A Powerful Marriage: Learning to Live Happily Ever-after

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TEACH Services, Inc., 2002 - 173
Many couples marry believing their marriage will be a bed of roses; that love for each other is all that counts. But we have to remember that roses grow on bushes full of thorns. And often when a rose is picked, we get pricked. And what happens when we are pricked? Hurt and pain follows. Marriage can be one of roses and violets.
A well balanced marriage is one that can adjust to the understanding that both exist. No one can have everything just like they want it. Every married person must do the best they can in making room for flexibility in their marriage. The marriage institution was designed of Heaven to be a blessing to man; but, in general sense it has been abused in such a manner as to make it a dreadful curse.
Most of men and women have acted in entering the marriage relation, as though the only question for them to settle was, whether they loved each other. But they should realize that a responsibility rests upon them in the marriage relation farther than this. God does not promise us ease, honor or wealth in His service.

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