron by means of, coke-burning, 229

Pavy's method of determining, copper, 277

Frankland, E., and A. Lawrence, 197, 249
thers of hydracids in the gaseous plumbic tetrethide, 130

transformation of starch into HABERLANDT, F., cohesive
state, formation of, 63
Fray Bentos, works of the Liebig by cold water, 104

power of various kinds of
thiodiglycolic and thioglycolic, Extract of Meat Company at, Gluge, O., chlocide of calcium,

97, 170

Hæmocyanin, 22
thiopian honey, analysis of an, Freda, P., preparation of digallic Goa-powder, chrysarobin and Hæussermann, C., manufacture of
acid, 22

alleged chrysophanic acid in, magenta by Coupier's pro-
ylamises, separation of, 63 Frederica, L. hæmocyanin, 22


CESS 229


of, 105

soils, 93



[ocr errors]

dryuhatess, action of upon JACKSON,E;, the vitriol manu-


ter, 116


July 11, 1879.

Haddock, A. G., volumetric esti. Houzeau, A.,the Gravi volumeter, Iron, magnetic impenetrability of, Kopp, A., progress effected in the
mation of sulphuric acid, 218


preparation of colours de.
tannin, &c., 156
Hughes, Prof., new induction native, of Greenland, 9

rived from coal, 127
Haller, A., new acid derived from balance, 247

sand, magnetic, from the Kyles Korn, F., new forms of appara-
camphor, 9
use of the telephone and micro- of Bute, 102

tus, 193
Halogens and oxygen, reciprocal phone in scientific researches, silicide, remarkable specimen Körner, H., para-di-propyl-benzol
displacement of the, 196
of, 9

and certain of its derivatives
or nitrogen, analysis of organic Hunter, F., estimation of cyano- surfaces, new method of pro- 163
boaies containing, 228
gen in soda-lyes, 25

ducing magnetic oxide on, 212 Kuhlmann, M., method for mea.
Hannay, J. B., action of chlorine loss of nitre in vitriol manu- Ishimatsu, S., chemical investi- suring the volume of the
upon iodine, 41
facture, 170, 215, 237

gation of Japanese lacquer, gases and acid vapours given
examination of substances by Hydracids in the gaseous state, 113

off by the chimneys of che-
the time method, 183

formation of ethers of, 63 Iso-stanno-propyls and stanno- mical works, report on, 206
variations in the magnetic con- Hydrocarbon, C,H,2, from phe- propyls, 277

Kurbatow, A., and F. Beilstein,
stituents of minerals, 102

nyl-glycol, 171

Isobutyric anhydıide on the aro. behaviour of certain nitro-
Harmonium, Varley's electric,169 | Hydrocarbons, non - saturated, mátic aldehyds, 39

compounds with sulphuretted
Harmonograph, 247,
action of nitrous acid on, 34 Isoindol, 74

hydrogen, 185
Harnack, E., physiologically Hydrochloric acid, action of on Isomer of angelic acid, new, 251, chloranilins, 163

active basic constituent of the certain salis of sulphuric 239
dita bark, 171

acid, 84

Isomeric dinaphthyls, 112.
Hartley, W. N., discussion on

on manganese dioxide, 225 purpurins, chronology of the,
water analysis at the Chemi-

aqueous, action of upon bis- 255
cal Society, 103

LA coste, W., and A. Mi-
muthous oxide, 183
tolidins, three, 42

chaelis, mono- and diphenyl-
Health and Disease, Ozone in
compounds of the terpenes

arsenic compounds, 163
relation to" (review), 133
with, 256

Lacquer, Japanese, chemical in-
Heat, diffusion of by leaves, 21

vestigation of, 113
Heat-capacity of the constituents

, 74
facture, 227

Lactic fermertation, certain con-
of soils, 94

new combinations of with am- Jacobsen, O., products of the ditions of, 218
Heat, refraction of dark, 262

monia, 162

action of caustic potassa Lactose, origin of, 253
Hedges, K., "Useful Information

Hydrocyanic acid, formation of upon mesytelenate of potas- Ladenburg, A., aldehydins, 42
on Practical Electric Light- in the electric arc, 232

sium, 223

simple method for obtaining
ing” (review), 52

Hydro-electricity and hydro- | Jahn, H., certain Greek tanning the aldehydins, 42
Hehner, o., examination of Dr.

