Wilhelm Marr: The Patriarch of Anti-Semitism

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Oxford University Press, 5 mar 1987 - 190
The creation of the term "anti-Semitism" a century ago signalled a turning point in the history of Jew-hatred, marking the division between the classical, Christian hatred of Jews and the modern, politically-rooted racist attitudes. This is the first biography of radical writer and politician Wilhelm Marr, the man who introduced the term "anti-Semitism" into politics and founded the first "Anti-Semitic League." Marr (1819-1904) began his political career as a democrat and revolutionary, fighting for the emancipation of all oppressed groups including the Jews. But when he became disillusioned with contemporary politics, Jews became the focus of his attack. Drawing on Marr's published and unpublished works, as well as on previously unexamined journals and voluminous correspondence, Zimmermann sets out to discover why an intellectual radical like Marr would become a virulent anti-Semite. As Zimmermann follows Marr's profound influence in the political, literary, and artistic circles of his day and his collaborations with Karl Marx, Richard Wagner, and other radical founders of modern anti-Semitism, he reveals the diverse ways that anti-Semitism came to permeate German thought and illuminates critical moments in the emergence of the German Reich. The book also includes Marr's surprising, never-before-published "Testament of an Anti-Semite," written at the end of his life when he finally turned his back on the movement he helped to create. This is the first volume in a new Oxford series, Studies in Jewish History. The General Editor for the series is Jehuda Reinharz of Brandeis University.

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Germany in the Nineteenth Century
1 The Man and His Origins
2 From the Commercial Academy to the Revolutionary School
3 The Radical in the Revolution of 1848
5 The Mirror of the Jews
6 The German Mazzini
7 The Victory of Judaism over Germanism
8 The Business of AntiSemitism Syndrome
The Decline of the Term AntiSemitism
List of Marrs Writings
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Strona ix - Marr is a figure standing at an important crossroad in German history: he was a prominent activist in the revolutionary movement during the restoration regime in the 1840's and a friend of the father of German socialism, Wilhelm Weitling; a known politician in the revolution of 1848 and one of Mazzini's circle, he corresponded with Bismarck and waged a personal war against the leader of the movement for Jewish emancipation, Gabriel Riesser.

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