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CHEMICAL NEWS, The Institute of Chemistry.

March 21, 1879. some dye which is not in the market at all, or which, if

CORRESPONDENCE. known, could not by any means produce the colour in question. The celebrated shoe-maker of Stettin, whose inflamed eyes were first ascribed to an arsenical hat-lining,

TENACITY OF STARCH. but were afterwards traced to a diligent internal use of potato-whiskey is a case in point. We have no objection to Mr. Carr collecting instances of poisoning from dyes,

To the Editor of the Chemical News. but they should be such as will bear cross-examination. Sir,- I have read with interest the method employed by As far as arsenic is concerned we must bear in mind that Mr. George Whewell for determining the tenacity of starch, there are many channels other than dyes and pigments but think it right to call attention to the last paragraph through which it may be introduced into the human of his paper, which gives the conclusions he draws system. If we remember the violet powder case we may from his experiments; these in my opinion are entirely well suspect that arsenic is one ingredient of the cosmetic erroneous. He says in effect, If the paste given by one powders which so many ladies apply to their hands and sample of starch is firmer or has more "tenacity" than faces.

that given by another, the former will give more stiffness As regards the aniline colours their physiological to the cloth into which it is introduced in direct propor: action is still a matter of doubt. That aniline itself is, tion to the resistance which it offers to a weight placed poisonous is far from being a proof against its derivatives. on its surface. If this be so, then supposing we take Much research will therefore be needed before either calcined farina (British gum), and dissolve it by boiling in physicians or chemists can form a decided opinion on the the smallest proportion of water possible; it would make safety of any given dye or pigment, and such research, a syrup which would not support any weight placed on its thanks to the Vivisection Ad, has been rendered in suisace, and consequently, according to Mr. Whewell's England all but impossible. Meantime we should do theory, would not give any stiffness to cloth when used in nothing rashly.. If we burden our colour makers, dyers, sizing. And yet it is undoubtedly the case that if we and printers with regulations from which their competitors make solutions by boiling equal weights of British gum in France, Germany, &c., are free, we shall merely strike and farina with equal weights of water, and pass threads a heavy blow at our national industry. In none of those or cloth through each, and then dry them, the former countries is there any restriction on the use of non-solution will give more stiffness to the threads or cloth arsenical coal-tar colours in textile manufactures.

than the latter, and weight for weight the farina which possesses the least " tenacity" would produce the greatest

stiffness, because the thinner the sample boils the inore The British Journal Photographic Almanac and Photo- easily will the solid matter be able to enter the fibre, and

grapher's Daily Companion for 1879. Edited by J. it will enter in greater quantity. I know that the opinion TRAILL TAYLOR. Henry Greenwood.

expressed by Mr. Whewell is held by many manufađurers, The twenty-fifth issue of this well-known year-book gives but it is fallacious.-I am, &c., a vivid idea of the immense progress which photography

WILLIAM THOMSON. has made in this country since first it put forth its few

Royal Institution, Marchester. modest leaves. Besides the usual information contained in almanacs we have 200 pages containing succinct accounts of every photographic process and discovery

CHLORIDE OF CALCIUM. belonging to the past year, condensed from an immense number of scientific Transactions and journals from all

To the Editor of the Chemical Neos. parts of the world, prefaced by a summary of the progress Sir, In the Chemical News, vol. xxxix., p. 97, Mr. O. made in photography during the past year. Mr. Taylor Gluge, of Sarrebruk, in a " Nole upon Chloride cf Cal. seredes from the editorship of the Almanac this year. cium,” refers to its manufacture as a by-product in the May we suggest to his successor the advisability of classi- manufacture of alkali by the Solvay process; but he does fying the information given in the body of the work under distinct headings instead of allowing it to be mixed up in manufacture of bicarbonate of soda by the Leblanc pro.

not seem to be aware that it is also a by-product in the picturesque disorder as at present. There is a copious index appended to the book. As an instance of the have made chloride of calcium for sale by one or both of

cess and of bleaching-powder by the Weldon process. We enterprise of photographic material dealers we may me.. tion that the almanac contains nearly one hundred and considerable portion of which time our sales have exceeded

these processes for upwards of fifteen years, during a fisty octavo pages of advertisements.