magnetism, 104

materials, 195

Laford, E. A., last word on mat.
Pavy's method of deter-

Hydrogen, experimental Janin, J., electric blowpipe, 162
mining glucose, 197

searches on, 105
electric light, 250

Lamansky, S., the law of Stokes,
influence of cn oroform on ni.
peroxide, 164, 221

magnetic impenetrability of 288
trification, 26, 53
phosphide, combinations of iron, 276

Lamp, electric, smoke of an, 283
Heiden, E., nitrogenous nutrition

with cuprous chloride, 162 Japanese lacquer, chemical inves- Landauer, J., absorption spectra,
of plants, 264
compounds of with cuprous tigation of, 113

Helbig, W., and M. Schaffner, chloride, 263

Japp, F. R., action of organo-zinc | Langbeck, H. W., explosions in
extraction of sulphur from

phosphuretted, action of on the compounds on quinons, 261
alkali waste, &c., 172

four-mills, 191
animal organism, 102

Jobert, C., disease of the coffee- foreign bitter principle in beer,
Helm, M., amber, 229
silicide, liquefaction of, 103

plant observed in Brazil, 21 264
Hemihedral iorms of alum,

thermic formation of, 231 Johnen A., comparative observa- Lang, C., heat-capacity of the
Hemmarten, O., casein, 243
siliciuretted, 35

tions of rainfall according to constituents of soils, 94
Henricks, R., E. Wein, A. Mayer,
sulphuretted, behaviour of cer- Fautrat's method, 93

Langbein, G., South American
and J. Nessler, trade cattle

tain nitro-compounds with, Johnson, J. and J. H., "Pa- production of iodine, 172
foods, 94

tentee's Manual” (review), | Langier, E., analysis of crude
Hensgen, C., action of hydro- Hydro-magnetism and hydro-

sugars and saccharine mat.
drochloric acid upon certain

electricity, 104

Johnstone, W., analysis of the ters, 53
double salts of sulphuric acid, Hygiene and public health, lec- water of S:. Dunstan's Weil, Laurent's carminaphtha, 104
tures on, 185

Melrose, 259

Lavoisier apparatus, letter to M.
action of dry gaseous, hydro- Hypobromous acid, transforma- new test for arsenic, 32

Dumas concerning, 239,
chloric acid upon sulphates,74 tion of dibromethylen into a Jolly, L., distribution of phos- Lawrance, A., and E. Frankland,
Heptane from Pinus sabiana, 182 keton with four atoms of car- phates in the different ele. plumbic tetrethide, 130
Héraud, A., new voltaic element

bon by means of, 73
ments of the blood, 218

H. A., oils, 34
with a constant current, 73 Hyposulphites and sulphites, de- Joubert, J., influence of tempera- Le Bel, J. A., dextro-rotatory
Herbivora,excretion of phosphoric termination of, 135

ture on rotatory magnetic amylic alcohol, 149
acid in, 240

power, 22

limit of separation of alcohol
Heron, Mr., and H. F. Brown,

Jousselin, L., nitroso-guanidin, and water by distillation, 251
history of starch, 284


Le Bon, G., danger of the use of
Herschel, Prot., Varley s electric
harmonium, 169

borax for the preservation of

food, 9
Hesse, O., cinchotenicin 171 Imides, conversion of nitriles
Lotura bark, 34

KELBE, H., naphthyl-phospho- Le Chatelier, M, and M. Mail-
into, 34

and arsenio-compounds, 34. lard, detection of fire-damp
substitutes for quinin, 34 Indigo, blue, 119, 129, 143

Kellner, O., nitrogenous consti- in the atmosphere of mines,
Hétet, F., active principles of determination of nitric acid by tuents of pasture-grass, &c.,

Sarracenia purpurea, 84
means of, 285


Lead pipes, incrustation of with
Hexamethyl-benzine, formation molecular magnitude of, 229 Kern, S., action of sea-water on sulphide of lead, 33

of by the decomposition of Indirubin and indigo-purpurin, thin iron and steel plates, 35 Rozan's process for desilvering,
aceton, 9

analyses of iron, 281

High temperatures, spectrometric Induction balance, new, 247

contaminated water injurious tetrachloride, 161
measurement of, 22
disturbances in telephone cir-

for domestic purposes, 28 Leaves, diffusion of heat by, 21
Hill, H. B., formula of uric acid cuits, 288

manganese steel, 118

Leblanc soda process, 148
Industrial activity, 150

Russian scientific news, 23, 150 Lechertier, Barve, and Co., moist
Hirsch, R., so-called dichlor-azo-

