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the passions was judiciously confined to a modest and brief yet earnest expression of his wish that his hearers were all supported and comforted by the same religious faith which animated and exhilarated him.

He however as a scholar evinced his shill in composition by preserving in his speech the full at least and the order prescribed for a regulur cration.

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The description and view of Xantucket, which illustrate this month's Port Folio, will be surveyed with ad litoral dlelight, when the public are apprized that, both for the sketch and the ('ssay we are indebted to the genius of a gentleman* who is a friend tu tlic muses, to ihe fine arts, and to his country.

The island of Nantuckiet has been called, " a sand bank," till its sterility has become proverbial, and no cther idea of its naked plains is cuterine upon the ricighboring cortincnt, than that they form a l!ce, or 2 s? erm.cn. to dry their riots on. Yet the shoals of Nairchii, sa carcilily arcided by European navi

Joseph Sansom, Esti'. of this city, who has honourably distinguished him. self in the republic of letters, hy 'uis interesting travels in Switzerland and the Papal territories; & work, which has been so cordially grected in Great Britain, that we undurstand it forms a prominent and conspicuous article, in Philips's collection of contemporary voyages and travels. From some fantastic and inexplicable circumstance, a gentlenian who deserves so well of his country, has been rather cooly, if not cavalierly treated (!i home, and receives the most distinguished literary hcnours obrouil. That this is not exactly a novel case our friend may learn from a very illustrious example, recorded in the most venerable of volumes. We learn, with a sort of pleasure, that none but literary men can feel and estimate, that the Port Folio is to be honoured with the publication of a second series of letters, comprchending our author's adventures in France and England. To this correspondence we shall render due honours. The theme is certainly brilliant and copious; and we have every disposition to be purtial to thc mode in which it is treated.

tical effusion, upon some local subject, with the public spirit so characteristic of his grandson,

From Sherkurne, where I dwell,
“ Your friend, who means you well."

The whale fishery, upon which Vantucket depends, and which gives a peculiar character to its indiabitants, who are reckoned the most expert whalers in the world, is said to have been first attempted, about the year 1690, in boats, from the shore. In 1715 they had six sloops in the trarle; and from 1772 to 75 the fishery employed 150 sail, from 90 to 180 tons, upon the coast of Giunea, the West Indies, and Brazil. The Revolution put a stop to this prosperous commerce, and it did not immediately revive upon

the peace of 83; in consequence of which many families removed to Kennebeck, Newbedford, Iludson's River, North Carolina, and other places on the continent; but their place has been since amply supplied by new comers, who slocked thither from different parts, on the revival of trade, under the new constitution.

A number of fainilies, under the direction of the respectable William Rotch, had gone over to France at the invitation of the then prime minister, the count de Vergenncs, to prosecute their useful occupation with peculiar privileges and immunities, at Dunkirk; but the revolution which hurled Lewis XVI from the throne taking place soon after, prevented their intended establisliment; and the greater part ofthe adventurers happily returned to their own country, where some of them in their native place, and some at its thriving colony of Newbedford ( distant 60 miles) have ever since pursued their favourite occupation; and, having chased their gigantic ganic out of the Atlantic, now pursue the flying whale into the great South Sca, frequently doubling Cape Horn, and sometimes ascending the north west coast of America, till they nearly encompass the globe, in voyages of two or three years duration.

On these whaling trips round the world, instead of wages, every seaman takes a share in the ultimate proceeds of the voyage, a mode of engagement palpably conducive to rebits of

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industry and fidclity. They are often mere boys, who grow up ciuring the voraze; but mosliy marrier mei, who have left wives and chiidren behind then, in whom jeg seturn with all the carnesiness of conjugal (i' p rental wiz on, ( share with them tie weii carnea s..viss tiri" il': op;.

There ari at pre:{";{,1. 1211;isserid 130,0 tons of shipping Cerii ai '..., ;.?:: 4,72;1I'.:c'e ii works are creatinii;.wt. misi:, irit: ...iiiii ;ies of calisisiti: Lii

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Tani nanics givca to tremi, i!":(:).