thirty tons weekly. If Mr. Gluge will refer to the back

numbers of the CHEMIC.IL News he will find that for The Patentees' Manual : being a Treatise on the Law many years our product was advertised in your pages.and Practice of Letters Patent, especially intended for

We are, &c., the Use of Patentees and Inventors. By James JOHN

Gaskell, Deacon, and Co. Son, Barrister-at-Law, and J. HENRY JOHNSON, A.I.C.E. Solicitor. Fourth Edition. Longmans and Co. 1879

THE INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTRY. This is the fourth edition of Messrs. Johnson's standard work, and is a great advance on the preceding ones. The whole text has been thoroughly revised, and several of the

To the Editor of the Chemical News. chapters greatly enlarged or re-written. A new chapter Sir,-The letter of Mr. Charles E. Groves, written in on Oppositions to the Grant of Patents has been added, answer to mine signed " A Disgusted Promoter," com. and the latest decisions of the Courts incorporated with mences by accusing me of inaccuracy, the only instance the text. The new German and Spanish Patent Laws adduced being that I referred to the recent conference as have been given, and the Appendix contains an account one on the “Adulteration of Food and Drugs " instead of of those of our colonies, as well as a reprint of all the the “ Adulteration of Articles of Food.” It is true that Acts of Parliament bearing on the subject, with references Mr. Groves also points out that when my letter appeared to typical cases decided thereon. Messrs. Johnson may the conference which I spoke of as pending had already be congratulated on the successful way in which they have taken place, but you, Sir, if my original MS. is still extant, respectively completed their arduous task. Their work is will know that my letter was written and received by you a another instance of the truth of Adam Smith's grand few days before the date fixed for the second conference. theory of the division of labour. There is a copious index There is another error in my letter which I will give Mr. at the end.

Groves the benefit of. I spoke of the conference on trade

, }
Chemical Notices from Foreign Sources.

123 certificates being held in December, whereas the true date, on M. Planté's system, which may be easily charged by of the meeting was November 22.

means of two nitric acid elements, can give effects of Although it was true when I wrote my last letter that tension equal to those of 1200 nitric acid elements. no report of the November conference had been pub. These currents are of course temporary, and the apparatus rished, the statement is no longer correct, for since my serves a kind of condenser of voltaic currents, but they letter appeared in your pages the members have received a are sufficiently permanent to produce mechanical, thermic, printed report of the proceedings. Will Mr. Groves excuse and luminous effects of great power. the suggestion that its circulation is a consequence of my Hemihedral Forms of Alums.-Lecoq de Boisbau. criticisms ? Whatever may be the cause, it is satisfactory dran.—The author presented to the Academy a crystal of to find that the Council have published the report, though | alum having four smooth and four rugged surfaces, it has taken them nearly four months to do it.

arranged so as to represent the union of two inverse I may remind your readers that I did not, as stated by tetrahedra. It was obtained by steeping an octahedron of Mr. Groves, “recommend Fellows not to pay their sub-chromo-potassic alum for some hours in a slightly superscriptions,” but merely suggested that they should defer saturated solution of basic ammonia-alum. doing so until the Council proposed to spend the large sum of money already in hand. Mr. Groves will best

Resistance to a Change of Condition of Crystalline serve the Institute by publishing a candid statement of Şurfaces in Presence of their Mother-liquor. -Lecoq the plans of the Council. To gain this was the object of de Boisbaudran.—The action of different isomorphous my last letter, but Mr. Groves wholly ignores my challenge, crystals upon the solution of any one of them is not the in his reply, though from the fact that the Report of the

same. The transition from the state of the very slow Council has just been circulated amongst the Members I is not effected abruptly in consequence of an extremely

dissolution of a crystalline surface to its very slow increase conclude that he is alive to the nature of it.

