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STEWART TOWN. In a letter from Mr. Dexter, dated the 13th November, he says, “ In the church things remain much as when I last wrote. On Saturday next I hope to baptize thirty at New Birmingham, and there are still a few hopeful cases here."


« Since my

Mr. Cowen, under date, Port of Spain, 20th November, 1848, says, last we have received some additions to our New Grant church, but though I have again and again proposed it, the people will do little in the way of giving money. I hope, however, by and bye this duty will be better understood and performed by them."

The following letter lias been received from Mr. Law, dated Port of Spain, 21st November, 1848.

It is indeed a long time since I had the request, has come from Demarara to reside in pleasure of writing to you, but my silence has this island. They are both baptized Chrisnot been the result of negligence or of want of tians, and have taught a school in Demarara love to yourself and the blessed work in which for some years. Mr. Best has taken charge we are engaged. Lately I have been fully of the Dry River school, and has already a occupied in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. good attendance. Besides, he is able to act I am preacher, schoolmaster, and printer, or as a local preacher. He preaches and keeps any thing, as the case may require. The a school at Cocorite on the sabbath forenoons, Haverfordwest press has given much trouble as also at Dry River. His assistance is of and labour. It is now in working order. A great value to me on the Lord's day. Foryoung man has been printing for us constantly merly my work on the sabbath was almost for the last three months. I have printed a killing to the body, and now I have as much Portuguese hymn book, and have also com- work as I can undertake with comfort. I menced a series of " Tracts for Trinidad.” have still every Sunday three preaching enThe sixth number is just from the press. gagements, two in English and one in Por, They all treat on the subject of popery, the tuguese ; but the whole of the afternoon I great curse of this land. I have just written have for the Sunday school, which is a source and published my first letter addressed to the of great delight. At present we have four Roman catholic bishop of Trinidad, exposing the Sunday school teachers and nearly fifty fearful errors contained in a catechism which he scholars. Since I last wrote to you two causes to be circulated among his people here. individuals have been added to our little “ Woe is me if I preach not the gospel " to church by baptism. all to whom I can have any access either by the living voice or the press. May the Lord

Deficiency of supplies. add his rich and effectual blessing.

There is one thing to which I would direct Need of aid for printing tracts. your special attention, and that is the insufAs to meeting the expenses connected with ficiency of £50 to meet all the expenses of the press, I do not know what to say. I have the schools connected with this station. Just this year expended fifty or sixty dollars in think, there are four schools, five teachers, printing, and from no one have I received any dollars to pay every month for school rent at

very little obtained froin the children, four assistance in money except from a Portuguese Christian and an African brother, whose united Corbeau Town, and only £50 to defray all contributions amount to four dollars. By the expenses. Some of our teachers are often in first vessel from this to London, I shall send want of daily bread. What am I to do? I you specimens of the tracts printed, in the cannot give up any of the schools. Rather, hope that the friends at home will procure the I am almost determined to commence a day necessary funds.

school at Cocorite, if the Society of Friends

could place at my disposal £75 instead of Satisfactory state of the schools.

£50, our schools would be in a far more comAs to the schools at the station, I can report fortable and prosperous condition. The box favourably. Mr. Best, with his wife, at our of clothing which we this day received from

the kind friends at Amersham, will be dis- of Britain to do what they can for the cause posed of to assist in commencing a school at of Christ. Your missionaries in their work Cocorite.

of faith and labours of love look to the friends Dear brother, continue to urge the churches of Christ for support.



We are permitted to take the following extract from a letter from Miss Vitou to Mrs. Lepard Smith, dated Clarence, October, 1848.

"We heard from Bimbia a few days ago. Mr. and Mrs. Merrick, with the dear children, are well, and their hearts are cheered by secing a movement among the dark inhabitants. The attendance on sabbath days is increasing, and King William has given orders that no canoes go out on that day.