Society of Mulhouse, 137, 229,
steel welding, 97

water-colours for students, 74
phenol, 171


working of mild steel, 18 Leeds, A. R., action of potassium
Historic noies on the discovery | Industry, new chemical, 107 Kessel, F., the wax of Ficus gum- permanganate upon oxalic
of dyeing with aniline-black, Nnk, ineradicable, 263

miflua, 194

Inorganic membrane, gelatinous Kingzeti, č. T., limited oxidation alteration of standard ammo.
History of detonating agents, 165, silicic acid and an, 195

of the essential oils, 279

nium chloride solution, 17
177, 197, 198, 209
institute of Chemistry, 115, 122, Kino gum, Malabar, 163

new form of ozonator, 157
Hofmann, A. W., determination

134, 138

Kinoin, a new compound, 163 Lees and argol, determination of
of vapour densities, 54, Iodice, nitrogen, 257

Klein, F., and A. Pinner, butyl- tartaric acid in, 182
formation of methyl aldehyd, 54 Iodides of the stannopropyls, 218 chloral-cyanhydrate, 34 Lefebure, F., improvement in
Hollway, J., Besuemer process for Iodine, action of on chlorine, 41

conversion of the nitrites into Bunsen's battery, 116
treating sulphides, 103
and potassium iodide, reaction imides, 34

Lefort, l., on the tri-tungstates,
probable behaviour of various

of with sulphurous acid, 19

Kleinschmidt, M., and W. Staedel, 239
metals, &c., when subjected South American, production of, isoindol, 74

Legislation, new patent, 117
to rapid oxidation, 217


Knapp, M., revolution in tanning, Legrand du Saule, Dr., agora.
Honey, unwholesome, 150
Iridium, atomic weight of, 74


phobia, 2
Hopkinson, J., quadrant electro- Iron, analyses of, 281

Kæhler, H , formation of ethyl- Leguminosa .absorption of ni.
meter, 113
and Steel Institute, 196

amin, 195

trogen by the, 264
Horsedung, artificial, 240

and steel plates, thin, action of Kohlrausch, O., purification of Letuy, A., action of high temper-
Hospitalier, M., automatic cur- water on, 35

saccharine juices in the hy- atures upon petroleum, &c.,
rent regulator, 9
cobalt, manganese, chrome, &c., drate of alumina, 240

Houston, E. J., and E. Thomson

Kopp, A., colouring-matters be- L'Hote, L., process for enriching
transmission of Power by in grain and other food-plants, longing to the group of azoic phosphates with a carbonated
means of electricity 55
determination of, 136
bodies, 137

amalgams of, 84

gingue, 104

I 22

acid, 18




July 11, 1879.

of, 225

of, 214

of, 239


Liebermann, C., and C. Græbe, Magnesium, &c., thermo-chemi-
artificial alizarin, 229

cal researches on, 196
and P. Seidler, chrysarobin and reactions of ammonio chloride

alleged chrysophanic acid
in goa.powder, 42

Magnetic constituents of mine-
synthesis of anthrarufin and rals, variation in, 102

chrysazin from anthracen, 42 impenetrability of iron, 276
Liebig Extract of Meat Compa' y, iron sand from the Kyles of

Works of the at Fray Bertos, Pute, 102
I 4

metals, molecular vibration in
Light, electric, at the British during the passage of undula-
Museum, 101

tory currens, 184
by incandescence, civisibility needle, reply to Flammarion on

the declination of the, 218
experiments with the, 246

oxide, new method of producing
reduction of the cost of the, 253 a coating of on iron surfaces,
regulator, report on, 206

production of coloured spectra peroxide, artificial preparation

by, 282
white, quantitative analysis of, powers developed by influence

in certain specimens of nickel
Lighting, electric, 273

and cobalt as compared with
Lime, chloride of, 150

iron, 73
cruue, pyrolignite, of examina.

rotatory power of gases at ordi-
tion of, 264

nary pressure and tempera-
Lime-juice, determination of

ture, 195
nitric acid in commercial, 206 Maillard, M.,and M. le Chatelier,
Lime, precipitation of by nc de ion of fire-damp in the
carbonates, 264

atmosphere of mines, 218
Lirde, D., examination of caout- Main, P. T., a correction, 41
chouc goods, 99