My letter having secured the chief results aimed at, I sligh: change in the concentration of the liquid, but each beg to subscribe myself

surface remains intact without either gaining or losing An AppeaseD PROMOTER.

substance in a mother-liquor, the strength of which ranges March 15, 1879.

within certain limits, which, though narrow, are easily perceived. The resistance to a change of state is modified

for each system of surfaces independently, in such a VICTOR MEYER'S NEW METHOD OF VAPOUR.

manner that an alteration in external conditions (a change DENSITY DETERMINATION.

in the composition or in the temperature of the liquid,

&c.) involves generally a change in the relation of the To the Editor of the Chemical News.

resistances of the two given systems of surfaces. Con. SIR,— Referring to the interesting note by Greville trary to the opinion of some authorities, there does not Williams, F.R.S., in the CHEMICAL News (vol. xxxix., exist a state of mobile equilibrium between a crystalline P. 110), I see he mentions having abolished the funnel, d, surface and its mother-liquor; there is no continual interfiguring in the woodcut (page 66). Now this funnel-like change of molecules, but merely a continual erosion or aperture is somewhat exaggerated in the printing, and in a continual deposition, and within the limits of resistance reality the opening or widening is very little larger than to change of condition there is neither erosion nor depothe main stem of the instrument, and just conveniently sition. sufficient to admit a small india-rubber stopper, which V. Reflections on the Communication made by M. de Meyer always uses. The advantage of the transparent Lesseps Concerning the Contagion of the Plagne.glass vessel or bath, c, is that the ascent of the heated M. Bouillaud. The author considers that the researches vapours can easily be seen on boiling the liquid—the bulb- of M. Pasteur on the low organisms considered as proand so the operation is more conveniently regulated. I pagators of disease must greatly modify our views on the may also mention that Prof. Victor Meyer has not only spread of epidemics. had the instrument made of porcelain (better for several

Projectioa of Mo

dows.-W. Crookes. reasons than metal), but has made and is making by means of this instrument (identical in every other respect with the

Action of Variously Coloured Light upon a Layer glass one) a number of interesting determinations of the

of Silver Bromide Saturated with Various Organic vapour-densities of certain extremely high boiling inorganic Colouring Matters.-Ch. Cros.- Upon plates sensitised substances, leading to still more interesting theoretical with an extract of mallows the direct 'spectrum of the conclusions.--I am, &c.,

Drummond light is inactive in the medium green, but very Watson SMITH, F.C.S., F.I.C.

active at the red and the violet extremities. With car. Zürich, March 17, 1879.

thamin the mean portion is most active, and with chlorophyll the action extends throughout the visible spectrum, and even somewhat beyond. It presents several distina


The Production of Crystalline Barium Chromate. SOURCES.

-L. Bourgeois, – The author heats to bright redness for half an hour 2 equivs. barium chloride with 1 equiv. potas.

sium chromate and i equiv. sodium chromate; lets the NOTE.-All degrees of temperature are Centigrade, unless otherwis mass cool slowly, when crystals of a pistachio.green are expressed.

found in its interior. They are freed from the alkaline

chlorides by washing with boiling water. The specific Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Séances, l'Académie de gravity is 4:60. They dissolve readily in dilute hydrodes Sciences. No.8, February 24, 1879.

chloric or nitric acid, giving an orange liquid. They are Induced Currents Resulting from the Movements decomposed by sulphuric acid with formation of barium of a Coil across an Electro-Magnetic System.-M. sulphate and chromic acid. They consist of 60'4 per Th. du Moncel.--The induction currents in action in the cent of baryta, and 39:6 of chromic acid, corresponding to Gramme machine consist of those which result from the the formula Bao, CrOz: The green colour is not due to movement of the covered spirals before the inducer and of the presence of chromic oxide. those determined by the inversions of the polarity of the Composition of Beer-yeast.-P. Schützenberger and iron ring.

A. Destrem.--The authors consider yeast as containing Observations with Reference to M. G. Plante's complex compounds, at once hydrocarbonic and proteic, Recent Work “Researches on Electricity.”— E. formed like glucosides, and easily decomposed by acids Becquerel.–A secondary battery of 8oo elements arranged and alkalies. The exterior of the granules differs from

Chemical Notices from Foreign Sources.

March 21, 1879. the interior merely by containing more hydrocarbonic | light can readily be distinguished from other melted fats, matter.

as the latter display a crystalline structure. Pyrogenous Carbides of American Petroleum.-L. Quality of Milk.-According to the researches of Prunier.—The author has discovered a compound of the Berguerel, Vernois, and Müller the respective proportions composition (C12H2)n, and containing 97.29 of carbon. of the constituents of milk are affected not by race but These figures indicate the existence of a new group of in- by age, diet, and other causes not yet ascertained. complete carbides higher than any previously known, since benzerythren, parachrysen, fluoranthren, and pyren do

No. 2, January 9, 1879. not contain more than 95 per cent of carbon.

