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March 28, 1879.
Meetings for the Week.

137 Optical Rotatory Power of Liquids and Dissolved | phurous acid of Schützenberger and Lalande has been Substances.-0. Hesse.-Translated from the Annalen proposed for bleaching animal fibres in place of sulphurous der Chemie.

acid. The white obtained is, however, not pure: Adion of High Temperatures upon Petroleum, The insoluble ferricyanides are capable of oxidising Coal-tar, and Analogous Substances. — Alexandre indigo without the aid of an alkali. Letny.--The author finds that the more elevated the

Prof. Kopp communicates spectroscopic observations on temperature of the furnace which heats the still, the more eleven derivatives of resorcin, which he has just examined. the distillate is resinous and difficult to purify: This The plates which accompany his memoir, and which resinification becomes still more sensible when the fues represent the spectra of these different compounds, indi. are higher than the level of the petroleum in the still, in cate the rays which he considers characteristic of methy!, which case the vapours are decomposed by their contact bromine, iodine, &c., and which are the basis of his with the heated sides. In the distillation of coal-tar and analytical method. M. Kopp, having as yet no data on ozokerite, where it is necessary to avoid decomposition, the composition of these products, desires to obtain from the still-head and the pipe for the escape of vapours are the manufacturers who have furnished them the verifica. placed as near as posible to the liquid ; otherwise the tion of his analyses before the publication of his memoir. paraffin would be decomposed. At augmented pressures and at a red heat petroleum is resolved into gaseous Azoic Bodies.-A. Kopp.-We have here an account of

Colouring Matters Belonging to the Group of compounds.

the preparation and properties of Bismarck-brown, of On Ultramarine.- Dr. R. Hoffmann.—Taken from

Magdala red, of azo-diphenyl blue, safranin, the chry. Liebig's Annalen.

soidins, tropæolins, oranges, &c. Poisoning by Mushrooms. — J. A. Palmer.

Glasses Melted with Alkali Alone.-Dr. P. Ebell. Mushrocms may act as a poison in three different -Sodic and potassic sulphides, or sulphates in presence manners. They may act as an indigestible matter, of reducing agents, on dissolving in glass at the meltingwhich is the case with hard, coriaceous species, and may point impart to it a peculiar tint, varying from yellow to even occur with the edible mushroom when decom- brown, and even to a deep red-brown if in sufficient quanposing, as it gives off sulphuretted hydrogen in quantity tity. In certain conditions the same colouration is prosufficient to cause vomiting; Or, again, they may be duced by the introduction of free sulphur into glass, melted glutinous or acrid. Many Boleti, otherwise innocent, are

and kept at a high temperature. This colouration takes too gluey to serve as food., Lastly, mushrooms may con place only in glasses where there is sufficient available tain a subtle alkaloid devoid of smell and taste, as happens alkali to give rise to sulphides. To produce the colour in the group of the Amanitæ. This compound is known there must be at least 1 equivalent of base to 2.5 of silica. by the name of Amanitin, and to it the fatal cases of the base may be lime or baryta, as well as potash or mushroom-poisoning are mostly due. No remedy has soda. Silicates in igneous flux are solvents for very yet been found. No immdiate effects are produced by various bodies, simple or compound. They dissolve free this poison, but after eight to fifteen hours the patient metals, such as gold, copper, silver, and lead ; oxides, experiences stupefaction, nausea, and diarrhea, followed like chrome, alumina, stannic oxide, magnetic oxide of by delirium and death. Mushrooms containing this iron; also salts, such as sulphates, phosphates, aluminopoison seem able to communicate it to wholesome species Auorides. These bodies are separated out on cooling by contact, and it may also be absorbed through the skin. either in a crystalline or an amorphous state, according to The author was on one occasion seized with alarming circumstances, and communicate different properties to the symptoms after carrying in this hand some Amanitæ glass. The affinity of silica for bases measured by the wrapped in paper.

carbonic acid displaced during fusion is not a constant Resists in Calico-printing.–A. Schultz.-A purely magnitude, but depends on an action of mass. The quantechnical paper, incapable of useful abstraction.

tity of carbonic acid expelled by a given weight of silica Aniline-black upon Wool and other Textiles.-M. ) is so much the smaller the less alkaline carbonate there Delory:-The author first mordants in 100 grms. each of is in readion. potassic bichromate and oil of vitriol dissolved in 10 litres Aniline and the Methylated Toluydins and the of water. The dye-bath he prepares by dissolving 30 grms. Colouring Matters thence Derived.-P. Monnet, F. aniline hydrochlorate in ġ litres of water at 28°. In Reverdin, and E. Noelting.–Already noticed. another vessel he dissolves 55 grms. potassic bichromate in 1 litre of boiling water, and adds to the hot solution

MEETINGS FOR THE WEEK. 48 grms. sulphuric acid at 66° B. The solutions are then mixed together. In this liquid the tissues are worked for an hour without heat; the temperature is then raised MONDAY, 31st.–Medical, 8.30.

TUESDAY, 1st.-Royal Institution, 3. “ Animal Development," quickly to 95° to 100°, and kept at that heat for 25 to 30

Prof. Schäfer. minutes. At the moment of applying the heat 10 to 12

Zoological. 8.30. grms. sulphate of copper are added, previously dissolved.

Society of Arts, 8. “ Remarks upon an old Map of

Africa Contained in Janson's Atlas, Published in The material is then taken out, washed very well, and

Paris in 1612," and exhibited by R. Ward. "The taken through an alkaline bath of soap and soda, to which

Submarine Telegraph to South Africa," by J have been added oʻ2 to oʻ5 grm. aniline-violet per litre of

Sivewright. (African Section.) water.

WEDNESDAY, 2nd.-Society of Arts, 8.

Recent Depression in Trade," by B. Francis Historic Notes on the Discovery of Dyeing with Aniline-black.-In these notes M. Girardin, whilst ad.

Pharmaceutical, 8.

THURSDAY, 3.d.-Royal, 8.30. mitting Mr. John Lightfoot's claim as the original dis

Royal Institution, 3. “Sound," Prof. Tyndall. coverer of aniline-black, maintains that a M. Carl Stalars,

Royal Society Club, 6.30. of Lille, was the first who successfully used tne new

Chemical, 8. "On Terpin and Terpinol," Dr.

Tilden. “On the Transformation of Aurin into colour in dyeing under the name of “ French black."

