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an abridged series of the Writings of the Reformers at a
reduced price after the announcement of his: as there was
not room for two editions, and as it could not be expected
that one individual could compete with the resources and
influence of a combination, the present publisher had no
alternative but to cease, at least for the present, the prose-
cution of his series, and to content himself in the best man-
ner he was able with the loss he sustained thereby.

The three volumes published contain the Writings of
two of the earliest Reformers of the English Church,
William Tyndale and John Frith: they are reprinted ver-
batim from the originals, with some additions, and are

It was intended to have prefixed, as a first volume, a reprint of Tyndale's Translation of the New Testament, with the various readings of each edition, and space was left for that purpose: but when it was decided to cease the publication of the work, of course, that idea was also abandoned.

It is a source of much unpleasantness to the Publisher's mind to cease the work in so limited a form: this is the second publication which, for the same reason, he has been obliged to abandon, and he knows certainly that he has not been the only publisher who has suffered by the afterintrusion of the Religious Tract Society upon



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18, Paternoster Row,

Sept. 5, 1831.

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