Obrazy na stronie

was no demand. Mr. Foster sold 10 on Monday to another also good cows and calves at high figures. Fat wether sheep, dealer at prices varying from £40 to £50; and he was asking 70. to 71d. per lb. Fat pigs, 53. to 54d.; store pigs still very £60 for å fine draught mare, for which he could have got up- low. wards of £70 last year. Messrs. Teenan and Clarke sold a TEWKESBURY FAIR was very well attended, and grey mare for £52 ; a powerful borse for £53; another mare, i splendid animal, for £56, the buyer in the latter instance

a large supply of stock, mostly sat. Demand limited, and

sellers had to dispose of their stock at very low prices. baving been a farmer from the neighbourhood of Kirkcud

Beef sold at 5 d. to 6d.; mutton, 6d. to 64d. The horse bright; and they also disposed of 4, about £50 each, to a

fair was thinly attended, and what sales were made were at purchaser from Peeblessbire. Mr. Brown, Hardgrave, sold a pair of beautiful draught horses for £100; and Mr. Carruthers,

very low figures.

YORK FORTNIGHTLY MARKET.-Calving and dairy Broklehirst, sold another similar animal for 50 guineas. Such are some of the transactions in the best class of horses ; for

cows, and all kinds of grazing beasts, had fair sale, at former other kinds a degree inferior the prevailing rates were from

rates. A moderate supply of fat beasts sold at 68. 60. to 78. £30 to £40; and a considerable proportion of good animals superior ditto, 7d. per lb. A good supply of grazing sheep

per stone. A fair show of mutton sheep went at 6d. to 6 d.; for farming labour changed owners at £25 and under. EGREMONT HORSE FAIR was very thinly attended, market is a little on the improve.

had fair demand: bog sheep, 22s, to 438. per head. The both of horses and purchasers.

EXETER FAIR was numerously attended by farmers and dealers, and well supplied with cattle of the primest quality. Perhaps the number of dealers present was greater than CALENDAR OF AGRICULTURE. butchers or consumers wished to see. There was no alteration in prices. The best sat beef realized from 9o. 60. to 10s. 60.; Sow oats and barley on dry and early lands barreners, 79. to 8s. per score; cows and calves, £12 to £48. during dry weather ; also spring wheat, vetches,

GLOUCESTER MONTHLY MARKET:-The supply of peas, beans, and flax-seed. Sow lucerne on wellbeef was large, but of inferior quality, and a fiat sale; of prepared ground, trenched or very deeply-ploughed mutton the supply was good, and the whole was soon disposed and richly dunged. Sow carrots and parsnips on of. Beef, 63. to 6fd. ; mutton, 7d. to 7d. per lb.

KELSO FORTNIGHTLY MARKET.-There was a good good warm sandy loams, that are in good condition show of fat cattle, and several of the lots were of excellent from previous treatment, without the present appliquality. There was a good attendance of buyers, with a brisk cation of fresh manure: steep the seeds in leys of demand, and nearly the whole were quickly cleared off at prices a shade better than our previous market. Beef may be urine, and dry them with lime. Sow sainfoin, and quoted at 63. 3d. to 6s. 9d., and a few superior brought about dress the young plants with gypsum. Apply arti7s. per stove. There was a small supply of sheep, which sold ficial manures and top-dressings on young wheats, readily at 6d. per lb. A fair show of cows, which were selling barleys, and clovers-as soot and salt, malt comhs, at from £10 to £16.

rape-dust, nitrate of soda, pigeons' dung, and gypLEDBURY FAIR.—The supply of stock was rather

sum. Sow cabbage seeds for summer plants, short. Some prime fat cows were offered, which realized good prices. Buyers were numerous, and most of the stock

and lay composts on grass lands. offered was sold at an early hour. Fat cows, 6 d. to 7d. ;

Plant hops, and make the hills six feet distant ditto sheep, 6fd. to 7d.; store ditto, 268. to 385. each ; fat each way. Use well-rotted dung, and put four pigs, 8s. Gd. per score ; store ditto, 28s. to 36s. each. sets in each hill, one in each corner, and cover

LEOMINSTER FAIR.- There was not a large quan- them lightly with earth, leaving the upper end of tity of fat beef; the highest figure was about 61d. per bb; the set just in light of day, Best wether mutton brought 7d. per lb. There were many buyers of stores, and good barrens brought full prices.