Trimethyl-para-rosanilin,” R. S. Dale and C. Poisonous Character of Salts of Copper and the

Schorlemmer. "On a Gold Nugget from South

America," A. H. Wood. “On the Solution of Use of Copper Sulphate in Panification.-A collec

Aluminium Hydrate by Ammonia and a Physical tion of opinions on the innocence of the salts of copper.

Isomeride of Alumina," G. C. F. Cross.

FRIDAY, 4th.-Royal Institution, 9. "Molecular Physics,” by Mr. February, 1879


Geologists' Association, 8. Industrial Society of Mulhouse.—The hydrosul- SATURDAY, 5th.–Royal Instiution, 3. "Etching," by Mr. Seymour


"Some Causes of the


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138 Advertisements.


March 28, 1879. INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTRY OF GREAT BRITAIN | Clark, Juha, Ph.D., F.C.S. 138, Bath-street, Glasgow

Claphan, Robert Culvert, F.C.5., Eeasdon, near Newcust'e-on Tyde.

Claud t, F., F.C S., 6 and 7, Coleman-street, E.C.
Cleaver, Edward Lawre ce, F.C.S., 289a, King's-road, S.W.

Clemenshaw, Edward, F.C.S., Greenbill, Sherborne
President-E. FRANKLAND, Ph.D., D.C.L., F.R.S., &c.

Cloud, Thomas Charles, Assoc. R.S.M., Walla oo, South Australia

Clowes, Frank, D.Sc., F.C.S.. Newcastie-ui. der-Lyme

Col. man, Joseph James, F.C 8., 45, West Nile-Street, Glasgow
F. A. Abel, C B., F.R.S.

William Odling, MA., M.B., Cooke, Samuel, M.A., Civil Fnvineering Coll-ge, Poona, India Alexander Crum Brown, M.D., F.R.S.

Coomber, Thomas, F.C.S., 80, Kingrdown.parade, Bristol D.Sc, F.R S.E.

R. Angus Smith, Ph.D., F.R.S. Corfield, Profossor. M.A., M.B., F.C.S., 10, Bolton-row, Mayfair, W. Robert

Galloway, M.R.L.A., AugustusVoelcker, Ph.D., F.R.S., Cownles, Alfred John, F.C.s., 106, Fenchurch-street, E.C. F.C.S.


Cranston, George, Messrs. Storer and Sons, Sydney-strett, Glasgow Treasurer-C. R. Alder Wright, D.Sc., F.C.S.

Crookes, William, F.R.S., F.C.8. 20, Mornington-road, N.W.

Crowder, William, 2a, Evering-villas, Evering-road, Upper Clapton, E. ORLINARY MEMBERS of COUNCIL. John Attfield, Ph.D., F.C.S.

Dalziel, John Graham, Ucited College, St. Andrew's, N.B.

David Howard, F C.S.
James Bell, F.C.S.

Darby, Stephen, F.C.S., 140, Leadenball-street
C. T. Kingzett, F.C.8.

Darling, William Howarth, F.C.S., 126, Oxford-street, Manchester Dugald Campbell, F.C.S.

A. F. Marreco, F.C.S.
Michael Carteigbe, F.C.B.

Davies, Edward, F.C.S., Royal Institution, Liverpool
F. A. Manning, F.C.S.
W. Crookes, F.R.S., V.P.C.S.

Davies, R. Higgins, F.C.S., 6, Bradmore-park-terrace, Goldbawi-
E. J. Mills, D.Sc., F.R.S.
G. E. Davis, F.C.S.
E. Neison, F.C.S., F.R.A.S.

road, w.

Davis, G. E., F.C.S., Dagmar-villa, Heaton Chapel, near Stockport
Warren l'ela Rue, D,C.L., F.R.S. John Pattinson, P.C.S.
William Dittmar,F.R.S.E., F.C.S.

Davis, Henry Wilson, Laboratory, Somerset-house, w.C.
T. Redwood, Ph.D., F.C.S.
A. Dupre, Ph.D., F.R.S., F.C.S. J. Emerson Reynolds, M.D.,

Cay, James Jhn, 18, London-street, Derby
R. J. Friswell, F.C.8.

Deacon, Henry Wade, Appleton-house, Widnes

M.R.I.A., F.C.S.
J.H.G'adstone, PhD., FR.8.

De Chaumont, Prancis 8.B.F., Army Medical School, Netley
Thomas Stevenso11, M.D., F.C.S.
George Gore, LL.D., F.R.8. R. R. Tatlock, F.R.S.E., F.C.S.

De la Rue, Warren, D.C.L., F.R.S., 73, Portland-place. W.

Dent, William Y., F.C.S., Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, S.E.
W. N. Hartley, F.R.S.E., F.C.S. R. V. Tuson, F.C.S.
Douglas Herman, F.C.8,
J, T. Way, P.C.S.

Dewar, Professor James, F.R.8., Cambridge

Dittmar, Professor W., Anderson's College, Glasgo
Secretary-C. E. Groves, F.C.S.

Divers, Þro'essor E., M.D., F.C.S., Yokohama, Japan
Offices-Somerset-house-terrace, 8.W.

Dixon, William A., F.C.S., Chemical Laboratory, School of Arts, This Institute has been established to ensure that Consulting and Sydı ey Analytical Chemists are duly qualified for the proper discharge of the Dodd, Thomas Henry, F.C.S., Royal Arzenal, Wool wich, S.E. duties they undertake by a thorough study of Chemistry a d allied Donkin. W. F., University Museum, Oxford branches of Sci' nce in their appliction to the Aris, Public Health, Dougal, Samuel S., Glenpark-villa, Busby Agricu'ture, and Technical Ildu:tıy.

Downar, George Frederick, Workington

Ureyfus, Charles, 7, Chapel-walks, Manchester

Duncan, James, F.C.S., 71, Cromwe l-road, s.w.
Abel, F.A., C.B., F.R.S., F.C.S., Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, 8. E. Dupre, Anguste, Ph.D., F.R.S., Westminster Hospital, S.W.
Abney, Capt. W.W.F.R.S , F.C.S., 3. St. Alban’s-road, Kensington, W. Early, William, Trinity College, Dublin
Ackroyd, William, Kelso High school, Roxburghshire

Eltoit, Thomas, F.C.S., 55, Turiano-avenue, N.W.
Acwort, Joseph J., F.C.S., Oakvil e-house, Gravesend

Estcourt, Charles, F.C.S., St. James's-square, Manchester Aitkin, Andr. w P., D Sc., Edinburgh University

Evershed, Frank, 8, Dalrymple-terrace, Glenarm-road, C.apton, E. Alldred, C.H., F.C.S., 37, Mincing-lane, E.C.