“Our friends at Cameroons have recently suffered inuch, but are mercifully restored. We hope that good is doing there. Sad accounts reach us from Old Calabar. Twenty-four persons were sacrificed a week or two ago on the death of a chief; but Mr. Goldie, from whom we have just leard, says, “We labour on in faith and hope.'”

CLARENCE. A short letter has just been received from Mr. Saken, dated the 28th of October, saying, “I write a few lines to-day just to report all well. I forward, also, letters from Bimbia, by which you will learn, as I have done by others, that all is well there. Of Cameroons, the news is, as usual, grateful to my spirits; all well, peaceful, and the brethren hard at work. Oh, that God may pour out plentifully of his grace, that these desert lauds may becoine fruitful.”


BRITTANY. A letter has been received from Mr. JENKINS, dated the 6th of January, giving the following account of his labours, and of the opposition of the Roman catholic priests. Preaching excursions.

strong hold on him, and they and some in.

tolerant persons threatened to take all their I have just made another excursion to work from him unless he would stop our preach the gospel. I left home on the 20th having the room. In consequence of this the December, and returned on the 26th. As I poor man came and begged me to annul the informed you in a former letter, I took a room bargain, which I thought it right to do aster at Louargat at thirty-three francs per annum. considering the case. The poor man received The priest were strongly opposed to my having nothing for his house last year, nor has he any this room, and told the man they would have chance of having any thing for it this year, preferred giving sixty or seventy francs for it and it is possible the priests will not give him rather than we should have it. The owner is any thing to make up his loss in consequence a tiler, who depends on the priests for much of annulling his bargain with me. The priests of his labour, having to keep in repair the are great oppressors. But I do not think this church and seven chapels ; thus they had a will be any loss to us.

I know that many

disapprove of these unjust proceedings on Labours of Colporteurs and Scripture Readers.
their part. A rich freehold farmer, who
always comes to bear preaching, to whom I I am glad to be able to tell you that our
related the affair, told me he will give me a Breton colporteur makes progress in the
room to preach in when his house, which is knowledge of the gospel. He has left the
now being rebuilt, will be ready, which will church of Rome, and is very sincerely attached
be in the month of April, and that without to true religion. He conducts himself very
any expensc. I read and explained 1 John well. I have had much religious conversa-
iii. to this man and his wife, and had an inter- tion with Georget, who has always attended
esting religious conversation with them. our meetings since I began preaching in that

Sabbath, 26th. The weather was very cold, part of the country. It is evident he has 80 that I could not preach in the open air, but made much progress in the knowledge of I addressed a few persons in a private house. evangelical truth, and now understands salva. There was present a man who had come from tion by grace and not by the merit of our own Treglamus, who very warmly invited me to go works, which is contrary to the erroneous to that parish to preach. In consequence of teaching of the church of Rome. He daily my arrangement I could not go till the fol- reads his New Testament, and reads and ex. lowing day, but Georget, an interesting man plains it to others in his own house and in the from Belle Isle, who is in the habit of reading houses of his neighbours. He is a man of and explaining portions of the gospel, went with more than ordinary understanding and general the friend, and had an opportunity of con- knowledge, and expresses himseli very well in versing on religion with several persons in French and in Breton. Though advanced in the evening. went 10 Beghard, where I years, he is desirous of becoming a colporteur preached in a room I had taken in the village and reading the New Testament, and I think with the approbation of Mr. Le Tiec, for the he would be a useful man. I hope the Liver. purpose of holding public worship. There pool friends will enable us to employ him. was a fair attendance, though the weather was In reply to your inquiry respecting colporinclement, and the priests had pronounced teurs, I have to state that this work is under their decree of no absolution or communion the superintendence of Mr.De Pressensé. The for any one who would come to hear me. Bible Society grants to Mr. Williams and

