Reassessing the Hitchcock Touch: Industry, Collaboration, and Filmmaking

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Wieland Schwanebeck
Springer, 20 paź 2017 - 273
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This volume is dedicated to the elusive category of the Hitchcock Touch, the qualities and techniques which had manifested in Alfred Hitchcock’s own films yet which cannot be limited to the realm of Hitchcockian cinema alone. While the first section of this collection focuses on Hitchcock’s own films and the various people who made important artistic contributions to them, the subsequent chapters draw wider circles. Case studies focusing on the branding effects associated with Hitchcockian cinema and its seductive qualities highlight the paratextual dimension of his films and the importance of his well-publicized persona, while the final section addresses both Hitchcock’s formative period, as well as other filmmakers who drew upon the Hitchcock Touch. The collection not only serves as an introduction to the field of Hitchcock scholarship for a wider audience, it also delivers in-depth assessments of the lesser-known early period of his career, in addition to providing new takes on canonical films like Vertigo (1958) and Frenzy (1972).


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Chapter 1 Introducing the Hitchcock Touch
Part I Hitchcocks Films
Music and Sound in Hitchcocks Early British Sound Films
Hitchcocks Cinematographers
Chapter 4 Hitchcocks Plotting
Visualizing Queerness in the 1940s and 1950s
Imagining Madeleine in Vertigo
Part II The Paratextual Environment
Saul Bass as Hitchcocks Pictorial Consultant
Chapter 10 Alfred Hitchcocks Three Investigators Series
Part III Beyond Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcocks Apprenticeship in Neubabelsberg 192425
Chapter 12 HitchcockPowellFord
Alfred Hitchcock and the Literary Contexts of the British Spy Thriller
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Chapter 7 If I Wont Be Myself Who Will? The Making of a Star Persona in Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
Cinematic Seducer Frenzy and the Seduction Theory of Film

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Informacje o autorze (2017)

Wieland Schwanebeck is Assistant Lecturer in the Institute of English and American Studies at TU Dresden, Germany. His research focuses on impostor characters, gender, film history, and adaptation. He is the author and co-editor of books on impostors, con men, and masculinity studies.

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