Gendered Universities in Globalized Economies: Power, Careers, and Sacrifices

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Lexington Books, 2002 - 217
Gendered Universities in Globalized Economies combines the best in theoretical analysis and practical research in an insightful survey of the organizational culture of the university in today's globalized world. Currie, Thiele, and Harris's qualitative research--narrating the views of academics, general staff, and managers of American and Australian universities--examines the gendered power structure of university life. Gendered Universities describes the corporatized university from the inside, showing how neoliberal globalization has forced it to become more competitive, aggressive, and entrepreneurial. The authors consider why universities seem to preserve patriarchal cultures despite pervasive equal opportunity legislation and feminist activism on campus. This important study is a must read for education, gender, and policy studies scholars seeking a deeper understanding of globalization and the impact of the new managerialism on equity issues.

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Informacje o autorze (2002)

Jan Currie is an Associate Professor of Education at Murdoch University. Bev Thiele is Associate Professor of Women's Studies at Murdoch University. Patricia Harris is Associate Professor of Sociology at Murdoch University.

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