Continue the planting of forest trees and of young NEWTON STEWART HORSE FAIR. –There was hedges, but cease if dry weather sets in. The scarcely the average number of horses, and very few sales took cutting of underwoods will now be finished. place, farmers wisbiog to obtain the prices of the last two or Watered meadows may now be stocked with three years; but ang sales which took place were from 15 to light animals. Set traps for vermin, and spread

NORTHALLERTON FAIR.–A thin show of all descrip-molehills. tions of stock, with plenty of buyers. Lean beasts sold at Plough fallows for green crops, and also clay lower prices. Beef, 69. 30. to 78. per stone. The number of lands for bare fallows, if the weather be dry. Shut horses shown was very great, and dealers from all parts were

up the fields that are intended for hay, and finish numerous. Several first-rate hunting and carriage horses were readily sold at high rates, and inferior ones 20 to 30 per cent laying composts on grass lands. In wet weather lower thau last year. Draught horses were in demand, at

thrash grains, and carry dung from the yard to the good prices.

heaps in the fields. OXFORD GREAT MARKET.-There was a short In many situations ewes will drop lambs very supply of good beef and mutton, and as the demand was largely in this month. Feed with juicy succulent last market--beef, 48. 4d. to 43. 829; mutton, 5s. to 65. 4. food, as beet, cabbages, and turnips, and provide per stone. Store cattle and sheep were not so plentiful

a warm shelter, which is equally necessary with the op former occasions, and a dulness prevailed, very few food itself. The shelter sheds must be dry, and changing hands. The pig market was unusually dull with frequently littered with short straws and chaffs. a short supply-good English hogs from 8s. 63. to 95.; Remove the ewes and lambs from the paddock to porkers 9s. to 9s. 6d. per score. PENRITH HORSÈ FAIR.—There was a tolerably large

the pasture field regularly, as the lambs get strong. sbow of farm horses, and a quantity of old hacks. The busi

Keep the poultry-houses dry and warm, and set pess doing was very limited, and prices much below those of all kinds of eggs for hatching. Feed amply, and last year. For a very superior animal we heard of £40 having provide clear spring-water. been offered.

Finish the killing of hogs for bacon, and keep RUGBY FAIR. - There was a good supply of beef, at all young pigs for summer stores, and for early Store beasts easier to bny. A short supply of horses, at 10 feeding next winter. prices.

The latest fattening bullocks must now be sold, SHREWSBURY FORTNIGHTLY MARKET. - The

or pushed forward by superior feeding. The long best fat beifer beef sold from 6d. to 6fd. per lb.; fat calves, days will now require a greater supply of food, as 8d. to 64d. per lb.; useful store cattle selling at fair prices ; ' daylight always induces animals to eat more.




