Imaginative Cognition

Przednia okładka, 2004 - 112
'Imaginative cognition -An Exploration for a New Social Form' is a search for a cognitive capacity that is emerging in this global age. The author heralds the advent of a new social science that looks beneath the phenomena that mirror our consciousness, penetrating into a deeper reality wherein lies our innate source of creativity. In this phase of evolution in thinking lies the seed of an emerging global social form, which can be found through transcending culture. This shift in consciousness becomes a living portal into our universal human nature. With this insight, the author finds in the modern phenomena of globalization and in the spirit of America a pivotal framework for this emerging potential. She examines what lies in the heart of America, and identifies its destiny as an archetype of human realization.

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Voyage through culture
The Global Age
Imaginative Cognition
Emerging Social Form
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