Managing Innovation

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Jane Henry, David Walker
Newbury Park, 1991 - 328
Published in Cooperation with the Open University "They provide an excellent range of subjects." --Management Education and Development This exciting volume focuses on the processes of innovation in organizations and how these can best be encouraged and managed. Unlike the mechanistic determinism and quasi-scientific managerial thinking of the past, the contributors to Managing Innovation believe that management must promote innovation at the individual, corporate, and strategic levels. These top contributors examine such issues as: the process of innovation in organizations; the nature of strategic innovation and visionary leadership; and, how organizational environments are created in which innovation can flourish. In addition, they offer numerous case studies and examples of innovation in action--in companies of all sizes and types; consider the implications for innovation processes of different organizational levels, stages, and culture; and, review the critical success factors for meeting the continual challenge to innovate and change.

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Notes on the authors
Strategic innovation
an uncertainty reduction process
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