From Mae to Madonna: Women Entertainers in Twentieth-century America

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University Press of Kentucky

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From Mae to Madonna: women entertainers in twentieth-century America

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These two volumes examine the historical impact of women in the entertainment industry, offering perceptive comments about American culture in the process. Sochen (history, Northeastern Illinois Univ ... Przeczytaj pełną recenzję

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Black Women Vaudevillians
Bawdy Women Entertainers
Entertainer as Reformer
Women Movie Stars as Role Models
Child Stars
Minority Women in Popular Culture
Women Comics
Change within Continuity
Where Are We Now?
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Strona 28 - I've got a disposition and a way of my own, When my man starts to kicking I let him find a new home, I get full of good liquor, walk the street all night, Go home and put my man out if he don't act right. Wild women don't worry, Wild women don't have the blues. You never get nothing by being an angel child, You'd better change your ways an' get real wild. I wanta' tell you something, I wouldn't tell you no lie, Wild women are the only kind that ever get by.
Strona 47 - The only cheerful song in her repertory yesterday was one in which she hinted that some day she would retire. Miss Tanguay is billed as a 'bombshell.
Strona 48 - Eva said years after her triumph, "so I mixed in some Highland Fling and Sailor's Hornpipe and everything else I knew. And I sang as I danced and dropped one veil after another. "I also did something else that no one else had thought of. Instead of dancing around holding the papier mache head I hired a Negro boy with big eyes. I sat him on the side of the stage, all covered up. As I began to dance, I uncovered his head which, to the audience, appeared to be resting on a silver tray.

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