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rest satisfied that even low prices will not have the effect of | there was considerable excitement in the trade, arising lcesening the producing powers of the United Kingdom from the publication of an order in council, prohibitThe present value of beasts in our markets - the general ing the importation of stock from some parts of Germany, top quotation being only 4s. per 8lbs.--may induce greater owing to the discovery of an extensive murrain, which moderation on the part of the breeders as to price; certainly, happily did not extend itself; nevertheless, other months the graziers have lost very large sums of money on nearly might be selected to prove that production has increased, every head of stock sold during the last three or four weeks. and the mania for buying at alınost any pri has subsided At one period, store animals were selling considerably above into what may be termed a more reasonable state of things. their value; but the prosperous state of commerce, and the Very few complaints have reached us from any quarter enormous consumption, induced graziers to add largely to in reference to the health of the stock. Everywhere, about their supplies, and the consequence is that a serious loss has an average supply of food is on hand; but the graziers been sustained. In all dealings, it should be borne in complain of the shortness of gruss in the pastures, and of the mind that there is a limit to consumption, consequently to continuous changes in the atmosphere having bad the price-the latter, of course, being regulated by the former ; effect of retarding the progress of the grass-crop. The hence, to speculate in stock beyond what may be considered | lambing season has progressed remarkably well. There a fair sum-we here refer to the usual transactions only-is has been a strong and healthy fall, and the number of twins a matter which frequently leads to disappointment and loss. is generally remarked upon by our correspondents. Had it not been that France has imported largely for some The following return shows the imports of foreign stock considerable time--indeed, even now, both beasts and sheep into London during the month :are drawn from Spain and Holland for immediate consump


1,063 head. tion-we should have had a much larger influx of stock Sheep

4,082 from the continent, and, perhaps, even a greater fall in the Calves

830 quotations. As it is, however, the importations have been Pigs

23 reduced to almost a nominal amount. But when we consider


5,998 that the production of live stock in France is increasing Same time in 1857

4,814 under what may be termed good auspices, and that great


1,924 exertions are being made to improve the weight and quality


4,253 of the various breeds, by means of importations from this


4,760 country, it is by no means improbable but that, in the course



1852 of a very few years, Frauce will be wholly independent of

5,444 any other country for the supply of food : hence, the sur- The total supplies shown in the Great Metropolitan plus produce of Holland will again flow in upon us, and Market have been as under :prices may suffer in the general run of years. We must


17,950 head. not affect to despise the production of live stock in Holland, Cows

400 because in that country a marked change has taken place in Sheep and lambs

104,380 the production, especially of sheep. On the passing of the


1,332 Pigs.

2,097 tariff, the arrivals of sheep from that country were, with the exception of their carrying a full average quantity of inter

In April, 1857, there were exhibited 18,601 beasts, 460 nal fat, of an inferior class, and only suited for consumption cows, 92,810 sheep and lambs, 1,210 calves, and 2,025 pigs ; in very poor localities. Now, however, the case is different. hence, the principal difference in the supplies during the The legs of the animals have been shortened by extensive past month is an increase of about 12,000 head of sheep. crossings with English breeds, the tails have been well From Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, and Cambridgeshire cropped, and not a few of them have sold as high as 65s. 11,700 Scots and shorthorns have come to hand.

The reeach. Thus, whenever France produces an adequate ceipts from other parts of England have amounted to 2,260 amount of meat for home consumption-we will uot say of various breeds; from Scotland, 920 Scots; aid from that eventually she will be able to export much, though ex- Ireland, 910 oxen, &c. This is a large number to be drawn portations may be looked for,--our breeders ard feeders from Ireland in one month; but, no doub:, had the manumust be prepared for additional weight in every head of facturing districts been more active, a portion of the supply stock imported from the continent, and which, as a matter would have been sent to Manchester. of course, must have considerable influence upon value. For Beef has sold at from 2s. 10d. to 4s. 2d.; mutton, 3s. to some years we imported enormous numbers of both beasts 5s. ; lamb, 6s, to 78. ; veal, 4s. to 5s. 4d.; and pork, 3s. to and sheep ; but they failed, owing to their light weighing 4s. 4d. per 8 lbs. to sink the offal. qualities, to have any depressing influence in our markets :

COMPARISON OF PRICES. still, it is an open question, and one of no ordinary importance, whether we shall have a return to what may be

April, 1855.

