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[blocks in formation]

20 gs.
2 gs.
5 gs.

Acrobat 7 by Ithuriel, out of Tour-de-Force, by Sir started 19, won 12 won Great Yorkshire untried.

Denham, Uxbridge bay

.... Mr. Wheeler .... 10 gs., h. b. 5 gs.


bay .... 16 by Venison, out of Southdown, by Defence .... started 17, won 13 won Ascot Cup


Messrs. Barrow

11 by Alpheus, out of Zarina, by Morisco......
started 70, won 21 won Doncaster Handicap untried.

Defford, Pershore

8 W. Hadley

h.b. 5 gs. 9 by Touchstone, out of Annette, by Priam

1 Ambrose

staried 19........

Orchebill Burghley, Stamford.

Mr. H. Rose

brown..16 by Touchstone, out of Rebecca, by Lottery startedi 15, won 3 ran second for Derby.

A pathy

Halleaths, Lockerbie Mr. R. Scott.... 15 gs., h. b. 7 gs. Archy 19 by Camel, out of Garcia, by Octavian

started 8, won 3 won £1000 at Newmarket 12 bay

Clydesdale Swallcliffe, Banbury Mr. Gulliver .... 10 gs., h. b. 5 gs. &c.
7 by Melbourne, out of Lady Rarbara, by Launcelo tarted 7, won 1 won T.Y.S., Manchester, untried.

Rawcliffe, York ... ... T, Bateson......
Arthur Wellesley bay ....
Assayer, The.... brown 7 by Melbourne, out of Pickledust, by Launcelot started 51, won 17) won Londesborough Cup untried.

Mr. Rathie 5 gs., h. b. 3 g8.
7 by Orlando, out of Plenary, by Emilius ...... started 8, won i won £250 at York...... untried.

Newbold Pacey, Warwck J. Clarke....
bay ...

£1 58. 9 by Birdcatcher, out of Nickname, by Ishmael .. started 4, won 3 won Champagne Stakes 1 Augur chesnut


D. Price

7 by Bay Middleton, out of Empress, by Emilius started 5, won 3 won the New Stakes. untried.

Lymington ...........

13 by Gladiator or Don John, out of Scandal, by started 21, won
5 won Goodwood Stakes untried.

10 sovs., h. b. 5 sovs.

Eaton, Chester ........
Barnton ..
11 by Voltaire, out of Martha Lynn, by Mulatto started 3

bay ....

Fandango...... Bushey, Hampton Court
by an Arabian, dam by Wanderer.

never appeared


Ashdean, Chichester .. J. Gilbert
brown 7 by Bay Middleton, out of Brown Bess, by Camel started 1, won 1 won Two-year-old Stakes untried.

Bushey Paddocks.

at Stockbridge
Bishop of Osna- black 5 by Surplice, out of H.R.H., by Velocipede started 15, won 4) won £50 at Newmarket . untried.


Mr. Stephenson.. 5 gs., h. b. 3 gs. burgh ........

10 by The Doctor, out of Betsy Bird, by Voltaire. started 48, won 7 won Manchester Cup .untried. Black Doctor ... black


Messrs. Barrow 20 gs., h. b. 5 gs. Black Eagle black 12 by Voltaire, out of Cytherea, by Camel ...... started 8, won 2) won £1:0 at Newmarket 1 Raven


Mr. Griffiths.... 3 sovs.
Boling broke
11 by John o' Gaunt, out of Spangle, by Cresus.. started 7, won won the Prendergast...



Mr. Sparrow ....

5 gs., h. b. 2 gs.
Bonnie Morn
6 by Chanticleer, out of Forget-me-not, by Het started , won 6 won Champagne Stakes.. untried.

Woolston, Nottingham


h, b. 3 gs.
.. grey....
man Platoff

5 by Verulam, out of Jondala, by Touchstone ... never appeared

Trentham, Stafford

J. Hitchcock.... 5 sovs., h. b. 2 sovs.
Brocket ........ bay 8 by Melbourne, out of Miss Slick, by Muley started 7, won 3 won Royal Hunt Cup untried.

Denham, Uxbridge ... Mr. Wheeler.... 10 gs., h. b. 5 gs.
Cannobie bay 5 by Melbourne, outof Lady Lurewell, by Hornses started 5, won 2 won Metrop. Handicap untried.