Fairley, Tnomas, F.R.S.E., F.C.S., 16, East-parade, Leeds Allen, Alfred H., F.C.S., ?, Collegiate-crescent, Sheffield

Farries, Tbomas, F.C.S., 16, Coleman-stre.t, E.C. Alison, Henry T., Thornaby Iron Works, Stockton-on-Tees

Fenton, Henry J. H., Christ's College, Cambridge angeil, Arthur, Ph.D., 4, Portland-terrace, Southampton

Ferguson, John, M.A., F.C.S., University, Glasgow Angell, Jobn, F.C.s., Grammar School, Manchester

field, Frederick, F.R.S., F.C.S., Hither-green-lodge, Lewislam, 8.E. Appleyard, Gilbert, C. W., Prestolee, near Manchester

Fletcher, Alfred, 5, Edge-lane, Liverpool Aimstrong, H. E., Ph.D., F.R.S., F.C.s., London Institution, E.C. Foord, George, F.C.S.,

Royal Mint, Melbourne Atkinson, Edmund, Pn.D., F.C.S., Poriesbury-hill, Camberley

Foster, Wiliam, B.A., F.C.s., Middlesex Hospital, W. Atkinson, Robert William, D.Sc., F.C.S., University of Tokio, Japan Francis, Ernest E. H., F.C.S., Port of Spain, Trinidad Attfield, Professor John, Ph.D., 1.c.s., 17, Bloomsbury-square, W.c. Frankland, Professor E., D.C.L., F.R.S., Royal College of Chemistry, Bannister, Richard, F.C.S., Labora'ory, Somerset-house, W.C.

South Kensington Museum, S.W. Barff, Fredi rick S., F.C.S., 100, Abbey-road, Kilburn, N.W.

Friswell, R. J., F.C S., 10, Clapton-square, E. Barrett, Edward Louis, B.Sc., F.C.S., 53, Springfield-road, N.W. Fuller, W. J. F.C.S., Corve-lodge, Greenway-road, Redland, Bristol Bassett, Henry, F.C.S., 41, St. Paul's-road, N.W.

Gale, Samuel, F.C.S., 338, Oxford Street Baynes, James, jun., F.C 8., Kingson-upon Hull

Galloway, Professor Robert, F.C.S., M.R.I.A., Royal College of Bean, Cbarles Edward, F.C.S., Brooklyn-house, Shepherd's-bush, W. Science, St. Stephen's-green, Dublio. Beilby, George, Midcalder, si o'lan:

Gardner, John, F.C.S., 11, St. Paul's-crescent, Camden-equara, X. Bell, J. Carter, F.C.8., 'Assoc. R.8 M., Kersal Clough, Higher Garrick, Andrew R., Ph.Þ., St. Helens, Lanca hire Broughton, Manchester

Gatehouse, James Wright, 36, Broad-street, Bath Bell, Ja nes, F.C.8., Laboratory, Somerset-house, W.C.

Giiburt, John Henry, Ph.D., F.R.S., F.C.S., Harpenden, St. Alban's Bell, William Gomm, Assoc. R.S.M., 52, Duchess-roa:1, Birmingham Gilebriet, Per y C., F.C.S., Assoc. R.S.M., Blaenavon, Monmouthshire Bickerdike, William Edward, F.C.s., Surbiton-place Blackburn Gladstone, J. H., Ph.D., F.R.S., F.C.s., 17, Peinbridge-equare, HydeBickerton, Professor A.W., Christchurcb, New Zea'and

park, w
Bischof, Pofessor Gustav. F.C.S., 4, Hart-street, Bloomsbury, W.C. Glover, G.T., F.C.S., 30, Donegall-place, Belfast
Bourch'er, Charles Edwar), Messis Birdley and Co., The Brewery, Gordon, Joseph Gordon, F.C.s., 20, King-street, S.W.

Gore, George, LL.D., F.R.S., Islington-row, Edgbaston, Birmingham Bowdler, Arthur Clegg, 20, Wellington-stret, Blackburn

Gr.ham, A. McDonald, F.C.S., 5. Fastfield, the Links, Leith Lowrey, James John, F.C.S, Kingston, Jamacia

Graham, Charles, D.Sc., F.C.S., University College, W. Brazier, Professor James Smith, F.C.S., University, Aberdeen

Greenaway, A. J., F.C.S., 11, Pemberton-gardens, Úpp r Holloway, X. Brock, John, British Alkali Wo ks, Widness, Lanca ter

Greenway, Thomas, The Sheffield Smelting Company, Sheffield Brodie, Sir Benjamin C., F.R.S., F.C.S., Brockbam Warren, Sorrey Gregory, Henry Richard, 7, Quality.court, Chancery-lane, E.C. Brown, Professor A. Crum, M.D., D.Sc., F.C.S., 8, Belgrare-crescent, Greville, Henry Leicester, F.C.S., Bentino's-bouse, Stroud-green-road Edinburgh

Griess, Peter, Ph.D., F.R.S., F.C.S., Burton-on-Trent Brown, Adrian John F.C.S., Burton-on-Trent

Grosjean, B.J., F.C.S., Messrs. Lawes' Chemical Works, Millwall, E. Brown, Edwin Ormond, F.6.8., Risal Arsenal, Woolwich, S.E. Groves, Charles Edward, F.C.S., Somerset-house-terrace, W.C. Brown, James Campbell, D.Sc., F.C.s., Liverpool

Gurney, H. S. Lewis, Wilderspool, Warrington, Brown, Horace T., F.C.6., Burton-on-Trent

Hake, Henry Wilson, Ph.D., F.C.s., Carlton-chambers, 12, RegentBruce, A.C., MA., F.C.S., King Edward School, Birmingham

street, 8.W. Buchanan, John Young, F.R.S. s., 10, Moray-place, Edinburgh Helse, William Edward, F.C.3., 21, Mincing-lane, E.C. Bullock, J. Lloyd, F.C.S., 3, Hanover-street, w.