April, 1856. April, 1857. s. d. 8. d. s. d.

8. d. termed high periods for either beasts or sheep.

Beef, from 3 2 to 5 0

3 2 to 4 10.. 3 4 to 5 We have already remarked that live stock has con

Mutton.. 3 2 -- 5 0

4 6 2 siderably declined in value, and the fall will be better under- Lamb.... 5 4 7 0 6 0

5 10 stood, when we state that the best Scots have scarcely pro


5 10 Pork

8 duced more than 49. 2d., against 53. in the corresponding

38 5 0 month in 1857, and that the difference in the price of the For the time of year, Newgate and Leadenhall have been best Downs in the wool has been nearly ls. 4d. per 8 lbs. very extensively supplied with both town and country-killed Lambs, calves, and pigs have fallen to nearly the same ex- meat. The general demand has ruled heavy at drooping tent, and the increase in the supplies of the latter in nearly prices. Beef, from 25. 8d. to 3s. 81.; mutton, 3s. to 4s. 22. ; every county in England, including Ireland, is very remark-lamb, 58. to 6s. 4d. ; veal, 4s, to 58.; pork, 25. 10d. to 4s. able. It will, however, be recollected that in April, last year, | 2d. per 8lbs., by the carcage.

s. d.

8. d.







7 4..









3 4


be kept back; and where it is held in large quantities this will The months of January and February were not so win

be accomplished with but slight risk at present unusually los terly as former years, yet attended with light frosts, and prices ; so that it is probable we shall have short supplies before

next harvest: and if foreign supplies also fall off, there is every scarcely any downfall, which brought the land into beautiful tillage, and some quantity of spring corn was sown.

probability of wheat being able to more than maintain its March set in with piercing north-east winds, severe frost, firmly withstood in our market than any previous depreciation

present value. The late fall in Mark Lane has been more and heavy fall of drifting snow, which stayed the progress of sowing; this continued till the middle of the month, 621bs. at 5s.6d. ; red, 60 to 67lbs. 58., 62lbs. 58. 3d., 61ibe.

White wheat, weighing 641bs. per busbel, is quoted at 58. 9ds from which time, although the weather has been variable, it has been highly beneficial to spring sowing, and we can

53. 4 d. to 53. 60. Beans are in demand, at 4s. 9d. to 5s. 31 scarcely record when the seed has been put in more ad

Oats are scarce, and sell readily at 29. 9d. to 33, 3d. Barley vantageously for a crop. Three weeks since, wheat, from

does not lie on hand, and realizes improved prices. Flour the weather in March, was looking rusty, and on some light

fetches 31g. to 32s. per 280lbs. Mutton in the wool is sold lands, where the snow was drifted off, the blade was hardly

for 6 d. to 7d. per lb.; beef 93. 6d. to 10s. 6d. per score, but visible, and fears arose as to its recovery; the late, and

very little this week worth the latter price. Green bacon 6d. present fine weather has quite established it in colour, and

to 6d. per lb.; pigs 9s, per 20lbs. Little doing nox in indicates up to this time the appearance of an abundant cheese, the prices lately having been more stationary, the best crop, and we consider it as forward as on average seasons.

worth 60s. per cwt. upwards. No quotable price for Fool, The prices of barley, beans, and peas have been on a par

transactions being unreported. —4th Month 23. with wheat. There is a great portion of last year's large crop in the growers' hands, many of whom have concluded, rather than sell 631bs. per bush. reds at 423. per gr., to hold over on rick. Barley is quite out, and maltsters leaving

MONTHLY RETURN. off steeping. Beans and peas-a rarity to see a sample with AN ACCOUNT SIIEWING THE QUANTITIES OF CORN us. Grazing has been very unprofitable this season, and GRAIN, MEAL, AND FLOUR, IMPORTED we know of fat bullocks having been selling at lean prices. UNITED KINGDOM, AND ADMITTED TO HOME Con. - April 22.




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Species of Corn, Grain,

from British

from foreign

Meal, and Flour.


out of Europe
We are now favoured with as fine clear sky as is ever wit-
nessed in this month, which has told accordingly upon the

qrs. bush.

grs. bush. op bosh, Wheat ............. 2007417 8SO 4

201421 growing crops of wheat, the forwardness and luxuriant appear. Barley


630036 ance of which have not been exceeded for several years. It is

Oats .................. 22687 3

22687 3 yo ..................

