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bution was made to every man according It is found wherever the spirit of the as he had need.” It was found in Joppa “good Samaritan” obtains, who, when when Dorcas was there, who “ was full he saw the poor man who had fallen of good works and alms-deeds which amongst thieves, in his nakedness, his she did.” It was found in Cæsarea wounds, and his wretchedness, when Cornelius was there, who was “a compassion upon him, and went to him, devout man, and one that feared God and bound up his wounds, pouring in with all his house, which gave much oil and wine, and set him on his own alms to the people, and prayed to God beast, and brought him to an inn, and alway.” It was found in Rome and in took care of him ; and on the morrow, Ephesus when Onesiphorus was there, when he departed, took out twopence, who often refreshed Paul in his bonds, and gave them to the host, and said and was not ashamed of his chain. How unto him, Take care of him, and whataffectionately, and how much in the soever thou spendest more, when I spirit of our Lord's words, does the come again, I will repay thee.” Nay, apostle speak of his conduct ! “The this merciful disposition is found wherLord give mercy unto the house of ever the gospel becomes the power

of Onesiphorus ; for he oft refreshed me, God unto salvation; wherever that and was not ashamed of my chain ; but “charity” which is “the end of the when he was in Rome, he sought me out commandment;" that "love" which is very diligently, and found me. The "the fulfilling of the law,” prevails. Lord grant unto him that he may find Oh! yes ; it is the spirit of the gospel mercy of the Lord in that day: and in of our salvation. Happy they who how many things he ministered unto me live under its influence ! at Ephesus, thou knowest very well."


" He saith to the snow, Be thou on the earth."-Job xxxvii, 6.

This passage is very similar in style many instances, impedes labour, and to that in Genesis which has been ad- stops the progress of industry, it intermired by eminent writers in all ages as rupts commerce, and, in many ways, truly sublime,“ God said, Let there be frustrates the designs of men, thus light, and there was light.” We may proving how weak and powerless man consider the snow being on the earth a is before that Almighty Being who proof of the almighty power of God. worketh all things after the counsel of Philosophers may account for it as pro- his own will, and who has all resources duced through the medium of natural at his command. causes, but it is not less the finger of But how wonderfully is the goodness God. He is the great artificer, and of God manifested by the lying of the those things which we term causes are snow on the earth. Snow actually the instruments to accomplish his de- given like wool, not only as regards its signs.

whiteness but its warmth. By it the If we inquire into the effects pro- face of the earth is protected, and the duced by the snow being on the earth, springing corn is shielded, from that we are at once reminded that it, in intense cold which might destroy it; and while it protects it fertilizes, it sup-gress of industry, it must, in many plies a moisture to the ground which cases, create distress in addition to that gives rigour to the plant, and it has occasioned by the coldness of the atbeen remarked, that a snowy winter is mosphere. Let those who have it in almost always followed by an abundant their power feel it a privilege to relieve harvest. can

the wants of the necessitous. The snow may be considered as an Our minds may be profitably occupied emblem of God's dealing with his peo- in meditating on those things which ple. In his infinite wisdom he some- snow is employed in scripture to illustimes spreads a covering over that trate. It is frequently used as an emwhich has been accustomed to afford us blem of purity; thus it is applied in comfort and support, but by it he in- representations of the Divine Majesty. tends to fertilize our hearts. Let us not It is also used to express forgiveness. then murmur and repine as if the day It was customary in some nations for of trouble should never end. Who is criminals who had been pardoned, to such an infidel as to refuse to believe appear clothed in a white robe, and this that the snow shall, after a season, be is illustrated by Rev. vii. 14, “ These dissolved? Who is so ignorant or un- are they which came out of great tribu. observant as not to be satisfied of that lation, and have washed their robes, and by experience? But equally blind and made them white in the blood of the ignorant is that son of affliction who Lamb.” In Isaiah i. 18, God says, exclaims, My sorrows can never be dried “ Come now, and let us reason together: up; rather let him say, “Weeping may though your sins be as scarlet, they endure for a night, but joy cometh in shall be as white as snow; though they the morning."