Quantitative Spectrum Analysis.-Wolff proposes . On Glycide.-M. Hanriot.-Glycide represents the the following methods for the determination of cobalt, alcohol corresponding to epichlorhydrin.

copper, and metallic iron. 1. Determination of very Production of Aniline-black by Means of the small quantities of cobalt.-A solution of cobalt-sulpho Chromates in Presence of Chlorates.-S. Grawitz.- cyanide, obtained by mixing a very dilute alcoholic The author denies the accuracy of the conclusions of M. solution of chloride of cobalt or cobaltóus nitrate with an Witz on the inutility of chromates.

excess of alcoholic ammonium sulphocyanide, displays in the region C39D_C55D a very characteristic absorption

spectrum. By means of a solution of cobalt sulphoVerhandlungen des Vereins zur Beforderung des

cyanide of known strength he determines the residual Gewerbfleisses. Heft 10, December, 1878.

strength of light in a stratum of 1 centimetre in thickness,

the coefficient of extinction and consequently the absorpThis number is chiefly taken up with a paper on the tive proportion for cobalt. The latter number is multiplied theory of “Closed Air Machines.” There are official by the volume and the coefficient of extinction of the communications concerning boiler explosions and the solution under examination, and gives the weight of the storing of petroleum.

cobalt present. It must be remarked that in these ex.

periments alcohol of the exact specific gravity 0-833 must La Correspondance Scientifique.

be used, because an alcoholic solution of cobalt sulpho. No. 36, February 18, 1879.

cyanide differs in the intensity of its blue colour according

to the strength of the alcohol. This behaviour has been Three veins of coal have been discovered in the im utilised by Morrel for a colorimetric determination of mediate neighbourhood of Lake Nyanza. One of them is alcohol. 2. Determination of Copper.-The absorptive 7 feet in thickness, and the others respectively 3 feet and proportion for copper sulphate or for metallic copper is I foot.

measured as ammonio-sulphate of copper. To determine According to Le Petit Marseillais the waters of the small quantities of copper in articles of food, &c., the ash Dead Sea are about to be worked for potash, iodine, and is dissolved in an acid, the dissolved copper is separated bromine. The projectors calculate on delivering potassium electrolytically, re-dissolved in nitric acid, and saturated chloride in London at go francs per ton, thus underselling with ammonia to a certain volume. The latter multiplied the Stassfurt manufacturers.

by the coefficient of extinction of the solution obtained

and with the absorptive proportion of metallic copper as Chemiker Zeitung:

previously ascertained, shows the weight of the copper

present in solution. 3. Determination of Metallic Iron.No. 1, 1879.

The ferriserous substance is mixed with a normal cupric Preparation of Zinc from Blende.-The blende is solution, whose volume, coefficient of extinction, and partly roasted and is then treated in a muffle with burnt equivalent in iron are known. The solution filtered from lime and coke. Calcium sulphide is formed and the the deposit of copper is evaporated, oxidised, supergreater part of the zinc present in the ore is volatilised. saturated with ammonia, separated by filtration from This is condensed or collected as zinc oxide as in the ferric oxide, and made up to a fixed volume. The ordinary zinc furnaces. From the calcium sulphide sul. coefficient of extinction and the equivalent in iron of this phuretted hydrogen is evolved, and by its action upon solution are ascertained; the latter subtracted from the the sulphurous acid gas given off on roasting the blende known iron equivalent of the normal copper solution sulphur is obtained.

originally employed shows the metallic iron.—Zeitschrift Process for Obtaining Tanning Agents along Anal. Chem., 18, 38. with Cellulose, Gum, and Acetic Acid from Veget- Simplified Butter Test on Hehner's Principle.able Matter.-Dr. A. Mitscherlich.-Wood or other Reichert saponifies a known quantity of butter, dissolves vegetable matter is treated at an elevated temperature the soap in water, adds sulphuric acid, and distils. If with bisulphite of lime (under pressure ?). The cellulose the butter is pure 21 grms. of the sample yield a distillate which is cemented together by other compounds is set at which requires at least 13 c.c. of decinormal soda. liberty in the same state in which it exists in plants. It is readily freed by washing from the accompanying substances, and can be at once utilised for paper-making, &c. The soluble substances vary according to the material

MISCELLANEOUS. employed, and embrace compounds suitable for tanniag and for the manufactures of gum, acetic acid, and alcohol. The methods for separating these substances are omitted.

