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Fear. The list

be brought to market; hence the prospect of coming prices. I equally well. The mangold wurtzel seed has been put ia very The labour market is easier, and good skilled hands are satisfactorily, and the plant is generally up, with a dark-grees more readily met with: wages for adult labourers from thrifty appearance. The cultivation of swedes has greatiy 128. to 158. per week. We trust, with a better supply of diminished, owing to the superiority of the mangold crop, men, agricultural improvements will still further advance, Some are already sown and up, whilst others are duily being cor if the principle be sound of buying in the cheapest and drilled. Stock farmers have been much pressed for feed, et selling in the dearest market, then he must be the wisest the chief reliance has been the mangold wurtzel crop, man who employs the most men when they are obtainable at yearly increases its reputation : even many flocks have lived the least rate.- May 12.

mainly on this root; and where a bite of green food has been

given in addition, the ewes and lambs have thrives rel. ISLE OF ELY.

Beasts have been put on a shorter allowance of food, or they If we remember correctly, when our last report left us returns, that the graziers' losses are considerable, and men »

are sent early to market, but so unsatisfactory have been the the weather was severely cold, with sharp frosty nights; | luctantly submit to such heavy sacrifices. —May 18. but we believe, ere it appeared in print, the weather had suddenly changed, and we bad some very fine warm days, and were willing to hope spring had really come. But we were

CUMBERLAND. sadly disappointed; for May opened upon us with cold nip- The weather during the spring months has been as fsping winds blowing chietiy from the north and north-east, vourable for cleaning and preparing the land for the resep and the days were nearly all followed by frosty nights. We tion of the seed as could well have been desired. It au also had some cold rains at the beginning of the month, and sufficiently dry for the operation of pulverizing and cleaning it was not until the last few days that milder weather set

the land, and yet was supplied with sufficient moisture by in. The wind then veered to the S.S.W., and has since the showers of rain that occasionally fell to prevent it fra been blowing softly, and vegetation is rapidly progressing. baking with drought or stunting vegetation by wante We have also had some very fruitful showers, with thun moisture. On the afternoon of Friday, the 14th insi, the der and gleaming sunshine. We cannot speak so favourably east of Cumberland was visited by a good deal of thunde of the appearance of the growing wheat as we did a month heavy showers of rain falling here and there—in some pla ago. The cold rains which fell early in May have made mixed with a considerable quantity

of hailstones

. This ma some of the cold tenacious clay soils present a yellow and followed, on the evening and night of Saturday, with a cosickly hue, which is always a bad omen at this season of the siderable fall of rain, which has continued at intervals 1 year, and bespeaks a small ear and a lighter yield. On the to the present time; and to-day and yesterday it has beez black fen soils the weather has produced an opposite effect, blowing, and continues to blow-something like a bumi having made the wheats grow soft and flaggy ; and we see cane. A rather large breadth of potatoes has again beti many fields where a good deal is laid already, and looks planted under favourable circumstances, so far as the 5 yellow and weak in the stem. Many of our Fen farmers ther and state of the land are concerned, but the result vi

. are sending men with hocks and scythes to cut off some of depend upon the after-part of the season beiog wet or dry. the heavy flag, thereby enabling the plant to rise again. Mangel wurzel has been extensively sown this At present these soils look much more like yielding a heavy portance of this valuable root is rapidly becoming berger always difficult to predict in May what will

be the state of has been

retarded these last few days, in consequence of the the crop in August, as the changes in a crop of wheat whilst land being too wet from the recent rains to allow of its growing are frequently so sudden and so great that we

being properly finished up; the consequence is that need never know the result until it is actually attained. The cold rains and frosty nights have seriously injured the oat

fewer turnips have been got in than might otherwise bare crop, and in the Fens generally it is now looking badly.

been the case. Wheat, as it has done all the winter

, is The wireworm has committed fearful ravages in some in- ground, with a too-luxuriant blade, which, should it to

looking very well-perhaps, too gross and thick upon 15 stances, and several fields either have been or must be reOn the high lands the prospect is better. Beans Oats were got in favourably and are going on well, wta

out a damp summer, may be very prejudicial to the city generally are strong and look well. Mangel sowing is little barm from their old enemy the grub. Barles, the nearly completed. The rains and

winds of the last few days are highly favourable.