Christmas day morning, after high mass, I myself a colporteur each so long as the sale preached again in the room to an attentive justifies the expense, consequently we had auditory. After this I left for Treglamus. It pretty regularly in this part of the country a was with difficulty I arrived in time to address French or a Breton colporteur. A good the people after vespers. Many had gone French colporteur was sent to us five or six away, but there were not less than 300 per months ago, but illness and a want of knowsons still remaining, who heard the truth ledge of the language rendered his stay here respecting the birth of our Saviour. A few of little use, and last month he was called to were disposed in the beginning to deride, and labour in Paris. Since his departure our one cried out that they were catholics. In Breton colporteur has recommenced his la. answer to him I said, that the name catholic bours, but the sale is now rather small. or protestant would avail us nothing in the day of judgment, that no one will be saved

An Evangelist wanted. but the sinner that is converted to God, believes in Jesus Christ the Saviour, and obeys The aid granted by the Bible Society is his word. All were peaceable, and the atten- truly important, but as its special object is the tion good. The blind woman who came for sale of scriptures, it follows that the colporteur ward to ask for a tract the first time I preached can visit the same neighbourhood but seldom, there, was on this occasion not far from where and cannot take time to read and explain the I stood. Perhaps I ought to mention here, word of God, and is uncertain as to the durathat Georget, after high mass, began to show tion of his stay in the same part of the country. the Testament to the people, and to read and The work of the scripture reader and the explain some portion of it, but the mayor's evangelist, which is indispensable to the spread deputy forbade his doing so. He was not dis- of divine truth, is left to be done by others. I couraged, but went to the mayor and pleaded am sorry that the funds of the Society are so religious liberty, but in vain. When I low, and that you fear you cannot enable us preached after vespers, I met with no opposi- to make a trial of Mr. Lugent. Our mission tion, though the mayor's deputy was present. greatly needs an evangelist. I am obliged to This parish is contiguous to that in which the be often from home, and there is no one to mayor stopped my preaching.

take my place.


DEPARTURE OF MR. AND MRS. SALE. At length the Committee are enabled to report the departure of one missionary for the field of labour in India, and under circumstances that are peculiarly gratifying. Mr. Sale was accepted for India about twelve months ago, and he has now left for that country in the “William Carey," a vessel belonging to William Jones, Esq., of Pwllheli

, who has kindly given our friends a free passage to Calcutta. He has also expressed a hope that his ship may never visit India without carrying on board, and on the same terms, one missionary at least for that rast and important field. Mr. and Mrs. Sale took leave of the Committee at their weekly meeting on January 2nd, and we trust that He who holds the waves in the hollow of his hands will take charge of them till they reach their "destined haren” in peace.

OUR YOUNG MEN. We have heard with great pleasure that the students of that branch of the Presbyterian body which support the mission at Old Calabar, in West Africa, have “not only formed themselves into a Missionary Association, and thus sought to foster among themselves the spirit of an enlarged and generous sympathy for the worst wants of the human race, but with the ostensible object of assisting to raise funds for the African Mission, they visit, by deputations, many of the congregations of the body, and thus are instrumental in diffusing a missionary spirit throughout the denomination.” While we look forward with considerable interest to the benefits likely to result from the “ Young Men's Missionary Association " lately formed in London, and trust the example will be followed by our young men in other places, we should be gratified by sceing the students in our colleges take the lead, feeling assured that great good would result to themselves as well as to the cause in which they were engaged.

The next Lecture in connexion with the Young Men's Association will be delivered by Rev. John Branch, of London, on the evening of February 21st. The chair will be taken at eight o'clock.

GRATITUDE WELL EXPRESSED. While, alas! many expressions of gratitude for mercies received end in words, it is gratifying to hear that the feeling sometimes prompts to personal sacrifice, and we would present for imitation the teacher of a British school, who has transmitted a sorereign, “as a thank-offering to the Lord for his unspeakable mercy in having permitted her to occupy her post for four years without a day's interruption from indisposition."