4887 2 generally acknowledged that onr prospects depend on a con- Peas .................

2757 5

12 3 27700 tinuance of dry weather, and no heavy rains for an extra fine

Beans .......
23635 7


Maize or Indian Corn 100831 1 crop, but that even the usual (all of rain will have a contrary

100811 Buck Wheat ..........

10 3

10 3 effect, more especially as regards the quality. Should the Beer or Bige forcing heat of the present month be followed by anything

Total of Corn and Grain 420555 2 S927 4211481 like it in the next, we shall have an early kerning. The land is certainly better prepared for dry forcing heat than for many

cwts. qr.lb. cwts. qr.lb. cxts. gr.lb.

Wheat Meal and Flour. 528298 2 21 1292 0 21 529590 314 preceding years; yet if it continue, it will tell on the late

Barley Meal sown crops, barley and beans especially. Winter beans are Oat Meal ..............

439 0 23

439 03 Rye Meal..............

153 0 0 just coming into bloom, aud are very promising. The early

Pea Meal.............

0 2 0 sown spriug beans are nicely up: on shallow soils a dry month Indian Meal ..........

1 26

172 1 26 will try them greatly, and must lessen their produce. The

Buck Wheat Meal.... 1 1 10 1 3 0 early-gown barley and oats are very forward. Vetches and

Total of Meal and Flour.1529065 0 24 1299 3 21 530359 017 the artificial green crops have grown very fast since the rain, and we have more water in our brooks and pools tban at any time during the winter, which will prove of great service. Our meadows are just ready for turning out, and their favour. QUANTITIES OF

CORN IMPORTED able appearance has tempted buyers to give much higher INTO LONDON, LIVERPOOL, HULL, NEWCASTLE, prices than last year, for poor sheep one-year-off. Devons have BRISTOL, GLOUCESTER, PLYMOUTH, LEITH, GLASGOW, fetched as high as 52s, to 548., couples 50s. to 608.-prices by DUNDEE, AND PERTH, IN THE WEEK ENDED APRIL 14. no means justified by the probable value of mutton or wool. Poor stock has come down, but not by any means in

Quantities Imported.

Amount of Duty.

Corn, Flour, and proportion to fat stock, which are a complete drug, and

Foreign., Colonial.

Foreign. Colonial. Meal.

Qrs. Bush. Qrs. Bush. s.d. must entail logs upon the dealers. We have promise of Wheat

67246 0 0 5 3495 7 11 fair blossom on the fruit-trees; the apple-trees being Barley ..........

19920 8

996 1 0
Oats ..........4
23778 7

1181 0 4 expected to display their floral adornments within a fortnight. Rye ............

1207 6

60 7 11 Potatoes, which had been cnt down by early frosts, have, within

Peag ..........
1263 3 5


050 Beans........... 5458 5

272 18 9 the last few days, again sprung up above ground, and, if there Indian Corn ....

9081 6

454 8 6 be no more frost, will go on rapidly. Some little business was

Buck Wheat ....
37 5

2 1 4 done last week in wheat at the advance, which has since been

Bere .......... more than lost. Most of the wheat in the farmers' hands can

127994 3

5 6525 9





Like the previous months of this extraordinary | and as there is no inducement to increase the rate year, April has been without the usual character- of shipments in the present state of prices here, it istics (shower and sunshine), dry weather having seems fair to look forward to receiving only about far preponderated, with, however, a good deal of 1,200,000 qrs. more foreign wheat as the total cold in the early part of the month, so that the arrivals before the maturity of our own crop, which progress of vegetation, on the whole, has not been is below one month’s consumption; and should rapid. This, however, is more in favour of a crop we advance, our friends abroad, with telegraphic of wheat, as the blooming time is more likely to be means of information, instead of forcing off their out of the reach of rough weather. The young stocks, will be more likely to hold for better prices. plants continue to look well and promising, and As it is, the surplus at disposal is only out of last the seed-time for Lent corn has been most favour- year’s produce, as the stock of old on hand everyable; but more rain would be serviceable, especially where was much below an average amount. The to the