was got in well, and is so far promising. Grass lands ze

Grass ceived a considerable check from the severe weather in the keeping is improving. Our pastures are now good, but we hear of complaints in some counties of grass being very

early part of March, with some cold east winds in Apri; Store cattle are lower and slow to sell, we conceive lately been full of grass. Should the present wet weather

but the fields rapidly recovered their green bue, and have in consequence of the shortness of keeping in other localities

. continue soine time longer, it will give a chance of a good Beef is slightly better to sell. Store sheep are dearer ; crop of hay, as, according to the old adage, mutton maintains its value. Pork is still a heavy trade, and store pigs a little dearer. The wheat trade tiuctuates

“A wet May slightly, most weeks either a shilling up or down. Sup

Gives plenty of hay." plies are not heavy, and the weather and appearance of the The grain market, especially wheat, continues much die growing crops will now exert considerable influence upon

pressed, without any prospect of much improvement. Ces prices.- May 18.

and barley, though selling at a comparatively better price than wheat, have been lower during the last two or three

weeks. Beef and mutton are both lower than some time aga SUFFOLK.

Penrith fair

, held on the 23rd April for sheep and the 2: Within the past few days we have had a change of wind from for cattle, being the first important fair in the district

, ds. N. and N.E. to S. and s.W., and the consequent increased criterion to judge by of the value of cattle. At this for temperature combined with refreshing showers of rain have greatly improved the appearance of vegetation generally in the sequently the dealers, at least many of them, would realise

cattle and sheep for grazing sold lower than expected, com county. The wheats for the most part look promising, and a loss instead of a profit, having picked them up in the it is the opinion of many that the crop never presented a better appearance ; but we observe in some cases a too perpen. Although prices are considerably lower thau last year

, the

country at a price beyond what the market would afford. dicular agcent of the stem, and a want of tillering. The cold- are still high when compared with some former years. As ness of the weather, and especially the frosts each night, have regards sheep, the decreased price of wool has assisted mask naturally retarded the growth of the barley, and on the stiff rially to reduce their value, and yet wool has often been clay soils the influence has been particularly remarked; but known to be sold at a less price than it is likely to be this year

. since the late refreshing showers a burst of luxuriancy has There is no reason for farmers to despond: the price of agribeen the result, and the strength of the stem and the curliness cultural produce is going through one of those periodical times of the blade give indication of an abundant yield. Owing to the winter's frost so well pulverizing the land prepared for

of depression which have regularly occurred in the course

of from eight to ten years. beans, the plants are strong and luxuriant.

If any have reason to fear, it! The peas look I will be those who have lately taken their farms at an it




creased rent in proportion to the late high price of agricul- , unusually high. Since the crisis in November last a decline tural produce, under an impression that these prices would of fully 6d. per lb. has been experienced. Seedling grasses be permanent.-May 19.

seem well planted; the breadth appears less than in bygone years; the open winter and spring made speculations in hay

anything but remunerative, and the prevalence of depasEDINBURGHSHIRE.

turing young grass with sheep greatly abridges the hay crop. Seldom have we to announce such favourable weather for English portable thrashing machines have been busily emfield operations during the all-important months of spring. ployed in cleaning out the barnyards, being found admirably At short intervals we experieuced intense

frosts, the

ther: adapted for leaviug the straw in a fitting state for thatch. moneter ranging occasionally from 10 to 15 degrees below This has been long felt

as a great desideratum in our Scotch the freezing point. Less damage has been done to the machines, calling loud for some improvement in this resyoung wheat and seedling grasses than we have seen at a

pect. Wheat-growing farmers have suffered severely from higher temperature. This is no doubt attributable to the vest, and large quantities are unfit for baking, and have to

the unfavourable state of the weather during the last harextensive drainage which has been carried on for many years be disposed of for distilling and feeding purposes. The past, coupled with the extreme dryness of the soil during winter and spring. As a fact, only 5.50 inches of rain has mania for farms still continues, and when advertised the fallen, at a water-gauge kept in the highest district of the puzzle is not to get a tenant, but how to select one. The county, Wheat appears of average breadth, and the fields farmer class are frequently " outbid” by individuals who everywhere look vigorous and well planted. Barley and have saved money in other occupations, their professed obpats, along the sea-board and in the finer districts, look ject being country air and residence. Money still appears healthy in the extreme; while in the middle and alpine to be their object, and after feeling a few years' disappointdistricts, they have of late assumed a rather sickly appear somewhat abridged ; and no wonder, seeing to what extent