Malabar gum kino and a new
Livon, C., and 0. C. Poncy, local- compound, kinoin, 163

isation of arsenic in the Malachite - green and benzol.
brain, 289

green, contributions to the
Liquids, volumes of at their

history of, 229
boiling points, 201

and ethyl-green, 173
Literature, curiosity of patent, 253 new fast, 61
Lithia, diffusion of, and its pres. Mallet, J. W., chlorstannic acid,
ence in sea-water, 263

in rocks and sea-waters, 184 new form of wash-bottle, 190
Litmus, substitute for, 98

nitrogen iodide, 257
Lock, A. G. and C. G," Treatise Malonic acid, 263

on the Manufacture of Sul. Maneth, L., and G. Musso, source
phuric Acid " (review), 120

of error in the determination
Lockyer, J. N., nature of the of fat in milk, 23
elements, 1, 11

Manchester Literary and Philoso-
spectrum of sodium, 243

phical Society, 8, 62, 113
Lodge, 0. J., method of calcu- Manganese as dioxide, precipita-

lating the curve of tempera- tion of, 201
ture in a rod along which heat iron, cobalt, chrome, &c., amal-
is being conducted, 71

gams of, 84
Loew, O., action of cyanogen steel, 118
upon albumen, 26

Mannite, formation of in beer, 136
Loir, M., chemical function of Manure experiments on the trial
anhydrous acetic acid, 239

fields of the University of
Lorin, M., action of acids on salts

Geissen, 94
without the intervention of a Manures, determination of the
solvent, 252

total nitrogen in, 196
Losche, V., formation of ammo- Maquenne, M., diffusion of heat
nium nitrite, 150

by leaves, 21
Lotura bark, 34

Marchand, E., composition of the
London University, 10

McLeod, H., induction disturb- Minerals, magnetic constituents

ances in telephone circuits, of, 102

phosphatic, treatment of, 264
Media of the eye, transparence of Mineralogical Society of Great
the for the ultra-violet rays,

Britain and Ireland, 253

Mint, Imperial, Osaka, Japan,
"Medical and Pharmaceutical Annual Report of the Com-

Chemistry, Introduction to missioner of the" (review),32
(review), 248

Miquel, P , new organised fer-
“Medicine and Food, Proposed ment of urea, 263

Legislation on the Adultera- succinic fermentation, 149
tion of" (review), 249

Mitscherlich, A., process for ob-
"Medicine, Retrospect of” (re- taining tannin agents along
view). 52

with cellulose, &c., from
Meldola, R., studies in the naph- vegetable matter, 124
thalin series, 163

Moissau, H.,amalgams of chrome,
Menke, A E., reactions of iodine manganese, iron, cobalt, &c.,

and of potassium iodide with 84
sulphurous acid, 19

Moitessier, M., and R. Engel,
Mercier, Petermann, and Crispo, dissociation of ammonium

MM., Belgian phosphorites, sulphide, 29

of chloral hydrate, 104
Mercurial vapours, test for, 229 laws of dissociation, 250
Mercury compounds, ammoniacal Molecular magnitude of indigo

contributions to a knowledge 229
of, 229

physics in high vacua, 155
di-jodide of, effect of heat on, 55

vibrations in the magnetic
quantitative blowpipe assay of, metals during the passage of

undulatory currents, 184
Merrick, J. M., obituary, 162. Monnet, P., F. Reverdin, and E
Merz, V. and T. Diehl, naphtho- Nælting, aniline and methy.

picric acid and some deriva- lated toluydins, 149
tives, 42

researches in the laboratory of
Meta-nitro-cinnamic acid, syn-

MM. P. Monnet and Co., at
thesis of, 84

La Plaine, 229
Metallic copper, precipitation of Mono- and diphenyl-arsenic com-
by poor copper matt, 204

pounds, 163
ferrocyanides, a law peculiar to Mono-chlor-acetic acid, a&tion of
the, 277

upon sulpho-cyanic acid, 206
salts, boiling-points of certain Mono-hydrated sulphate of soda
metals and, 286

and dihydrated carbonate of
sulphides, action of ammoniacal soda, 184
salts upon certain, 251

Mono-sulpho-lactic acid, 41
Metallurgy of nickel, 105

Morton, H., chronology of the
Metals and metallic salts, boiling- isomeric purpurins, 255
points of certain, 256

Moulton, J. F., and W. Spottis-
fluorescence of the salts or the woode, sensitiveness of elec-
earthy, 262

tric discharges in vacuum
of the platinum series, prepara.

tubes, 274
tion of, 175

Muir, M.M.P., action of aqueous
precious, the state in which hydrochloric acid on bismu.
they are found, 162

thous oxide, 183
Methyl-aldehyd, formation of, 54 Mulhouse. Industrial Society of,
Methylated and aniline toluydins, 137, 229, 239