Professor Church and the Agricultural College.Dr. H. Buff, Professor of Physics at the University of At a meeting

of the Committee of Management of the Giessen, died on December 24, 1878.

Agricultural College, held last week in London, present

Earl Bathurst, the Earl of Ducie, Col. Kingscote, C.B., Sawyer and Man's electric lamp has been tried in New M.P., Mr. G. Sotheron Estcourt, M.P., Mr. A. L. Goddard, York with great success. The light is produced in an M.P., Mr. T.S.Bazley, and Mr. Edward Bowly, the follow. atmosphere of nitrogen so that there can be no combus- ing resolution was passed, in reference to Prof. Church's tion and no generation of nitrogen oxides-an objection application for permission to reside out of the College :lately raised against the electric light. The cost for equal illumination is said to be only one-fortieth that of discipline of the Agricultural College cannot be satisfac

"The Committee of Management are of opinion that the gas, and the light can be regulated from a faint gleam up torily maintained except by the residence of professors to the intensity of 30 gas.jets.

within the College walls in conformity with the original byeAnalysis of Butter.-E. Mylius finds that butter law No. 47. Being fully sensible of the services rendered globules if examined with the microscope by polarised by Prof. 'Church during his 16 years' residence in the

March 21, 1879.
Meetings for the Week.

125 College, they the more regret that they cannot accede to The Prestolee Alkali Works, Farnworth, near Bolton, Lancashire, his recent proposal of non-residence, a compliance with it

fitted with costly Plant, Machinery, and Apparatus for the Manu

facture of Soda-ash, Bleaching-powder and Liquor, and Sulphuric involving such alterations as would unduly disturb the

Acid, in complete working order, with possession.-Preliminary. present organisation of the College staff.” We understand that, in consequence of the above decision as to Prof. MESSRS. FULLER, HORSEY, SONS, Church's connection with the Agricultural College, the Hotel, Manchester, on Thursday, April 17, at 3 o'clock precisely, in

and Co. are instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Palatine two resident professors next to him in seniority have one lot, unless an acceptable offer be previously made by private con. resigned their respective chairs; the chair of mathematics tract, the PRESTOLEE ALKALI'WORKS, a freehold property, and physics being vacated by Prof. H. W. Lloyd Tanner, chief rents amounting

to £407 138. 90. per annum, with the buildings, M.A., that of natural history by Prof. Fream, B.Sc., F.G.S. plant, machinery, and apparatus erected thereon, capable of manufacScience in the Streets. Under the title of the “ New turing monthly a product exceeding in the aggregate 2000 tons of

soda-ash, bleaching-powder and liquor (by Weldon's patent process), Parisian Electric Pipe-lights” a number of itinerant and sulphuric acid, also caustic soda and muriatic acid. The amount vendors are selling in the streets of the metropolis small

expended in the construction of these works has been very large. A brass boxes containing three or four rodlets of metallic

valuation was made with great care in 1874 by Messrs. Holmes and

Son, the well-known valuers, of Manchester; their estimate then sodium, an inch long and one-tenth of an inch square. amounted to £99,900, and since that time a sum exceeding £10,000 The method of using these lights, which are sold at a has been expended. The whole of the works and plant have been penny a box, iş simple. A morsel of the metal is pinched well kept, and are conveniently arranged for working. The Bury,

Bolton, and Manchester Canal, which forms one boundary of the off and placed on a piece of paper which has first been

property, affords facility for economical water carriage, and the moistened with water or saliva. The sodium of course Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway is within a very short distance. inflames and sets alight to the paper. The risk to person