ment, frequently leave in disgust. Draining operations are ance, evidently suffering for want of rain. Beans appear it has been carried on for years. Still we have no redundant more extensively sown than formerly, and undergoing the process of cleaning by horse and manual labour. In the population, and willing hands find ready employment at fair lower districts potato planting was commenced before the wages. While

writing, the protracted drought has at length sowing of spring corn, which is now under horse and hand been changed into a drenching rain. The streams are much cultivation.' High as the price of seed has ranged, and the increased. The change will be gladly appreciated by all — heavy, loss sustained last year, a full average extent of the agriculturist in fostering vegetation, which has been ground appears planted. The cultivation of this invaluable lingering; the manufacturer in adding to his water power ; root has become somewhat resembliog a "lottery,” some

the compensation ponds throughout the county being obtaining a handsome prize, while the majority have to put wells have been dried up, and recourse is had to the “pit

lower than they have been for a number of years; draw up with a small show, and many blanks entirely. A few cher" and "can" for supply at the nearest stream. samples are still pitched in our weekly market, and prices receding: Sowing of Swedish turnips has been prosecuted

May 20. vigorously during the month of May, and doubts arc entertained that the nipping frosts may have injured

WE ALD OF KENT. those brairded as likely to run to seed, ice being of consi- Since our last report we have experienced some very sudden derable thickness in the standing pools in May. The wind changes in the temperature of the atmosphere, with piercing has now veered to the south-west, with frequent showers, easterly winds, which have tended to slacken the growth of which will have the beneficial effect of pushing forward a the wheat plant to a certain extent. On stiff clay soils slackness rapid vegetation, affording a full and sweet bite for all kinds of plant is complained of ; but on good land this is not the of bestial. The extent of land under turnips is annually case, and it only needs warm weather to succeed the showers increasing, and from the quantity manured in autumn which we have lately been favoured with: we might then calabridges greatly the labour when portable manure is only ne- culate upon a luxuriant appearance. The pastures are very cessary in spring. Cattle markets are unusually large for bare, which cannot be wondered at, with such cold weather. the season, 1,206 being exhibited on the Edin stance on the Beans and peas that were sown early are looking well for the 12th instant; finest quality was reduced in price, while se- most part. Barley and oats not so well as we could wish, condary and inferior could scarcely be turned into money: still, with milder weather, we shall not have much room for 256 grazing cattle appeared, and found ready buyers at high complaint. The price of Lent corn has not varied much sioce rates: milk cows numbered 139, many of excellent quality our last, with the exception of oats, which are very scarce in this and in good demand : of sheep 4,997 were penned, being neighbourhood, and are selling at high prices compared with 900 more than last week'; a considerable number were hoggs other grain. The hop plantation is now receiving considerable for grass; for both sorts a good demand was experienced at attention ; tying has commenced ; the bine does not look extreme rates-black faced mutton (in the wool) from 8d. healthy, and is much infested with flea; a full crop this year to 8.4d., whitefaced 64d. to 8d. per lo. : pigs numbered 398 would prove very injurious, looking at the immense quantity -young ones from 78. to 10s. a head ; grunters from three in the hands of growers, speculators, and factors. Great credit to four months old cheap, and difficult to dispose of. Grain is due to the members for East Sussex, who have by their markets are large for the season of the year ; wheat meets a assiduous exertions obtained from the Chancellor of the Exsluggish sale at reduced rates, barley in limited supply and cheqner the postponement of the duty, which is a very great meets a dull sale, oats brought freely to market (1,461 qrs.) relief to a large body of the planters; had the full payment with a good demand and former rates fully supported. Wool been insisted on, immense sacrifice must have been made to growers have had the best of it for years past, prices being enable them to have met the demands.-May 19th.