Muntz, A., and V. Marcano,com.
Methyl-eugenol, certain deriva- position of the Banana and
tives of, 289

the utilisation of this fruit, 83
Methylic alcohol in commercial Musculus, F., and J. de Méring,
methylens, 103

action of diastase, saliva, &c.,
Metropolitan water, composition on starch and glycogen, 64
and quality of, 24, 72, 150, 174,

modifications of the physical

properties of starch, 163
Meyer, F, preparation of single Mushrooms, poisoning by, 137
regular crystals, 79

Musso, G., and L. Vaneth,
V., occurrence of furfurol in source of error in the deter-

commercial glacial acetic mination of fat in milk, 23
acid, 163

Muter, J., “Introduction to
Miall, Thorpe, Rucker, Marshall, Pharmaceutical and Medical

and Green, Profs., "Coal" Chemistry" (review), 248
(review), 20

Mylius, E., analysis of butter, 124
Michæl, A., and S. Gabriel, action

of dehydrating agents on an- NÆGELI, M., chemical com-
hydrous acids, 54

position of yeast, 136
Michælis, A., and W. la Coste, Naphthalen and benzene, certain

mono- and diphenyl-arsenic compounds of, 183
compounds, 163

Naphthalin series, history of, 94
Microphone and telephone, use of studies in the, 163

in scientific researches, 53 Naphto-picric acid and some
in subterranean research, 53 derivatives, 42
Milk, cow's, composition of in Naphthyl-phospho and arsenio
health and disease, 226

compounds, 34
determination of solids in, 264 Nascent and occluded conditions,
influence of food on the quality

action of substances in the, 91
and quantity of the fat of, 240 Nencki, M., action of mono-chlor-
of cows of different breeds, acetic acid upon sulpho
composition of the, 240

cyanic acid and its salts, 206
quality of, 124

Nessler, J.,A. Mayer, R.Henrichs,
starch in, 172

milk of cows of different
Luff, A. P., and C. R. A. Wright,

breeds, 240
alkaloids of the Veratrum diffusions of lithia and its pres-
family, 224

ence in sea-water, 263
Lunge, G., efficacy of compounds Marcano, V., and A. Muntz, com-

employed as "Antichlore,"172 position of the Banana and
manufacture of sulphuric acid, ihe utilisation of this fruit,
148, 193, 220, 237, 249

preparation of nitrous acid, 42 Marey, E. J., researches on elec-

Sulphuric Acid and Alkali tric fishes, &c., 115

Manufacture" (review), 287 Marié-Davy, M., reply to M.
tropæolin as an alkalimetric Flammarion on the declina.
indicator, 163

tion of the magnetic needle,
Lunge's nitrometer for determi. 218

nation of nitrous and nitric Marshall, Green, Miall, Thorpe,
acids, 133

Rucker, Profs., " Coal" (re.
Lupton, N. T., sanitary condition view), 20

of air in puplic schools, 180 Marzelli, J., manufacture of picric
Luvini, G., preservation of the acid, 150

eggs of the silk-worm, :16 Marzell, J., filter-presses for che-
Lutsche, J., cerium aniline-black, mical works, 128

Matter, a last word on: 116

explosion of deflagrating, 33
“ Matier, Units of” (review), 32

Matthey, G., preparation of
MACH and Patele, Drs., wine- metals of the platinum series,
testing and chemical analy- 175

Max, Dr., adulteration of wax, 172
Macrear, J., loss of nitre in the Mayer, M., artificial horse-dung,
vitriol manufacture, 232

Magenta, manufacture of by R. Henrichs, E. Wein, and J.
Coupier's process, 229

Nessler, trade cattle foods, 94
simple method of detecting in Mazzara, G., benzylated cymen,
wines, 85

" Magic Lantern Manual" (re- and E. Paterco, cumo-phenol-
view), 32

carbonic acid, 149
Magnesia-hard water, soítening McDougall, A., explosions in
of, 258

four-mills, 238

and E. Wein, trade cattle
Milk-sugar, reductive action of foods, 94
upon alkaline

solution of foreign colouring matters in
copper, 195

red wines, 240
Mills, E. J., and J. W. Pratt,

Newcastle Chemical Society, 30,
action of oxides on salts, 183

132, 168
and Mr. Campbell,researches on Nickel and cobalt, complex oxides
dyeing, 161, 169

of, 81
Mineral acids, combinations of magnetic powers developed by
aurin with, 25

influence in certain speci.
Minerals, application of Gaudin's | mens of as compared with
atomic theory to certain, 83

iron, 73

sis, 23

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