The indications of wintry weather which were Baltic ports, which are closed except to steamers given at the close of January, after some rapid cutting their way at great expense, show a range of fuctuations and a moderate fall of snow, were prices nearer to our own; good red at Stettin being verified in the progress of the past month, which procurable at 40s. per qr., fiue high mixed at Danzig closed with great sharpness. Still, as it has re- 46s. 6d. per qr.; but the stock there of all sorts was mained on the whole unusually dry, we do not find at present only about 28,000 qrs. Rhenish wheat the promising aspect of the growing wheat abated in Holland was worth 46s. 6d., and in Belgium, in this country, but in America the absence of a good quality, ranged from 43s. to 44s. 6d. per qr. snow-covering has left the autumnal wheat too New York has a large stock of four, which was much exposed, and it is in soine localities present- looking down; but wheat was buoyant, white ing a sickly appearance. On the other hand, there Southern being quoted at 1 dol. 40c. per bush., were recent complaints from parts of Spain that equal to 48s. per qr.; red i dol. 22c., equal to 429. the crop was impeded in its growth for want of per qr. rain, which has since fallen, but not in sufficient The first Monday opened with moderate supplies of plenty. It will not be safe, therefore, to make too both English and foreign wheat. The morning's supsure that another heavy crop will follow the last, ply from the near counties did not exceed an average, as the most critical periods have all to be passed the weather being again frosty; but there were through. The wheat trade has, however, not re- many samples left over from the previous week, and vived, an ample six months' stock being yet in a large fleet of foreign vessels being reported off the growers' hands, and foreign supplies being good, coast, there was an unusual depression, so that it notwithstanding the fact that nearly all are either was necessary to submit to a reduction of 2s. to 3s. sold to a heavy loss, or placed in granary to pre- per qr., to make any way. Foreign was equally vent it. The money market has indeed passed dificult to place; but holders were not so ready to from scarcity and " high pressure," to a burden- make an equal concession. This account had its some abundance, with very low rates of interest; effect in the country, but generally the reduction but trade and confidence have not yet returned. was not so heavy, some places only noting a diffiThe month opened with complete depression, and culty in sales; Sheffield and Birmingham making markets have generally declined 28. to 38. per qr., the decline only is. per qr., but there w is almost a and though an impression has been lately gaining panic at Leeds, at 3s. per qr. less money. Liverground that the “minimum” price has been about pool, on its first market, gave way 2d. to 3d. per reached, with the country pointing upwards, the 70lbs., without any quotable reduction on the follow sudden overthrow of the Palmerston Ministry may ing Friday. Saturday's markets generally noting a again unhinge the minds of capitalists, and prevent fall of 1s. to 28.; but Friday, in London, was the speculative purchases, notwithstanding a fall in the dullest day known for some time, and a good deal averages to 458. 8d. per qr. The least probability, of fine Kentish was sent back unsold. however, of a war with our present allies would The second Monday, as respects the addition soon change the face of things, and the plenty of foreign samples, was mucli below the arenow offering in the markets be materially reduced. rage, with only a moderate quantity of English. Lord Derby or his successor will doubtless en. This morning, there was a fair show from Kent, deavour to prevent such a calamity, but Orsini's with less from Essex. The day was clear and projectile may yet be the occasion of a general frosty, and highly favourable to the condition of the flame.

samples; and those millers who did not avail themPotatoes have held out better than expected; but selves of Friday's depression, found, for picked as flour is comparatively lower, there must be a samples, they had to pay the prices of the previous larger consumption, and millers keep low in stock, se'nnight: but, though more tone was evinced by and proportionately dependent on events. Foreign all holders, it was a poor day as respects business, a quotations by last advices were as follows:

good many parcels of English being left on the France, somewhat improving, quotes the price of stands. The tone of the trade improved in London good wheat at Paris about 42s. per gr., and flour as the week closed, Friday realizing an occasional 31s. per sack, or 1s. per sack below Norfolks. At advance of ls. per qr. for picked parcels of English Seville, flour 50s. per sack; mixed wheat 53s., hard and foreign. The country reports varied. Some of

Cadiz: Flour, 50s. 6d. per sack. the early markets in Lincolnshire showed progress Marianopoli wheat, at Barcelona, 45s. 9d. per qr.; with the downward movement; but the general ten worth the same here. Ghirka wheat at Odessa was dency was to advance. Hull

, Louth, York, and quoted 423. to 44s. 8d. (selling here at 46s.), hard several other places, made no change; Birmingham, to 553. per qr., with a fair business doing against Boston, Wolverhampton, Peterborough, Derby, and the opening of the port. At Leghorn, native wheat Lincoln were all 1s. per qr. better; Norwich, was 48s. 6d. per qr.; Genoa quoting 50s. for Ber: Leicester, and Grantham noting an advance of 2s. dianski, Saidi wheat at Alexandria was quoted per qr. Liverpool, on Tuesday, was dull, holders 278. 4d. ; selling here at 31s. 6d. per qr. The refusing to accept lower rates. "On Friday, 2d. per

58s. 6d. per qr:

701b. more was realized, but only on good American answer well.

Of this there was a large supply in red qualities.

