Scamper: Games for Imagination Development

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Prufrock Press Inc., 1996 - 42

Scamper and Scamper On allow your students to develop their imaginations through a series of guided activities in which they imagine different events or things. Scamper is a creative thinking technique that helps students imagine the world in a completely new way. In this book, students are challenged to think creatively and develop their powers of imagination. Whether they think up new animals by combining characteristics of two very different animals, or try to imagine the perfect meal, students are motivated to create new ideas.


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Informacje o autorze (1996)

Bob Eberle is the author of Scamper: Creative Games and Activities for Imagination Development, Scamper On: More Creative Games and Activities for Imagination Development, and coauthor of CPS for Kids: A Resource Book for Teaching Creative Problem Solving to Children.

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