The new look at the Earth's climate mechanism: The Solar System shapes the Earth's climate change

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Bogdan Góralski, 27 lip 2019 - 104
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Is the Earth's climate getting warmer?

My research shows that indeed the atmosphere and hydrosphere of the northern hemisphere warmed up during XIX-XXI centuries but the southern hemisphere getting colder. However, this warming of the northern hemisphere is not caused by excessive carbon dioxide emission caused by the developing human civilization, but is caused by the gravitational-magnetic influences of the Solar System on the rotating Earth as a result of which the outer layer of the Earth's rotates. Being in the move the Earth's coating changes its position relative to the ecliptic plane and along with its movement, over  surface of the Earth's, is the shift of the zones of life-giving rainfalls that are stable relative to ecliptic plane. This results in a global economic and social events in the form of regional crises in areas affected by the drought or excessive precipitation. Physical phenomena related to the movement of the Earth's coating and evidence of the occurrence of this phenomenon are presented in the following work. My theory about the movement of the earth's coating is confirmed by the book of Charles Hapgood (1957) entitled "Earth's Shifting Crust" to which the foreword was written by Albert Einstein link:

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He was born on August 6, 1956. in Warsaw. He graduated from the Geological Technical Secondary School in Warsaw and then studied at the Faculty og Geology and Exploration of AGH in Cracow. He finished studies and worked as a Quaternary geologist and then spent 18 years researching the climate mechanism of the Earth.

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