AGRICULTURAL INTELLIGENCE, FAIRS, &c. BOGBAIN MARKET.-A good show of cattle of every , been held for many years. Business was dull, owing to the description. There were no fatosheep, but plenty hoggs and shortness of feed; but as the time approached for driving off shot lambs. The sheep were not in great demand, especially the unsold, the demand became much brisker, and a fair amount the blackfaced. Prices, however, were in advauce of those of of trade was done in fat stock at from 6s. 6d. to 75. per stone. last market. Cattle were fully 5 per cent. up. Highland Fresh stock also was in demand, and sold freely at a slight requeys, two-year-olds, were sold at £4 15s. A Highland bull, duction upon the London quotations. Several good horses a two-year-old, fetched £10. The market was very brisk. were exhibited.

BUNGAY FAIR was the largest as to attendance of com- CASTLETON FAIR.—The quantity of stock offered pady and the show of stock, especially neat stock, wbich bas was small, and the trade very slack. Beef, about lls. per


per lb.

score; heifers and calves, from £10 10s. to £13 10s. each ; | prevailed of late, the attendance of buyers being very yearlings, £5 each ; two-year-olds, £6 10s. to 67 103. each.

great. A few sheep offered; but few sales, if any, were made. The IPSWICH FAIR. -The show of cattle and sheep 3 best store pigs at from 253. to 355. each ; small, from 4s. larger than seen for years. Owing to the recent filatness in the 6d. to 8s. 6d. each ; sows, with their yonng pigs, £4 to £4 Metropolitan Market, trade opened dull and continued heaty 58. each.

throughout the day. Fat beasts fetched from 68. 6d. to is DUNSE HOGG TRYST.-The supply was fully an average per stone-store beasts from 3s. to 33. 6d. per stone what they

The demand was good, and a great many sales were will weigh when fat. Hoggets from 32s. to 48s.; fat labi, made. The following were the current prices : Cheviots 25s.; stores, 13s. to 22s.; couple from £2 28. to £3; stock from 16s. to 22s.; cross-bred from 26s. to 34s. ; a lot of half- lambs from 14s. to 24s. Of cart horses and colts, there wu bred sold at 40s. There were a number of stirks in the mar- about an average supply. ket, which were selling at from £6 to £10 each.

KIDDERMINSTER FAIR.-An average suppis of DUNSMUIR TRYST.–There was a large attendance cows and sheep, for which there was but a moderate de of farmers, dealers, and others, and there was a considerable mand. Only the best stock fetched previous prices, the quantity of stock on the ground, which found ready pur- generally being at lower rates ; mutton scarcely realising chasers on good terms. Prices of prime fat were 9s., down 64d., and beef6d. per lh. A good show of pigs, which e. to 8s., according to quality. A very excellent lot of queye, at rather less than of late. considered the best in the market, were sold by Mr. KNIGHTON FAIR was very numerously supplied. Præet Webster, Witston, to Mr. Welsh, Tillytoghills, at £16 were obtained much superior to those of any neighboring 16s., which was considered about 9s.per stone; and several fairs. Mutton brought 610. to 7d.; beef, 5d. to 6d. Store other lots were sold at the same price. There was a fair animals sold well. Wool fetched ls. to 1s. 3d. per lb. supply of grazing cattle, which were for the most part dis- LEDBURY FAIR.- A goodly number of excellent in posed of fully above that figure. The other descriptions of cattle, including some fine oxen. The supply of sheep cattle met a ready sale at reasonable prices; and, on the also tolerably good, more especially stores, which di whole, the market was good.

not sell quite so well as at former fairs. Of store caitle EXETER FAIR.- The attendance of agriculturists was also the supply was larger than the demand, and upod good; and the number of beasts driven in was rather above kinds of stock a slight reduction in price had to be made the average. The trade, however, was not brisk, and a great before sales could be effected. The fair was also tolerab.; deal remained unsold. Best beef fetched from 9s. to 10s. per well supplied with store pigs. The fat stock was rearls 2 score. Barreners, best quality, 6s. 6d. to 8s. per score; cows disposed of. Fat cows, 6d. to 64d. per lb.; ditto sheep, id and calves, £10 to £16. There was a good supply of store to 6}d., and a few choice ones a shade dearer ; store sleep sheep, and prices ranged from 30s. to 389. each.

