Point of View in Plays: A Cognitive Stylistic Approach to Viewpoint in Drama and Other Text-types

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John Benjamins Publishing, 1 sty 2006 - 203
This is the first book-length study of how point of view is manifested linguistically in dramatic texts. It examines such issues as how readers process the shifts in viewpoint that can occur within such texts. Using insights from cognitive linguistics, the book aims to explain how the analysis of point of view in drama can be undertaken, and how this is fruitful for understanding textual and discoursal effects in this genre. Following on from a consideration of existing frameworks for the analysis of point of view, a cognitive approach to deixis is suggested as being particularly profitable for explaining the viewpoint effects that can arise in dramatic texts. To expand on the large number of examples discussed throughout the book, the penultimate chapter consists of an extended analysis of a single play. This book is relevant to scholars in a range of areas, including linguistics, literary studies and cognitive science.

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Point of view and plays
Narratives narration and point of view in prose
Perspectives on point of view in drama
Deictic shifts in dramatic texts
Possible worlds possible viewpoints
Logic reality and mind style
Point of view in The Lady in the Van
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