Cawston, Rugby

10 gs , h. b. 5 gs.

W. Hemming
Captain Cornish.chesnut 8 by lago, dam by Hampion.

started 14, won 4 won Chester Welter Cup untried.


D. Price........

15 by Birdcatcher, out of Whim, by Drone started 37, won 21 won Doncaster Cup

.... grey....

Vengeance Croft, Darlington.. T. Winteringham 20 gs.
...... chesnut
19 by The Colonel, out of Hester, by Camel... started 16, won 89 won the Criterion

25 Sittingbourne Ham, Sussex ..........

4 by Womersley, dain by Hampton ......
started ) 2, won

Newton Malton at Ripon...... tried.

5 gs., h. b. 2 gs.
Confessor bay 10 by Cowl, out of Forest Fly, by Mosquito.... started 8, won

Great Yorkshire 1 Blacksmith Theobald's Farm Enfield Mr. Gray

18 by Touchstone, out of Emma, by Whisker


started 11, won 73 won the Derby bay

Pumicestone Althorp, Northampton Mr. Elliott. 10 gs., h. b. 5 gs. (10 6 by lane, out of Gala, by Galaor ...... Corcebus........ bay

started 17, won 4 won Bentinck M. 8. untried.

Halliford, Sunbury. ... Mr. Carter...... 10 gs., h. b. 8 gs.

28 Cowl

16 by Bay Middleton, out of Crucifix, by Priam .. started 8, won 5 won Buckenbam Stake.. bay ....

Leybourne, Maidstone.. Mr. Tweed...... 15 gs., h. b. 6 gs.

Cure, The ...... brown 17 by Physician, out of Morsel, by Mulatto ... ... started 26, won 16 won the Claret ......... 22 M.D.

Owmby, Brigg Mr. Ashton .... 20 gs. (45 mares).
Dagobert ....

8 by Jon, dam by Langar
bay ...
started 12, won 3 won Chesterfield Stake .untried.

Tollerton, Easingwold . M . Batty ..... 10 gs. &c., h.b. 2 gs.
9 by Birdcatcher, out of Forget-me-not, by Het- started 10, won 2 won the Derby ......
Daniel O'Rourke chesnut

Slodmere, Malton .... Sir T. Sykes 10 88.
man Platoff
8 by Melbourne, out of Ennui, by Bay Middleton started 45, won 7 won €130 at Goodwood untried.

Harwood, Bolton - le - Mr. Redhead...
Dear-me!....... bay ....

6 gs., h. b. 24 gs.

Moors 6 by Touchstone, out of Miss Bowe, by Catton. started 4, won 3 won Newmarket Stakes, untried.

Cross Keys, York ... Mr. Pearson.... De Clare ...... bay

7 gs., h, b. 84 88. De Ruyter ...

5 gs., h. b. 2 gs. bay ... 10 by Lanercost, out of Barbelle, by Sandbeck

Lady Elizabeth Castle Archdall, Ennisnever appeared





21 by Muley, out of Prima Donna, by Soothsayer never appeared

10 Drayton ........ brown

10 g., h. b. 3 gs. Bourton ......

Orlingbury, Wellingbro' Mr. Manning 8 by Pantaloon, out of Decoy, by Filho-da-Puta never apreared ..

1 Marabout. Dupe, The ...... brown.

Scotch Arms, Carlisle .Mr. Blamire ... 5 sovs., h.b. 2 sovs. 5 by The Flying Dutchman, out of Ellerdale, by started 10, won 3 won the Derby

untriel. Ellington ...... brown ..

Willesden .......

Mr. Phillips 15 gs., 8ce.
Era, The

18 by Plenipotentiary, dam by Whisker started 26, won 7 won the Liverpool Cup 3

Puncture Comblesforth, Selby Mr. Hepworth 5 gs., h. b. 2 gs.
Ethelbert chesnut 8 by Faugh a-Ballagh, out of Espoir, by Liverpool started 10, won 3 won City and Suburban untried.

Swallcliffe, Banbury Mr. Gulliver .... 10 gs., h. b. 5 gs.

13 by Venison, out of Plenary, by Emilius

... never appeared...

Fallow Buck.... bay ....

