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Abortion, or slinking calf, 383 Bath and Wost of England Society | Corn trade, review of the, 85, 165
Act, the proposed, for encourag. for the encouragement of agri- 4 245325, 405, 40.
ing the cultivation of continen. | culture, &c., 77

Corn trade, the, 189
tal soils that our own may ro. Bee-keeper's manual, 317

Cotswold and Downtornsey
turn to their primitive downs, Bees, spring feeding, 384

Crib, 011, 428
Beos swarming, 441

Qurops, the, 482
Account of experiments made with Birmingham annual review pf the Cross breed of sheep between the
some of the raw grasses as a


Cotswold and the South-down,
substitute for tares, or the fail- Black caterpillar, prize essay on on the, 426
ure of after-math, 436

the, 119

Culmiferous crops, on, 413
Agricultural chemistry, 4, 363 Black-water, on, 117

Cultivation of gorse, 300
Agricultural college, 163, 217 Bone, agricultural uses of, 431 Cultivation of potatoes, 360
Agricultural college-Kent, 342 Bone manure, on, 393

Cultivation of timber trees, 448
Agricultural education, 309 Breeding in-and-in, 264

Culture of the potato, on the, 206
Agricultural intelligence, fairs, Breeding of stock, 141, 272 Cutting wheat before it is ripe,
&c., 84, 164, 244, 324, 403, 483 Breeding sheep, on, 463

Agricultural meetings,
Market hill, 51

Cabbages and mangel wurzel, on Description of a Devon ox, the
Rutland, 383
the cultivation of, 302

property of C. Hillyard, Esq.m
Agricultural meetings and agita- Canada,—the corn laws, 398 plate,
tions, 292

Caoutchouc horse shoes, 425 Description of a short-born ox,
Agricultural museums, 261 Carrots, 452

bred by Sir C. Knightley, Bart.,
Agricultural queries, 243

Case of interest to farmers, 399 -plute, 91
Agricultural reports, 80, 157, 240, Case of a horse swallowing sponge, Description of a machine for mak-
321, 400, 478

ing drain tiles, 173
Agricultural societies,

Centralized police for the whole Description of a machine for dis-
Bath and West of England, 77 kingdom, 380

tributing soot, and remarks on
Leicestershire, 338

Character of the English peasant soot as a top-dressing to crops,
Rutland, 21

Agriculture, a few thoughts on, Choking in the horse, a case of, 140 Devon agricultural society, to the
357, 451
Christmas of old, 47

members of the, 41
Agriculture, on the progress and Colchester and adjoining hundreds' Dibbling machine, 297
improvement in, 290

agricultural association, 187 Dibbling wheat, on, 320
Ancient wages and prices in Suf. Comparative phrenology,-birds, Don John, winner of the Doncas-
folk, 36

ter St. Leger, 1838, 266
Anocdote of a dog, 431

Comparative value of the turnip Drainage bill, Mr. Handley's, 251
Answer to W. W.'s queries on and potato crops, 438

Draining land, remarks on, with a
the comparative merits of sheep, Commutation of tithes on fruit description of the mole-plough
plantations, 192

brought from England by his
Answer to queries respecting Compost beaps, on making, 398 grace the Duke of Hamilton, 48

ry, 433


Italian rye-grass, 213, 273, 308 Consequences and danger to the Draining, on the effects of, 201
Anti-corn law delegation, 233 labourers and working classes Draiding, on, 212
Apple, the, 452

by throwing out of cultivation Draining and subsoil ploughing,
Arable and turf farming com• any, large proportion of the
pared, 14

United Kingdom, 311

Drill system, on the, 107
Assessing cottages to the poor. Corn laws, the, 3, 15, 138, 143,
rates, 199

145, 190, 194, 196, 199, 213, East Lothian stubble rake, 17
Averages, imperial weekly, 89, 258, 206, 310, 357, 368, 382 Economy in labour and improve.
169, 249, 329, 409, 489
Corn laws, on the, 84, 103

ment of system, 358
Corn laws, speech of E. Cayley, English agricultural society, 271,
Banking-Bank of England-ac Esq., 10

297, 466
count of the issues, securities, Corn laws, Mr. Huskisson on the, English agricultural society, the
bullion, and surplus or rest, 387 115

first general meeting, 65
Banks, American, 391
Corn separator, 217

English agricultural society, prizes

on, 376

urieties ON


to be awarded at the meeting at Harleston farmer's club, first an List of prizes obtained for ani-
Oxford, 68
nual report of the, 214.

mals bred and exhibited by R.
English agricultural society, list Harvest, the late, 28

W. Baker, Esq., 411
of subscribers, 70
Hedgo cutting, 265

Live stock, on the nature and ma-
English agricultural society and Herbaceous green crops, 333

nagement of, 395
the veterinary college, 38, 109, Hereford ox, bred and fed by H. Liverpool monthly review of the