the second week of the month, influencing this The third Monday commenced on moderate description fully 1s. per qr. down, but the closing arrivals, both English and foreign, with not many Monday was more cheerful in its aspect for all additional samples, in the course of the morning, sorts, the supply of home-growth being small. from the near counties. Factors began by asking During the four weeks the receipts have been about 2s. per qr. more money, and in some instances 11,382 of our own growth, and 43,523 qrs. foreign, there were sales at improved rates; but as the day giving a weekly supply of 13,726 qrs., which only wore, the buoyancy ceased, and where any clearance shows a slight decrease on the previous month. was effected, it could only be said that fully the pre- There were imported into the United Kingdom in vious rates were made for home-grown wheat. January, 94,154 qrs. The lower kinds of this Picked foreign red, like Rostock or Louvain, was grain may improve as stocks get exhausted, but taken at quite ls. per qr. above the rates of this day the lateness of the season is against any advance se'nnight. The country markets generally were un- in fine sorts, though picked parcels for seed went altered or ratlıer dearer. Derby, York, Leicester, off well at the month's end. Grantham, Peterborough, Louth, and Birmingham The trade in malt has been heavy through the were firm; Boston, Lincoln, and Lynn, as well as month even in the finest qualities, inferior deChelmsford and Gloucester, were Is. per qr. scriptions having sold at lower rates. higher; Market Rasen and Market Harborough The oat trade, with below an average supply quoting an advance of 1s. to 2s. per qr. Liver- throughout the month, has continued declining, pool, on Tuesday, kept the previous market's prices having receded about 2s. 6d. per qr. As advance, but on Friday gave way, 1d. per 70lb., noted before, the liberal use of inferior barley, at a though on the same day in London, 18. per qr. less proportionate price, has reduced consumpmore was occasionally made.

tion; while the quantity yet remaining in store, The last Monday in the month exbibited a though not heavy now, has served to keep suffibetter supply of foreign wheat, though the near cient samples in the market to prevent any brisk counties sent up a very moderate quantity. The inquiry. The first Monday noted a decline of 18. weather remained clear and frosty, and the condi- per qr. An equal fall was noted on the second, and tion was improved, but the change in the Ministry the two other Mondays were rather cheaper. Irish seemed to exert a sinister influence, anıl the rates supplies, though almost wanting since the first of the previous week were with difficulty sus- Monday, have been made up by larger receipts tained, the market being only saved from a decline from Scotland, in better condition ; and foreign by the scanty show of English samples. Leeds arrivals on the last day were beginning again to and Liverpool on Tuesday tallied with the London appear, being shipped in the mild weather. The report.

arrivals have consisted of 5,403 qrs. English, The supplies into the port of London in the four | 19,196 qrs. Scotch, 15,737 qrs. from Ireland, and weeks have been 16,147 qrs. English, including some 32,510 qrs. from the continent-making the Scotch, with 33,969 grs. foreign; making the weekly weekly average only 17,204 qrs. The averages, average 12,529 qrs., against 20,065 in January; the bowever, of this grain show an increase of 8d. per decrease being chiefly in the foreign arrivals. The gr., proving that prices have not so declined in the foreign imports into the United Kingdom in the country. The total imports in January were month of January, were 342,841 qrs. wheat; 61,528 qrs. 304,688 cwt. flour. The averages have declined Beans and peas in the London market, though a from 488. 8d. to 458. 8d. in four weeks; the Lon- heavy sale throughout the montb, have undergone don averages in the same time have receded from little change. New samples of the former first de50s. 8d. to 468. 10d., showing a difference of 38. clined 18. per qr., and then recovered. Peas, es8d. per qr.

pecially boilers, have been excessively dull, and the The price of Town - made flour

sudden set-in of frost has not at all sent them up. menced at 43s., and remains unaltered. In Nor. The arrivals of beans during the month were 4,184 folks there have been some changes, the second qrs. English and 3,340 grs. foreign, or 1,881 qrs. Monday showing a decline of 18., which was re- per week against 3,872 qrs. in January. Of peas, covered on the third. American and French sam- the total foreign receipts were 204 qrs. and the ples have given way fully Is. per sack and barrel. English 1,730 grs., or 533 weekly against 488 grs. T'he supplies in four weeks were 75,621 sacks per week last month. Hog peas have only retained English: 6,611 sacks, 7,134 barrels foreign ; show their value by their scarcity and the absence of ing a deficiency as compared with January to the foreign. extent of 3,391 barrels, the sacks being about equal. The linseed trade has been steady, only expe

The fluctuations in the barley trade have been so riencing 1s. per qr. decline ; but sales have been slight that prices have scarcely changed, but the slow. Cakes retain their favour, and find a free averages show a decline from 37s. to 36s. 3d. placement as cattle feed. The finest quality of malting has continued scarcé The seed trade bas commenced, but without on the London 'market; the middling sorts have briskness, and the first prices of foreign imports been less abundant; and the lower kinds from the have not been sustained, a large supply of inferior East, which have occasionally arrived in large English having appeared before the demand came quantities, have been finding vent by the low prices thoroughly on, and there is not much appearance accepted as horse food in mixture with light oats, of high prices either for red or white cloverseed which in moderate proportions have been found to this season. Trefoil has been steady. Canary and