Liss, Hants

Mr. W. Ayling

6 by Barnton, out of Castanette, by Don John .. started 26, won 17 won the Ascot Cup

Neasham, Darlington.. Mr. Cookson
Fandango ...... bay ....

12 gs. (35 mares)

5 by Orlando, out of Canezou, by Melbourne
...... bay ....
started 6, won 5 won 2,000 Gs. Stakes untried.

Dringhouses, York Mr. Pearson .... 10 gs., h. b. 5 gs.
13 by Ascot, out of Arethusa, by Elis
started 34, won 11 won Metrop. Handicap 3 Thornhill Owmby, Brigg

........ Mr. Ashton

7 gs., h. b. gs.

11 by Giovanni, out of Rosalie, by Maple Filho ..........

untried. nerer appeared ..

Newmarket ...........

5 gs.
6 by Archy, out of Papilio, by Bay Middleton started 21, won 9 won Spencer Plate untried.
Placrow ........bay ....

Kirby, Tadcaster...... Mr. Scott

5 gs.

39 13 by Touchstone, out of Decoy, by Filho-da-Puta started 26, won 17 won 2,000 Gs. Stakes Flatcatcher ..... bay

Courtenay Roydon, Diss

G. Sturgeon ....
Flying Buck ... bay 8 by Venison, out of Varia, by Lottery ....... never appeared ..


Plompton, Harrogate.. Mr. Groves
Flying Dutchman brown. 12 by Bay Middleton, out of Barbelle, by Sandbeck started 16, won 15 won the Derby

Rawcliffe, York .......

T. Bateson..

15 by the Saddler, out of Trudge, by Tramp started 21, won 13 won Swinley Stakes ....
...... bay

Oleaster ..

Newmarket ......... Mr. Stephenson 5 gs., h. b. 3 gs.
9 by the Sea, out of Miss Cobden, by Stockport .a Steeple - chase won Liverpool National. untried.

Freetrader ...... bay

Mr. Holman ....

18 by Tomboy, out of Lady Moore Carew, by Tramp never appeared

Trousseau Plompton, Knaresbro' .Mr. Groves...

10 gs., h. b. 5 gs.
4 by Womersley, out of Lady Ellzabeth, by started 15, won 4 won 2 Queens' Plates untried.

Bringham, Driffield ... Mr, Hudson
General Williams bay ....

Sleight-of Hand
chesnut 10 by Epirus, out of Jenny Jumps, by Rococo .. started 4, won 2 won July Stakes untried.

Theobald's Farm, Stock

10 sovs.

8 by Nutwith, out of Macremma, by Sultan .... started 26, won 7 won £150 at Manchester untried,

Ashton, Lancaster
brown ...

W. Robinson .... 3 gs.
Hermit, The
7 by Bay Middleton, out of Jenny Lind, by started 10, won won 7,000 Gs. Stakes... untried.

Hambleton, Thirsk.. Mr. Stebbing ..

Hobbie Noble

9 by Pantaloon, out of Phryne, by Touchstone.. started 74, won 5 won New Stakes
bay ..


The Curragh ..
Hospodar chesnut 7 by Hetman Platoff, out of Infidelity, by Voltaire starter 36, won 14 won £240 at York ..... untried.

Gillingwood, Richmond Mr. Simpson..... 6 gs., h. b. 2 gs.
His Grace ......
9 by Oakley, out of Alice, by Camel......

Sandle Bridge, Knutsfrd Mr. Bowden
started 4, won won Warwick Trial Stake untried.

10 gs., b. b. 5 gs.
Heir of Lynne
5 by Galaor, out of Mrs. Walker, hy Jereed .... started 25, won 12 won 6 Queens' Plates

Knockbill, Ecclefechan R. Menzies chesnut


10 gs. (20 mares) Hesse Cassel .... chesnut 7 by Robert de Gorham, out of The Landgravine, started 6



Messrs. Barrow, 10 gs., h. b. 5 gs.
by Elis
18 by Liverpool, out of Marpessa, by Muley started 24, won 13 won 2,000 Gs. Stakes ... 4 Evington Lass Measham, Atherstone.. R. Noon ........


gs. h.b. 3 gs. Idle Boy ... chesnut 13 by Harkaway, out of Idle, by Sir Hercules.. started 9


Ashton, Lancaster .... W. Robinson.... 25 gs. (40 mares)

Jack Sheppard..bay ....
8 by Iago, out of daughter of Toscar, by Bay started 38, won 10 won Prince of Wales 8. untried.