There is a plentiful supply of water for all manufacturing purposes,

free of cost, from the river Croal, and coals are raised from pits in and property that will be caused by the indiscriminate

the immediate neighbourhood. Pyrites, salt, lime, and limestone are distribution of such a very dangerous material as metallic all brought by boats direct to the whart on the canal. The works sodium, which even skilled chemists are obliged to handle may be economically worked with a small capital, as arrangements with the greatest care, is obvious to all who know its pro- may be made with the vendors for a very considerable portion of the perties. We have on a former occasion called attention realised in the past, and the high reputation of the Prestolee manuto the evil of allowing the open sale of metallic sodium factures in the market will ensure to an energetic nan, even at the in toy shops under the name of “ Satan's Tears," and we

existing low prices, an atuple return for his capital invested and

possession of works not surpassed for compieteness or compactness believe a stop was put to it by the police. In the by any in the kingdom. Printed particulars are in course of prepresent instance the danger is much greater, inasmuch as paration, and may shortly be had at the Works; at the Palatine and any urchin who has a penny to spare has it in his power Queens Hotels, Manchester; of Messrs. Wakeman and Bleeck,

Solicitors, Warminster; and of Messrs. Fuller, Horsey, Sons, and to set half a street in flames at a moment's notice.

Co., 11, Billiter Square, London, who are empowered to treat for the disposal by private contract.

Prestolee Alkali Works, Farnworth, near Manchester and Bolton.NOTES AND QUERIES.

Useful Horses, rolling stock, loose effects, and remaining stock-intrade.

. , Gases from Vitriol Chambers.-Would any of your readers and co. are instructed to SELL by AUCTION, on the describe and explain an easy method of testing the exit gases from PREMISES, Farnworth, near Manchester, on 'THURSDAY, April 3, vitriol chambers, and state what is considered "good working." I at twelve precisely, the ROLLING STOCK, loose materials, and may say we have not Gay-Lussac or Glover towers, but simply one stock-in-trade, including 16 powerful cart horses, four wrought-iron packed with coke as a condenser.-W. L.

tank trollies, nine lorries, ir spring tip and float carts, harness, two Substitute for Litmus.-Where can I procure small quantities of cast-iron caustic pots, cast-iron decomposing pot, double-flue Porrier's "orange 3," "orange 4," or tropaolin 00, recently recom- Lancashire boiler 7 ft. diameter, 19 ft. 6 long, about 30 tons useful mended as a substitute for litmus by Mr. Greville Williams -VOLU. wrought- and cast-iron material, one ton lead, brass cocks and taps, METRIC ANALYST.

slate slabs, York stone foundations, new wire netting, useful ash timber spokes and felloes, four canal boats, earthenware aqua fortis jars and packing boxes; also 25 tons soda-ash, 72 carboys rectified oil

of vitriol, 300 empty carboys and stock of bleaching liquor and powder MEETINGS FOR THE WEEK.

in process of manufacture, and numerons other effects.-May be viewed the day preceding the sale, and catalogues had on the premises,

of Messrs. Wakeman and Bleeck, Solicitors, Warminster; and of MONDAY, 24th.-Medical, 8.30.

Messrs. Fuller, Horsey, Sons, and Co., 11, Billiter Square, London, Society of Arts, 8. “ Dwelling Houses : Their E.C., or will be forwarded on application.

Sanitary Construction and Arrangements," by

Dr. W. H. Corfield, M.A. (Cantor Lectures.)
London Institution, 5.

Royal Geographical, 8.30.
TUESDAY, 25th.-Civil Engineers, 8.

Instruction and preparation in CHEMISTRY and the EXPERI. Royal Institution, 3. "Animal Development,"

MENTAL SCIENCES under the direction of Professor E. V.
Prof. Schäfer.

Anthropological, 8.

The Class Rooms are open from 11 to 5 a.m. and from 7 to 10 p.m WEDNESDAY, 26th.-Society of Arts, 8. "The Treatment of Iron daily. to Prevent Corrosion," Prof. Barff, M.A.

Especial facilities for persons preparin for Government and other Geological, 8.

examinations. THURSDAY, 27th.-Royal, 8.30.

Private Pupils will find every convenience.
Royal Institution, 3. “Sound," Prof. Tyndall. Analyses, Assays, and Practica Investigations connected with
Philosophical Club, 6.30.