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8. d.

hempseed have maintained their value, and the

POTATO MARKETS. pon-appearance of foreign spring tares in quantity SOUTHWARK WATERSIDE, MONDAY, Feb. 22.has greatly enhanced their value. Reports say the During the past week our arrivals, both coastwise and from crops abroad have failed; but we think the prices foreiga ports, have been very considerable. Prices have been

with difficulty maintained in most instances. The following now paying (78. per bushel) will draw supplies.

are this day's quotations : Mustardseed and rapeseed have been firm;

Yorkshire Regents...

140s. to 180s. per ton. coriander and carraway almost without variation.

Lincolnshire do.

120s. to 1603. Dunbar do..

140.. to 1708. CURRENCY PER IMPERIAL MEASURE. Do. reds

80s. to 858, Shillings per Quarter. Perth, Fife, and Forsar Regents 110s. to 1358. WIEAT, new, Essex and Kent, white 43 to 52......red 40 to 48

Ditto ditto reds 60s. to 85s. Norfolk, Linc. and Yorks., red......,

40 48 French wbites

90s. to BARLEY, malting ........ 34 to 37.... Chevalier, new 37 40 Belgian do..............

80s. to Distilling 35.... Grinding 26 30 Ditto reds

903. to 100s. MALT, Essex, Norfolk, and Suffolk...... 58 66 extra 68

Dutch wbites

80s. to 100s. Kingston, Ware, and town made.... 58 66

68 Brown ............................ 54 56


30 34 Potatoes sell at 12d. per peck, and 39. 4d. to 3s. 6d. per busbel. OATS, English, feed 33...... Potato...... 25 32

LEEDS, Feb. 16: A fair show of potatoes, wbich sold at 13d. Scotch, feed ........ 20

35...... Potato..... 24 31 Irish, feed, white

to 13 d. per 21lbs. wholesale, and 11d. to 15d. retail. SELBY, 20 22 fine 24 30

RicHMOND, Feb. Ditto, black


Feb. 15: Potatoes, 9d. to 10d. per stone. BEANS, Mazagan ........

32 35...... Ticks ...... 33 31 18: Potatoes, 4s per bushel. SHEFFIELD, Feb. 16: Potatoes Harrow

33 36...... Pigeon....... 37 42 sell at 103. to 16s. per load of 18 stones, MANCHESTER, PEAS, white boilers .. 40 44.. Maple 41 43..Grey 89 Feb. 18: Potatoes, lls. to 189. per 252lbs. FLOUR, per sack of 280lbs., Town, Households..389., fine 40 43 Country

84...... Households.. 37 38 Norfolk and Suffolk, ex-ship



3. CHEESE, per cwt.:

.... 128to134


126 130 Cheddar...............

72 Dorset ..................116 130 Double Gloucester..

69 FOR THE LAST Sıx Wheat. Barley. Oats., Ryo. | Beans Peas.


.104 120 HAMS:




8. d. 8. d.
8. d. s. d. . d.
Cork, ....................

Westmoreland ............ 80

90 Jan. 9, 1858 47 10 36 3 22 8 33 6 39 3 40 5 Limerick ......

85 Irish

....... 90 1001 Jan. 16, 1858

48 8

37 0 22 1 33 7 39 3 39 11 Bligo....... .............10: 112 BACON: Wiltshire, dried 59 62 Jan. 23, 1858 .... 48 9 37 6 22 482 0 39 4 39 5 FRESH , per dozen..135.0d.to 163.0d. Irish,green ....