Eastbury, Berks ...... Mr. West ...... 21 gs.
Joe Lovell

17 by Velocipede, out of Cyprian, by Partizan

started 6, won 3 won Great York Stakes 7


Alvediston, Wilts Mr. W. Day .... 10 gs., h. h. 5 gs.
King Caradoc ... black .. 10 by Prince Caradoc, out of Miss Julia Bennett started 14, won 2 won £144 at Malton.... untried.


Mr. Stephenson gratis, h. b. 2 gs. by Muley Moloch

9 by Velocipede, out of Mrs. Gill, by Viator .... started 47, won 15 won the Port King of Trumps . chesnut

...untried. York

5 g8.

h. b. 3 SOVS.

9 by Venison, out of Queen Anne, by Slane ...
started 43, won 173 won Goodwood Cup

Middle Park, Eltham Mr. Blenkiron .. 25 gs. (85 mares)
King Tom

7 by Harkaway, out of Pocahontas, by Glencoe started 6, won
..bay ...

3 ran second for Derby untried.

Mentmore, Bucks ... Mr. Markham (subs. full)
Knightof Gwynne brown 11 by Gilbert Gurney, out of Seaweed, by Slane.. started 17, won 5 won Newton St. Leger.. 5

Slattern ...

Clonmulsh, Carlow....
Kot. of St. George bay 7 by Birdcatcher, dam by Hetman Platoff ...... started 13, won 5 won the St. Leger


Burghley, Stamford Mr. H. Rose.... 20 gs.
Koh-i-noor chesnut 9 by The Libel, out of Miss Kitty Cockle, by started 17, won 4 won Cheshire Stakes ... untried,

Bushbury, Volver: Mr. Daly ......

6 gs., h. b. 3 gs.

bay 8 by The Cure, out of Elphine, by Emilius started 26, won 10) won York County Plate (untried.

Owmby, Brigg..

5 gs., h. b. 2; gs. Launcelot ......brown.. 21 by Camel, out of Emma, by Whisker ....... started 10, won 6won St. Leger......


Lane Paddocks, Sheffield F. Crofts 10 gs., h. b. 8 gs.
Arabian, by a Nejd horse, out of a Zuklawee mare a good hunter


Barkway, Herts Mr. C. Adams S gs., h. b. 2 gs. Leopold ....... chesnut 9 by Phlegon, out of Marinella, by Soothsayer.. started 7, won 2 won Ascot Vase ........ untried.

Mentmore, Leighton Mr. Markham 5 gs.

Buzzard Libel, The 16 by Pantaloon, out of Pasquinade, by Camel started 7, won 3 won Chester St. Leger.. 14 Truth

Sledmere, Malton .... Sir T. Sykes .... 10 gs., h. b. 8 gs. Longbow 11 by Ithuriel, out of Miss Bowe, by Catton ..... started 21, won 13 won Stewards' Cup untried.

Knowsley, Prescott l'. Forshaw .... 10 gs., h. b. 5 gs. Lord of the Isles bay 6 by Touchstone, out of Fair Helen, by Pantaloon started 10, won 4 won 2,000 gs. Stakes .. untried.

Croft, Darlington ... T. Winteringham 12 gs. Loup-Garou ....(brown 12 I by Lanercost, out of Moonbeam, by Tomboy.. started 6, won I received £15 ft.

Lambourne Spye, Chippenham ....Mr. Cripp3......15 gs. (25 mares)




brown.. bay

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by he Saddler, out of Executrix, by Liverpool started 15, won 2 won Wolverhampton St untried.

Plompton, Harrogate.. Mr. Groves
Roland -

bay ....

y Arthur, dam by Mameluke ........... Saucy Boy..

Steeple - chase won the Caen St.-Chase, untried.

Willesden Paddocks .. Mr. Phillips 5 gs., h.b. 3 gs.

Sir John Barley-brown... by Ismael or the Baron, out of Loveslip, by started 4.