Hinbury, Cornelius, F.C.s., Plough-court, E.C. Burge, Charles H., Laboratory, Somerset-house, W.C.

Harkness, William, F.C.B., Laboratory, Somerset-house, W.C. Burghardt, Charles Anthony, Ph.D., Owen's College, Manchester

Hartley, W. Noel, F.R.S.E., F.C.8., King's College, W.c. Butterfield, Jobn Cope, F.C.S., 106, Queen Victoria-striet, E.C. Hastings, H. Mitchell, F.0.5., 16, Vicarage-gardens, Kensington. W. Calderwocd, John, Addi well, West Calder, N.B.

Heaton, Charles William, F.C.S., Charing-cross Hospital, W.C. Cameron, Charles A., M.D., F.R.S.C.1., 15, Pembroke-road, Dublin. Heddle, Professor Matthew Forster, M.D., F.R.S. E.. St. Andrews, Cameron, James, Laboratory, Somerset-house, W.c.

Cameron, Jobn Macdonald, F.C.S., 7, Oxford. Villas, Glenthorn-road, Hebner, Oito, F.C.S., 54, Holborn Viaduct, E.C.

Helm, Henry James, F.C.S., Laboratory, Somerset-house, W.C. Cammack, John, 50, Pecker's-hill, Sutton, near St. Helen's

Henry, William Charles, M.D., F.R.S., K.C.S., Haffleld, near Ledbury Campbell, Dugald, F.C.S., 7, Quality-couri, Cnancery-lane, E.C. Herman, Douglas, F.C.S., Cropper's-hill, St. Helen's, Lancashire Carey, Eustace, Wianer, Lancasbire

Hewitt, David B., Beech-house, Prestwicb, Radcliffe, near Manchester Carteighe, Michael, F.C.S., 180, New Bond-street, W.

Hibbert, Walter, F.C.s., 2a, Chapel-street, Edgware-road, w. Caswell, Charles Benjam in, F.C.S., 13, George-ro.d, Birmingham Higgin, James, É.C.S., Woodhes, Kersal, álanchester Crch, Professor, F.C.S., Agricultural College, Cirencester

Hill, Alfred, M.D., F.C.8., Birmingham

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March 28, 1879.
Hills, Tbomas Hyde, F.C.S., 339, Oxford-street, w.

Page, David, M.D., F.C.S., Netherfield, Kenda'e, Westmoreland Hodges, Frederick, Queen's College, Belfast

Page, F. J. Montague, 7.C."., Assoc. R.S.M., Universi.y College, W.C Vodges, John Freder ck, M.D., F.C.S., Queen's College, Belfast Parker, Joln spear. 13, New Porte -street, Suefneld Hodgkinson, W.R., Ph. D., 106, Bramley-road, No.ting-biil, W. Parkins in, Kobirt, Pa.D., Bradford Hoffman. G.C., 76, St. Gabriel-sti eet, Monti eal, Canada

Patu rson, Toomas Law, F.C.S., Belmont, Margaret-street, Greenock Holms, John, Laboratory, Somereel-house, w.C.

Partison, John, F.C.8., 75, The Side, Newcastle-on-Tyne Hopwood, George Marles, F.C.S., Mining De: artment, Melbourne Pearce, Walter, Maidenhead Howard, Davis, F.C.S., Rectory House, Walthamstow, E., and Strat- Pedler, Professor Alexander, F.C.s., Presidencs College, Calcutta ford, E.

Perkin, William Henry, F.R.S , F.C.S., The Chestnuts, sudbury Howard, Thomas, F.C.S., 52, Swinton street, Gray's-inc-road Phillips, John Arthur, C.E , F.C.s.,

13., Popstone-road, Censington, W Howard, William Dilworth, Stratford, E.

Flowman, Sydney, Resid nces, St. Thomas's Hospital. S.E.
Hugbes, John, 79, Mark-lane, E.C.

Pocbin, Henry Davis, F.C.S., Barn Elms, Barnes, s.W.
Luotingdon, Altred Kirby, A soc. R.S.M., Abbeville-house, Green-hill, Prevost, Edward, Ph.D., F.C.S., Oxford
Hampstead, N.

Price, Astley Pastun, Ph.D., FC.8, 47, Lincoln's-inn-fields, W.C. Hurter, Ferdinand, Ph.D., Widnes.

Price, David Simps n, rh.D., F.C.8., 26, Gr. at George street, w. Huskisson, Penry Owen, F.C.S., 42, Highbury-park, N.

Proctor, William Wi'son, 33 and 85, Side, Newcastle-on-Tyné Huson, Charles William, B.Sc, (Lond.), 5, York-buildings, Dale-street, Purdie, Thon as, jun., F.C..., Assoc. 31, Westbourne-park-Cresent, W Liverpool

Ramsey, William, Po.D., F.C 8., 11, Ash-on-terrace, Glasgow Hutching, William Maynard, Rock Le', Mount Pleasan:-road, Reddr p, Joseph, F.C.S., Lon on and North-Western Railway Crewe Lisc.rd, Birkenhead

R dwood, Professor T. Pb D., F.C.S, 17, Bloomsbury-square, w.c. Huxley, J. H., Assoc. R.S.M., Crescent road, Sha row, Słeffield Redwoor, T. Buverton, F.C.S., Fairlawn North Finchley, Middiesex J.ck:on, Edgar Assoc. R.S M., 106, Queen V.cora-sti eet, E.C. Reid, Walter Cecil, 124, Park-road, Neweastle-on-Tyne Japp, Francis Robert, M.A., Ph.D., P.C.8., 18, Brompton-crescent, Regolds, Professor J. Em r.on, M.D., F.C.S., Trinity College, Dublin South Kensington, W.

Renolds, William J., M.A, F.C S., Royal Military asylum, Ch Isea Jarmain, George, F.C.s., 84, Northga'e, Huddersfield

Rich, Sydney William, 23, Lyod- Square, W.C. Jobas n, George, Stillingfleet, F.C.S., 11, Saville-row, W.

Richards, Edward, Assoc. R.8 M., Barrow-in. Furness Ji hnson, Thomas A., F.C.S., 96, Duke-sireet, Liverpool

R ley, Edward, F.C.S. 148, Finsbury-square, E.C.
Johnstone, W., Lowther-hill, Forest-hill, S.E.

