Soundgarden: New Metal Crown

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St. Martin's Publishing Group, 15 wrz 1995 - 224

Soundgarden has hammered together the strands of so many different elements - seventies metal, hard rock, punk, goth-into an alloy that's stronger and harder than any of its constituents, and one which by its very nature stands a little bit beyond definition. Is it metal? Is it punk? Does it really matter? It is Soundgarden, playing their music. You get it or you don't.
Soundgarden is, without doubt, the real thing. Where will they go now? They've taken metal to places it has never been before. They've melded it with punk in a manner so natural that the seams don't show. Badmotorfinger held the real glimmer of identity; Superunknown brought it into the light. Soundgarden isn't just the Next Big Metal Thing...they're the Next Big Thing.


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Soundgarden: new metal crown

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This is not a book of epic proportions, but Seattle-based music journalist Nickson does a fantastic job of chronicling the arduous journey and arrival of a multimillion-dollar band in a style that ... Przeczytaj pełną recenzję

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Title Page Introduction
Gentlemen Start Your Amplifiers
Meanwhile in the Deep Dank Woods
The Tale of the Revolving Drum Stool
The Next Big Thing Part
Total Everything
They Went Thataway
What Have We Here?
Temple Motors
The Next Big Thing Part
The Big Thing
The Victory
Wrapping It All
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On the Road Again

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Informacje o autorze (1995)

Chris Nickson has written biographies of Melissa Etheridge, Denzel Washington, Ewan McGregor, and Will Smith.

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