Masturbation as a Means of Achieving Sexual Health

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Haworth Press, 2003 - 147

Finallya thorough and unbiased examination of the psychological and sociological aspects of masturbation

This book shows that masturbation is a critical component in the development of sexual health, explores the powerboth negative and positiveof the act, and outlines viable ideas for future research. It also presents a concise historical overview of societal attitudes toward masturbation and reports on changes in masturbatory behavior in the twentieth century, including the trend toward an earlier age when women begin to masturbate and the increased recognition of masturbation as a source of sexual pleasure irrespective of relationship status or other sexual activity. The book will also familiarize you with some surprising information about the relationship between masturbation and HIV risk among samples of women attending college and low-income African-American women. Finally, Masturbation as a Means of Achieving Sexual Health examines the connections between masturbation and other sexual activity, sexual fantasy, and desire.

Written with a minimum of jargon, Masturbation as a Means of Achieving Sexual Health examines:

  • societal attitudes toward masturbationfrom pre-biblical Egyptian and Babylonian civilizations to biblical times, the Christian era, Hindu civilization, ancient China, and more
  • generational perspectives on masturbation
  • the relationship between masturbation habits and sexual health in low income African-American women
  • the factors associated with masturbation as practiced by college students
  • the complex interrelationship of sexual fantasy, desire, and masturbation
  • ways that masturbation can be utilized as a therapeutic tool in sex therapy

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