Shape Grammars and Their Uses: Artificial Perception, Shape Generation and Computer Aesthetics

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Department of Computer Science, Stanford University., 1975 - 241
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Shape grammars are defined and their uses are investigated. Shape grammars provide a means for the recursive specification of shapes. A shape grammar is presented that generates a new class of reversible figures. Shape grammars are given for some well known mathematical curves. A simple method for constructing shape grammars that simulate Turing machines is presented. A program has been developed that uses a shape grammar to solve a perceptual task involving the analysis and comparison of line drawings that portray three-dimensional objects of a restricted type. A formalism that uses shape grammars to generate paintings is defined, its implementation on the computer is described, and examples of generated paintings are shown. The use of shape grammars in generating paintings has led to an investigation of aesthetics. A formalism for specifying aesthetic viewpoints is described. A program has been written that evaluates the paintings generated using shape grammars in terms of a well-defined aesthetic viewpoint specified with this formalism.

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