Rimmington, G org", 9, Bridge-street, Bradlord
Jo e.. E, W. T.,
F.C.S., Wolverhampton

Roberts, Thomas, 4, A fred road, Hand-worth, near Birmingham
Jones, Francis, F.R.8.E., F.C.S., Gramm r School, Manchester Robinson, John, F.C.S., Downside, st ke Biship, Bristol
Kea:es, Thomas William, 10, Spring-gardens, W.

Robinson, George Carr, F.R.S.E , Labora:ory, University, Edinburgh Krede, James Boddely, 38, Hartham-road, Camden-road, N.

Robson, Thomas S., 57, The Side, Newcastle-un-Tyne
Keightley, Alfred Dualey, F.C.S., Old-ball, Milntborpe

Kochod, Heinruh, Md.esboro-on Tee:
Kellner, William, Ph.D., 1.c.s., Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, S.E. Rodwell, Ge rge Furr. r, P.C.S., Mxriborough College
Kend II, James Alfred, F.C.S., Silvertown, E.

Ronalds, Edmund, Pa.bi., F.RS.E , Bonning.on-house, Elinburgh kinch, Edward, F.C.S., Tok o, Japan

Roscoe, Procesor Henry E, PhD, F.R.S., F.C.S., Uwei's College, King, John Falconer, F.C.S., Edinburgh

Manches, er Kingzett, Charles T., P.C.S., 12, Auriol-road, The Cedars Es'ate, West Rosen hal Gustav., Ph.D., Wandsworth-bridg'-wharf, Fulham, s.w. Kensington, W.

Ru-soll, William James,, Ph.D., F.1.8., F.C.S., St. Bartholomew's Kitcben, Archibald, F.C S. 27, King-street, Whitehaven

llospit 1, E.T. Kj naston, Josiah W., F C.s., St. Helen's

Ryan, Dennis, The Sch oi of Medicine, Liverpool Laver, John Bennet, F.R.S., F C.S., Kothamstead, St. Albats

Salter, Muriya John, F.C.S., Forest-road, Da ston, N. L.wson, George, LL.D., Dalhousie College, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Saveri, T.J., 4, 'l h i es -terrace, IIammersmith Canada

Scbunck, Euward, Ph.D., F.R S., F.2 S., Kers sil, near Van :hester Leebody, Professor John Robinson, M.A., Magee College, Londonderry Sell, William Jamns, B. d., 12, Dowoing-terrace, Cambridge Latts, Edmund Albert, University College Bristol

Se ier, Alfred, M.D., F.C.S., 12. Brownswood-villas, Finsbury-park,N. Lewin, Gerge, Laboratory, Somerset House, W.C.

sheustone, William Asbwill, F.C.S., Exe er School, Exeter Liveing, Professor George Downing, M. 1., F.C.S., Cambridge

Shi pher 1, Harcourt 11.B., F.C.S., The Leighs, Charlton-lage, S.E. Livirsedge, A., Assoc. R.S.M., University, Sydney

Bheppard, Thomas Wiliams, M.D, Pah., Bengal Lott, Frank Edward, Assoc. R.S.M., Shapenvill, Burton-on-Trert Sebulu, Louis, F.C S., Oxfurd-sti eet, Manchester Loram, Herbert Y, F.C 8., 24, Ockenden-road, Southgate-road, N. Sienens, C. Wilium, D. L., F R.S., F.C.8., 12, Queen Anne's-gate, Lovett, Wiliam Jesse, 295, Blackburn-road, Accringtou

Westminster, :: W., and 3 Palace houses, Keus.ngton-gardens, w. Love, Alfred John George, 167, Feuchurch-strert, E C.

Saee, Alfred Hutc! inson, E.C.S., 7, Finsbury-circus, E.C. Lowe, William Foulkes, F.C.S., Assoc. R.8.M., Hough-green, Chester S. ith, ar hur i eros, F.C.S. Teip'e Observatory, liugby Lup on, Sidney, F.C.S., The Harebilis, Leeds

Smin, J. Denbum, t.c.i., Fairlawn, Coombe-Wuod, Kingtun-onLyte, Farnban Maxwell, F C.S., Cutford, Oakhill-road, Putney, S.W. Thues Lyon, Juhn George, Pon efra.t

Saith, Robert Angus, Ph.D., F.R.S., F.C.S., 22, Dt vonshire-sti eet, Macadam, Steve ham, Ph.D., F.R.S.E., F.C.S., Edirburgh

Manchester Macdouga'd, G. D., 41, Reform-strett, Dundee

Smith, Wuison, F.C.o., Wilmslow, near Vancheier Mac ear, Jemes, F.C.S., St. Rollox, Gla-gow

nelus, Giorge James, F.C.S., Assoc. R.S.M., Workington Makino, George Hogarth, F.C 8., Wato11-en-Tham 28

Synstadt, E., F.C.S., 2, Osborne-villas, Duncoabe-road, Hornses. Magning. F. A, F.C.3., :8, Billit r-s reer, E.C.

rise, N. Marcet, will am, M.U., B.R.S., FC.S., Aibun&um lnb, London, W. Spiller, John, F.C.S., 2, St. Mary's-roa!, Cinyubury, N. Marreco, Professor A. F., F.C.K., ollege of Physicai Science, New- Spill r, William, F.S., Atlas Works, Hackney-wick, N. E. castle-on-Tyne

Suad, Juhi Kuward, Middlesb ro'gh Mask lyne, Nevil Story, F.R.S, F.C.S., 112, Gloucester-te race, w. S:cuho 18, J., ILD, F.R.S., F.C.S., 17, Rodney-street, PentonMatthey, George, F.C.S., 78, Hatton-garden, E.C.

ville, N. McLou, Professor Herbe t, F.C.8., Cooper's-nil, Etaines

S:euart, Daniel Rankin, Broxburn, Scotland Meldula, Rapnael, F.C..., 21, John-street, Bedt rd-row, W.C.

Stevenson, James Cochran, M.P., F.C.S., Westoc, South Shields Miller, F. Bowyer, F.C.S. Royal Mint, Melbourne

Stevenson, Thomas, M.D., F.C S., Guy's Hospital, 8. E. Mills, 1 rofessor Edmund J., D.Sc., F.R.S., F.C.8., Anderson's College; Stewart, A Yuunç, F.C.S., Apotheca ies' Hall, Bla k riars, E.C. Glasgow

S ock, Willian Freclerick Keating, F.C.S., Darling on Mond, Ludwig, F.C.S., Winningtr n-hall, Northwich

Buddart, William Waller, F.C.S., 1, Park-street, Br.stol Mo fit, Campbell, P.D., F.C..., 16, Harley-road, South Hampstead, Stoker, George Naylor, Laborato y, Somerset-Lou-e, w.C. N.W.

