Reforming Sex: The German Movement for Birth Control and Abortion Reform, 1920-1950

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Oxford University Press, 11 maj 1995 - 336
Reforming Sex reconstructs the complicated history of a movement that has been romanticized as the harbinger of 1960s sexual radicalism and demonized as a precursor to Nazi racial policy, but mostly buried and obscured by Nazi bookburnings and repression. Relying on a broad range of sources--from police reports, films and personal interviews to sex manuals unearthed from library basements and secondhand bookstores--the book analyzes a remarkable mass mobilization during the turbulent and innovative Weimar years of doctors and laypeople for women's right to abortion and public access to birth control and sex education.

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New Women and Families in the New Germany
Dont Abort The Medicalization and Politicization of Sexuality
The Administration of Sex Reform
Abortion and the 1931 Campaign Against Paragraph 218
Sex Reform and the Crisis of the Republic 1931 to 1933
Gleichschaltung and the Destruction of the Sex Reform Movement
7 Weimar Sex Reform in Exile
Abortion and Birth Control in Postwar Germany
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