26s. to 38s. each; ditto pigs, 20s. to 40s. each. GLOUCESTER MONTHLY CATTLE MARKET.- An LINCOLN SHEEP MĂRKET.-A fair, though by na abundance of beef, mutton, and lamb, and purchasers were means a large show of sheep, and prices were fully 18. to 22. per well supplied with every description of stock. Beef ruled head lower than the high rates realized this day fortnight

. from 6d. to 6d.; mutton, 6d. to 6d.; lamb, 8d. to 8 d. MUIR OF ORD MARKET.-The show of cattle

above the average of May; there was also an extensive show to HAY FAIR was a full one of stock. Young steers and hoggs. The prices of sheep, that is hoggs and lambs

, ser fresh barrens were in good demand, but owing to the want of slightly above those of last market, and a good many saler grass in the midland counties the dealers were not willing to took place, buyers and sellers seeming equally eager to do speculate for fresh bullocks. Good cart horses were readily business. ' In cattle there was an advance from the price of sold at very remunerative prices; there were but few good last market, varying from 5 to 10 per cent.; 01, as it ** hacks, and for them prices were lower.

loosely said on the market, of £1 10s. on the average HALTWHISTLE FAIR.---Shorthoru cows, milking or stock. The prices were therefore not very much below the in-calf, made from £15 to £19; stirks, £7 10s. to £9. Gal- of May, 1857- very different from what all but the most sat loway cows, in milk or about dropping a calf, from £12 to £15 guine calculators had looked torward to. The heaty res ---some prime ones a few pounds over the last figure; heisers, which have lately fallen all over the north have given farmes calved or in calf, from £11 to £13; stirks, £5 to £6 109.; assurance of a fair grass crop, and increased the upward ter two-year-old bullocks or heifers, from £7 10s. to £8 10s. dency in prices commenced at the April market on the Nu Irish heifers, £5 to £7. Galloway cows, not in milk, ready There were a good many south-country dealers present

. The for the grazier, £9 10s. to £11 10s. There was only a small market was very brisk. There was not much dope in the show of sheep. Blackfaced hoggs ranged from 16s. to 199.; horse market. Leicester hoggs, from 23s. to 278.; Cheviot ewes, with lambs NEWARK FAIR.

A large show of beasts and steer. at their feet, from 35s. to 383. a couple. The Leicester hogs The former sold readily at advanced prices. The best stores were also good in quality. There were 23 cartloads of pigs, of for summer grazing made from £12 to £14 each. Moken average quality, which sold well. Pigs six or seven weeks old, also realized good figures. Sheep were disposed of at libera from 118. to 158.; seven to nine weeks, 153. to 193. and 20 prices, but did not sell quite so well as at the previous market

HEREFORD FAIR. - Fat cows sold readily at 7d. per lb. Hogs 42s. to 45s. each. The horse fair was large, but it co for all on offer; fresh barrens and young grazing stock also tained many animals of an inferior order. The better sett a commanded a ready sale, but lean steers and cows with calves, horses, of which there was a tolerable sprinkling, were rent of which there were a large number in the market, hung on

soon disposed of. hand rather heavily, owing to the lateness of the season and NEWTON STEWART MONTHLY CATTLE VAR the high price of keep in some districts. There was a large KET.-Sales were very brisk, and the cattle of each clase supply of sheep in and out of the wool. Fat wethers, and all (stirks and two-year-olds) brought good prices. Whether ovine stock fit for the knife, readily realized 78. per stone in from the prospect of a plentiful supply of grass, os cibere the wool, with a proportionate reduction in others for the ab- causes, the prices obtained were fully beyond what had beer sence of the fleeces. Ewes with lambs ruled about 46s. to anticipated, and if this one be taken as an earnest of car for 48s. per couple ; a few very prime ones fetched over 50s. ture markets during the season, our farmers and graziers vil Lambs sold singly to the butchers from £l to £l 88., accord certainly be well remunerated. ing to age and fatness. Store pige were numerous, and changed STRATFORD-ON-AVON FAIR, – The number of te hands with celerity, at prices fully equal to those which have cattle was small; the supply of stores was good; stirko, de lately been obtained. There was a large horse fair ; but besides a limited number of useful hacks, which met a ready demand, plentiful, and met with a ready'sale from £14 to £22 together

making from £4 to £10 each; cows with their calves set the majority of horses on offer were for heavy draught pur- barrens brought from £10 to £18; calves, weaners

, from site poses; these also sold extremely well, according to age, condition, and quality.