Patents, &c., conducted.
London Institution, 7;

Prospect uses and full particulars on application to Prof Gardner
Society of Arts, 8. " The Inoxilation of Iron and

at Berners College, 44, Berners-street, W.
the Coating of Metals and other Surfaces with
Platinum, by the Processes of M. Dode,” L. M. WILLIAM AND WILLIAM T. FIELD,

Stoffel, c.e.
FRIDAY, 28th.-Royal Institution, 9. "Geography of the Oxus, and

the Celebrated its Changes," Sir Henry Č. Rawlinson.

STAFFORDSHIRE BLUE BRICKS, specially adapted for Society of Arts, 8. "The Practicability and Advan.

Chemical Plant, i.e., Acid Towers, &c. Aiso all other kinds of Best tage of a Ship Canal Through the Island of Rami.

Staffordshire Blue Bricks, Pavings, Plynths, Splays, Copings, &c. seran," Simon McBean, C.E. SATURDAY, 29th.-Royal Institution, 3. "Etching," by Mr. Seymour

&c. Prices and samples on Application. Haden.

TESTIMONIAL. “We have used the Blue Staffordshire Brick for Sulphuric Acid

Towers, &c., manufactured by Messrs. Field, for the last fifteen years, TO CORRESPONDENTS.

during which time they have given great satisfaction. We recommend them to the Chemical Trade, believing there is nothing better in the

market."-(Signed) WILLIAM HUNT and SONS, Lea Brook W. H.D.-We do not recollect.

Alkali Works, near Wednesbury, Staffordshire, February, 1878. C. W. W.-The best way would be to advertise it.

TOLL END BRIC K-WORKS, More Light.-Either pronunciation of the word appears to be equally correct.



Geography of the Oxus, and MANUFACTURERS




March 21, 1879.

The '

Situation wanted by an Analytical Chemist

THE MONTHLY JOURNAL OF SCIENCE practical experience in experimental and analytical chemistry,

is desirous of an Appointment, either in England or Colonies, as AND ANNALS OF

Chemist or Assistant.--Address, A. B. C., CHEMICAL News Office, BIOLOGY, ASTRONOMY, GEOLOGY, INDUSTRIAL ARTS Boy Court, Ludgate Hill, London, E.C. MANUFACTURES, AND TECHNOLOGY.


'he Advertiser, a German, desires an appointEdited by WILLIAM CROOKES, F.R.S., &c.

ment in the Laboratory of a Chemical Works; he has passed the German Chemical Examinations; has had good experience in

Industrial and Analytical Chemistry both in Sweden and Germany, The second number of the Monthly Series (March, 1879) is and is now engaged with a London Firm. First-class references given. Now Ready.

-Address, P. T., care of. Schacht and Co., 6, Finsbury Place South.
Price One Shilling and Sixpence.

acquainted with food and general analysis. Has studied in a 1. The Keys of Death.

German Laboratory and is accustomed to teaching.--Address, D, II. A Curious Thermo-Magnetic Motor. By Profs. Edwin J. CHEMICAL News Office, Boy Court, Ludgate Hill, London, E.C.

Houston and Elihu Thomson.
111. The Heat of the Comstock Mines. By Prof. John A. Church,

IV. Matter Active.

as Manager or Sub-manager in Tar or Amm nia Distillery ; V. Some New Optical Illusions. By Silvanus P. Thompson, thoroughly understands Sulphate of Ammonia making, and the proB A., D.Sc., F.R.A.S.

ducing, separating, and analysing of all Tar Products --Address, VI. On Electrical Insulation in High Vacua. By William 200, Chemical News Office, Boy Court, Ludgate Hill, London, E.C.

Crookes, F.R.S.
VII. Spider's Web for Micrometers.

TO SULPHURIC ACID AND CHEMICAL MANURE VII. The “ Jumpers," or " Jumping Frenchmen."

Correspondence- The Character of the Sexes.-Transformation o

Reviews of Scientific Works-Science Notes-Proceedings of

carrying 50 tons of acid; fitted with steam pumps; in good conScientific Societies.

dition.- May be seen at Messrs. B. Jacob and Sons' Wharf, Copperas
Lan-, Church Street, Deptford, from whom all particulars can be

London : 3, Horse-Stoe Court, Ludgate Hill.

ios. 6d. cloth, Demy 8vo., pp. 420,

Animal Charcoal on a basis of 70 Phosphate. --Address, John THE

Schwartz, Sugar Refinery, Pelham Street, E.