grass, which is backward and short. falling off in the weekly deliveries indicates a The wheat crop in Europe is generally well re- general resistance of any further depreciation; and, ported, especially in the South of France, Spain, if still more straitened, they would soon settle the and Italy; but on the coast of Africa and in the question, for the abundance of money waiting for French colonies drought is doing harm to spring speculative opportunities would be then partly corn, and there were some fears for wheat. The directed to the corn trade. anticipations that other Italian States would follow In the Baltic less than an average quantity of the example of Rome, in a permission to export, wheat is likely to be shipped. At Danzig, the top have been only partly realized. Naples, at last, quotation was about 458.; at Stettin, 41s. 6d.; has come out with an act of grace in favour of Hambro' quotations for red 62lbs. Holstein growers there; the export of wheat being permitted were 44s. 6d., 61lbs. white 458., extra red Marks on payment of one silver ducat per cantar, equal to and Saale 45s. 6d. In Rotterdam, white Zealand about 8s. 6d. per gr., and only reaching to the was worth 458.; the best heavy red Rhine bring15th June, which is nearly tantamount to a pro- ing 46s. to 47s. per qr. Antwerp advices note hibition, though a few choice parcels for a limited 43s. as the value of Louvain red. Paris quotes use may come on to France and Britain. We now, about 39s, as the highest price. Nantes, 40s. for therefore, pretty well know the worst of it; and red, and 43s. the best white; first quality flour this news coming with fine weather, has not pre- being held at 31s. 6d. (only worth 34s., duty and vented a rise in the market here of 1s. per gr., expenses paid, in London). Madrid quotes 53s. to which is about the balance of the month's gain, 60s., and Alicante 52s. 60. for Taganrog. The rates after several fluctuations.

at Odessa were 388. to 448.; at Taganrog and The idea of last year's fine crop has been bandied Berdianski, 37s. to 418. Prices at Galatz, freight about as though it could be grown and shipped for included, were 388. per qr. New York was high, nothing, and the contents of every foreign stack- the best southern red being about 428., and best yard was on board ship, and the labouring fleets all white 50s. Some reports made the stocks in the bound for Britain. But if England has lost heart, several Lake Ports reach to 700,000 qrs.; but this and her imperial ally has caught the infection, it is seems an exaggeration, and there were few sympnot so with Germany, the United States, or Russia. toms of giving way. They, at least, think they ought to be paid for their The first Monday commenced on moderate supwork and produce, and very good pay may be yet plies, both English and foreign, with a very slender in store, should any accident occur between now contribution from Kent and Essex, as the mornand harvest, which is yet fully four months dis- ing's addition ; this being in fine condition, millers tant; and the short stocks in London, after this took it off slowly at 1s. per qr. advance, and their year of plenty and continued imports, show a attention was also more turned to fine foreign at consumption going on unprecedented.

full prices. The country markets mostly exceeded Dating the new era for farmers from the last this improvement-Manchester, Leeds, BirmingBill, it appears the last average price is 129. 80. ham, and Bristol agreed with it; Hull, Newark, below the average of the eleven years preceding ; Boston, and most of the Saturday's reports made the rise 1s. to 28.; Woodbridge and Leicester have been 17,414 qrs. English, and 23,834 qrs. holding for 3s. more. The rise at Liverpool, on foreign ; making the weekly average 10,312 qrs., Tuesday, was id. to 2d. per 70lbs., and Irish against 15,259 qrs. weekly in April, 1857. The customers, on Friday, produced another rise of id. total imports in March into the United Kingdom per 70lbs., and London closed with a better were 201,622 qrs, wheat, and 529,590 cwts. flour. appearance.

The flour trade, aster undergoing some fluctuaThe second Monday was altogether less plentifully tions, is left little altered. Town qualities have supplied, excepting the morning's supplies from kept to the price at which they commenced, viz., Kent and Essex, and another Is. was then gained, 40s. per .sack; Norfolks, beginning at 29s. and though paid grudgingly, foreign participating in the reaching 31s., fell back again to 29s. to 30s.; Ameimprovement. Hull, Leeds, Boston, Spalding, and rican and French remaining unaltered. The latter, Portsmouth exactly tallied with the London report; though there has been a steady moderate influx, Wolverhampton, Manchester, Newark, and Glou- has lost money; the four marks being only worth cester made no change ; Birmingham was in favour 34s. per sack here, on 29s. the value at Paris, is fully of buyers. Newcastle, Leeds, and Bristol, in-1s. per sack against imports; and at Nantes, the fluenced by a favourable change of weather, were rates being 318. 6d., leaves only 3s. 6d. per sack 1s. per gr. lower; and though Liverpool was 2d. for duty, shipment, land-carriage, and commission. per 70lbs. higher on Tuesday, this advance was The imports into London during the four weeks barely maintained at the final market, a sudden were 65,080 sacks country flour, 7,269 sacks foreign summer-like temperature having subdued the up-(mostly French), and only 504 brls. from the United ward tone in London.