Sutton, Francis, F.C.S., Norwich Morgan, "homas M., Victoria Coʻlege, Jersey

Swan, Joseph Wilson, F.C.S., Newcastle-on-Tye Moss, Jotn, F.C.S, :00 High Holborn, w.č.

Szczepauowski, 8.anislas A. Prus., F.C.S., 6, stufford-place, Buck. Morrison, Roburt Milner, D 8c., 13, Douglas-crescent, T dinburgh ingham-gate, s.W. Mock ow, John Dav es. P.C.8., 31, Pen: -road, N.

Tate, Alexander Norx an, 7 and 9, Ilackins Hey, Lirerpool Muiler, Eugo, Po.D , F.K.8., F.C.S., 119, Bunbi i-riw, E.C.

Tate, Walter, Bridgewater Sme ting Company, St. Heleas Muspratt, Edmuud K., F.C.S., Seaf rth-hall, near Liverpo !

Ta'lick, Robert K., F.C.S., 188. Bath street, Glasgow Napier, James, F.C..., lipping.cottag", Brainford, n ar ipswich Taylor, 'Janes, F.C.S., Farmers' (lub, lons o: Court Hotel, Holborn Neison, rdmuud, F.C.S., scientific Club, Savile-row, w.

E.C. Newlar ds, Johu Á. R., F.C.S.. 18, Josephine-avenue, Brixton-rise, s.w. Taylor, Robert L., F.C.S., 45, ( lendale, Lower Broughton, Man. Newlanas, Benjamin E. R., F.c.s., Clyde-wharf, V.ctoria Dock, E. cnester Newth, G.S., New Collego, Hampstead

Thomas, Joseph William, F.C.S., Pen-y-lan, Cardiff Nicholson, E. Chambers, F.R.S., F.C.S., Carlton-house, herne hill Thomson, Jobn Millar, F.C.S., King's College, w.c. Nicholson, Edward, A.M.D., F.C.S., St. Thomas Mount, Mad, as Thomson, William, F.C.8., Royal Institution, Manches er

Thorp, William, B.Sc., F.C.S., 39, Sandringham-road, West Hackney SichekesProfessor' w., M.B., F.K.s., F.C.s., 15, korbam-gardens, T.chborne, Charles, R.C., M.R.I.A., F.C.ş., 40, Nary-street, Dublin

Odling, Walter, F.C.S., Burton-on-Trent

Tidy, Charles Meymott, M.B., F.C.s., 3, Mandeville-place, Man-
Ogilvie, Thoma, Robertson, F.C.S., B.nk-top, Lyle-street, Greenock crester-square, W.
Ugston, George Henry, F.C.8., 9, Delahay-street, Westminster, S.W. Tilden, William Augustus, D.Sc., F.C.S., Clifton College, Bristol
Olerensbaw, Samuel, Sutton Alkali Works, Sr. Helen's

Tuckey, Charles, F.C.S., The Museum, Jermyn-stie.t, w. O'Neill, Charles, F.C.s., 72, Denmark-road, Manchester

Tomlinson, Charles, t'.R.S., F.C.S., 3. Ridgmount-terrsce, Highgate O'Sullivan, Cornelius, t.c.s., 140, High-street, Burton-on-Trent Tr be, Alfrid, F.C.S., Dulwich College Packer, George Smithers, P.C.S., Cambuslang, by Glasgu w

Tucker, Alexander E., Lawn-terrace, Rhymney, South Wales



CHEMICAL News, 140

March 28, 1879. Tuson, Professor Richard V., F.C.S., Royal Veterinary College, N.

The Prestolee Alkali Works, Farnworth, near Bolton, Lancashire, Tyrer, Thomas, F.C.S., Garden Wbarf, Battersea, s.W.

fitted with costly Plant, Machinery, and Apparatus for the Manu. Umney, Charles. F.C.S., 50, Southwark-street, E.C.

facture of Soda-ash, Bleaching-powder and Liquor, and Sulphuric Vacher, Arthur, F.C.S., '12, Fitzroy-street, W.

Acid, in complete working order, with possession.- Preliminary. Versmann, Frederick, Ph.D., 15, Trinity-square, Great Tower-street,

Viccajee, K. R., 10, Churpes-road, Bombay

and Co. are instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Palatine Vincent, Charles, w., F.R. S.E., F.C.s., Royal Institution, Albemarle- Hotel, Manchester, on Thursday, April 17, at 3 o'clock precisely, in street, w., and 23, Harvest-road, Holloway, N.

one lot, unless an acceptable offer be previously made by private conVoelcker, A. Ph.D., F R.S., 39, Argyle-road, Kensington, W.

tract, the PRESTOLEE ALKALI'WORKS, a freehold property, Walenn, William Henry, F.C.S., 7+, Breckoock-soad, N.

having a superficial area of 95,741 square yards of land, subject to Walker, John Francis, M.A., F.C.S, Sidney Surs x College, Cam- chief rents amounting to £407 138. gd. per annum, with the buildings, bridge, and 16. Gillygate. York

plant, machinery, and apparatus erected thereon, capable of manufacWallace, Willian, Ph.D., F.R.S.E., 133, Path-street, Gasgow.

turing monthly a product exceeding in the aggregate 2000 tons of Ward, G., F.C.S., Buckingham-terrace, Headingly, Leeds

soda-ash, bleaching powder and liquor (by Weldon's patent process), Warington, Robert, F.C.8., Harpenden, Heits

and sulphuric acid, also caustic soda and muriatic acid. The amount Watts, Alexander, F.C.S., 24, Thackery-street, Liverpool

expended in the construction of these works has been very large. A Watson, David, D.Sc., F.C.S., Assoc.R.S.M., Broughton Copper, valuation was made with great care in 1874 by Messrs. Holmes and Works, Manchester

Son, the well-known valuers, of Manchester; their estimate then Watts, John, D.Sc., F.C.S , University Latoratory, Oxford

amounted to £99,900, and since that time a sum exceeding £10,000 Way, John Thomas, F.C.S., 9, Russell-road, Kensington, W.

has been expended. The whole of the works and plant have been Weldon, Walter, F.C.S., Rede ball, Burstow, Surrey

well kept, and are conveniently arranged for working. The Bury, Wbewell, George, F.C.S., Exchange-chambers, Blackburn

Bolton, and Manchester Canal, which forms one boundary of the Whiffen, William George, Lombard-road, Battersea

property, affords facility for economical water carriage, and the Williame, John, F.C.s., 16, Cross-street, Hatton-garden, E.C.

Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway is within a very short distance. Williams, M. Witley, F.C.$.. 18, Kempsford-gardens, Brompton. S.W. There is a plentiful supply of water for all manufacturing purposes, Williams, William John, F.C.S., Mesers. Burt, Bolion, and Heywood, free of cost, from the river Croal, and coals are raised from pits in Silvertown, E.

the immediate neighbourhood. Pyrites, salt, lime, and limestone are Wills, Thomas. F.C.S., Royal Naval College, Greenwich. S.E.

all brought by boats direct to the wharf on the canal. The works Wilson, George Ferguson, F.R.S., F.C.8. Heather-bank, Weyb.iidge may be economically worked with a small capital, as arrangements Wilson, James Henry, Oak Hall, East Ham, Essex

may be made with the vendors for a very considerable portion of the Wilson, William, F.C.S., Jubilee street, Mile end, E.

purchase money to remain upon mortgage. Large profits bave been Wipser, Percy James, F.C.S., Marsden-street, Manchester

realised in the past, and the high reputation of the Prestolee mangWitton, James Cecil, B.Sc., 29, Queen-street, Lancaster

factures in the market will ensure to an energetic nan, even at the Wood, Charles Henry, F.C.S., Medical College, Calcutta

existing low prices, an ample return for his capital invested and Woodcock, Reginald C., F.C.S., 23, Abingdon Street, Westminster. possession of works not surpassed for completeness or compactness Wright, C. R. Alder, D.Sc., 7.C.s., St. Mary's Hospital, w.

by any in the kingdom. May be viewed till the sale. Printed par

ticulars are in course of preparation, and may shortly be had at the NAMES of ASSOCIATES.

Works; at the Palatine and Queens Hotels, Manchester; of Messrs. Adair, A., Vale-view, Whitehaven.

Wakeman and Bleeck, Solicitors, Warminster; of Messrs Addleshaw Bascombe, Frederick, 180, New Bond.street, w.

and Warburton, Solicitors, Norfolk Street, Manchester; and of Bayne, Jame, F.C.S., Royal Veterinary College, N.

Messrs. Fuller, Horsey, Sons, and Co., II, Billiter Square, London, Beckett, George Henry, F.C,8., 42, Malvern-road, Dalston, N.

who are empowered to treat for the disposal by private contract. Bendix, David, F.C.s., Prince Kegent's-wharf, Victoria Docks, S.E. Billing, Henry Samuel, Messrs, Burcard, Lack, and Alger, Plymouth Chensical Works, Plymouth.

Prestolee Alkali Works, Farnworth, near Manchester and Bolton.Carpenter, Henry sander?, F.C.8., The Firs, Alton, Hants

Useful Horses, rolling stock, loose effects, and remaining stock-in

trade. Clark, William Ingiis, B.Sc., Messrs, Duncan, Flockhart, and Co..

Copley, James, Gregory-street, Nottingham

and co. are instructed to SELL by AUCTION, on the Cowper, Richard, F.C.S., Assoc. R.S.M., 3, The Residences, South

PREMISES, Farnworth, near Manchester, on THURSDAY, April 3, Kensington Museum, W.

at twelve precisely, the 'ROLLING STOCK, loose materials, and Davey G. W. 8 Hawthorne-terrace, Barking, Essex Davidson, James, jun., Summerville, near Dumfries

stock-in-trade, including 16 powerful cart horses, four wrought-iron

tank trollies, nine lorries, it spring tip and float carts, harness, twa Dyer, Bernard, P.C.S., 17, Great Tower Street, E.C.

cast-iron caustic pots, cast-iron decomposing pot, double-fue Firby, Alfred, 2, Fallowfield-terrace, Leeds

Lancashire boiler 7 ft. diameter, 19 ft. 6 long, about 30 tons useful Gahan, William Patrick, 56, Walton-street, S.W.

wrought and cast-iron material, 3 tons lead, brass cocks and taps Gaskell, Francis, Newnham-lodge, Spring grove, Isleworth

slate slabs, York stone foundations, new wire netting, useful ash Gill, Edward J.G., 59, King Henry's-road, N.W. Gibson, John, Ph.D., F.R.S.E., :9, Greenhill-gardens, Edinburgh

timber spokes and felloes, earthenware aqua fortis jars and packing

boxes; also 25 tons soda-ash, 72 carboys rectified oil of vitriol, 300 Greenish, Henry George, 20, New-street, Dorset-square, N.W.

empty carboys, and numerons other effects.-May be viewed the day Haddock, Arthur, Royal Institution, Liverpool

preceding the sale, and catalogues had on the premises, of Messrs. Hannay, James Ballantyne, F.€.8., Owens College, Manchester

Wakeman and Bleeck, Solicitors, Warminster; of Messrs. Addleshaw Hellon, Robert, Assoc. R.S.M., Whiteparin

and Warburton, Solicitors, Norfolk Street, Manchester; and of Hollis, Percy Best, Mersey Chemical Works, Wiúnes

Messrs. Fuller, Horsey, Sons, and Co., II, Billiter Square London, Hooker, Ayerst, Henham, Court lodge, Lessness-beath, R. E.

E.C., or will be forwarded on application.
Hughes, Hugb, 81, Troughtou-sti eet, Edgebill, Liverpo..]
Hutchinson, Thomas James, 91, Wood-street, Elton, near Bury
Jago, William, F.C.S., School of Science and Art, Biigh on
Jobson, Thomas, Jun., Stockbridge Works, near Sheffield

ACCOUNTANT AND FINANCIAL AGENT, Jude, K. H., D.Sc., 37, Kempsford-gardens, South Kensington

Gives information without charge to Investors in Stocks and Shares, Lapraik, William, F.C.S., 211, Southgate-road, N.

and conducts the Sale of Legg, J. E., 5, Winsor-terrace, City-road, N.

