Noir, Now and Then: Film Noir Originals and Remakes, (1944-1999)

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Greenwood Press, 1 sty 2001 - 214

This examniation of the cinematic style of film noir originals and their neo-noir remakes compares thirty-five films, beginning with Billy Wilder's classic "Double Indemnity" and concluding with Jim McBride's "Breathless." In-depth analysis of the films explain the qualities and characteristics of film noir, while providing critical readings of both the originals and the remakes. The most significant films since 1944 are reviewed and reveal the ever-changing values in American society. As this study reveals, the noir style significantly impacted American film and neo-noir remakes attest to its continued popularity in cinematic art.

This work will appeal to film scholars and to fans of film noir. Filmogrpahies and video information follow each chapter. Appendices briefly explain the roots of many noir films discussed in the text along with their subsequent remakes.

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Double Indemnity 1944 1954 TV 1960 TV 1973 TV and Body Heat 1981
Murder My Sweet 1944 and Farewell My Lovely 1975
Detour 1945 1992
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RONALD SCHWARTZ is Professor of Romance Languages and Film at City University of New York. /e He is the author of six books on Spanish literature, Latin-American literature, Spanish cinema and Latin-American film.

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