íiti Greci tax under president i 0 SCX,.,13,1 Teleral street, l'achinpoak, & acciaio disuse, with thic unpop????$17,763.73: ! 19?; an inquirers are now ... (reciei', as020', ivi 17.: I! !rononcighbourhoo:? of such and said standers in the respective quartors o. Vel Core, Up-in-cri, or the Noiti: Szore.

The most connon arrily names are Coli, isi bunker, and Starbuck, and Ilussey, wi.ich are froiucitly combineri according to the genius of the place, with the scriptural simnames of Pelog,and Sliubal, anch Obe, a ni Jethro. Thus is rou do not know where such a one


lives, you may be gravely informed, in Elisha Bunker's street, or David Mitchel's street, or Tristram Husscy's, or captain Haydn’s. The streets, or rather roads, for none of them have ever been paved, run along the hollows, or wind up the hills, but the houses stand generally single, presenting to the passenger sometimes a line, and sometimes an angle; and so rare is any thing like a row, that two or three standing together will be currently described as, “The long houses." Yet tvo banks and two insurance offices, accommodate the trade of the place; and the town is supposed to have nearly doubled its population, in the last twenty years. Suveral new streets have been laid out in straight lines, and a number of houses have been built, within a year or two, with cielings of ten feet high. This however is considered as a piccc of useless extravagance, the old fashioned stories of eight or nine feet being generally reckoned high enough, and to sparc.

Every other house in this sca-faring place has a look out upon the roof, or a vane at the gable end; to see what ships have arrived from sea or whether the wind is fair for the packets. Sca phrascs accordingly prerail in familiar conversation. Every child can tell which way the crind blurus, and any oid woman in the strect, will talk of cruising about, hailing an old messmate, or making one oring to, as familiariy as the captain of a whale ship, just arrived from the north-west coast, will describe dimension to a landlubber by the span of his gibboom, or the length of his mainsity. If you have a spare dinner it is short allowanco; if you are going to ride, the horse must be tackled up; or if the chaisc is rigged out, and you are got under way, should you stop short of your destination, you are said to tack about, or to make a harbour. This technical phraseology, however, is attended with the concomitant frankness and honesty of sea-faring lise. You mcct a hearty welcome wherever you go; shop windows are without windowshutters for security; and winter's wood is piled up in the strcct.

Before the revolution county courts were regularly opened once a year, at the time prescribed in the almanack; but the officers of justice only assembled to smoke a pipe or two, and ad

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industry and fidelity. They are often mere boys, who grow up ciuring the voyage; but mostly marricincin, who liave lost wives and chicrea behind them, :0 whom jill return with all the carnesiness of conjugal 6ip ir 2311 whiz ona to share with them the well corred svirs o'tis:fi:i:10.

There ari zire:"{":{...... 121.): In ac 1500 tons of shipping Coat: 15.: 2:11. i works Orecrer:orios hijning i Klijven

ritt :!!uities of carinat!


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leis ad ilerless is a viris !!!!... Li Tinwita with the capot n-1 ,:!??... jir: :: 11 Beck or P.SI ! - 1. 6:.. Tower and 11:0!ilizi linna ins: 1 11.0! Carolina; ni kuc!!'s 11:21 Lic.

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roery ika! boing at liberty topicais. OSR Dis. Cc, and being naturali; corr!!, is a print of conpass, than ly 11, 1. kuriin

Crir any names given to ticni, iliti ti: 1.65: Er iii'ect tax under presicient ins; end tie rein; 13 vf Mesleral street, Hiashin?in sikit, &c. &c, ici, pritisa into disuse, with the unpoparasuta wiocare! ther; and inquil'ers are now a crecier's sit. :'(', tvi thai il suo neighbourhood of sual and such acid stander, in the respective quarters of 1*iv Coru, Up-13-01, or the North Shore. The most common frily namiss 0 Cofii, and Bunker, and Starbuck, and Ilussez, wi.ich are freilicitly cumbincci according to the genius of the place, with the scriptural simnames of Peleg, and Shubal, and Obed, ak Jethro. Thus if you do not know where such a one


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