ALL CLASSES OF SECURITIES Luff, Arthur Pearson, 13, Lisson-street, Marylebone-road, N.W.

on reasonable terms. Macadam, W. Ivison, F.C.S., Surgeons'-hall, Edinburgh

Mortgages are also effected for inventors and others atfairrates MacIvor, R. W. Emerson, 29, Queen-street, Melbourne

Patents secured for Inventions relating to Electricity and MacGowan, George A., 22, East laremont-street, Edinburgh

Mining Chemistry. Marsden, kobert Sydney, Tapton-grove, Sheffield

Advice and nstruction given in all matters of Account. Matthews, Charles George, F.C.S., St. Jubn’s-lodge, Beckenham

38 GREAT ST. HELEN'S, E.C. Miller, John, 19, London-street, Glasgow Naigamvala, K. D., Elphinstone College Laboratory, Bombay Neison, Cuthbert Gordon, Royal Veterinary College, N.W.

WILLIAM AND WILLIAM T. FIELD, Paterson, George, 93, (anning street, Liverpool Patterson, George, 33, Arundel-square, N.

of the Celebrated Pearson, Alfred Naylor, 7, Warwick-square, Kensington, w.

STAFFORDSHIRE BLUE BRICKS, specially adapted for Puwell, Legh Sylvester, F.C.5., 56, St. James's-square. W.

Chemical Plant, i.e., Acid Towers, &c. Also all other kinds of Best Sear, Frederick. 17, Roi ney-street. Penton ville, N,

Staffordshire Blue Bricks, Pavings, Plynths, Splays, Copings, &c. Scnier, Harold, F.C.S., 223, Milkwood-road, Herne-bill, S.E.

&c. Prices and samples on Application. Smetham, Alfred, F.C.E., 18. Brunswick-street, Liverpool Smith, Henry Russell, 1, Aubert-park, Highbury-park, N.

TESTIMONIAL. Starling, John H., F.C.S., The Avenue, Erith

"We have used the Blue Staffordshire Brick for Sulphuric Acid Thorne, Leonard Temple, Universtats, Wurzburg Laboratorium

Towers, &c., manufactured by Messrs. Field, for the last fifteen years, Toms, Frederick Woodland, F.C.8., 7, Bu-by-place, Camden-road,

during which time they have given great satisfaction. We recommend

them N.W.

the Chemical Trade, believing there is nothing better

the Walker, Henry Herbert, 344, Gloss op-road, Sheffield

market."-(Signed) WILLIAM HUNT and SONS, Lea Brook Williams, P. Caradoc, 6, Parliament-place, Liverpool

Alkali Works, near Wednesbury, Staffordshire, February, 1878. Fellows and Associates are requested to give notice of Change of

TOLL END BRIC K-WORKS, Address to the Secretary.





April 4, 1879, }

Supersaturated Solutions.
News. delineat pers of the lines side he different conditions



do not pretend to any high degree of accuracy in my THE CHEMICAL

under which the two were compared might account for

considerable variations. VOL. XXXIX. No, 1010.

For the HCI I used a coil (capable of giving a 2" spark) with a Leyden jar, and worked by 6 Smees. The carbon points were 4-inch apart. The spark was tried both

focussed and unfocussed on the slit of a 2.prism spectroBLUE FLAME FROM COMMON SALT. scope.

When comparing the two spectra side by side it was By A. PERCY SMITH, F.C.S., F.I.C.

difficult in some cases to be sure of coincidence, because

the flame from the Hg2Cl2 would Aash out brilliantly for Some time ago the question was raised in Nature con- a moment and quite overpower the more feeble lines of cerning the origin of the blue flame produced when com- the HCI; it would then disappear entirely, and more mon salt is thrown into a hot fire.

chloride would have to be placed on the gauze. Among the suggestions that were advanced, no one I have no doubt in my own mind that HCl is the cause offered the only explanation that is at all feasible, viz., of the blue flame. I have proved that Cl is a necessary that it is due sinıply to hydrochloric acid.

constituent, and I have not been able to get it in the The blue flame is not produced by sodium chloride only, absence of hydrogen (the spectrum of pure ci is very but by other chlorides as well. Those I have tried are- different); and, besides, the red H line is present in both BaCl2, S-Cl2, KCI, AmCl, Hg2Cl2, and HCl, the last both cases, and probably the other two as well. I do not in solution and as gas. It would be waste of time and think that the presence of aqueous vapour is sufficient to space to enumerate all the experiments I have made on account for the red line. this subject; many of them were for the purpose of proving I subjoin the spectra as I mapped them ; but it must be that neither carbon nor sulphur had any share in the borne in mind that I do not vouch that they are without reaction.

error. I intend to photograph them when I have sufficient




[merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

One of my methods of obtaining the fame was to burn | leisure, and I hope the results will be more definite. I pure hydrogen from a glass jet, and allow a mingled may be able to find violet lines in the spectrum of HCI. stream of HCl and NHz from two other jets to pass into

Rugby, March 15, 1879. it. The best source, however, is calomel, heated on wire gauze by a Bunsen burner; the next best Amci. The spectrum of the “chloride " flame is characterised by a series of double bands in the green, blue, and violet, the ON SUPERSATURATED SOLUTIONS. least relrangible of each pair being the broadest. The four paits in the violet are especially prominent. There

By J. G. GRENFELL, F.G.S. are two red bands or lines and one orange. The least refrangible red line occupies the place of the hydrogen line I STAND corrected by Prof. Tomlinson thus far, that his c. A spark between carbon points in a bottle of HCl gas paper was received by the Royal Society in September, yields a spectrum similar in appearance to that obtained 1877, and not read, as I previously stated. from a chloride, but I was unable to see any violet bands, As regards my description of his paper as one inter.ded only a faint continuous spectrum. I was able to ascertain to upset my theories, and uphold his own, I cannot see that the red lines coincided exactly, but I cannot affirm that Prof. Tomlinson has to find fault with. In using with the same positiveness that all the green lines and those words it never occurred to me that any one would bands coincide. Some undoubtedly do; but the spectrum emphasise the pronouns my and his, and suppose that I of the HCI was so faint and the spectrum of the chloride intended to imply he had any personal feeling in the so transient that measurements were very difficult, and I matter. No one who knows Prof. Tomlinson would sup

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