to 50s. ; sucklers, from 25s. to 35s. each. There was a bries

demand for sheep, of which there were penned about soul HOLBEACH FAIR.- A large show of horses ; many besides lambs of first-rate quality, and there were several in of them very middling and interior, but for anything good lots of sheep shown in the wool."'They brought high prices (and there was a fair supply of these), there was a brisk Beef, 5d. to 6d. per 1b.; mutton, 534. to 74å. ; real

, old, deinand, and rather better prices were'obtaired than lave I 722.; lamb, zaa. 198gay pork, bia?; fat bacon righ

, se

per lb.

s. 64

102 106
100 104

........ 72

80 76 72



........... 78



Irish ...

.... 76

84 84 86 72 66

to 98. per score. There were very few horses shown, though for fair average quality. This drop in the market will give much inquired after. Decent animals brought high prices. rise to an active demand, and we doubt any further marked

STURMINSTER FAIR.-A good supply of the various reduction in value for the present. descriptions of stock, heifers and calves meeting with a brisk CHIPPENHAM.-Good cheese had a ready sale. Old aud ready sale, but the prices for fat stock were on the decline, broad doubles, 589. to 63s.; new, 56s, to 599.; prime Ched. and business in this way moved very slowly. The trade in dar, 60s. to 688.; thin, 38s. to 50s.; skim, 18s. to 288. per barreners was very dull.

cwt. TEWKESBURY FAIR was but thinly attended, and there GLASGOW.-There were seven carts shown in the bazaar, was a short supply of stock. The sale of beef was flat, at from and 13 tons passed through the weigh-house scales. Sales 5d. to 6d.; mutton met with a better sale at from 5 d. to 7d. were slow, and lower prices taken. Prime early-made, 48s, to

52s.; late-made and inferior, 428. to 458.; new skim, 23s. to TOLLER DOWN FAIR. The attendance was not go 248. per cwt. large as usual, in consequence of the rough weather. The GLOUCESTER.–The quantity of cheese pitched was supply of sheep also was not very extensive, hut there was a small, and the quality generally inferior. The prices obtained good demand, and they sold well. Very high prices were asked were : Skims 258. to 288., second 40s. to 46s. No best quafor horned ewes, and horned lambs fetched from 22s. to 26s. lity on offer. per head. A large show of cow stock, but of a rather inferior YEOVIL.-Best cheese 56s, to 70s., household 20s. to 38s. description. Among the horses were some very promisiug ani- per cwt. A good business was done. mals, both cart aud hack. WELLS FAIR was well attended by dealers and buyers.

ENGLISH BUTTER MARKET. The show of cattle was not very large, and consisted chiefly of LONDON, MONDAY, May 24.- Since our last report we heiser stock, There was a good number of sheep penned, have had a considerable fall in the price of all sorts of many of them shorn. Of pigs, also, there was a good show. Butter, which now leaves the market pretty steady Trade was pretty brisk.

Dorset, fine

1028. to 104s. per cwt. WISBECH FAIR.— A large supply of horses and good Ditto, middling

90s. to 96s. animals, not a few of which realized good prices. A great Fresh...

9s. to 138. per dozen. many bullocks were also brought to town, and for which large sums were given. The sheep were about the average PRICES OF BUTTER, CHEESE, HAMS, &c. price.

BUTTER, per cwt. :

8. CHEESE, per cwt.: WOODBRIDGE FAIR.—A very large attendance, and a Friesland ................. 96 to 100 Cheshire...............


Cheddar..... good supply of stock. Good heifers and calves were in de

Double Gloucester ........ 56 mand, and those offered sold readily at high prices. Barreners



York..... were also inquired after, and met a ready market.

Cork, ..............

Westmoreland ............ 78 WOOLER FAIR.-Bred hoggs brought from 36s. to 438., Limerick half-breds from 278. to 368., and Cheviots from 22s. to 263.


