Jewish Hit Squad: The Łukawiecki Partisans Unit of the Polish Armia Krajowa, 1941-1944

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Gefen Publishing House Limited, 2015 - 308
My father's personality was shaped by his struggle to survive, and his soul was tortured because he could have tried to save his family, but he did not. But there were "ways" to avenge their deaths. As a partisan and member of the UB, he followed his drive -- to pay back the Nazis and their collaborators. This book is about a small band of fighters who not only tried to survive German brutality during World War II, but actively fought back against the Nazis. The author tells of his father, Mundek Lukawiecki, who led a Jewish partisan group in the forests of southern Galicia. They operated under the umbrella of the Polish underground movement -- the Armia Krajowa (AK). Mundek's group was an AK hit squad that assassinated German soldiers, as well as Polish and Ukrainian Nazi collaborators. The group also sabotaged Nazi operations and attacked strategic German targets such as fuel trains and military installations. At the end of the war, Mundek enlisted in the Polish Communist Secret Police (UB), where he continued to exact revenge on Nazi collaborators. In 1946, after the UB discovered that he was simultaneously supporting the Israeli underground Etzel in Palestine by sending them Jewish fighters, he was forced to flee Poland. He arrived in Israel in 1948.

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Informacje o autorze (2015)

Simon Lavee is a practicing attorney in Israel, head of the Simon Lavee Law Firm since 1994. He served for 25 years in the IDF in a combat unit. In addition to his combat experience he has worked in the intelligence community in Israel and abroad. He is a former Director General of Ramat Gan and served for four years as Counselor at the Israeli Embassy - South Africa. He is the chairman of the Employee and Executive Stock Options Forum of Israel. And member in international organizations such as the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) and European Federation of Employee Share Ownership (FEFS). Mr. Lavee is frequent speaker and lecturer at private and professional organizations related to employee stock options and executive compensation. Born in Germany and residing in Israel since 1948, he is the father of four and grandfather of five.

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