The Principles of Gujarati Grammar: Comprising the Substance of a Gujarati Grammar

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Printed at the Imperial Press by M.S. d'Azaveido, 1842 - 88

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Strona 6 - The proper found of this letter is produced by applying the tip of the tongue to the fore part of the palate, and...
Strona 5 - This series of consonants is pronounced by turning and applying the tip of the tongue far back against the palate ; which producing a hollow sound, as if proceeding from the head, it is distinguished by the term 3-pJV2f murddhanya, which Mr.
Strona 3 - The letter 3T a, never makes its appearance but as an initial ; for, when the found of it is required after a confonant, as a medial or final, it is pronounced with it as in the alphabet ; it being an invariable rule, that every open confonant, not followed by another vowel, muft be pronounced as if 3f a were written after it In this work it will occafionally be reprefented by the vowel a.
Strona 45 - Past tense either represents the action or event as past and finished ; as, He broke the bottle and spilt the brandy ; or it represents the action as unfinished at a certain time past ; as, My father was coming home when I met him. The Perfect tense implies that an action has just now, or lately, been quite finished ; as, John has cut his finger ; I have sold my horse. The Pluperfect tense represents a thing as past before another event...
Strona 35 - When two words come together in construction, of different meanings, yet bearing a certain relation to each other, one of them is put in the genitive case.
Strona 43 - NEUTER) verb expresses being, or a state of being, or action confined to the actor. It is commonly without the passive form. / Obs. 2. The verbs that express being simply, in Latin, are (si/m,fio, existo, signifying in general " to be," or
Strona 10 - RULE II. An adjective agrees with its substantive in gender, number, and case; as, Bonus vir, a good man.
Strona 42 - In the firft mode, the compound is confidered as many, and the laft word is therefore put in the dual, or plural number ; and in the fecond mode, the aggregate is confidered as one, and the laft member...
Strona 4 - ... au is decidedly a diphthong, having the power of ow in the word how ; which in these letters would be written thus, ^T hau. Here properly end the vowels, for * am, and î ah, are, corsilent, at the end of a syllable.
Strona 6 - T^ repha. •^ la answers to our /. It is ranked among dentals. * va is generally pronounced like v and is then a dentolabial: but when subjoined to another consonant, it is often necessarily articulated as our w, it being then frequently the natural substitute for ^ « before another vowel; as fififfat second.

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