BACON: Wiltshire, dried 70

FRESH, per dozen..108. Od.to 125.0d. Irish,green ............... 64 Ewes, of which there were a good many small lots, were bringing readily, for ewes with single lambs, 50g., and with

POTATO MARKETS. double lambs 60s., some few of the latter as high as 678. There was a small show of grazing cattle, but what there was

SOUTHWARK, WATERSIDE, MONDAY, May 24.brought good prices, considerably higher than they have been

Since our last report our supplies from foreign ports bave been at the sales in the neighbourhood. Good two-year-olds were

light, but eoastwise rather more liberal. There is a considerabringing from £10 to £13. The number of cows was larger

ble advance to note in prices of some descriptions, as the trade than usual, but being principally old cows, there was a dull

has been more active, at the following quotations : sale amongst them, except for two and three-year-old queys,

Yorkshire Regents..

140s. to 1908. per ton. Lincolnshire do...

140s. to 160s. calved and to calve, which were quickly bought up at from £10 to £14.

Dunbar reds

80s. to 90s, IRISH FAIRS.-MULTIFARNHAM.-Prime beef was scarce,

Perth, Fife, and Forsar Regents 120a. to 140s.

Ditto ditto reds 80s. to 90s. and the best was quoted from 56s. to 589. per cwt. Store

French whites

40s. to 110s. cattle were plentiful, and numbers were in first-rate condition, but purchasers seemed particularly cautious in buying, so that

Belgian do....

408. to 70s. Ditto reds

80s. to 1208 seilers were obliged to submit to a reduction in prices. Threeyear-old heifers brought from £10 to £13 10s. each ; two

BOROUGH AND SPITALFIELDS. year-olds, £8 to £10 10s., and yearlings from £2 153. to £4 LONDON, Monday, May 24.-The arrivals of home. 108. Good dairy cows were in active demand at full prices. grown potatoes continue on a full average scale for the time of Pigs were also brisk, and good Bacon sorts brought from year. Since Monday last the imports have been confined to 40s. to 448. per cwt. Stores in good demand, at fair 150 tons from Dunkirk and 150 sacks from Antwerp. Good prices. BALLIBAY was abundantly supplied with cattle and fine qualities—the show of which is limited-are in fair of all kinds, except fat cattle ; buying was exceed. request at full prices, but other kinds are very dull at barely ingly brisk, and prices, except for young stock, which were late rates. rather dearer than usual, were equal to those ob- York Regents

140s. to 180s. per ton. tained this month at neighbouring fairs. The demand for pigs

Kent and Essex do.

80s, to 160s. was dull, both bacon and pork being sensibly lower.-CAVAN : Scotch

1208. to 160. A great many cattle were left unsold, and prices were on the

Do. Cups

70s. to 90s, decline. For sheep the demand was very brisk, and all sold. Middlings

50s, to 90s. Pork was cheaper than at late markets.- BAILIEBOROUGH : Lincolns

120s. to 140s. All descriptions of cattle were plentiful, except beef. Few, if Foreign

50s. to 90s. aby animals, remained unsold, and everything maintained cur- COUNTRY POTATO MARKETS.-YORK, May 15.rent prices.-HILLSBOROUGH was pretty well supplied with Potatoes sell at le. per peck, and 3s. 9d. to 48. per bushel. stock, excepting that beef was rather scarce. Strippers plen LEEDS, May 18.-A short supply of potatoes, which sold at tiful, and prices looking down. Springers in good demand at 15d. to 16d. per 21 lbs. wholesale, and 16d. to 17d, retail, 101. to 181. each. The prices of store cattle were tending MALTON, May 15.-- Potatoes, ls. per peck. THIRSK, May downwards. Two-year-old heifers sold at prices ranging from 17.-Potatoes, 6d. to 12d. per stone. RICHMOND, May 15. 71. to 101. 108.; yearlings from 31. to 71. 10s. Pigs were very -Potatoes, 48. 8d. per bushel. SHEFFIELD, May 18.-Poplentiful, and prices somewhat higher than during the past tatoes sell at 108. to 189. per load of 18 stones MANCHESmonth. The supply of horses was smaller than usual at this TER, May 20.- Potatoes, ils. to 19s. 6d. fair; good animals were in demand at from 201. to 401. each. PERTH POTATO TRADE.-The export of potatoes to

the southern markets bas been going on to a small extent, but CARMARTHEN BUTTER MARKET, (Saturday last.) prices still rema the same as last week. Best ts average - A better supply of good fresh grass Butter brought to our from 228. to 23s. per boll, and inferior from 158. to 16s. per market this day, and our farmers freely obtained 98.. per cwt. ditto.