be red like crimson, they shall be as Let every sorrow, every dispensation, wool.” This expresses the perfect be considered with reference to the purity of the man whose iniquity is duties which it enforces upon us. If, pardoned, and whose sins are blotted in consequence of the snow, our usual out. Heavenly glory, likewise, is repreavocations are interrupted, let us view sented by white robes; "and white robes ourselves as called upon to consider. were given unto every one of them,” Let the interval of labour be employed Rev. vi. 11. in examining ourselves, in ascertaining As the snow will quickly pass away, whether this almighty God is our father so let us realize the fleeting nature of and our friend, and if he be, in seeking all terrestrial objects; and let us rejoice more intimate communion with him. that the word of the Lord abideth for If it is a season of privation to many, ever, that as the rain cometh down, and let the comforts with which we are sur- the snow from heaven, and returneth rounded excite our gratitude. If many not thither, and maketh it bring forth are prevented by the inclemency of the and bud, so shall the word of God be season from attending in the house of that goeth forth out of his mouth, it God, let those whose privileges are not shall accomplish the most important thus abridged be concerned diligently purposes. Thus may we consider the to improve the means of grace. Such snow as a pledge for the fulfilment of a season peculiarly calls to benevolence. the divine word. If the snow on the earth stops the pro


“THERE are many alleviations to sor- principle in the heart, how it would row," was a sufferer's answer to the lighten sorrow ! Behold, the Great question, “Do you not find the time Sufferer! Whence such agony as his ? long and wearisome ?"

“God so loved the world,” is the only Whether the number of persons who reply that can be given ; and the scripcan reckon the duration of their suffer- ture warrants us to believe that the ings by years, is greater now than trials of every member of Christ's body formerly, we will not stop to inquire ; emanate from the same source. but, undoubtedly, there are many that Again, do we see the necessity of trido this. Various, however, are the bulation ? Dare you say, 0 believer ! motives which may be urged on the be- such and such a cross is not needful for liever for patient endurance, even under me? How far would your heart have the most protracted suffering ; though, wandered from God, had not that ensometimes, the feeling of the soul to throned idol been cast down? Where those who would present relief is, would the subtle insinuations of error “Miserable comforters are ye all.” Is not have stopped, had not humbling trials the gospel sufficient to afford help? and kept you as a little child at the Saviour's as sufferings abound, may not consola- feet, willing to learn of him? The tions often abound also? Most certainly. I world, also, with its numerous fascinaNo woe is so heavy but the loving arm tions, has beguiled many a thoughtless of Jesus underneath can lighten it. one ; but suffering has unfitted you to But, first, it must be inquired, Has the enjoy it, that the superior blessedness individual, by the power of the Spirit, of heavenly peace may be your portion. been led, as a guilty sinner, to rest solely Let us, then, give thanks to God that on Christ as an all-sufficient Saviour ? his love is so great, that all needful Without this ground-work the super- discipline will be used to train his chilstructure of true peace and substantial dren for their inheritance. Many things, joy will be looked for in vain. Still lawful in themselves, may engross so there may be some, who can say from much of our attention, as that God's the heart, Jesus is my hope, and are yet glory may be forgotten,--such as the čast down by the long-continued pres- use of means for recovery, the peculiar sure of pain and weakness. Many symptoms of the case, the kindness or things may prevent even the real Chris- unkindness of those around us, nay, tian from realizing an abiding appre- even the veriest trifle, which we should hension of the comforting truths of the hesitate to mention to our dearest gospel. Listen, then, while we try to friend, may insidiously lead the heart find the cause of this disquietude, and from God, if there be a want of watchmay he who is emphatically “ the Com- fulness and care. Never let there be forter" remove it.

burden which is not brought to the The source of affliction may not be sympathizing “Man of sorrows." rightly understood. Were it not for the Beloved companion in sorrow, are you word of God, who would have ventured willing that the Spirit of God should to say, that love is inscribed on every enable you to rejoice in tribulations rod with which our Father who is in also, and make you content with such heaven chastens his children ? Oh! things as you have ? Strange as it may could this one truth become a living appear, there often exists an unwilling

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ness to be as happy as God would have “Lord, what wouldst thou have me to us be. We are often unwilling, too, do ?" Again, though we would by no that all our happiness should come means intimate that tales of woe are direct from the fountain of all good the best and only subjects for conversaitself. Many a painful lesson do we tion in the chamber of affliction, yet require, and, alas ! how frequently do would we recommend that some measure we forget what the Lord has conde- of interest should be taken in the wants scended to teach us by his chastise- and sufferings of others, that blessings ments ! Merciful, long-suffering, and possessed by us may shine the more gracious, is the character of him with conspicuously. When the heart is whom we have to do; therefore, let us attuned to praise, afflicted friend, try to come boldly to his throne for grace, count up your mercies, and you will find that we may be found patient in tribu- them more than you express. lation, rejoicing in hope, continuing Finally, as each revolving hour succeeds instant in prayer.

the past, the Christian has no more to Several things of a secondary nature suffer than his heavenly Father sees just may be suggested as helps to the pre- then to be needful for him. The suffervention of that wearisomeness which ings of years, or months, or days, many imagine to be inseparable from through which he has passed, need only protracted weakness and suffering to be remembered for the sake of the First, there are few so constantly debi- lessons they have taught, and the profit litated, but that sometimes they may derived, or as incentives to obey that find an occupation which will not prove gracious command, " Take no thought injurious to them. Circumstances, for the morrow.”

