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I was a stricken Leer, that left the heri
Lene ceith many an arrow deep infira
My mantina side was harard when I withiirew
T'eseek a tranquil death in distant shados.
Ihre war I found by one who had himself
Been hurt by th'ar hers. In his side he bore,
na w his hands and feet, the ruel Serr,

The Task Page 298.

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Descending now but cautious lost too fast!
1 sudden ter upon a rustic bridge
We pass a gult in which the willows dip
Their pendent boughs stooping as it to drink

The Task. Page 256

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Sicut aquæe tremulum labris ubi lumen ahenis
Sole repercussum, ant radiantis imagine luna,
Omnia pervolitat late loca, jamque sub auras
Erigitur, summique ferit laquearia tecti.

Virg. Æn. viii.
So water, trembling in a polishd vase,
Reflects the beam that plays upon its face;
The sportive light, uncertain where it falls,
Now strikes the roof, now flashes on the walls.

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By T. Davison, Whitefriars.

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