States; leaving the weekly supply about 2,400 sks. The third Monday had less foreign wheat than 5,200 brls. below March, but about equal to April the two former, with only a moderate quantity of last year. home-growth, and few samples during the morning

The barley trade has scarcely varied throughout from Kent and Essex. With the forcing weather the month, excepting small occasional purchases, came a general change of feeling, which being indi- the malting trade being over, and therefore the cated by the state of the last country markets, a best parcels have become neglected, and in future reduction of fully 28. per qr. was necessary to clear must be used for distillation. Large arrivals have off the small show, which was not effected till during the last three weeks come from the Mediabout the close of the market, some accepting even terranean, but the low rates making these sorts still lower terms. Very few country markets fully much cheaper than oats, they go off for mixing, responded to this feeling, but among them were and the better sorts for grinding, while but small Sheffield and Spalding. Birmingham found a quantities fit for the distiller come to market, the ready sale at only 18. per qr. less money. Man- purchases being made direct. Stocks now seem chester, Leeds, and Bristol were nearly as much working close every where, both in foreign ports, lower as London, but at the week's end advices London, and the country, and, as we have before were less desponding, and the final reports were hinted, all that can come will be wanted, and a little altered from the previous week. London, too, purchase of 5,000 qrs. at Odessa for June delivery on Friday, had a firmer tone. Liverpool was lower at 21s. cost and freight confirms the opinion. The at both markets, 2d. per 70lbs. reduction being deficiency of fine sorts in our own crop has lately noted on Tuesday, with id. to 2d. per 70lbs. fur- led to the use of the best French both for seed and ther on the last report.

malting, and though thin it has vegetated kindly The fourth Monday was better supplied, with and answered well, at Nantes the price for such is the weather fine; but as the arrivals from Kent 268. per qr. free on board. The imports for four and Essex were small, there was some reaction, and weeks have been only 7,681 qrs. English into Lonfully 1s. per qr. recovered of the previous decline. don, but of foreign 56,085 qrs., giving a weekly

The general averages being fully a fortnight be average of 15,941 qrs., which is below April 1857 hind the business done, do not immediately show by 11,824 qrs., though 6,710 over last March. the progress of markets ; but it is remarkable that The malt trade has been steady throughout the the lowest average, of the 19th of April (438. Id.), month, with little or no alteration in the value of had the sales reported as only 72,171 qrs., and the first qualities. last (438. 2d.) was only 76,791 qrs., making the The great deficiency in the supply of oats has fortnight's deliveries 29,572 qrs. less than during raised their value during the month fully ls. 6d. the same period last year, and this reduction in per qr., and the probability is that until the Russian the deliveries has immediately been followed by a arrivals begin to appear, the market will be tight. better tone.

As Ireland is known to have grown less than last The month's supplies into the port of London year, and our own crop was below an average,


foreign ports have all been stirred up by an inquiry small remainder fit for use, have stimulated the which has reached to New York. At Hambro' enquiry for maize for Ireland, where it has been they are quoted 25s. to 27s. per qr., with offers of rising, and become quite a necessary, and it is 40}lbs. Swedish at the outports at 238. 6d. At probable that its comparative dearness may take Rotterdam Zealand feed are quoted 258 ; at off the lower qualities of wheat, which are relaNantes 26s. 6d. as well as at Bordeaux. The rise tively cheaper. referred to took place on the first two Mondays, The seed trade has been very disappointing say about 9d. on each day ; this was checked on to importers and the trade generally, prices having the third Monday by better supplies, though not given way from their height 20 to 25 per cwt., above an average, and more contirmed on the last and much foreign as well as English remaining week, when they again fell off. The imports into on hand, the rates paid have become irregular, London during the four weeks were 2,050 grs. some few parcels still going off for seed this English ; 4,447 grs. Scotch ; 8,499 qrs. Irish; and

season; but the reduction in value has brought 44,082 grs. foreign : making the weekly average speculation into the trade, and those determined to 14,769, which is more than 5,000 qrs. below the get out at any cost may now find buyers, both of

veekly consumption; so that if it had not been red seed and trefoil, at low rates, say 408. to 42s. for granary stores, rates must have greatly in- per cwt, for fair foreign red Seed. Canary has creased, but these are fast consuming. In April, unexpectedly remained dear, 96s. being quoted even 1857, the average supplies were 39,121.