Oh! that every tastes, habits, and powers of mind and exercised believer may be able to “walk body, must, however, all be taken into worthy of the vocation wherewith he is account in the choice of a pursuit; and called,” in all his tribulations “looking the desire of the soul should ever be, unto Jesus.”

0. Y. K.


BY THE REV. JAMES HALDANE. There is one very important matter than the rest of the world. They which is more fully illustrated in the might become the children of Abraham Epistle to the Galatians than in any by faith, but their carnal relation to him other part of the New Testament, gave them no pre-eminence over the namely, the covenant with Abraham. Gentiles, to which class, although AbraHere we are taught that, when we read ham's children, they actually belonged. of the promises made to Abraham and In exact correspondence with this, the his seed, we are not to understand his spiritual accomplishment of the proposterity, but Christ, who was to spring mises, adoption into God's family, and from him. Accordingly, we find that the heavenly inheritance, are confined to the carnal or external accomplishment those in whose heart Christ dwells by of the promises was confined to that faith, who are one with him, members branch of Abraham's family from which of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones, Christ was to spring. Ilis other seven and likewise one Spirit with him.Bons had no more interest in the promises Exposition of the Epistle to the Galatians



“ I have loved thce with an everlasting love : therefore with loving-kindness have I drawn

thee."--Jer, xxxi. 3. LET others to their pliant will

Before duration's vast profound, Their boasted reformation trace ;

Which reason's line can never reach ; I must my wholo salvation still

Before the era far beyond Ascribe to free and sovereign grace.

Imagination's utmost stretch ; Before my heart had found relief

The Great Eternal fixed his love From its oppressive load of sin ;

On me, a creature of tho dust, Before one pang of holy grief

Who from his holy ways would rove, Had evidenced new life within ;

Rebel against him, and be lost ! Before the dawn of reason burst

He saw my sins, like venomed darts In faint irradiance on my soul :

Hurled madly at his sacred throno; Before the vital current first

He saw what malice filled my heart; Along its veins began to roll ;

He saw me wretched and undone ! Before my eyes were formed to look

He saw my vileness,--saw my guilt, Upon the welcome light of day;

(How heinous none but he can tell!) Before the quenchless epark was struck

Yet still such strong affection felt To animate my plastic clay ;

As snatched me from the deepest hell! Before the holy martyrg soared

His sovereign hand inscribed my name To glory from the flaming pile ;

In his own book of life and peace : Before the Roman conqueror poured

Then gave my soul to Christ the Lamb, His legions on Britannia's islo;

Who ratified the act of grace! Before old Salem's sons were joyed

And when the destined time had rolled To see their beauteons temple rise ;

The Saviour left the world on high, Before the men of Shinar tried

(O love unparalleled, untold,) To raise their Babel to the skies ;

To groan and suffer, bleed and die ! Before the giants trod the earth,

'Tis from his cross the cords proceed Or sin had caused the fatal flood;

Which drew me from the dread abyss, Before the first of human birth

And will to endless glory lead :Had shed his holy brother's blood;

O when was ever love like this ? Before the tempting fruit was plucked

Sometimes this love my heart enchains And eaten with an impious zest;

In boundless raptures at his feet; Before the serpent's cunning shook

My songs of ardent praise constrains, Obedience to the high behest;

And drives each rival from his seat. Before the groval songsters thrilled

Alas, more oft (0, how ingrate !! With joy the blest primeval pair ;

He scarcely occupies a thought; Before the trees or flowers distilled

The world allures, and I forget Ambrosial fragrance on the air ;

The matchless wonders he hath wrought. Before a part of Adam's frame

Yet midst these wanderings, vile and base, Was to his meet companion formed ;

His love has no mutation known : Before the heaven-enkindled flame

The stream of his unfailing grace With life his curious structure warmed ;

Still rolls, and ever will roll on ! Before the lunar lamp was made

Though other rivers cease to run, To chase the darkness of the night;

And ocean's caverns all be dry; Before the solar rays were bade

Though earth may to her contre groan, To yield the system heat and light;

And lightnings rend the azure sky; Before the Almighty voice had said

To fill successively this spherc, “That atoms into worlds should jar;"

Though countless worlds may yet be brought, Before the azure vault was spread,

Each roll its great appointed year, Or space received the first-built star;

Be dashed to atoms, and forgot ; Before the heavenly seats were raised,

Though nature, through her vastest range, Or angels formed to sit thereon ;

May feel her firmest pillars move ; Before the primal seraph gazed

Eternal ages will not change Upon the topless sapphire throne


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