Knowledge Management: An Integrated Approach

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Financial Times Prentice Hall, 2004 - 324
As we move towards an increasingly knowledge-based economy, the ability to manage knowledge becomes a matter of competitive survival. Whilst current literature addresses the subject only partially, from a human resource, information systems or practitioner perspective, this is the first textbook to bring together and integrate all these dimensions. Knowledge Management: An Integrated Approach is centred around five parts of the knowledge cycle - discovering knowledge, generating knowledge, evaluating knowledge, sharing knowledge and leveraging knowledge. The blEND of theory and practice makes this the ideal resource for students studying knowledge management courses within business management, information science and computer science degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Key features bull; bull;The first truly integrated approach to knowledge management offers the student the most realistic and complete perspective. bull;Case studies and vignettes from a range of sectors and organisations illustrate the theory in practice. bull;The comprehensive coverage offers an accessible bridge between disciplines for students and practitioners in the fields of human resource management, information systems and strategic management. bull;Chapters on intellectual capital and the philosophy of knowledge demonstrate the breadth of coverage from the evolution of the subject area to the leading edge of contemporary research. bull;Learning outcomes, exercises and questions for further thought stimulate the reader and encourage them to reflect on their learning. 'This is an excellent book which manages to combine a consideration of the philosophy of knowledge with the practical discussion of what it means to 'manage knowledge' in an organisational context. The book integrates many disparate strands from the literature and in doing so provides a comprehensive and coherent coverage of this emerging area.' Professor Sue Newell, Trustee Professor, Department of Management, Bentley College, USA 'This book provides a very useful summary of key works and current debates in the fields of organisational learning and knowledge management. It will be of value both to new students and to experienced scholars who are looking for a succinct overview of the field.' Professor Mark Easterby-Smith, Professor of Management Learning, School of Management, Lancaster University, UK and Chair, British Academy of Management Dr Ashok Jashapara is an internationally recognised expert in the field of knowledge management and Chair of the Knowledge Management Research Group at Loughborough University. He has considerable consultancy experience in Europe and the United States and has recently completed a knowledge management assignment for the United Nations in the Far East. He is Senior Lecturer in Knowledge Management in the most prestigious and highly rated information science department in the UK. He has published widely in leading books and journals and has won a number of awards for his writing.

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