THE DOVE. It may be satisfactory to our friends to learn the last intelligence of the “Dove" before she got off the coast. It is from Yarmouth (Isle of Wight), where she put in on the 19th of December, after having encountered very rough weather at the back of the island. The missionaries went on shore, and stayed three hours, and were about to proceed to chapel, when a breeze sprung up, which carried them quickly out of sight; a good Wesleyan friend (Mr. Warder) offering his services gratuitously to pilot them out. After this it appears they had a fine wind for many days.

ANNUAL SERMONS. The Committee have pleasure in announcing that the Annual Sermons on behalf of the Society will be preached by the Rev. James SHERMAN, of Surrey Chapel, and the Rev. Octavius Winslow, of Leamington.

The former (who was prevented by the illness of the late lamented Mrs. Sherman from fulfilling a similar engagement last year) will preach at Surrey Chapel on the evening of Thursday, April 19th, and the latter will preach at Bloomsbury Chapel, on the morning of Wednesday, April 25th.

NOTICE TO AUXILIARY SOCIETIES AND CONTRIBUTORS. The Treasurers of Auxiliary Societies, and other friends, who may have money in hand on account of the Society, are respectfully reminded that the Treasurer's account for the year will close on the 31st of March. All payments, therefore, intended to appear in the Appendix to the next Report, must be made in the course of this or the following month.

It is requested that the respective accounts may be sent, properly balanced, to the Secretary, Baptist Mission House, Moorgate Street, accompanied by the list of subscribers, &c., in alphabetical order.

It is respectfully requested that where it is practicable the friends in the country ordering Missionary Cards, &c., would at the same time kindly mention the name of a country bookseller, and his London agent, through whom the parcels may be sent, or such other mode of transmission as may most economise the Funds of the Society.

The thanks of the Committee are presented to the following friends-

Mr. J. Neal, Liverpool, for a jar of seeds, for Rev. W. Newbegin, Bimbia ;
Mr. Cradock, Barion, Lancashire, for a parcel of magazines;
Ladies at Turret Green Chapel, Ipswich, for a box of clothing, &c., for Rev. G. Couen,

W. L. Smith, Esq., for a parcel of books, for Rev. J. Wenger ;
Miss Huntley, Bow, for a parcel of magazines ;
A few friends (place unknown), for a parcel of useful articles and twenty shillings;
The Misses Phillips, Pontypool, for a box of fancy articles, for Haiti;
Mrs. W. Miller and friends, Edinburgh, for a case of clothing, medicines, &c., for Rev. J.

Merrick, Bimbia ;
Joseph Gurney, Esq., for bibles, for Missionaries in Calcutta.

The respectful thanks of the Committee are presented to Messrs. Bowser and Son, for repairs and fittings supplied gratuitously to the “Dove."

Received on account of the Baptist Missionary Society, during the month of

December, 1848.
£ 8. d.
£ 8. d.

£ 8. d. Annual Subscription. Jeremiah xxxv. 6 ani 8 0 10 6 Trinity Chapel, by Mrs.

W. Gover

2 13 Sherwin & Cope, Messrs. 1 1 0 Pope, Mrs., Tottenham,

for Africa

3 0 0
Sutton, Mr., box by...... 1 1 10
Wagon, Mr., Tunbridge

Angus, Rev. Jos., box

Wells, for Debt......... 0 10 0

Luton by. 1 0 4


12 00 Cobb, F. W., Esq., Mar

Legacies. gate, for Debt.

20 00 Edwards, Mrs. E. Kidd, Mrs. Jane, late of


10 0 0

Hull, part of residue 75 0 5 Friend, Leighton Buz

Mitchell, Mrs. Ann 9000 Haddenham zard, by Dr. Hoby, for

Sunday School, for Debt 0 10 0


LONDON AUXILIARIES. Howard, Miss, Totten

Missenden, Great ham, for Schools 2 10 0 Henrietta Street


4 13 0 J. G., special acknow.


17 6 2 Stony Stratfordledgment 10 0 0 Do., Sunday School

Contributions Jackson, Mrs., Dorking,

0 5 0 Do., for Dore ......... for Africa .............. 10


0 0 Spencer Place ........... 7 12 7

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