80 BS Jan. 30, 1858

47 6 87 1 23 134 10 39 5 40 4 Feb. 6, 1858 46 9 36 8 23 031 2 11 41 0

WOOL MARKETS. Feb. 13, 1858

45 8 36 3 122 8 30 939 3 41 1 Aggregate average 47 7 36 10 22 8 32 8 39 3 40 4

ENGLISH WOOL MARKET. Sametime last year! 58 0 45 7 23 539 8 40 4 39 6 LONDON, MONDAY, Feb. 21.-Since our last report,

there has been a moderate inquiry for fine short wools, at full COMPARATIVE AVERAGES-1858-57. quotations. In all other kinds, the supply of which is only

moderate, only a limited business is doing on former terms. From last Friday's Gas. 8. d. From Gazette of 1857. . d. Wheat...... 91,399 qrs.,45 8 Wheat...... 100,932 qrs.,56 6

For export to the continent nothing is doing. Barley...... 82,258 36 8 Barley...... 71,957 44 11 BRADFORD WOOL MARKET (Thursday).—There has Oats........ 14,649

22 8) Oats........ 17,662 23 6 been a tone of quietness in our market during the week, and Rye ........

189 30
9 Rye ........



little business has been done. Spinners having supplied their 7,789 39 3 Beans .....

6,571 39 6

immediate necessities, pause at the advanced prices now Peas........ 1,641 411 Peas....

39 7

asked. For noils and brokes there continues a fair demand, PRICES OF SEEDS.

and prices are firm. Yaros: The export houses continue to

buy up anything offering "under the market," but as yet are BRITISH SEEDS.

not prepared to pay the advance now sought, and the spinders, CLOVERSEED, red 40s. to 70s., extra -6., white 50s. to 758. from the difficulties in the way of buying wool, are very stiff TREFOIL .................

18s. to 298.

in price.

Cotton yarns are dearer. · Pieces : There has been TARE, Winter, new, per bushel ......88. Od. to 68. Od. MUSTARDBEED, per bush., new 158. to 178., brown 138. to 16s.

a fair attendance of merchants, but not much business has CORIANDER, per cwt........................... 208. to 268,

been done. Several foreign buyers are over, but tbeir purCANABY, per qr.....

chases are chiefly confined to fancy goods. ...................... 808, to 86s. LINSEED, per qr., sowing --3. to -...crushing 60s. to 628. LEEDS (ENGLISH AND FOREIGN), Feb. 19.-The LINSEED CAKES, per ton .............. £10 0s. to £10 108. demand for English wool has somewbat diminisbed, wbilst that RAPESEED, per qr........................ ..... 685. to 70s. for colonial has not fallen off. There bas been a little improveRAPE CAFE, per ton....

£5 10s. to £6 Os.

ment in the demand for low foreigo, and prices are without FOREIGN SEEDS, &o.

alteration, CLOVERSEED, red 528. to 70s., .......... white 30s. to 758. TREFOI L.....


178. to 22s. TARES, Spring, per bushel ............... 78. Od. to 78. 6d. SCOTCH Wool.-Tbere continues to be a moderate deHEMPSEED, small, per qr. .............. Dutch 42s, to 478. mand for Laid Highland, but consumers buy still only for CORIANDER, per cwt........................... 178. to 268. immediate wants. White Highland is still inquired for, but CARRAWAY

448. to 468. LINDEED, per qr., Baltic 588. to 598..... Bombay 578. to 59s.

wanted at very low prices, which holders are not inclined to LINSEED CAKE, perton................ £9 10s. to £10 108.

meet. Cheriots and crossed of a good class are in fair de. RAPESEED, Dutch ............................. 768. to 80s.

mand, but only in small parcels to supply immediate want RAPE CAKE, per ton ....................£5 Os. to £6 108.

8. d.
Laid Highland Wool, per 24lbs. 11 6 to 120
White Highland do ...

15 0 18 0

Laid Crossed do..unwashed

15 0 LONDON, MONDAY, Feb. 22.- The business of our

Do. do.. washed........

15 0 16 0 market is very limited; but, from the few recent samples on

Laid Cheviot do..unwashed...... 15 6 17 0 offer, prices have been maintained with tolerable firmness.

Do. do..washed ........ 18 0
White Cheviot do..washed ........

80 0 82 0 Our currency is as follows:

FOREIGN.There is now a decidedly better feeling in the Mid and East Kents. 70s. to 90s., choice 1208. trade, and there are a few inquiries, and business doing

to good Weald of Kents..

563. to 63s. 70sextent, particularly for fine wools: low kinds move more slowly, Sunex.....

52s, to 56s.

62s. but all have an upward tendency. Yearlings &c.

21s. to 359.

50s. MEABE & WILD.

Printed by Rogerson and Tuxford, 246, Strand, London.

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Beans ......

1,749 ..

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20 0


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