Wanted, by an experienced inan, a Situation

A Sailing Tank Barge to be Sold. Capable of

FOR SALE.--About 100 tons Monthly Spent



A Treatise on the Law and Practice of Letters Patent,

especially intended for the use of Patentees and Inventors. The Directors of this Company are prepared

40. Tools

of BY

STORES required at their Adriewell, Bathgate, and Lochrin Works, JAMES JOHNSON, ESQ.,

and als) at all their Pits, for ONE YEAR and for TWO YEARS, from

ist May, 1879, as under :of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law, and Class No.

Class No. 1. Bolts, Nuts, and Rivets

22. India Rubber, &c. J. HENRY JOHNSON,

2. Bricks, Clays, &c.

24. Lamp Founts 3. Brushes and Mops

25. Lamps-Glass Solicitor and Patent Agent, Assoc. Inst. C.E. 47, Lincoln's 4. Candle Boxes

26. Leather Inn Fields, W.C., and Glasgow.

5. Canvas

27. Nails, Screws, &c. 6. Cast Iron Castings

28. Paper Shades and Holders This Edition, much enlarged, gives a practical reference

7. Chemical Apparatus

32. Reflectors to every reported case of importance, and contains all the

8 Cioths, Plaiding, &c.

29. Ropes, &c. 9. Colours

30. Shades, Moons, &c. information on the law and practice of Patents Inventors 10. Corks

31, Shives and Patentees can require.

16. Drysalteries

39. Shovels

17. Gas and Water Fittings The Appendix contains the Statutes and Rules, and a

33. Spelter, Tin, and Lead

18. Glass Chimneys summary of the Laws of all Foreign States and British 19. Grease, Soap, and Tallow 35. Wicks-Candle and Lamp Colonies.

20. Gun Metal

41. Wire Ropes

21. Hardware and Sundries London : LONGMANS and Co.

Detailed Specifications and Forms of Tender, and any other Have a Pure Body and Good Health by taking proximo, at the Company's Registered Office, 7, West George Street,

necessary information, may be obtained, on and after Monday, 24th DR. EVANS'S

Glasgow. Parties to state whether they propose to Tender for one or two years, or for both periods.

Patterns of the General Stores may thereafter be seen at the Com>

pany's Addiewell Works, near Westcalder; and Patterns of Lamp NATURE'S GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER.

Fittings at their Lochrin Works, Edinburgh. PerfeAtly tasteless, void of smell, and can be taken by the

Tenders, endorsed "Tender for Stores," to be lodged with the most delicate.

undersigned on or before Monday, 7th proximo. This new and wonderful cure for Indigestion, Wind, Foul Breath,

The Directors do not bind themse.ves to accept the lowest or any Headache, Bile, Acidity, Incipient Consumption, Eruptions of the

offer. Skin, and all disorders that can emanate from Impure Blood.

JOHN FYFE, General Manager.

Merchants' House Buildings,
Sold by Chemists in 2s.6d. and ios. cases; or post free of

7, West George Street.

Glasgow, 17th March, 1879.

46 and 48, CITY ROAD, LONDON.
BE LET, at best offer obtainable, Com-

BY DR. MUTER. plete Copper Extracting Works and Complete Phosphorus

Analytical Chemists will find this a concise and yet complete book Works; Acid Chambers adjoining.- Address in first instance, G. J

of reference for the isolation and examination of the active principles Blower, 38, Lowe Street, Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton.

of drugs. Special appendix on the microscopic characters of starches in food and drugs. Copious index and qualitative courses

or resins, &c. An immediate purchaser may meet with a quantity cheap by

Published by W. Baxter at the Office of the South London School Addressing Cerise, CHEMICAL News Office, Boy Court, Ludgate Hill, I of Pharmacy, Kennington Cross, S.E., and sold by Messrs. Simpkin London, E.C.

and Marshall and Messrs. Baillière, Tindal, and Cox.



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MAGENTA RESIDUE, and free from Lime.

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