at Rotterdam, whence it was thought much would Beans and peas throughout the month have Mustardseed, too, after long neglect, has rather improved in value. The first Monday got up in white qualities, but brown remain out of brought a rise of 1s. on the former, which favour. Hempseed has kept its value; and the has been supported. Boiling peas, after much reports of the failure of the crop of tares in the neglect by a great deficiency as respects sup- Baltic have turned out true, and the few parcels plies, have sold, though slowly, at fully as much appearing have obtained extravagant prices. Rapemoney; and those for hog feed, notwithstanding seed was reported a partial failure and therefore their high price, being very scarce, have continued rising, but later accounts are not so unfavourable; to be placed in retail, notwithstanding the general and in France it looks well. Carraway and Couse of cheaper substitutes. The consumption of riander have found a retail sale at former prices. beans will lessen with the advance of the season; but as Egyptian shipments are less free than ex- CURRENCY PER IMPERIAL MEASURE, pected, there does not seem much probability of lower rates. The imports of beans during the Wueat, new, Esses and Kent, white 42 to 50...... red 40 to 46 four weeks into London were in English qualities Barley, malting

Norfolk, Linc. and Yorks.,red....

........ 35 to 38.... Chevalier..... 38 3,158 qrs., in foreign 8,012 qrs., making an average


35.... Grinding .....

MALT, Essex, Norfolk, and Suffolk...... 58 weekly supply of 2,792 qrs., which is nearly 1,000 Kingston, Ware, and town mado.... 58 over February and March, and is more than double the supply in April, 1857. Of peas there have Oats, English, foed

Scotch, foed been in the same time only 553 qrs. English, and Irish, feed, white .................. 374 qrs. foreign, the month's supply not equalling Beans, Mazagan

Ditto, black a week of former times; but boilers have been

36...... Pigeon....... 37

Peas, white boilers .. 40 45..Maple .. 42° 45. . Grey 40 little used, and substitutes have been found for Flour, per sack of 280lbs., Town, Households..338., fine 37


32...... Households.. 33 pig food in abundance, wheat itself being cheaper Norfolk and Suffolk, ex-ship .................... than duns and maples.

FOREIGN GRAIN, The supplies of linseed running short in Lon

high do.

WHEAT,Dantzic, mixed.. 46 don, and exports being fair, prices have improved Konigsberg ........40 fully ls. in the course of the month, notwith

American, white...,42 50 red.... 40 standing the heaviness of stock. In foreign ports, Pomera., Meckbg., & Uckermrk, red 42 too, the prices remain dear, Odessa quoting up to

Silesian, red ... 55s. So that till a new and good crop is gathered

Russian, hard..40 44 French..40 45 white 44

St. Petersburg and Riga the range of prices seems likely to be high. The Rhine and Belgium

BARLEY, grinding ......24 29 ........ Distilling .... 82 more liberal use of cake has greatly contributed

Oats, Dutch, brew, and Polands..22 28 Feed. to this, its nutritive properties to the animals fed,

Danish and Swedish, feed. ..22 26 Stralsund.... 23

Russian .... as well as the quality of the manure they yield, Beans, Friesland and Holstein .......

Konigsberg ..

35 Egyptian .... 33 making a larger demand.

Peas, feeding.

42 fine boilers.. 42 The consumption of the potato crop, notwith

INDIAN CORN, white..............34 35 yellow ...... 34

FLOUR, per sack..........French 32 36 Spanish standing the free imports, and the high rates of the American, por barrel, sour.... 18 22 sweet.......

Shillings per Quarter.

........... 39





RIE ...

26 66 extra 68 66

68 54 56

28 26...... Potato

...... 28 27...... Potato...... 26

25 fine 26 21 24 Ticks

...... 33

...... 22 ........ 22



32 33

30 35 34 32 26 34 42 43 40 34 30



............ 31


Shillings per Quarter.

extra 32

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