Henley-on- Mr. Hussey

2} gs,


14 by The Saddler, out of Well-a-day, by Priam.. winner of many steeple-chases

Sir Peter Lauriel bay


Mr. Holman 5 gs. (45 mares)
Sir Tatton Sykes bay ....15 by Melbourne, dam by Margrave...

started 12, won 4 won St. Leger

Mr. Sykes ......

Turf Tavern, Doncaster W. King ...... ...... bay ....

started 18, won won Waterloo Shield
25 by Royal Oak, dam by Orville

Slane ..

The Princess .. Rawcliffe. York

T. Bateson...... 20 gs. 15 by Don John, out of Miss Lydia, by Walton .. started 3, won won £70 at Newton

Spanish Jack

Donna ......

Mr. Schillio... 6 gs., h. b. 3 gs.
8 by Cotherstone, out of Farmer's Daughter, by started 53, won 12 won the Criterion ......untrie d.

Warfield, Berks B. Bond
Speed the Ploughbrown..

6 gs., h. b. 3 gs.
Muley Moloch
6 by Cotherstone, out of Polka, by Emilius started 5..

Thirkleby, Thirsk


....Mr. Nanfield 5 gs., h.b. 2 gs.
21 by Skylark or Lapwing, out of Helen, by Black-started 58, won 23 won the Chester Cup

Saucebox Lowfold, Petworth Mr. Scutt....... 10 gs., h. b. 5 gs.
St. Lawrence


ran well in Ireland
17 by Ishmael, out of Whim, by Drone..

Holcombe, Somerset
St. George ......

Mr. Lansworthy £2 10s.
9 by The Baron, out of Pocahontas, by Glencoe. started 21, won 2 won St. Leger...
Stockwell chesnut


Kirkby, Tadcaster Mr. Scott..... 30 gs.(40mares, full)
10 by Touchstone, out of Ghuznee, by Pantaloon started 2, won 1 won £460 at Doncaster. 8

Stormsail Redlands, Reading .... Mr. Lediard .... 10 gs.

Student, The...
7 by Chatham, dam by Lanrel.....
started 11, won 4 won £350 at Newmarket untried.

Findon, Worthing Mr. Mitchell

...10 gs.

27 16 by Gladiator, out of Lollypop, by Starch..... started 24, won 222 won Queen's Vase Sweetmeat.


Mr. Eyke brown..

..... 10 gs. (30 mares)

Stanton, Shiffnall ....
Swindler, The

6 by Epirus, out of Fraudulent, by Venison .... started 3........

H. Randall untried. Alvediston, Wilts.

7 gs., h. b. 38 gs. Sultan... chesnut 6 by Crescent,out of Madame Vestris, by Distingué started 11, won 6 won Cambridgeshire untried.

Theobald's Farm, Enfield Mr. Gray 16 by Touchstone, out of Crucifix, by Priam started 16, won 9 won the Derby

25 Surplice

Tarf Tavern, Doncaster Mssrs. Weatherby 15 gs. (40 mares) brown..

Sidney ..

8 won Gratwicke Stakes 12 by Ion, out of Palmyra, by Sultan Tadmor

started 11, won brown..

8 Tyre...

G. Sturgeon ....15 gs.

Roydon, Diss.........
10 by Orlando, out of Miss Twickenham, by St. started 18, won 10 won the Derby ...

Maid of Masham Easby, Richmond ..... Mr. Jaques 20 gs. (26 mares)
Teddington ... chesnut

5 by Melbourne, out of Meanee, by Touchstone.. Dever appeared

Newton Purcell, Oxon, Mr. Crawford

5 gs.,

h, b. 2 gs. Tempest - brown

started 0, won 3 won Doncaster Two-yr. S. 16 by Emilius, out of Maria, by Whisker.



Mr. P. Snaith

Boston ...
Trapper, The

7 by Ion, out of Prairic Bird, by Gladiator
bay ....
started 6, won 5 won Duke Michael S... untried.

Theobald's Farm, Enfield Mr. Gray started b, won 5 won Chesterfield Cup

8 12 by Taurus, out of Clarissa, by Defence ...... bay


Warfield, Berks ...... B. Bond .. 10 gs., &c.
Ugly Buck

17 by Venison, out of Monstrosity, by Plenipo- started 5, won 3 won 2,000 gs. Stakes....


5 gs., h. b. 2. gs.