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or slight's

DURING THE PAST MONTH. The first half of the past month was cold and un- an increased population, have produced a corgenial, vegetation being kept in check, and a yellow sumption not calculated on; and this is likely to hue was spread over much of the young wheat and continue. barley; but warm showers and fresh breezes from The prospects of a good crop abroad are the west, with a good deal of sun, have materially not so promising as recently. Algeria has inchanged the face of things for the better, the only proved by a timely fall of rain, but last year's fear now entertained arising from the too luxuriant abundance is not looked for.

Spain, in some appearance of the forward wheat on highly culti- plaees, has been suffering from drought; and is vated land. An abundance of straw and grass is Asia Minor this has been excessive, and quite en: now pretty certain ; but without dry, sunny wea- dangered the crops. Piedmont, on the contrary, ther, an equal yield of wheat with last year cannot has had too much wet; and in other parts of lul be expected. Durham and Northumberland ap- it has not been genial. France still looks well, and pear exceptions to the generally strong appearance in the South the wheat is coming into ear. In of the wheat plant, from the long prevalence Northern Europe there are fair appearances, and of drought and cold. As respects prices, the American reports are generally favourable. The month has shown little change ; the utmost fluc- continental markets have been firm, tuations have not exceeded 18. per qr., and the dearer. France is decidedly so, the Paris der balance of the four weeks is a slight gain.

market having recently advanced about 26. pet The state of the London and general averages sack English, from the low stocks in milers shows a remarkable agreement, and the steadiness hands; and wheat has risen 1s. 6d. per qr. The of prices throughout the entire country. To place best flour was worth 31s. 9d. per sack, and wheat the former on a par with the latter as respects time, 42s.6d. per qr. At Bordeaux, the price was 4.5. they must be put one week back; and by so doing, 9d. In Belgium the range was from 438. od. to we have this result: The general averages com- 458. 9d. for top quality. At Amsterdam, pricë mence at 44s. 9d., and the London included therein were 40s. 6d. to 52s.6d. At Rotterdam fine beary were 478. 8d. ; the general close at 44s. 11d., and red was worth 448. At Hambro', quotaticas London at 478. 11d.; making an advance of only were 40s. 6d. to 428. 9d. ; Stettin, 438. 9d

; 2d. per qr. in the general averages, and 3d. per qr. Danzic, where large sales have been making, 4/5 in the London-London commencing at 28. 11d. to 48s. for high mixed; Berlin, 428. 3d. per . over the general rate, and closing at 38. over it. Navigation being resumed at Petersburg, prices for This small difference accounts for the slender sup- soft wheat have opened at about 40s. 6d. per qe plies which have come to the London market, which At Odessa, the new supplies are dropping in pleais, however, well provided with foreign wheat and tifully; the quality is well spoken of, but rates bare country flour. Future prices must greatly depend been firm, in consequence of the clearance of pre on the weather; but as the rates are much below vious stocks. Polish wbeat was held at about 35$ the average of the last ten years, and the quality 3d., Ghirka 398. 3d. per qr. The trade at Galito above it, we think fariners need not force off their is beginning with moderate quotations, 285, only stocks, as a good quantity of fine old wheat must being demanded.

Sales from Varna have beci be required for mixing, and foreign markets have made at 32s. Prices at Trieste, which had receives lately been improving. The course of the deliveries Spanish orders, were 438. 2d. Genoa bad rise for four weeks shows that less English wheat has 28. per qr., and literally nothing has resulted from lately been selling than during the same period last the Neapolitan permission to export at a high duty year. Last year's sales for a month were 439,893 The different markets in Spain, from north to south

, qrs.,

this year they were only 402,861 qrs.-defi- are firm, though lately all were ciency this season 37,032 qrs. Now as the impor- rates. At Alicante, 'Taganrog wheat was worth iis tations, including flour, this year, for four months, 4d. ; at Seville, 55s. per qr. With the canals opel, have greatly exceeded the first four months last year New York is getting supplies, and flour bas sozle

- viz., to the extent of 607,818 qrs., or about 35,700 what yielded; so that a moderate export has et weekly—and yet stocks of foreign in all shipping sued. The wheat market looked heavy, but ports are small

, it follows that the low prices, with | quantity yet pressed on holders ; the last quotation:

expecting lower

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