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Stirbey, Prince, government of the Prin- ker by, 549—views of regarding Cen-

cipalities by 211, 213—conduct of, tral America, 552.
with regard to the Austrian excesses, Vagabond, sketch of a, 442.
221-his dismissal, 222.

Valleys, the, 559.
Storm, the, as a manifestation of power Vanderbilt, Mr., and the Accessory Tran-
in nature, 367.

sit Company, 546, 550.
Strachur, sculptured stones at, 609. Vegetable, distinction between, and
Strong men, anecdotes of, 440.

animal, 59.
Sublimity, sources of, in nature, 268. Vendors, and publishers, Lord St. Leon-
Succession, the duties on, 386.

ard's work on the law of, 244 et seq.
Sugden, Edward, see St. Leonards. Venus Flytrap, peculiarity of the, Gill
Syria, importance of, as the highway to Vesuvius, a night ascent of, 554.
the East, 133.

Vicovich, Captain, intrigues of, in Asia
Tartarus, Barry Cornwall's, 360.

Task, illustrated edition of the, 312. Village church in England, 2, 563.
Taxation, the ery for reduction of, 380 Waddington, Mr., on the ticket-of-leare

-necessity for revision of the sys- system, 240, 241.
tem of, 384.

Walker, General, notices of, in Nicars-
Temperatures, polar, 378.

gua, 445 et seq. passim--sketch of his
Temptation, Barry Cornwall's, 360. history, 546.
Terrible, distinction between, and the Wallachia, sketches in, 205.
sublime, 271.

Wallachian wedding, a, 211.
Terror, on, as an element of the sublime, War, danger and certainty of future,

130—conduct of John Bull in regari
Thought, the sublime in, 270.

to the, 299-circumstances which led

to the, 381,-its increased cost from
Ticket-of-leave system, remarks on the, previous enconomy, 382.
236 et

WAR IN Asia, THE, *135.
Tombs, various forms of, 563.

Wars, relations of, to civilisation, 198.
Transcaucasia, subjugation of, by Russia, Way to Conquer, Barry Cornwall's, 36),

Travellers, various kinds of, 480. Wealth, increase of, 1817 to 1856, 384.
Trees, characteristics, &c. of, 560 Wedding, a, in Wallachia, 211.
Tropical night, picture of a, 555. West Indies, present state of the 307.
Tugwell's manual of sea anemones, Wuat wiLL DE DO WITH IT 1 – Book I,
notice of, 59.

chap. i., 649—chap. ii., 652–chap,
Turkey, the successive encroachments iii., 654—chap. iv., 658_chap. 1,661
of Russia

-chap. vi., 662—chap. vii, 665–
"Turkomanchai, treaty of, 137.

chap. vii., 666.
United States, prospects of the, 132– Willoughby, Sir Hugh, the

conduct of Great Britain with regard fate of, 370—his character, ib.
to the, 301-non recognition of Wal- Woodstock, Hearne's account of, 592.

on, 381.



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