Ammonia Berry Hill, Stoke-on- Mr. Parlby

8 by Bay Middleton, out of Barbelle, by Sandbeck started 18, won

4 won Cheshire Stakes. ...untried,

Theobald's Farm, Enfield Mr. Gray 5 by Van Tromp, out of Little Casino, by Inheritor started 4, won Van Galen.....

I won Tyro Stakes ......untried.


Mr. Fobert ....10 gs.

started 27, won 1) won Newmarket S....
.... 12 by Venison, out of Vat, by Langar

5 sovs., h. b. 3 sovs. untried.

Mr. Stebbing

Hambleton, Thirsk ...
won many races at Gibraltar......

Bushbury, Wolver- Mr. Daly

5 gs., h. b. 3 gs.

hampton 6 by Chanticleer, dam by The Saddler ... ..... started 21, won 7 won Cesarewitch


Theobald's Farm Enfield Mr. Gray Vengeance...... bay .... 8 by Touchstone, out of Garland, by Langar.... started 40, won 13 won Champagne S. untried.

Owmby Brigg

Mr. Ashton 10 gs., h. b. 4 gs.
Vindex .....
11 by Voltaire, out of Martha Lynn, by Mulatto.. started 11, won 5 won the Derby


Middlethorpe, York.... Mr. Smallwood.. 30 gs.

6 by Ithuriel, out of Abaft, by Sheet Anchor


Ashton, Lancaster .... W. Robinson.... 3 gs.
... started 1...
... bay

untried. 9 by Voltaire, out of Martha Lynn, by Mulatto. started 3....

Northampton ..Mr. Merrick 5 78., h. b. 3 g8. brown.. Vortex .......

brown.. 16 by Sheet Anchor, out of Miss Letty, by Priam started 8, won 3 won Four-year-old s... Weatherbit


Weathergage Easby, Richmond..... Mr. Jaques ....15 gs. 8 by Melbourne, out of Mowerina, by Touchstone started 11, won 1 won the Derby ....... West Australian bay ....


Kirkby, Tadcaster Mr. Scott ...... 30 gs. (40 mares)
7 by Ratan, out of Miss Martin, by St. Martin .. sarted 33, won 10 won Northumberland P. untried.
Whitelock ..... brown..

Child wick, St. Albans Mr. Mather...
Wild Dayrell ...(brown.. 6 by Ion, out of Ellen Middleton, by Bay Mid- started 4, won 3 won the Derbs ...... untried.

Chilton Poliatt, Hun- Mr. Rickaby

Windhound...... brown.. 11 by Pantaloon, out of Phryne, by Touchstone.. started 6, won ) won £74 at Reading 6 Arminius Russky, Hungerford .. Mr. Dawson 10 gs., h. b. 5 gs.
bay .... 10 by Jeremy Diddler, out of Medea, by Whisker started 13, won 2 won Goodwood stakes ., untried.

Castle Archdall, Ennis-

h, b. 2 gs.

... started 17, won 7 won Ascot Stakes
16 by Velocipede, out of Amina, by Sultan


Burghley, Stamford.... Mr. H. Rose bay ... Woolwich

11 by Chatham, out of Clementina, by Acteon .. started 48, won 18 won Ascot Cup........ chesnut

S Greenwich Pair.

10 gs., h. b. 3 gs.

Bodicott Paddocks ....W. Mace Yellow Jack.... chesnut 5 by Birdcatcher, out of Jamaica, by Liverpool.started 7, won 1 ran second 6 times

.... untried.


Messrs. Barrow.. Il gs.


The Groom's Fee, if not included, varies from a Guiaca to Half-a-Crown. We are not answerable for all the Performances of, or Stock out by, Irish Horses,





