Owls of the World

Przednia okładka
Bloomsbury Publishing, 30 lip 2010 - 528
Owls are enduringly popular birds, but due to their nocturnal habits
most species are difficult to see well. The plumages of many species
are cryptic and difficult to separate by plumage alone. This problem is
compounded by the different morphs that many adopt. This book fully
describes every known species and subspecies of owl, as well as
presenting the latest evidence on owl taxonomy, based on DNA work and
vocalisations. Because voice is vital in owl identification, much
emphasis is placed on it in the book and sonograms are provided for
many species. A CD of owl vocalisations will accompany the book.

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Informacje o autorze (2010)

Professor Claus König is a world authority on owls. He has written
numerous papers on the subject and has described several new species of
owls. He retired as Director of the Natural History Museum in
Stuttgart. Friedhelm Weick is a professional bird artist with a particular interest in owls and raptors, who has
illustrated many books on birds.

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