The Jews of Capitol Hill: A Compendium of Jewish Congressional Members

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Scarecrow Press, 29 gru 2010 - 714
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Since 1841, 200 Jewish men and women have served in the United States Congress. Their ranks have included Democrats and Republicans, Whigs and Socialists, radicals and reactionaries—a microcosm of the political diversity of the United States. Their influence in Congress has been significant, yet they have been largely overlooked in the history books. In The Jews of Capitol Hill: A Compendium of Jewish Congressional Members, Kurt F. Stone profiles all of the Jews who have served in the House or the Senate.

This volume features entries on every Jewish member of Congress, from David Levy Yulee, who, in 1841, was elected to the 27th Congress as a Delegate from the Territory of Florida, to the Jewish senators and representatives of the 111th Congress. Arranged in chronological order, the members range from Bella Abzug to Edward Zorinsky and feature such historical figures as Barry Goldwater, Jacob Javits, Herbert Lehman, and Abraham Ribicoff, along with those still serving in Congress, such as Barney Frank, Dianne Feinstein, Joseph Lieberman, and Al Franken. Each entry identifies the member's political party and years of service, provides a biographical sketch, and includes references for further study. This is the most comprehensive and extensive resource on the legacy of Jewish representation and influence in the United States Congress.

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Kurt F. Stone is a rabbi, writer, lecturer, political activist, professor, actor, medical ethicist, and currently the spiritual leader of North Broward Havurah in Coral Springs, Florida. He has worked as a political campaign manager, a press secretary, and a political journalist, and he has been a staff member for United States Senator Mike Gravel, former California Governor Jerry Brown, and the late California Speaker Jesse Unruh.

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