The month of March has exhibited extraordinary The following were the recent quotations of wheat differences of temperature. The first fortnight was in different foreign ports :—At Paris the finest quality a continuation of the sternness with which February is quoted 4ls., and Antwerp notes 42s. 9d, per qr. closed; but immediately afterwards a brilliant spring- as a top price. Polish wheat at Amsterdam brought time commenced, with a warmth occasionally op- 56s. per qr. The best quality on the spot at Hampressive, and an almost entire absence of rain. Field- burgh was held at 45s. The rate at Stettin was work was immediately resumed, and the sowing of 40s. 6d., and at Berlin 41s. 6d. Ghirka and Polish Lent corn, which had been interrupted by the severe wheat at Odessa was still worth 43s. per qr. Low frost, has proceeded most favourably." Whatever Saidi wheat at Alexandria had sold at 27s. 9d. damage was done to the wheat and other autumn- Berdianski quality, at Leghorn, was held at 44s. per sown corn by the cutting winds must soon be ap- qr. At Alessandria, in Piedmont, top price was parent, but as respects the principal grain very little 41s. for soft wheat. Barcelona quotations were harm has been yet reported beyond what might have still as high as 52s. 8d. per qf. New York, by last been expected on exposed and light lands, from the accounts, was firmer; the price of good red there want of a snow covering. The dryness of the whole was 1 d. 25 c., equal to 43s. per qr. ; Southern white season, and the general appearance of the plants, are 1 d. 30 c. to 1 d. 524 c., equal to 44s. 8d. to 528. favourable to future prospects. The uncertainty of per qr. politics at the outset of the month seemed a check The foreign importations into United Kingdom for upon business, but the renewed assurances of peace, the two months ending February 28th, 1858, were followed by the most propitious weather, and a 606,394 qrs. of wheat, and 613,860 cwt. of flour. liberty to export wheat in the Papal States, have The first Monday commenced on a small supply combined, towards the month's close, to somewhat of foreign wheat, and a moderate one of English; reduce prices, and the value in the London market from the near counties, during the morning, the has receded about 4s. per qr. On all hands it is samples were but few. The weather was then exallowed that good stocks exist throughout the coun- tremely cold, and the condition being improved, it try; and if

, with a steady importation from abroad, went off steadily at the prices of the previous week; farmers show an anxiety to sell, and overdo the there was also a fair retail demand for foreign. In markets at a time when the spririt of speculation is the country there were but slight changes : Hull, entirely wanting, there can be but one result, viz., Manchester, Birmingham, and Bristol were firm; Lina still lower range than what is now obtaining. One coln and Louth were ls. dearer

, but a few markets thing is however certain, that the reduction in value equally declined ;} Liverpool, being over-supplied with greatly increases consumption; and the largest im- French wheat, was 2d. per 70 lbs. cheaper. Friday's portations and lowest rates have invariably been fol market there underwent no farther change, and the lowed by scarcity and dearness, and the safety of London trade remained quiet to the week's end. holding must be proportioned to the moderation of The second Monday was still less liberally supprices.

plied from abroad, and what arrived was chiefly from In the Baltic the season was commenced with Antwerp; of our own growth, the quantity was empty garners, and the produce of 1857 in these moderate. The morning's supply from Kent quarters is consequently reported to be below an was good, from Essex insignificant; the business average ; and should any drought occur this year done was effected slowly, but there was a pretty in these fertile provinces, they may require an general clearance, at full prices; foreign samples importation: while Spain continues in this posi- being unchanged. No particular change took place tion, and is likely to remain so till her new in subsequent country markets: Leeds and 'Hull crop is gathered. Neither Odessa or the United were firm, but Birmingham scarcely obtained former States have yet shaped their course by the English rates ; Liverpool had but a thin attendance both markets, though doubtless supplies will come on the Tuesday's and Friday's market, and no alon thence for the chance of improvement here, teration of quotations was noted. but not at the rates suggested by interest or appre

The third Monday had an increased supply of hension, for old wheat has become a scarcity both in foreign, with rather more English; the near counthe old world as well as the new one; and while it ties also during the morning sent up rather more behoves us never to mistrust an overruling Pro- samples, and the weather having completely changed, vidence, it is well to remember that the blade on the with some appearance of permanence, there was less ground is not the sheaf in the barn. The importa- disposition to buy on the part of millers. Early in tion from the Papal States is not permitted beyond the morning at the Kentish stands some choice the end of May, and should prices rise materially parcels were quitted at quite as good prices, but it before then, would be suspended. In Southern was afterwards difficult to place without a small Europe and Algeria the wheat crop at present looks concession. The foreign trade was heavy without well, but in the North some fears have been felt, as change. Several of the country markets responded the consequence of the great changes and exposure. I to the London reports by accepting a decline of Is.,

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