Chamberlain, Esq.-plate, 332 corn trade, 153
Essay on the turnip-fly, 123 Hint to landholders and farmers, Liverpool Agricultural Society's
Essay on the simplest and easiest


ploughing match, 291
mode of analysing soils, 37 1 Hoeing wheat, 306

Llandovery district agricultural
Estimate of the produce of the Holkbam annual cattle sale, 85 society, 317
late harvest in Great Britain, Hollow draining, 308

London lactaries, 412
and Ireland, 148

Hops, particular districts from
Evolution of nitrogen during the 1818, to 1838, 79
growtb of plants, and the sources Hops, prices of, 90, 169, 249, 410,

Machine for making drain-tiles,

description of, 173
from wbence they derive that 489
element, on tbe, 458
Horses, diseases of, 113

Malt; the quantity of, consumed by

the brewers of London and its
Experimental farm, on an, 26 Horses, glandered, on the law re-

vicinity, 79
Experiment on soda as a manure, specting, 211

Man and swine, 83
Experiment on the relative values Important invention, 83

Mangel wurzel potato, 137

Manure, on the second known
of several
wheat, Inportant discovery, 417

fertilizer of the soil, 312
Important chemical discovery, 417

Manures, preservation and prepa-
Important sale of short-borns,

ration of, '379
Factitious, or us.

sheep, and horses, at Dodding. Mill-stones, 376

hred animals,

ton, Northumberland, 471

Morning Herald, a letter to the
Farm horses, on economical feed. Importation of foreign agricultu.

Editor of tbe, 204
ing of, 134

rol produce, 359
Fariner's clubs, 294
Improverant of the condition of M'Queen's letter to the right bon.

Lord Melbourne, 219
Farmer's Magazine, letter to the

the labouring class in Ireland, Museum of economic geology,
editor of the, 256, 377

Farming accounts, on, 111

Infant schools of horticulture and
Farms, on estimating the value of, agriculture in France, 453
Influence of nitrogen on the growth Natural bistory of the turnip-flea

Napoleon, bistory of, 398
Faringdon, 437

of plants, an experimental in-

beetle, on the, 29
Fate of racing borses, 359

quiry into the, 454

Nature and management of live
Tifesbire agricultural society's Italian rye-grass, answer to queries

stock, on the, 395
meeting, 383

respecting, 213

New, quick, and humane method
Figure and points of a perfect Intelligence of animals, 295

of slaughtering animals, 202
new Leicester sheep, 399
Interesting to agriculturists, 26

New poor laws, the, 292
Food of plants, 143
Invitation to landlords, 19

Nitrate of soda, query, 276
Foot-rot in sheep, on the, 445, 476

Notes, additional, to an article
Foreign corn, state of, 146 Kent agricultural college, 342 entitled “ Hints and sugges-
Labourers' Friend Society, 130,

tions," 239
Gardening operations for January,

85; for February, 164 ; for Lapach tree, the, 482

Oaks, celebrated, 319
April, 323; for May, 404; for

Lecture on the Marquis of Tweeda Obligation and extent of humanity
June, 484
dale's brick and drain tile ma-

to brutes, principally considered
Gas-water as a manure, on the

cbino, 331.

in reference to domesticated
employment of, 362
Leicestershire Agricultural So-

animals, 260
Geological terms, a glossary of,

ciety, 338.

Lethbridge, Sir T., and the corn Patent rotatory steam engine, 430
Geology and agriculture, 295

laws, 42.

Perennial grasses, on, 45
Globe mangel wurzol, 397

Letter to the Editor, by “ An old Pitcher plant, the, 362
Glossary of geological terms, 396

practical farmer,” 43

Plan of the society of land-agents
Goodwood Cup, the, 427

Letter from Lord Western to and surveyors for managing the
Gorse, cultivation of, 300

Earl Spencer, 44

highways considered, 137
Grain, comparative prices of, 89,

Letter to the right hon. Iord Plug or clay draining, 96
169, 249, 329, 409, 489

Western, 112.

Plough drainage, 193
Grain seeds, roots, &c., on the

Letter to the Editor of the Intelli- Ploughing matches, 36
selection of, 91, 175, 347

Ploughing match, near Murthly
Grain, flour, and meal, return to

Letter to the Editor of the Sussex Castle, 1
an order of the House of Com-

Advertiser, 140

Ploughs and ploughing matches,
mons, 301

Letter to the landowners and oc 351
Grand Cairo—hatching of chick-

cupiers of the county of Essex, Portable manures, on, 205

Potato market, 90, 169, 250, 410,
Grass land, on the improvement Letter to the right bon. Lord J. 490
of, 50

Russell, 235

Potato, the, 434
Grass lands near London, 105
Letting farms, 144

Potato, on the culture of the, 206,
Growth of Swedish turnips, 438 Lime, on the nature and proper-

337, 360
ties of, 184

Potatoes, how to preserve, 47
Haddington sbow of seed corn, Lime, on the application of, 386 Preservation and preparation of
&c., 307
Linden tree, the, 463

manures, 379
Harkaway, -plate, 16
Liquid manure, 362, 41.27

Preserving turnips, 102

gencer, 136

ens, 132

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